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  1. What does all that have to do with Credit Suisse?
  2. What have a missed on this? Why the downturn and recent bump up? (I really only pay attention to US banks)
  3. Wow, she is a hottie. I always wonder what is 'broken' with these women. When I was 16 I ended up with a 23 and then a 24 year old. The 23 year old was smoking hot. I mean, if she had a boob job she would have been a 10 (I am confident she got one later because... well.... she is the kind of woman that would be obsessed with getting it done) even being flat she was pushing a 9. So, what the heck was she messing around with me then? Some barely 16 year old kid who didn't know jack. She had some image/self respect issues and I am sure more. The 24 year old was ok. A 7.5 on a good day. She had issues too of course.
  4. Pre-kids I would be all over this. Now...
  5. I have the stainless steel one.
  6. F-ing GE took me from having a year to just a year in my portfolio.
  7. I have no problem with someone who likes cars and gets enjoyment out of it- spending more on a car. The major point is to not spend all your money. The tendency thought is buy the luxury car or sports car or all options blah blah car because well.... I can afford it. Then every bottle of wine you drink is $100 and you eat out for lunch and dinner at nice places and take three vacations a year to tropical places.... etc. Perfect example of not getting fixated on cars. My FIL, a Doctor, is loath to spend money on pretty much anything. He fixes everything (car, house, household appliances etc). Literally, there is pretty much nothing that he does not penny pinch on to an extreme level. I only know of two things he has been willing to spend a little more on: education for his kids (and now grandchildren) and cars. Even with the cars though he never buys new and would only buy cars he could work on (German cars, for example, are too computerized). So, he has a couple of Lexus, an aging Caddy and a classic Caddy. Again, the point is never spend money on this but rather find the one or two things you really get a bang out of your buck- spend a tad more on it than other things and then be smart with the rest of your money and put a good amount away. Enjoy life now but be smart so you are not working at age 85 doing a job a high school kid should do for min wage and trying to figure out if you will have enough money for food and meds this week.
  8. I saw that list but i was trying to remember out of those teams who he was working with. I dont recall us having decent talent on the line and Seattle hasnt. No way we go ZBS with the o-line we have that is clearly built for power. I can see Gruden throwing in a couple of plays but that is not a concern for me at all.
  9. Being that I speak with people about their finances in general on a daily basis and see what they have in terms of assets.... most will have no choice but to work as long as they can. For me, I want to be in a position that I do not have to work. I may do some sort of work (No way as an employee. Some sort of side business) but for me retirement is about freedom. Freedom to choose what I want to do on a daily basis without any worry about making a pay check or making someone happy. It will take money to earn that freedom. At the same time I do a healthy balance of putting money away and.... well.... living.
  10. Ok, I am with you on the braking part but EJ had tons of playing experience over him. I don't think you can knock him like that because they had EJ. I think alot of the younger QB's end up higher on the depth chart more out of hopes than deserving. With Carr there was no reason for hope but rather wanting to have someone to come in and play decently if Carr got hurt.
  11. The talk about Gruden being out of the coaching for 9 years is just silly. First, Gruden has never left the game. He has been intimately involved with it even after leaving TB. He also didn't approach his 'cushy' job as an announcer the same way as others have and is the reason why they would never leave the booth- he tackled it with the same kind of prep work and passion he is known for. He continually updated his playbook adding and tweaking plays as he saw fit and stealing from the college and pro ranks on things he liked. To give you an idea, here is an article a couple of years ago that gives a good glimpse into his 9 years from coaching... Inside Jon Grudens Maniacal Obsession with Football
  12. Swing and a miss. Teryl Austin decided to move forward with the Bengals.
  13. I can't remember who or what team but I do remember a thing about how they would bring people in to interview if nothing more than to pick their brains on their past organization.
  14. Dang, some Raiders "fans" sound like a freaking Donkey or Dolt fans talking about the team with so much B&M. Man up and be a real Raider fan.