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  1. Incident from July 4th- beat his sister's boyfriend
  2. Sean Smith arrested for assault from a July 4th incident where he beat his sister's boyfriend.
  3. Nelson is getting near the end of his career. He still has gas but I think his time with us will be ending most likely after this year or next at the most. Both because of his $ and because his skill set will be on the decline. Add in that we have Karl and Obi and it just makes sense. I can see Sean not making the roster this year. I am dumbfounded how badly he has played for us. I don't get it at all. We need to get Conley out on the field and make sure he can play like we think he can and once that happens then Sean just costs too much for us to keep him. I love Penn but he is getting up there in age. Sure, we can and should pay him more but if he is looking for a long term extension- no, sorry bud.
  4. Aaaaahhhhhh, I couldn't figure out what the note was.... the rest was obvious
  5. We lost one bastard but gained another lost to us.
  6. Hey, I just get fantasy storylines right, not simple real life phrases.
  7. BOOM goes me hitting it on the nail.
  8. Absolutely. It will get you to the bottom 6%.
  9. It is rare but there are some beautifully and naturally well endowed Asians. And it is proof there is a God and He loves man.
  10. Yea, boobs are AWESOME. But I can survive a random girl with boobs but a olive skinned brunette or Asian with boobs.... they could pretty much ask anything of me and they might as well be a Jedi wavving their hands because I am done.
  11. As it stands now. I will on track to retire at 60. (Hopefully I can make some big changes in income in the next few years and cut that down). I would hold off on taking SS until 70. If SS is not there then we will be comfortable. If it is then we can do more traveling and entertainment stuff.
  12. All my decisions for retirement is with assuming Social Security will not exist come retirement. There is no down side here on this. My wife and I will be financially stable come retirement and if we draw on Social Security then it will be pure spending money to have fun with.
  13. My other weakness... Curvy asians.
  14. And increase your earnings from SS. (as it is now)