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  1. Yes. Decent options too.
  2. Left is fired up and need to check in for daily outrage instructions. Fox, on the other hand, has been a huge mess and lost lots of talent. Add in the right lost its cohesiveness with Trump. Finally, Fox always had the advantage of being the only right leaning news source outside of print and radio. New media with big right names have opened up other sources. Bad timing for an organization that has taken body blow after body blow and is looking to catch a breathe.
  3. One opened up less than 5 min from me. My primary shopping. Get some great deals there and the MPerks is great. Get awesome deals all the time with them. Got work boots the other day. Retail $80 but were on sale then MPerks for % off and another for $20 off.... all said and done I paid $20 for the boots. Because of my job I have visited 10-15 regularly in the Chicago area. All are clean and well kept. Some are busier than others. The one I go to I don't wait long at all. Produce and meat are better quality than normal grocery stores in area but you can ger better by going to pricy/smaller groceries. Have had good customer service experiences and can't remember a bad one. Big fan overall. Never tried the shipping thing and would not. There is no need for me.
  4. Still looking
  5. The big argument seems to be perception and making the Zestimate public info. There was a quote saying buyers telling sellers that Zillow says this and that is how much they are willing to pay. Illinois law specifically allows AVM's which Zillow basically is. It seems the first lawsuit was filed by a lawyer who was unhappy about not getting what she believes her townhouse was worth and blames Zillow. Then she represents a family of builders with the same complaint and withdrew her lawsuit so she could represent them and seek class action status.
  6. Class action lawsuit filed against Zillow. Article on Crains Chicago. A couple if things jumped out. About 44% of sales within 5% high/low of Zestimate. The other was values routinely about 20% below market value in Chicago.
  7. email sent
  8. Oh, I know Zillow is for crap on estimates. I have been in banking and lending for a long time and had to have way too many conversations with people about estimates and Zillow etc. To be fair, I really don't know how good Zillow is on rent estimates but from the value estimates, I would never trust it and make big decisions. We are no where near making any move right now so it is more about just seeing what is says and if I get serious about things I would do much more due diligence about a whole lot of things. From what I know, the rent does sound to be in the right neighborhood. Value estimate? No, not so much. It was about $15K low when we purchased back in 2012. I have not looked at comps much but there should be no real reason why the surrounding area has been on an increase while my property is flat.
  9. I checked Zillow for my house. The city and zip code for the area have a steady slow climb up. My particular chart actually had a spike up about two years ago and then has been basically flat. The rent number keeps moving up though- which I like because most likely when we are ready to move, I will keep this house and rent it out. With a 3.25% 30 year fixed, it is something to take advantage of. If I could get what the Zillow rent is- then it is enough to pay PITI and have $1K a month in cash flow. For the first year, I would take the extra cash flow and put it in an account to cover repairs and any missing rent months. After that, prob put $100-500 in the account to keep it nice and ready and use the extra for whatever else.
  10. Sure, if they invaded Liechtenstein it could have been -50 weather and it wouldn't have matter much. But if you are going to talk about THE reason, then it is the weather. If all else was the same but it was 70 degree fine weather both the French and Germans would have still succeeded even with all the other challenges.
  11. That was my impression.... There was something to pay in order for Ghost Rider to make the jump. What else could it be than his soul?
  12. No, THE problem was not line of supply or that the country is so big. THE problem was the winter. For both Napoleon and Germans. If everything else was the same but the winters were mild the chances of success for both Napoleon and the Nazi's would have been high. The French and German armies were built around Western European Summer fighting. From weapons, to uniforms, to tactics- the French were about concentrated cannon fire, disciplined infantry to smash the other lines and the the cavalry to finish the job. The Germans were about the Blitzkrieg tanks smashing, with CAS and troops to finish the job. The ability to do either was made impossible in snow and/or mud. Foraging is much easier without heavy snow as is actually the line of supply. But simple things like your equipment that has helped you trounce previous nations simply does not work anymore. I have been in Moscow in the winter walking through a foot of snow in -20 temp.... The winter is the major factor. Everything else took the winter advantage and increased the effect. That is why the scorched earth defense was so effective.
  13. I have a team available on our dynasty IDP league. League been around since 2008 with 14 teams. $45 flat annual fee with $15 deposit for next year. 100% payouts after paying for league on RTSports for champion, best record and most points.
  14. Yea, Portland is one of those real hot markets. 15% above asking and you still miss on it. Wow. Sorry man.
  15. 15% above asking. Geez. It feels weird saying it with that much over asking.... so, good luck? What market?