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  1. I disagree. Best games were always the ones where I beat my friends with a smile. I never needed to act like I hated you to beat you down. If you needed that as some sort of motivation... ok.... great. Not everyone is like that. And there was nothing unsportsman like or unnecessary roughness or any malice in what Lee Smith did. Only a moron would look at that and think it was something that required a flag. Next thing we will see is them throwing a flag because a player smacks the helmet of another player as a way to say 'good play'. Pure silliness.
  2. Norton is clearly not the right guy. They brought in Pagano to assist him.... I forgot what his title is.... but that doesn't seem to have helped. I see no growth from last year to this year. Frustrating as hell. When they let Musgrave go and handed things to Downing... it was hard to feel anything about it one way or the other. On one hand, Musgrave was not overly impressive with scheme or game plans but the team was clearly becoming an offensive juggernaut. With Downing, I didn't get it (Later read it was all about keeping him from getting pouched by another team). If you were going to let Musgrave go then I felt like it needed to be a clear upgrade and it felt like they were handing the keys to the brand new sports car to the kid who was still on his learners permit. Something people have not mentioned is that I am pissed at Tice. I have had huge respect for him as a OL coach and was super excited we got him. We have the talent but the O-line looks fairly average to me in the games I have seen. It could be scheme issues and maybe my anger at Tice is misplaced. Did I see some ZBS plays? Unless we run the table or come close to it- I think you have to go with a wholesale change of the coaching staff. Gawd, it was nice to see a game where the defense can't cover the TE and it wasn't us! Cook better have got the game ball- he saved that game early by taking Kiko to school. Lynch and our O-line need the carries to be higher because they get more effective as they wear the defenders down. It was clear that Lynch was not doing much early and you could almost see the effectiveness meter increase as they game went on. Mack isn't getting the numbers but dang he is disruptive on pretty much every play.
  3. The most ridiculous flag I can remember in a very long time. I deaf, dumb and blind person from a mile away could tell that that was a friendly goofball playing around gesture. Just horrible.
  4. I'm always more worried about the TE. We haven't covered a TE in about a decade. Though, I think Clay is hurt so I am not as worried.... then again, Nick O'Leary will have a career day.... heck, if they signed me off the street an hour before the game started I couldgo for 150 yds and 3 TD's.
  5. The whole connection to the Seattle D makes it something that makes sense for sure
  6. My daughter is a big fan of Mal.
  7. The Neverending Story
  8. 1 game. I am just surprised it wasn't the two like I expected.
  9. I love the "fix" talk. Because... you know... the League LOVES the Raiders and all.
  10. I am confident he will get a suspension. My guess is two games. If he does get the suspension, It will be interesting to see how the offense plays with him not in the lineup at all.
  11. The fix.
  12. I could watch that for a while.
  13. I half expected a flag