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  1. Even with the medical- I am surprised to see Allen falling this far. We don't need a DE really but we have to consider him at 24 if he did fall that far. Foster looks like he has a very good chance to falling to us. Short of Allen- that is a huge talent vs picking spot reward and on top of that fills a need. Would make me giddy. I think he medical issues shouldn't be that much of a concern.
  2. Take those QB's teams! TAKE 'em. Could Foster drop to us?
  3. As bad as we need defensive help at all levels- I would love Robinson to fall. Penn is getting long in the tooth and Robinson can take over RT now and we are rock solid on the whole line. Then we have the heir apparent at a hard position to fill LT in a couple of years. At the 24 spot? Hard to pass that up unless you have a guy fall that there is no real expectation of them falling that far. Robinson seems to have a chance to fall to us.
  4. For your same reasoning, I think they will get Carr done now. It is a lot to ask to negotiate and execute both mega contracts for Carr and Mack at the same time.
  5. Stay disciplined. RB position is deep and there are good big back options in there and they are not 31 years old and questionable as far as 'what the heck will he do next' as Lynch is. Other than Penn, our entire offense is young and we can build for the long haul in having consistently one of the best offenses in the league. Failing all that, we can grab Blount and it shouldn't take much to get him. On top of all that, he has been out of football and has the injury question marks. It isn't like he is a lock to be the Lynch we all remember. Stay strong, see how the draft rolls, if we need to talk again and finally if need be grab Blount.
  6. What other realistic option was there? Really. Seriously. Oakland? Not based on how the city was dealing with them plus- we just had our first sell out... Ever? It isn't like the Oakland people have been packing it in and we just needed a new place to play. The league wanted nothing to do with us back in LA and if that meant playing tenant to that jerk off Rams owner then I wouldn't want that anyways. SD? They couldn't get a deal done for the Chargers. How are we suppose to. San Antonio? Why? Surely not better than LV. Whatever other long shots like Sacramento (which would have even harder time than Oakland in selling seats). This is by far the best option we have. And it makes us more competitive than being in Oakland ever could.
  7. They are going to play in Oakland for the next two years. So, they will be Oakland Raiders for sure. Third year is up in the air right now where they will play. If they have to leave Oakland and play somewhere else (Where? LV does not have an option. The UNLV stadium is a small mess) that is where they will likely shed the Oakland and adopt LV.
  8. Yea, he isn't anyone that I want us to go out and get now. I am all for sniffing out the old guys and seeing if they hold value and willing to not get paid like they use to and failing that going into the draft looking for a bigger back who falls to us in 3rd or 4th or taking a chance on a guy we like 5-7th. If none of that works, then yea, sign Blount and use him for the short yardage/goal line stuff and give most carries split to Washington and Richard.
  9. I think unless the right situation falls in FA or draft for a big back that will be primary or share a lot of the load- I think we can still be potent with the little guys. We would still need to sign a big back for sitionational needs like short yardage/goal line but there is always someone that can fill that role. A low cost option right now would be Blount. I don't see him being a hot commodity but would fit that role nicely.
  10. The second time I had his, I forgot about how much heat it had and poured it on like it was a typical hot sauce on a taco. I like this stuff but you can't do that with it... Or at least I can't. Dang that was one hot taco.
  11. Good to hear, I think Brown would be a great addition to the LB corps and make it not so much an area of need going into the draft.
  12. Oakland is not an option. They have no money and no will to do anything. They have done next to nothing to try to come to a deal even on things they could do and made it harder for the Raiders to get a deal by clearly favoring the A's. This last minute proposal is a way to say to the voters "we tried everything we could" to not lose votes come election time. Other than, there is nothing serious about it.
  13. Hey guys.... Fell of the wagon from last year. Lot's of life things going on made it hard but when it comes down to it- my bad. Restarted. Similar plan to last time but one that is more long lasting. Protein shake/fruit smoothie for breakfast/lunch. Sometimes substitute low cal lunch like chicken breast. Dinner is the big key- I am doing Freshly. 6 meals come in pre-made not frozen every week. Prep is nuking them for about 2-3 minutes. All but one so far have been good to very good. 450-700 or so calories and they are good balanced nutrition. I been doing it for a week and a half. No weigh ins. This is not about losing X weight but changing behavior. The big fails for my last attempt were prep time/chaos of life destroying things and having to be so strict to keep on the path. There is a good amount of variety which keeps things going. I can stick to this even with my job being hard to keep a schedule.
  14. Will be needing to move in the not anytime real soon but not over the horizon either. Guessing about 5 years. Right now, rental value via Zillow (no idea if they are better at rent prices than actual prices) gives me enough to cover PITI, landscaping and have about $500-600 income. My bet is that higher rates in 5 years will only push that rental number higher. If taxes don't keep track going up then more income for me. I don't think I will ever sell this house.