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  1. Anyone play Subnautica with VR? I'm thinking of taking the plunge and buying an Occulus Rift. I heard good things about Subnautica. Just wondering how it is with VR.
  2. He's also the wheelchaired writer in A Clockwork Orange. That was way back in 1971. The guy is immortal (in wheelchairs).
  3. Tough call between the two. Both will have new young QBs within a year or two. The advantage for Kelce is you'll know what he has in Malhommes as early as 2018, while Manning's heir is still undrafted. Don't make the mistake of rostering a good receiver with an uncertain QB future. I speak as a Demaryius Thomas owner.
  4. News flash: Gronk has been dethroned by Kelce. Hell, in my PPR league Zach Ertz has outscored Gronk by 18 points. Evans is only 16 points behind Gronk, and that's with the goose egg Evans put up week 5. Kelce and Evans are the TEs to own, both in dynasty and now. The only worry for Evans is Manning's age and effectiveness, but considering that the Giants will have a top 3 pick in 2018, I'd expect them to draft a talented replacement.
  5. 14th in my 12 man PPR league (RBs get .5 point per rec), and that's without a bye yet. Only two other RBs are above him without a bye: Hunt and Hyde.
  6. I've been on the fence since drafting him 1.2 in my rookie draft, but after seeing the highlights of his first game with a major workload, I'm convinced he's going to be a RB1 at some point. He's already a low end RB2 in PPR. The kid can move though. And he has good vision. And he has good hands. I hated when people said "he's still learning the game!" but you know what? I think that may actually be the case. It looks like he's already adjusting to the speed of the NFL.
  7. They have enough picks to move up though - again, if it's a can't miss, generational type of QB (ala. Luck, Manning, etc.)
  8. In those two 1st rounders and two 2nd rounders I hope they find an OT, MLB, RB, and/or if they see an Andrew Luck type QB, go get him.
  9. I was a huge critic of Buffalo signing him after that racist Miami stuff, but to his credit he has cleaned up his act and from all accounts, has turned himself into a model teammate respected by everyone at One Bills Drive. This is America. Every man deserves a chance for redemption imo.
  10. WHY IS JORDAN MILLS STILL A STARTING OT? When he wasn't being driven back into Tyrod's face, then he was whiffing on blocks and letting people get an open shot on Tyrod.
  11. Now we see the mettle of this coaching staff and team. They're playing bad football against an inferior opponent, but are still very much in this game. Do they adjust? Does Tyrod see better protection? Do they cut the penalties out?
  12. Guys, keep a few things in mind - McDermott was the defensive coordinator in Carolina, not offensive. The Bills offensive coordinator was plucked from Denver, not Carolina. The Bills are on a short week, with a game Thursday. Anyone who starts Benjamin this week gets the goose egg they deserve.
  13. I didn't know this - "The third-round pick acquired by Carolina was the one Buffalo added along with Matthews in a trade with Philadelphia. The seventh-round pick sent to Carolina was acquired by Buffalo in a trade that sent backup quarterback Cardale Jones to the Los Angeles Chargers in July." So we got KB for Cardale Jones and half a Darby trade? Who wouldn't call that a win?