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  1. I’ll be in Austin that week. Meeting some folks who are coming in from Japan
  2. That’s a rare one, but it was on a Saturday morning. Lately we have been trying to cover the kids for each other on the weekend while we exercise — my wife will run to barre class, and I’ll row. But on normal weekdays it’s an hour or less — I just wake up at 4:45 every day to make it happen before the youngest wakes up.
  3. Probably that’s right. I recently did 1,416 calories at 1:46 MAF, which is I guess a little less than 700 calories per hour. ETA Duh, math is hard, My half marathon pace was actually a little more than 700 calories per hour.
  4. Welcome to Otis’s life. Our commutes sound pretty similar. Except mine is just about every day. You poor, dumb bastard. ETA actually your train ride is a bunch longer. Oof. But congrats GB, commuting ain’t so terrible.
  5. And BF, remember we’re in this for the long game. Your pace today isn’t what matters. But if you’re on a good training track — and it sounds like you have made amazing progress in a short time — it’s your pace in 6 months or a year from now that matters. Think about that guy’s pace, and keep doing what you’re doing.
  6. MAF has opened my eyes on the bolded. I didn’t really understand it before. Then there have been days in recent weeks where I’m rowing MAF, HR around 140, and an hour in my kids bust into the laundry room and start talking to me about something, and I can actually have a conversation. And I remember thinking “wow I don’t sound out of breath at all.” And that’s where the light bulb came on for me about the bolded above. MAF is life changing. Cardio habits are life changing. I’m still a flab guy, but damnit if I won’t be an ab guy by June.
  7. Can we talk some more about the neck pillow guys? I know there’s lots of you in here. There Is little less manly in this world than bringing your neck pillow and fuzzy slippers for your four hour flight on a business trip. This is what’s wrong with America. We are a pampered bunch. Man up, suffer through wearing shoes on the airplane, and survive not having your fuzzy neck pillow for a few hours. I assure you, you’ll come through it ok. You may even surprise yourself.
  8. I’m on vacation and ate and drank everything yesterday. But the one takeaway so far is how much farther I have to go. I’m nowhere near where I need to be. I definitely need to lose another 20. And I’m not going to worry about it too much this week, but I’m coming back with a vengeance and for the long haul when I get home. It’ll happen. We’ll get there. Just will take some time (not like cash diet weeks time; but new lifestyle months time).