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  1. Yea, I would keep Square around as a backup if your main one goes down so it isn't bad to bridge the gap.
  2. He was very good in pass protection in Buffalo. One year off. Maybe that helps him get the off field stuff straight. Sounds like he is physically good to go. 1 year deal, why not?
  3. I think you may be missing what this actually tells us. We have Gabe Jackson and...... apparently no confidence in the other G's
  4. My only concern about Jacobs is that he has not been use to carrying the load in college and carrying the load in the NFL is that much more. The low mileage is great but can he take the hits and not get injured and not run low on gas late in season? Other than that the kid has all the talent to be an effective top 10 back in this league. I don't worry about him not working hard or putting the time in. Mayock is huge on finding the character guys who have an inner drive to excel and win. Mayock doesn't get glazed over by pure talent. It reminds me of his take on a particular mistake of our Raider past...
  5. I heard it reported that they tried to move back but couldn't find a partner so they took their guy with Ferrell.
  6. I maintained the entire time that the Chargers going to LA was a huge mistake. They were going to lose their SD fanbase and find a home that not only would be reluctant to adopt them bust has a history of not liking them. On top of that challenge you have a team going back to LA that you will not only share the market with but share your stadium with as basically a tenant. As a Raider fan, I wanted no part of sharing a stadium with the Rams. If we couldn't have our own stadium in LA (and apparently a feasible Oakland solution long gone) then my choice was Vegas. If the Chargers were smart, they would have fought like hell for the Raiders to get their stadium in LA and to get into Vegas. They likely would have kept more of their SD fanbase and found a home in Vegas willing to bring them on board. But... well.... apparently they are not smart. The fans of the Raiders in LA and Oakland largely will continue to be fans and now Vegas will sign on to be part of Raider Nation. The only hope for the Chargers is that LA is notoriously fickle. If they win enough and while they are winning, they will find bandwagon fans. But otherwise, they gave themselves tons of challenges to have true hard core fans moving forward.
  7. As far as I can tell the current undrafted FA's: Wisconsin FB Alec Ingold UC Davis WR Keelan Doss Alabama OG Lester Cotton Sr Notre Dame LB Te’von Coney Fordham CB Dylan Mabin Penn State LB Koa Farmer UCLA OT Andre James
  8. Realtors trying to play loan officer.... bane of my existence.
  9. May not be the best but Greedy is on liability level. And what is wrong with Greedy as a name? It is perfect for a CB. Second to Rock Ya-Sin. LOL love that name.
  10. I am not sure I understand the angst against Jacobs. We clearly needed a RB and he clearly is the best of the draft with a fairly decent drop off to the next group of guys. Seems to me he is a guy that can do it all.
  11. The crap about Carr makes me wanna punch people in the face. They clearly have no clue what they are talking about. Carr has proven he can be a great QB in the league. Last year I think he was adjusting to the new system and the line sucked big hairy monkey balls not to mention the chaos that ensued through the season. The talk about a QB was dumb and I think influenced more by anti-Raider bias than anything else. Byron was the best CB of the draft IMO. But I don't see that much fall off from him to Mullen. I think Rock, besides having an awesome name, was right in that group of CB's with very little difference among them. Greedy was a stand out because his coverage skills are easily 1st round level but his tackling is horrible. Maybe it was effort but I think it was heart and technique.
  12. Makes sense. Got more picks and I think the next 6 or 7 CB's are all about the same level. I think it is who you like the most thing. Greedy is flashy as all hell but if you want your CB to tackle- he ain't your guy which is why he is falling.
  13. Rock Ya-Sin has the best name ever. LOL- I think Murphy is the better overall with upside to continue to develop. But what the hell do I know? We shall see now while he is in Arizona.