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  1. Seems our hero got distracted before giving the update. Sounds like things down by the pool must have gone... [sunglasses shtick swimmingly.
  2. Looks terrible. This is Go-Bots to Marvel’s Transformers.
  3. Should we work that tenth hour for free? Turn it around the other way and look at it — if there’s a massive time crunch deadline and a ton needs to get done very quickly, and it’s important that it’s done well, you need that 10th hour — and sometimes the 12th or 15th — every bit as much as the first. And think about the stress/strain on the person working that 12th hour. That 12th hour was a lot harder than the first. I’d say that person earned their keep even more at that point...
  4. Die deader than dead, evil dead guy.
  5. Starwood Amex. Tons of SPG points and we take our vacations for near free.
  6. Start 'em young. That's good.
  7. I get back into my time machine and return to the present from freshman year of college.
  8. In the same way it took a lot of years and effort to beat slavery out of the southern republicans, we’ll eventually ban automatic weapons over their objection, and then finally we’ll sink Florida into the Atlantic. America 2.0 will be awesome.
  9. In NY we only get it with no flash free muzzle, no pistol grips, a rifle stock, and 10 round magazines. The mass slaughter of innocents takes way longer