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  1. They did? I thought Brown was in and Gurley was shown riding a bike and walking the sideline.
  2. Yeah I am not feeling too good about this.
  3. I just don't think I could have shook his hand on the way out the door. I'm curious what Tommy tried to do to prove his innocence. Cliff and Nicole may have made a bad mistake and they will feel even worse when they watch back the episodes.
  4. Is everyone out on this show? For some reason I find myself enjoying it. Probably because it's a quick 30 minutes. Charles wife is pregnant this year. Boooooo
  5. Lost a ton of respect for Michie last night. And have no idea why Tommy would think that was ok. I would have been pissed.
  6. I honestly feel this was the most obvious "miss" by all the experts out there. Yes the guy has uber talent, but he has a coach who doesn't make TE's good fantasy options.
  7. Still do not understand this argument. I absolutely think Shady is capable of carrying a "full load" in this offense.
  8. That was my signature for the longest time. That being said....I too am dropping Davis for T Williams. I thin Davis has the talent. I don't like the situation. No catches??? No thanks.
  9. Cool. The facts are, statistically, he did better than Wiliams Sunday. Fred is trying to find ways to excuse and explain why Williams stats were not as good as Shady's. When, in reality, the numbers don't lie. McCoy - 10 carries for 81 yards - 8 yards per carry, long of 31 1 reception for 12 yards Williams - 13 carries for 26 yards - 2 yards per carry, long of 6 6 receptions for 39 yards
  10. I see Waldman agrees he will be the feature back and he is a lot smarter than me.
  11. You're giving me a headache. You can type all the words you want. You can explain how that 6th catch was a "sweep". You can provide all the stats about Williams from LAST year all you want. McCoy wasn't there last year. The facts are Shady did more with his touches than Williams did. Period. End of story.
  12. How can you say that?? lol. You can't. It's simply your opinion.
  13. It's not laughable at all. How do you know the holes weren't the same and the vision Shady possesses enabled those runs? The eye test clearly states McCoy looked better.
  14. Actually, he is not wrong. Cook went in the 1st round of many high dollar "expert" leagues.
  15. I absolutely watched the game and that's the reason I can say Shady looked more dynamic. I would say given those same 6 catches Williams received McCoy would have eclipsed 39 yards. Though we will never know for sure. Just like I'm sure McCoy could have punched in that 1 yard TD and then the chatter would certainly be different. I'm not here to argue. I have Williams. But I wish I had Shady.
  16. Really? DO you remember how the last defense he coached in NE looked like in the Super Bowl? Or how the Pats defense has improved since he left? Did they have a good game plan or did it just take Arizona some time to get going? Guess we will find out. We can agree he is a terrible head coach. 😀
  17. The bold says everything. Shady was better. 6 catches for 39 yards? Yikes. And while I agree about him burning out the clock, maybe it was to get more work in the offense too. No idea. What I do know is Shady looked much more dynamic and the offense seemed to flow even better while he was in there. IF we see that, pretty sure Reid sees that.
  18. As a Gurley owner, I am not happy at all. There were chances to get him in at the goal line and they chose not to.
  19. The writing is on the wall. Shady posted those numbers on a very limited snap count and limited knowledge of the playbook. His usage can only go up it would seem.
  20. They need to get over themselves and play Kerryon more. "Saving" him for what? You get the ball in the hands of your best players. And more proof that Patricia is NOT a defensive guru. We made another first time QB look like a Hall of Famer. How many times have we done that??
  21. Those still arguing Williams need to reconsider. Shady did that on a limited snap count and with limited knowledge of the offense. IT can only go up from here in my mind. Williams didn't do much to impress either. Oh, I own Williams for what it's worth.