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  1. The best part of the "Los Angeles Chargers" is that our almost extra home game turns into a total extra home game. Those games in LA will be all Silver and Black in the stands. All. Likely the only game the Chargers will sell out too.
  2. What is the official line of 'south' to cross from civilized to uncivilized?
  3. All years of oppressing the world is catching up to them. It isn't an easy job after all.
  4. I find this offensive and an example of a microagression
  5. In this day and age, just assume everything you say including the words "the" and "I" are offensive and expressions of some sort of microagression. You have been warned. Proceed accordingly.
  6. I agree...
  7. I would ask a favor in that no one start making guesses in the forum which a Google search could pick up if it was indeed the right case. If enough people start guessing then I am sure someone will hit on the case. I will not confirm or deny regardless until at least a resolution comes.
  8. No chance. As it was explained and as the paperwork I signed read- the DNA will be used only for this test and can not be used for any other purposes and will not be in any database like you would be in if you were a convict. On top of that the breadth and length of my criminal activity is along the lines of a moving violation.
  9. He really does seem like the 'classic' Reggie signing. The value signing with potential. A guy who can't cash in for whatever reason but that reason also does not mean that he won't outperform his contract. Ankle injury, groin injury that apparently he had already come back on before breaking his hand. Nothing that would make it hard to get healthy.
  10. It all began back in Dec. I noticed I missed a call from my little brother back in my home state. We don't do a lot of phone calling to each other so that was noteworthy and cause for a slight level of concern. I called him back and he told me "I told Mom I wouldn't say anything but there is a detective searching for you because they think you might be a murderer." Uh..... wha? Now, I need to explain that less than a year ago at that point my little brother was in a massive motorcycle accident with a semi truck. Severe brain trauma and almost didn't make it. He is doing very well now, beyond my hopes when it first happened, but he gets confused easily understandably. I will fast forward through most of the conversation other than to point out the somewhat funny reasoning for my brother calling my frantically "I don't need to know if you did it or not but if you need to take off then I wanted to make sure you had the chance." Love my brother- he obviously has my back even if I was a murderer. My only concern at the time was that this was some sort of fraud attempt- so I told my brother to tell my mom to not send any money no matter what and to do a few things like calling the department and asking to speak to the detective, etc. Later that night my mother calls me. The situation was that a detective had reached out to her. My biological father whom my mother separated and divorced shortly after I was born and with whom I had almost no contact at all with during my life is what I guess you would call a 'person of interest' in a serial rapist/killer of some note. My biological father had passed away several years ago. His connection to the case had to do with he had connections for all the various areas that the rapes and murders occurred as well as a place he had worked had connections with many of the victims. Apparently, they never spoke with him during the active investigations largely because he was homeless and not easy to track down. The reason the detective was interested in speaking with me was because there is DNA evidence. My little brother is a half brother (and I never refer to him as that but in this situation, it needs to be explained) and apparently the DNA is stronger to connected with a male to male than male to female. Hence, the detective wanting to discuss with me the possibility of getting a DNA test to either confirm him or take him off the list. I spoke with the detective and my thinking was pretty simple: I was going to do the test. To not would be horribly selfish of me. If it was him then finding the culprit can help bring closure and healing to those impacted by these horrible deeds. If it is not him then I can rest easy knowing it was not him. Sure, if it is him it will be a crazy road to travel but I will deal with it if/when the times comes and travel it in the light of day and truth. So, I agreed to have the testing done. He seemed a little shocked that I agreed. The arrangements were made and an FBI agent contacted me. We met at my house and he brought his partner with him. We began chatting and they opened up to me- they were very curious to meet me for a few reasons but it really seemed to boil down to three things; 1) I guess people voluntarily giving DNA to the FBI is a rare thing. 2) The case is a rather well known case. 3) They actually had recently gone through some training that used the case that my father is suspected in as a scenario. I had a nice long conversation with the agents. They are both in the violent crimes unit. One has some training in and works closely with the guys who do the psychological profiles. Since they were familiar with the case from their training, I asked them a lot of questions in basically just trying to get a sense for how much of a possibility this really could be. They didn't really have a lot of questions for me because not really knowing my father there was not much I could tell them other than what my mother had told me over the years and recently from our conversation. They took the test and sent it back. Interestingly enough they mentioned that since this was a state test and not from the FBI the results should come back faster but it would take a couple of months. Was it my father? I really can't say one way or the other. It would be shocking just because that is my father. It would be a crazy experience to navigate. I have not told many people about this and likely only doing it for the anonymity the internet provides while still needing to express some of it out as I happened to think about it today. Also, I was drawn back here because I remember reading a thread where another poster's brother was a serial killer. I looked for it but could not find it again. As this first all happened a good friend whom I did tell asked me "How are you doing with it?" And honestly, I am trying to put it out of mind until the results are in. When it first came up it started taking me down a very deep, dark and scary rabbit hole. I stopped and just reminded myself there was no reason to even consider it until I know because why go down that hole if I don't have to? I looked up the case and read about it. Some sick, twisted and disgusting things. So, again, could it have been my father? As I said, I never really knew him. I remember seeing him a couple of times when I was a little guy. He showed up at the front door unannounced. When I opened the door, I had no idea who he was. I must have been around the 4-6 years age range. There was never any birthday cards or any other interaction until one day out of the blue when I was 17 years old I got a phone call. I had no idea who it was and when he said it was 'your Dad' I first said my step-fathers name whom had adopted me when I was young. He said no and then I said the name I knew him as. He replied that he did not go by that name anymore but yes. He then started to talk to me like we had actually had conversations before. He mentioned some remorse about things like not being at my sisters wedding. It was crazy. About 4 or 5 years later I found out he had passed away. It was an odd experience. He was basically dead to me already having never really been in my life but still this was my 'father'. Once more, could it have been him? Well- there is a lot of things that could suggest the 'typical' background. He had a horrible life growing up. Apparently my grandparents were horrible people (I never knew them) and he experienced mental, physical, and sexual abuse. My mother did say that he had a temper but the reason why she left him was that he had a major car accident and had severe brain damage. Afterwards he became an alcoholic and coupled with the temper (I think the breaking point was having slapped my sister in the face for doing something wrong) my mother would have none of it. So, from all that I know- basically the one good thing in his life where he got love and stability etc was gone. I also noticed that one sketch artist from the case files online seem to be similar to him from what I remember of seeing pictures. I don't know but I suppose in a couple of months, I will for sure. Pretty crazy stuff, no? I am hesitant to revel the actual case because if it ends up being him- I don't want to leave too many breadcrumbs to get back to me. The FBI agents made a point to say that the media is dang good at their jobs and how they figure things out that amazes them. If it ends up not being him then I will let you all know of what case he was suspected of. If it was him.... I don't know. We shall see.
  11. Well.... he was a starter for a while. So, I am sure most of the 17 pages are around when he was drafted and when he was the starter and actually very fantasy relevant. But that is just a guess.
  12. Seemed like one of those guys that is really raw and his potential is drafted. Gets thrown in when not ready and doesn't do well. How is that surprising? If people believe a guy has untapped potential then people will talk about it. So- sure, 17 pages on a fantasy football forum.
  13. McGloin is an overachiever. We have seen his ceiling. He is a serviceable backup and that is it. EJ has a lot of upside and a lot more playing experience. Plus, as much as EJ didn't do well when given the chance with the Bills, he was really rushed in. I remember when they drafted him how raw he seemed to be and I think he started right away with them. Let him develop more and not have any pressure with the comfort of Downing and as long as we didn't pay much- I am very happy with this move. Finally, yes, D is the area of NEED for us but we saw how badly we needed a better QB situation if Carr gets hurt.
  14. HA! You are not kidding. Geez, it has been how many years that we have to wait this long to draft someone and not because we traded our 1st away?! I love this as well if he is healthy. I remember seeing a lot of good from him and then he just fell off the face of the earth. I don't remember any injuries that were reoccurring or an injury that makes you wonder if he can come back- seems like a bad string of luck.
  15. I would be happy if a CB goes too but go with the BPA