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  1. Rookie drafts in IDP dynasty are a big deal. We subscribe to this site, in part, to help us navigate this process. The combined rookie draft board is a key resource. If we're not going to get this before our rookie drafts are over, then I think we need to question whether or not this is where we want to spend our dollars. Thank God for Bloom or we wouldn't have anything.
  2. I agree. I depend on this resource to guide me through my 12 IDP dynasty league rookie drafts. Sadly, three of them start today.
  3. Is Jene going to do a combined offense and defense rookie rating sheet this year? This is the most helpful index I have ever used to navigate IDP dynasty rookie drafts. If anyone knows could you please enlighten me? Thanks.
  4. I rely on the Combined Rookie Draft Board to steer me through my 14 rookie drafts each year. I hope that this can continue, and continue in a hurry. Some of my rookie drafts have started already and many more are scheduled to start this weekend. I feel like I am going through this blind without the CRDB.
  5. Hey Sig, Does Cameron have significantly more upside than Thomas based solely on talent, ignoring for a second the "Green" factor with Thomas? ( I was pumped when Denver traded up to draft Thomas, but went "huh???" when they drafted Green in the 7th.) Both Cameron and Thomas are ex-basketball players with lots of athletic ability.