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  1. Yea, I got in a debate with an industry veteran about Apple Pay, Android Pay etc. His position was that it would take 10 years to change people's behavior and adopt these. Mine was- not unless the speed of the chip payments is made faster because people in line are going to see people using their phones, tapping and signing and going and then walk up and take 15 seconds (which seems like 1 minutes) staring at the device with your card in it to say- man, I need to try that. Speed and ease of use will get people to switch. They need to see it though. And they eventually will standing in line.
  2. I have been talking to the business owner of a little Asian grocery. She has a heavy accent and her understanding of merchant services was next to nothing. She kept shrugging off my offer to look at her statements because 1) All she knows is that she is in a contract and 2) She didn't even know how to get her statements and when she called they didn't help her. I nudged her to call them again and they knew she was being talked to by someone else so they sent her an email which she showed me the last time I stopped by to pick up a Duck for my MIL and get some Mogu Mogu for me. They email says she is currently paying 84 bps over interchange. They were offering to cut it to 40 bps after her contract is up. I have no idea what other charges she is paying (most likely there are much more) but even if she had no other charges- this is ridiculous in terms of cost! It really is sad how some people can apparently feel fine with taking advantage of other people.
  3. Any non-profits you support? Or a cause that you are passionate about. Every cause has a non-profit out there and pretty much every non-profit welcomes volunteers. What did you do for work? Or what skills do you have? Perhaps you can get a part time job (something flexible so you can enjoy 'retirement') or start a small side business. My FIL was a workaholic Doctor. I saw him three days after retiring and asked him how it was going "Horrible" he said, "Nothing to do". He ended up going back part time- though apparently his hospital is on the way to closing but I think the part time gig helped him ease into a slower lifestyle. He might be able to do the full retirement thing now. Maybe think of your family as a non-profit. What can you do for them? Now- it doesn't have to be things for them directly but maybe write down your biography or research the family tree or plan a family reunion or a big family trip. What it comes down to is 'what do you enjoy' and then figure out how you can spend your time around that.
  4. Which IS the progressive movement. Or "left". As opposed to more traditional liberals.
  5. Saw some buzz about Patterson from OTA's. Of course, it is OTA's and anything coming out of OTA's has to be taken with a big heaping spoon of salt but essentially it came down to how they are excited about what he brings to the offense and looking at ways to get him involved. Essentially what my argument was earlier.
  6. You need evidence that not having ID impedes a persons ability to live a quality of life the same of which you live? Really?
  7. For being a lawyer, your reading comprehension sucks my friend.
  8. People can be down on their luck. I know I have been at times in my life.
  9. Most well to do white American elites like yourself have very little need to visit a branch regularly. Even more so with technology ever increasing the additional ways to bank that would not require an ID upon transaction such as online banking, mobile banking, direct deposit, etc. However, it is a ridiculous position to say that you don't need ID but once in your life. Beyond the obvious fact that you needed your ID to open the account in the first place there are innumerable ways that you would need ID AFTER the account opening. Sure, you could go 19 years without the need to do so. But, let's say this.... I know for a fact that you have shown your ID in transacting financial business within that span of 19 years. Finally, are you trying to tell me that people without ID are not second class citizens and it is not a hardship to be without? Are you trying to say that the only thing that could potentially harm someone without ID would be if there was a law to show ID upon voting? I am not exactly sure what you are trying to say here. The fact is that if you do not have an ID- you ARE a second class citizen. It might hurt your sensibilities that you have never noticed this before and now you do not feel as superior in your righteous fight against racists who want someone to verify they are the person voting but the truth is- take the whole voting thing away and it is a huge problem for anyone to not have an ID in this day and age.
  10. I am a conservative and that is my entire position. Eliminate the obstacles that government has created in getting ID. Pay the nominal fee for those who can not afford it. Agreed? Great! Then it is done. Now surely there would be no opposition to a requirement for ID. Everyone is happy and we have come together to make the world a better place for all. Unless....
  11. Yet- the ability to not be able to do these things makes someone without ID decidedly a second class citizen.... And those who valiantly fight against the evil racists who want someone to show ID to vote, don't seem to have a care in the world about it. Interesting.
  12. Being in banking for over 20 years let me respond with But you right..... These poor people are perfectly find without ID's as long as they can vote.
  13. Uh.....
  14. The problem of people not having ID's!!! THAT IS THE PROBLEM! Seriously? Did you see my PARTIAL list of the things you CAN NOT do without an ID? Oh. Well, that sucks for them. Obviously there is nothing we can do about it because you know the laws and regulations of how you get ID's have been mystically handed down to us mortals from the gods of bearucracy. I guess it is ok for them to be second class citizens just as long as we make sure the racists don't block them from voting! Come on now.
  15. Which only makes liberals against ID voting even funnier. A liberals thinking.... Government must help those in need. We need more government to help and more taxes to pay for it. These poor people are disadvantaged BECAUSE of government. The answer must be to not do anything logical like fix the problem but feel better as an elite (often white) liberal helping the poor (often minority) disadvantaged against the evil racists that would dare want something like simply showing you are the person that is suppose to vote. Let me make it simple for those against ID in voting. THE problem is not voting. THE problem is that these people need ID's. WITHOUT ID they are truly second class citizens. FIX the problem with waiving cost and beating back the government beauracies that make getting an ID hard or impossible for those in unique situations. Why not? Oh.... I know. Because racist.