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  1. True. Absolutely true. But then again, sometimes people value things differently than you do. Sometimes people may not care for a house but really like to spend money on that truck. My FIL values things much differently than most people I know. He is a doctor. I don't know the full picture but he has a lot of money in the bank(s). They have a decent house in an upper middle class neighborhood that was built in '81. Paid off of course. The siding needed to be re-done a couple of years back... he did it himself. He will fix things, and fix them and fix them until essentially they don't make the parts for them anymore. None of the appliances have been bought in the last decade. I am sure some are 30 years old. I only know of two things he has been willing to spend a little money on. 1) Education. 2) Cars. He does like his cars. Now, he doesn't go and get a Ferrari and he doesn't cycle through them but he has a couple of Caddy's and a couple of Lexus. They are getting a bit older now but again, same mindset, he fixes them rather than getting a new one. Point being... though it is not quite the double wide and F-150, it has echoes of it in a different scale. He could have got a much larger house. But doesn't. He keeps the one he bought and keeps it up. He did splurge a bit on the cars though because he likes those. However, this is kind of the exception that proves the point. More so I would venture to say Americans spend right at their means. Some more and some less. But income does not change things. More money- more spending. Less money- less spending but they still spend.
  2. Retirement age can be whatever it is you wish. In fact, I know of people that work those 80 hour weeks in their 20's and 30's so that they can retire starting in their 40's. Now, if you are saying the Social Security system age should be lowered. You are insane. The system is already a ponzi scheme with the clock ticking on it. Lowering it would just speed the complete failure of the system. Like most Americans, I don't think you have thought this through.
  3. Not sure how that is relevant. I have seen three types of people acting as greeters. Elderly, developmentally challenged individuals and disabled individuals. As for the elderly, do you think that the old man saying welcome to Wal-Mart planned on that being part of his retirement package or do you think that he is doing what he needs to because he didn't plan? Like I said, I am sure you can find a few who do it because they want to kill some time or like it etc. But for the most part, the ones that do it need to work and there is not a lot of work available for people at that age- however, saying "welcome to Wal-Mart" doesn't take any special skills and thus there you go. Most of the Wal-Mart greeters you see are elderly.
  4. Think about it... you think being a Wal-Mart greeter was their master plan all along? Sure, you can find some that do it to do something but most do it because they don't have a choice of not working and it is the only job that they can get.
  5. What is power? When she killed Doran, she explained that the Dornish were basically backing her because he was not taking action after the deaths of the various Martell's at the hands of the Lannisters. Apparently she had the backing of the "palace guard" (they watched as they killed Doran and his bodyguard) and eluded to how the people were behind her as well. If enough people say you are in charge.... then you are in charge. She just took power. Also, it Oberyn made it clear that the Dornish did not see being a bastard as those of the more northern areas of Westeros did.
  6. You WANT to be in either Minn or Wisc? Huh?
  7. Dont think so.... I think that scene was about Arya. Watching the after comments from the show runners kind of confirmed it. The key to that scene is Arya saying "That isnt you"
  8. Was planning on going Friday but then I had a stupid customer service issue for one of my customers that was caused by someone else and I had to spend most of the day fixing it. The weekend was doing stuff with the kids. Today, I have to go do the rooftop thing for the Cubs vs Sox game. Maybe tomorrow. I really want to see this.
  9. You are not familiar with infection huh? (Plus, it had a little help from the witch)
  10. Ooooohhhh.... well, one of the snakes would be easy go give up but I do like the one with the whip and the one that showed her boobs to Bronn is make second favorite hottie on the show..... then of course having three vs one...... maybe throw in Yara to even it up?
  11. It was different because there were a lot of scenes covering the various storylines coming together. Which is funny because most of the #####ing and moaning in the past is about such and such storyline dragging or spending too much time here or there. Then you get an episode the has a lot of quick hits and the #####ing and moaning is about it being rushed. I bet it is even the same people #####ing and moaning too.
  12. Unless it was intentional to throw us off... the quick cuts to show trophy taking of body parts seems to have been the major deciding factor.