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  1. Very simple. I am not a Libertarian. Never will be.
  2. Actually the one thing that makes me reluctant to vote for him.
  3. Got this at the end of the season so haven't used yet but did a lot of research and looking around. Seemed to be a great value and tons of positive reviews. At the time, I got it for around $650
  4. I like the Rock but that movie was just silly. I made it through the whole thing only because I have had a thing for Alexandra for a while and also have a thing for Carla. Alexandra is just wow... face, body with those long legs and ample tracks of land and those eyes. Yum
  5. She was 70% of the reason to watch the whole movie (Carla Gugino being the other 30%)
  6. My guess is the winning side
  7. So you are telling me that during a military coup that leaders whereabouts in a plane is readily available to anyone who wants to go to this website? Including... say a military unit backing the coup that was anti aircraft battery or a fighter jet unit? Um....
  8. I remember an awful lot of attention brought up with how disappointing the offerings were last year to an embarrassing level. If a business only looks at numbers when planning that business will miss opportunity. Case in point- myself. Last year, I was excited about seeing what they were going to do and spent a lot of my time that day checking it out. This year? Not at all excited, could have made time yesterday but didn't and did not buy anything = lost opportunity. I can not be alone in that. So, sure, last year they moved a ton of junk and increased sales but then what is their cost of lost opportunity?
  9. Was it worthwhile at all? I was on the road all yesterday and had no time to check. I did not really make it a priority since last year seemed like a bunch of junk being offered. I was wondering if they learned their lesson and presented stuff that would actually be exciting.
  10. It is really an ignorant statement to make. Just like anything in the economy value is offered and added in exchange for a cost. If there was no value then no one would pay the cost and there would be no business. This is true even more so now than ever before in this industry as technology is taking it from a simple matter of "here is a machine and here are our rates so you can take credit cards from customers" to integrating services that actually help business run smarter, faster, leaner and meaner. I get excited when I get a merchant to break out of the thinking of "how much money can you save me" and allows me to help them reinvest marketing dollars to better grow their business. But regardless, no one forces anyone to take credit cards as payments. It is your choice as a merchant. Some merchants choose not to- in fact, many do, because they think the cost is too much. More times than not- they are actually costing themselves business from customers. I am a perfect example of this (well before I got into this industry) as a customer, I pay exclusively via credit card. At our old place there was a Mexican joint under 5 minutes walking distance from our house which we really enjoyed. Good authentic Mexican food. But for the majority of the time that we lived there, they did not take credit cards. So, we would go there maybe once every few months. Mostly when my wife wanted to and had cash on her. One day, I walk in and see they are taking cards. We went from once every three months or so to going there once every couple of weeks. I don't go to places that don't take cards or even if I really like it then I rarely go or at least not nearly as much as I would if they do.
  11. Is the downward pressure on cost due to better/more efficient technology, increased efficiency in scale and/or cheap Chinese dumping of heavily subsidized product? Or another factor?
  12. There is no gerrymandering for the Senate. Top 3 currently serving Senators are 41, 39 and 37 years in office.
  13. You guys in the Libertarian for President thread are trying to tell me you want professional politicians writing laws? Aren't like 80% of the guys in Congress in lawyers? Not to mention the fact that they don't even bother reading the junk they vote on now let alone write it. Come on man.
  14. I am fully on board with gerrymandering elimination and term limits.
  15. I use to hold the exact same position, however, the reality is that too many people in Congress have careers there and their whole entire goal is to remain there. That is not good governance and it opens the door to corruption and self interested actions. Term limits will not solve all the ills of our government but it sure as hell is not going to hurt either.