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  2. Guys it’s just dawning on me. We should have sold CYDY at 10 and bought back in at 5 to double our shares!
  3. Because they don’t want to pay to be trapped on a giant human Petri dish in the middle of the ocean for days on end?
  4. Sick deal. Get a HR monitor. Stay in the aerobic zone and keep your heart rate there while rowing as best you can over longer and longer distances. 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k. Sick workout. Make sure your form is solid. If you haven’t rowed before watch some vids online. Good luck. Inspiring me to row tomorrow morning. I’m stuck in a rut.
  5. Yeah, the 3k+ billable hours folks are nutty. I also did 2600 one year. It actually wasnt awful because I was young and single and enjoying the work, so the time passed quickly. But I see mothers of multiple kids doing 3k+ and that stuns me. No way to live. That said, lately my crutch is the non billable and management stuff. Every day I wake up with grand plans to finish that brief I have to write, and end up spending 6 hours on nonsense before I can turn to it. Annoying.
  6. They’re stonks. And you just HODL.
  7. Thought about this thread. After being in my attic all morning, went downstairs at about 2. Was sunny and hot out, but felt nice after being cooped up all afternoon in the AC. Made a healthy smoothie and took the dog out back and sat in the sun for a few. Nice break. In the evening took the dog for a short walk and then got our and took the kids to see some fireworks. Helped.
  8. Watching it a second time and I have to say I like it even better the second time through. one complaint: We thought the first act was so much better. Second act was a little bit of a let down after that.
  9. My three month old pup didn’t even notice it. Sounded like Afghanistan out there. He’s chill when he’s not being super annoying.
  10. Thankfully many more people jumped all over them and made fun of them. Some good shtick. The FFA would be proud. ETA it’s not the town’s page, just a page for residents/run by residents. Someone said she went to the police the following day last year and they blew her off, and she was upset about it. I LOLd
  11. Bunch of Karens on our town Facebook page going bananas last night. It’s a holiday. Relax. And if your dog is freaking out, you have a stupid dog.
  12. He’s clearly outclassed by the rest as a singer. Decent rapper though
  13. I thought he was incredibly good. The spitting adding to the character.