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  1. It looks like Trubisky is leading the Bears into the ground. I am hoping for a top ten pick out of that. If any of you watched the Bear game, they are a mess right now. Nagy keeps throwing the ball instead of running while Trubisky stanks and teams can neutralize their D by running on them. Losing Hicks has really gutted their D and Mack and the other LB's are better suited to play pass defense. The Raiders and Saints showed how to beat them easily and unless Nagy realizes he needs to run the ball over and over, I think that top ten draft pick could be ours 5-10 sounds seems very possible. I expect our own to be a mid round pick as I think we will end the season right around 8-8. We picked up a third from Houston for Conley which replaces our lost 3rd for brain dead AB. I believe Mayock can build through the draft and I believe Gruden is a damn fine coach that has the culture and systems right and he can call a game with the best of them. I would expect Jay to join the staff in some form (assuming he gets no HC offers) and he has a good offensive mind to add as well. We have a lot of youth, I think we are the 4th youngest team? We need a top end #1 WR, a defensive play maker in front 7 (we may already have him assuming further development), a good corner and depth at LB and secondary. Then we are a legit and dependable playoff team. Plus, we have money to spend. So, we can go after the big FA's if we want to fill up those needs.
  2. The Donkey's just called their season. Shipping Sanders to the Niners.
  3. I heard 1st Nevermind, I see all the other reporta being a third. I got excited there for a second.
  4. Abram looked extremely legit that first game which is unusual for a rookie in the Safety position to do so well. I have no concern about him not being a 1st round worthy player. Jacobs obviously is. Ferrell has looked good but it is going to be hard for him to live up to that overall spot he earned and we won't know unless he is on the field.
  5. I don't think Trubisky would be a star if you put him on an all-star team.
  6. Yup. Either would be huge upgrades over him. But the dagger in the heart was moving up one to get him on top of it all. SF played the Bear front office like a fiddle.
  7. As good? No. But as a Raider fan, it gives me no pleasure to say that that muppet sounding kid is legit. He literally may end up unseating Brady as GOAT if he continues on the trajectory he is on now. Another thing to think about though is that you might have a different HC too. I think Mahomes made Nagy a HC. Not Nagy making Mahomes a steller QB. And I never had faith in Trubisky. I think the reason we agreed to send Mack to the Bears was based on betting against Tribusky and getting higher draft picks from it.
  8. If I was a Bear fan.... I think every time Trubisky threw the ball and I would think back to the draft and think "we traded up a spot needlessly to get him while Mahomes went 8 spots later." and it would pain me.
  9. We have a lot of raw talent and keep in mind we are missing a lot of key players on defense: Ferrell, Abram, Lee, Key and Burfict. Abram looked like a deference maker in that first game. I haven't seen enough of Ferrell to make the same judgement there. Burfict hurts as we were already thin on LB and Lee gone too compounds that. On offense, We lack a #1 WR that can really change things for the offense and have been without out best WR on top of that. Our WR's for the day were Trevor Davis, Marcell Ateman, Hunter Renfrow and Keelan Doss. We didn't event have Dwayne Harris active. It was painfully clear not having Trent Brown was a big difference maker as well. We didn't put enough pressure on Rodgers but he was dialed in today and he is one of those QB's that when they are dialed in you have NO room for any errors. We made a few and too many yellow accessories being thrown our way. I think what I have seen is that A) We need to stop hearing crap from the Gruden haters. He put together a dang good gameplan and called a dang good game with some dang good designed plays. B) I like what I am seeing from Mayock's first draft. I don't know if anyone really doubted his talent evaluation ability but I was excited about him as a GM and I love what I am seeing from that so far. C) We may be a bubble playoff team at this point. Maybe get in, maybe not. It surely will be a wildcard if we do. But we will certainly give teams a good game and be in the fight.
  10. I wasn't paying that much attention over the last couple of minutes. I look up just in time to see the Bear bat that down in the end zone and said "Wow, nice defensive save" then realized he was on offense. 🤣
  11. Safety please. Only way to turn the tide other than a pick 6 which is not likely with Rodgers dialed in.
  12. Did they get rid of the rule that it isn't a PI if it isn't catchable and I missed it?!