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  1. I think that that was by design. My guess is three reasons. 1) To protect Carr with short/quick passes so he didn't get sacked/hit. 2) He isn't 100% and throwing long has to hurt and he may not be effective with them right now as he is healing. 3) Keep Carr from getting hit.
  2. Bowman at $3 million? I can't see the downside at this point with us 2-3.
  3. The phrase used was 'strong mutual interest' I believe. Also, reportedly there was a deal in place for him to go to the Saints for a 7th round pick. He then asked to be released so he could be a FA and pick where he went. I hadn't heard the change of heart to where he would accept a diminished role. I wonder if this and going to a new team will fire him up. He obviously is not the player he use to be but there is no way that he doesn't help our D.
  4. Well.... that sucks.
  5. Olawale fighting like a warrior!
  6. Your offense is rocking. The other team has been struggling on offense but gaining some steam. Kill clock and give your D time. Oh... and your running game has been pretty effective. Run the ball. Not take a shot downfield.
  7. Funny... I was going to say horrible play call by Denver and Romo says he loves it.
  8. Is it Downing? I can't figure it out. These last two games they have looked horrible. Sure, Denver has a dang good defense but add in Washington and I am just not understanding what has happened these last two games.
  9. EJ is doing everything right. Cooper and Cook have let him down.
  10. Cooper. Come on man!
  11. Someone gave the Raider offense CPR or something
  12. No, you could see the blocking scheme for the fake FG run.
  13. Chevy Equinox / GMC Terrain - I have a GMC Acadia and I am a fan. I have favored Ford in the past and took a hard look at the Explorer before deciding on the Acadia. We liked the ride of the Acadia better but the biggest factor was that the Traverse/Acadia/Enclave were among the safest SUV's out there (I did a bunch of research including pulling deaths per accident etc). The Chevy Traverse, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave are all on the same frame and largely the same vehicle with differences in styling, packages and the 'details'. The Acadia and Terrain are very similar with the Terrain being a bit smaller. I was looking at them last night (I took the Acadia in for service) and I really hated the rear space in the terrain (basically there was none unless you put the back seats down). If you like the Terrain I would say look at the Acadia as well. But you actually might like the Buick Enclave (I think the Buick version of Terrain is Encore) as they are a kick up on the luxury side over GMC where as the Chevy versions is a kick down from both. For my Acadia- as long as you don't plan on towing anything then you are good to go. It would be crap if towing. The power is 'sufficient' but not exciting but if you were towing anything that weighed anything it would not end well. My only real complaint is the hooks for hanging dry cleaning. They are on the back row which is a bleepity bleep to get to from either the back door or the hatch. Makes no sense but if that it my biggest complaint then I think I made a good purchase decision. I would say the Explorer is not a bad option. It came close for us. I have friends who have them and no issues. Jeep Grand Cherokee - I would not consider. Consistently the lowest ratings on vehicles when I look at reports are the Jeep family of vehicles with the only real exception being the Wrangler types. I have been tempted to look in the past because there were things I liked about them and they were offering good incentives but when I dig into some research then reliability always seems to be low and there is a lot written about the overall quality being low.
  14. The entire team was off last night. The only good thing to say is that I hope it was a learning experience for these young guys.
  15. Every player on offense looks 'off' tonight.