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  1. I don't see the need for that package. As I stated a few years back in this very thread: Find the vehicle you want Do NOT discuss trade in until AFTER you have agreed to the out the door price of the new vehicle. This will give you leverage. Email several dealerships in the area and ask them for their best out the door price Go to the dealer who gives you the best price and be sure to let them know you have quoted it around. Test drive Agree to price At this time, you can bring up the trade in should you have one. You have all the leverage since the new car has already been agreed upon. The trade in comes in at $5,000 and you wanted $6,000. Simply say "I was really hoping to get $6,000 out of it." Many times the manager will approve it netting you that extra $1,000. Salesperson doesn't want to lose the sale over $1,000. You have to be willing to walk to play this game. But you'll be amazed what they will do to avoid having you walk out the door. You've already notified them you have several quotes and have done your homework. Therefore, they know the odds of you coming back are slim to none.
  2. What episode was this? I am drawing a blank. To me the jail scene was tops.
  3. I can understand calling Tag many things......bland wouldn't be one though.
  4. A Quiet Place is fantastic. If you think The Silence is better, I will have to give it a shot. Is it possible you feel that way because you started watching it after starting The Silence? Plus Emily Blunt is nice to look at.
  5. I thought Bad Moms, Date Night and Tag were all good comedies.
  6. It's ridiculous how people continue to feel their opinion is right and yours is wrong. Childish actually.
  7. Can't blame her for being upset. Former tag champs lose in a handicap match to a woman who has been considered their equal in the past AND has been out for some time. Seems ridiculous to me.
  8. This one was different. Much different. Probably more family oriented than the others for one.
  9. You disagree? Seems like it has great reviews everywhere you look.
  10. Couldn't take my eyes off of Heard when she was on screen
  11. I feel like I will get hammered for this, but Bumblebee was great. My entire family enjoyed and it had been a while since we all laughed that hard.
  12. Disagree. Thought it was good if you're in the mood for a zombie flick.
  13. Depends on kids. My father-in-law died when my girls were 6 and 3. My dad died when they were 8 and 5. They handled it very well both times. They asked questions and the family was there to answer. I don't think my youngest (when she was 3) really understood at the time. But my wife wanted her there and it turned out just fine.
  14. My daughters love her as well. Personally, I think she is rather unique.
  15. Still feels good today knowing MSU proved the committee wrong. In the end, it was Duke who should have been complaining about having MSU as their 2 seed. And enough with ESPN and their stories about the poor Duke freshman. Nobody is making you leave for the NBA. Stick around and maybe you'll get another chance.
  16. I must be the only person who could not care less about Kofi. Doesn't interest me at all. I love the womens match and I hope Seth goes over Brock.
  17. It has now come out that the play was not meant for Goins. Still worked out beautifully.
  18. Great win MSU. Proved to everyone you should have been a 1 seed like we argued all along.
  19. I like this trade a lot. I think Howard will produce very good numbers in that offense.
  20. I don't smoke. Can't stand it. But of all the times I have been to Disney, I have never felt this was a problem. It's outdoors.
  21. Becky needs to walk out of 'Mania with the belt. The place will have the roof blown off.