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  1. Every player on offense looks 'off' tonight.
  2. I had a similar thought.... mine was "Could have sworn Thompson was a RB but maybe he switched positions?"
  3. Crap. Thought that was an INT.
  4. Lynch should have gone up the middle.
  5. If she and/or kids are covered under your high deductible plan then yes, the full family contribution. But if your wife was contributing too then you are both still capped at the total of the family contribution.
  6. Found it! Small hole that was basically camouflaged in shadow and coloring of brick and siding. Operation None Your Bees Nest has begun! Sprayed Hornet/Bee stuff in the hole yesterday and this morning. Will continue to do it until I feel I can approach the hole without death (Mine, not theirs) and spray directly in. Once I give that some time, I will spray in some filler and that should be that.
  7. HSA is individual like an IRA. It can be used for spouse and dependent healthcare though. You can add an authorized signer to an HSA in most cases but that works like a POA, they are acting on your behalf and becomes void upon your death. You can independently select beneficiaries like in other financial products. Also, over age 55 you have a $1K catch up contribution over the cap. Though if you are in a family plan and you want your spouse who is over 55 too to put in her $1K, she will need to open up her own HSA to put the $1K in.
  8. Yes, it is capped at the annual contribution of the year. I am thus not using mine now and will wait for it to grow.
  9. Yea, the big thing on this is qualifying by having a high deductible insurance plan. If you no have then you no get.
  10. B. And not close to me NOW considering the interest rate environment we are in. At 3.25% 30 year fixed mortgage (what I have about 5 years into it) you would have to screw up your investments pretty darn bad to not get better than the 3.25% and the effective rate is of course lower with the mortgage interest right off. When interest rates change and go back to more 'normal' levels then the math on that changes and my answer could easily change looking at the specifics.
  11. Recently dug more into HSA's and my general advice (always possible for exceptions as there is no one size fits all answer when it comes to finances) now is if you qualify for an HSA then before you max out out your 401k and IRA's is to max out your HSA. For those that are not familiar with them the basics of an HSA is that if you have a high deductible insurance plan it can off set the costs of the deductible. Think of it like an IRA for health costs. Money going in is pre-tax and when you pay for qualifying medical expenses it is tax free. So, if you spend it on medical expenses then you not paying taxes on that money at all. The money is tax sheltered and does carry a penalty (20%) plus taxation if you withdraw it for other purposes. However, at age 65 you are allowed to withdraw it for any reason and only pay the taxes on it. The beautiful thing is that unlike the traditional IRA there is no RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) so it gives you more flexibility in retirement. It ends up being superior to both traditional and ROTH. So, highlights of why it is a great financial tool: -No taxes paid if used for healthcare -Can be withdrawn at regular tax rate for any purpose at 65 years of age -No RMD Oh, and there is a once a lifetime transfer allowed from an IRA to a HSA.
  12. We have a whole lot of young players that need to develop but the potential IS there to be as you say a top 3 defense year after year. We know we have the elite defensive player of the year level player. We know we have a couple of good players and/or players that have shown enough that we know they will be good. Then we have tons of players all over the place that are young and have given us reason to hope. There is reason to talk about it but we have a whole lot of development to do before we are anywhere near a "Seattle" or "Denver" level D. I also don't think we have an answer at MLB and it is hard for me to see us getting to an elite level without a solid MLB. He doesn't have to be elite himself but he has to be solid. I'm trying to think of an elite level D with a big hole at MLB and I am coming up empty. I'm hoping we get there and I see the road map for us to get there but we have a good amount of driving time before we arrive- fire up a good long playlist and let's roll.
  13. Why would you not like a big bodied safety who can be physical with tight ends but has the athleticism to cover wide receivers?
  14. As you may have seen in some recent conversation about Conley. I am a bit cautiously reserved on what we have seen so far this season. With that said, I have been one of the biggest voices talking about how this defense is just brimming with potential to in fact end up being one of the best in the league. Why do I believe that? First, the defense is YOUNG. Every play on the defense other than four are 4 years of experience. Two are still 'young' (Amerson and Irvin) and the old guys are Sean Smith who seems to be on the way out play wise and Nelson whom I believe we have a good replacement in the wings with Obi. Second, there is a lot of talent there. Mack is an elite top 3 defensive player in the league kind of game changer. Irvin is good. If these young guys continue to develop and play around Mack then wow. Third, I think the last draft was great. Conley fell to us in a total steal because of the allegations. Obi, from some reports, was going to be our 1st round pick before Conley was there. Vanderdoes was a 5 star college guy who got hurt and didnt rebound quickly. I think all three will be impact players. Fourth, a lot of the attention about the D from last year was on the secondary and middle LB. I actually believe that one of the bigger problems was lack of disruption from the DT positions. Pretty consistently Mack and our other edge guys would break down the play from the outside but the QB could just step up in the pocket. If we get a good push on that, not even someone breaking through, it will make a huge difference and make the edge guys more effective as well. It will also help the secondary which I think got improved with Conley and Obi. There are pieces there. Pagano I think is helping. But there is a long way to go. The great thing is these guys are young so we have a great D to build for years to come. The bad thing is these guys are young and still developing and learning the game. Also, I am not really expecting this D to turn in shut outs. Our offense is a whole lot for any team to handle and that will put pressure on our D. I don't expect our D to do well in yards given up or points allowed. I do expect them to get a lot of 3 and outs and turnovers as they mature.
  15. No condescending meant. Apologies for that impression. I am sorry, it just isn't anything to be excited about. There were good indications but I need to see much more than going up against the Jets receiving corp to really get excited or start talking him up. He earned a "he did a good job against the Jets, here is to hoping he can play well against a good team" and that is about all I am willing to give at this point. I am not down on the kid- I think we got a steal for him at where we got him in the draft. It is more a commentary on the Jets and not getting excited about things until there is real reason to than anything else.