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  1. Traded in for a Q7 backup family car a few months ago. But with Mrs. O blessing for me to get a replacement toy Jeep. Always wanted one of these classic restored CJ7s.
  2. Red wine flowing.
  3. Children all in bed. Release the Kraken.
  4. Well, we're out of GM. Switching to red. Too close for missiles; switching to guns. - Mister Pickles
  5. I'm sorry, what?
  6. Joe> offer rescinded. This place is terrible. TIA
  7. Wow this place is still fun as ever. Everyone in the politics forum and soccer forum? FUN
  8. Just took down half an abandoned hot dog. Appetizer.
  9. Feels great.
  10. If you're trying to figure out how best to top this off, I have a couple of suggestions. - A cigar. I've already had I think 5 today, so... - John Scofield. "I want to die in this room." -Monty Brewster
  11. It's really hard
  12. I confess; heavy user of "coach" here.