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  1. Only needed to read the first 5 words of the article to see what's happening here. "A school district near Houston"
  2. Love indifference. Good call
  3. Love some of those mentioned. RVM, release and porch in particular. Animal is great too.
  4. OH BULL#### Someone: "hey guys, what do you think of this onslaught? 56666 6698 6 6 6 7 6 9999999 0" Shuke: "YOU DONT MASTURBATE TO THE FUTURE"
  5. You're like a bot. This is your response in every thread. Even the ones not about chicks.
  6. I still am amazed he's the POTUS. Feels like this shouldn't be real.
  7. You can pry my Audi from my cold, dead hands.
  8. I already called culdeus out for the plmgg agdlgmdg shtick a few pages ago. I'm still fairly confident he's just dropping onslaught sequences on us.
  9. On the bright side, despite drinking over a bottle of wine and eating every snack in the house last night, I still got up at 5:15 and lifted. So, there's that.
  10. Love quinoa bowls. Restaurant at the bottom of my building makes a great one. But too much carbs for KETO DUDES, which of course I am. Today.