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  1. I often think about how we really don’t do anything other than donate to some charities. It feels like between having small kids at home and a demanding work schedule, sometimes I can barely keep together the basic demands under my own roof, let alone make the time to get out and help others. One day I hope. Kudos to you guys who do it. Great stuff.
  2. Switched from Sling to DTVN. happy with both, pricing better on DTVN. Re above and CBS, no it’s not a regional thing. Big dispute and I believe CBS is dropped from all the streaming services or something like that. Sure it’ll be resolved soon.
  3. Back on the wagon day. First night of sleep in my house in a while given my 2 year old’s crazy sleep regression; first time I wasn’t up hacking my lungs up all night. Opted to just sleep in this morning, still not back in the gym. Pulled something in my back coughing up a lung a couple days ago and it’s still sore. So, likely just going to eat healthy or another couple days, lots of vitamin C and rest, limit the booze, be a normal person. With a couple of days I should be good to get back to the gym. July has been a real whirlwind glad to have a fresh start.
  4. Stolen stuff is usually cheaper 🤷‍♂️
  5. Try Sling. I actually really liked it.
  6. Need to know how @Dentist feels about this.
  7. I think I went with both. Don’t really recall.
  8. Great wedding. Had to split a little early to relieve the babysitter. But great time. a few observations: - Chase’s wife is gorgeous. Like most FBG’s, outkicked the coverage - Chase and Mrs. Chase both just looked so happy, and you can tell they both come from awesome families - Really classy and tasteful wedding. None of the cheesy DJ stuff or fog machines or whatever - Joe and Mrs. Joe are super awesome people, and a lot of fun. A great time was had by all. - Otis did not get any real life time outs despite several hours together in a formal setting - Mrs. O got drunk and in the midst of all the heartwarming speeches about family and legacies suggested she may be interested in a fourth. Start hiding sperms.
  9. I think I just saw Joe Bryant. Or his clone. Can’t wait to approach this guy after the ceremony and be like “hi do I know you from the internet?”
  10. The dash on my Uber driver’s car reads 106 degrees. That’s not a typo. Don’t catch fire on the altar good buddy. ETA 107 now.