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  1. Burst wise, he has lost some no doubt. Wear and tear call it what you will. But I think he's going to surprise many with how much he has left in the tank. I think his ego took a hit the last few years between the bad ending out in Pittsburgh and the incompetence with the Jets, nagging injuries and so on. But I want to believe he is somewhat motivated to let people know he can still ball, even if he is in the twilight of his prime. His ego is big enough, which is a good thing in this situation for him honestly. He still has the ability to increase his market worth with the hopes of landing one last check. GOing to KC was a business decision. His ability to absorb the scheme and learn on the run will dictate how much he plays moving forward but I think some may be overthinking this. Lev is going to eat.
  2. Dynasty or not, play for today, always.
  3. Two people don’t see the same thing, I’m sure Bell’s vision of a hole looks different to a east/west guy like helaire. His vision has always been real, the question is will the oline allow him to be patient as he usually is.
  4. Contrary to what most will say, Lev is going to eat. They have so many weapons that zig and zag I think they just wanted someone that was capable of plodding forward for 4 yards.
  5. Jets still on the hook for Lev’s salary so not like he isn’t getting paid. The league vet minimum is just icing
  6. Bc Haskins was that bad. One of the worst instinctive Qbs I've seen since maybe Jemarcus Russell.
  7. Looked great on tape last week but couldn’t help noticing how bad that Dallas defense was. Also couldn’t help notice he has an unusually svelte set of legs for a rb
  8. Against conventional wisdom, I am sticking my neck out and saying he will be. I am more of a proactive than a reactive guy, I shoot my shots
  9. I think many are still underestimating his ability and opportunity here. Just wait til Cam gets on the field. It's going to open things up a lot for Harris. I think some people may not realize but we've never seen what a Belichick scheme will look like without Tom Brady. It's only been a quarter of a season and I think we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves as to what they want to do philosophically. You had a transcendent talent in Brady at QB, you naturally want the ball in his hands. They haven't felt the need to draft or bring in an elite level rb since Corey Dillon. They didn't need to run 30 times a game. So give Brady some dink and dunk mid-level talent guys in the backfield, a 1A possession receiver and Gronk and let Brady go win with his arm. With Cam, I'm asking myself how are they going to move the ball down the field consistently knowing Cam has deficiencies in the pass game? I mean I smell they want to run. Some are concerned with how many passes or touchdowns will be available bc they are so used to seeing a Belichick/Brady scheme where the ball is spread around too thin for any fantasy consistency outside of three guys (Brady, Edelman, Gronk). Although that could be true, we have to acknowledge that the variables have changed from Brady to Cam. So a)Bill's tendencies and b)fantasy onlookers perception needs to adjust as well. I don't think they are too confident with Cam passing on first and second down much Consistently over the course of an entire NFL season. That ball ain't going to throw or run itself and they have a young horse who is ready to help them move piles and convert third downs. I'm also confident Bill and old pal Saban had a conversation or two about Harris for them to draft him in the third round post-Brady. Harris is not an elite level talent but he is head and shoulders above Michel or any other rb on the roster when it comes to pure, natural ability of running the ball. Coming out of college Michel was one of the most polished and ready to contribute rbs but he didn't have the raw talent as other guys. Michel was a one year rental (when you have Brady you play for today not 2-3 years down the road and wait for talent to develop), Bill knew his knees were shot coming out of Georgia. And the late-first round tender paid off quickly bc Michel helped them win the Super Bowl his rookie season. But one thing Bill does better than anyone is that he will give up on you before it's too late. Better a year early than a year late. Michel's shelf life in the NFL won't be for long and I believe drafting Harris post-Brady was definitely made with his plan to move on from Michel eventually. Yes, Cam will get his at the goal line, Edelman, Burkhead and White will catch some passes. Some have reserved skepticism and envision Harris as a one trick pony between the 20's guy but I believe in the talent and Bill's intention to establish his guy moving forward to win games. Bc to be honest they don't have anybody else in the offense capable of coming out of nowhere and succeeding at a high level consistently week in week out with this current roster. They want Harris to be the guy through and through.
  10. Still extremely raw, learning a new position in the NFL isn't easy. Obviously has the talent to overcome learning curve. Like bigger rbs before him he will need to learn to make a habit of getting lower, runs way too high at times. Vision and patience will come with time, I still strongly believe the qb play is dampering his ceiling.
  11. That's bc he is different. Harris has the best pedigree of any rb NE has rostered in a very long time Feet dont lie