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  1. I actually feel maybe some of the seatnerds in here are reverse trolling me.
  2. Ultimately true. And I still ultimately believe people should set petty “preferences” aside for the greater good. I may prefer a left aisle to a right aisle (again because I’m a lunatic), but if that silly preference prevents people who are traveling together from sitting together, I really should set it aside. Because that’s what being a cool person is about. Just my view on life. Around 1/3 of the folks here appear to have a different view. And that’s why we have a pretty divided country with lots of people having lots of different views. By the way, just like I have the right to ask, and, as you point out, he had the right to refuse, I then also have the right to think he’s an ####### for it. It’s not like I asked the guy outside for a fist fight.
  3. Had an awesome time. Thanks!
  4. And you ask me to switch to another seat in the same cabin so you can sit together? Of course. Why do I care?
  5. Obviously you planned ahead properly and you’re all sitting together already, so this is a trick question.
  6. That much is clear. But plenty of us who also travel a bunch wouldn’t care about moving from one seat to another within the same class (provided it’s not a middle seat, which can be really uncomfortable for we bigger folks).
  7. Your premise is flawed. We were the first ones on the flight. I asked the fine gentleman as he was just stepping on and before he put anything down or got settled at all. I don’t understand this new assumption that “Otis you’re really inconveniencing someone here.” Hell, for all we know, before asking the question, it may be a person who would love to switch to a window seat and think it an upgrade. Or a person who doesn’t care either way. But a bunch of folks here who are opposing this have instantly jumped to the conclusion that the villain researched this seat for ages, had a debilitating physical ailment, and has already settled in and unpacked all their belongings and they’re sipping a mimosa with their feet up on an ottoman when I ask the question.
  8. Who is asking them to inconvenience themselves. I’m offering them the same damn accommodations in the same class so people traveling together can be travel together. Would love to hear more about this “inconvenience.” FWIW, I suspect in lots of instances people don’t give a crap about one seat versus the other and didn’t spent nine hours researching and selecting their seat in advance. Provided they aren’t sociopaths.
  9. Exactly. The concern about disincentivizing people like him is stupid. He’s going to do what he did regardless of taxes. The bigger problem is the stranglehold the super rich have on politics and our government.
  10. Otis

    Keto II

    Bud Select 55 is just 55 calories and under 2 grams of carbs. They’re not the tastiest beers in the world, but they’ll keep a cold beer-like drink in your hand through an entire summer cookout. I actually don’t mind them. Diving back into keto this week I decided. It’s the only way to get to where I want to be 2 months from now. The other stuff just doesn’t work as well for me. I’ll combine it with also following 16/8 IF or 20/4 IF depending on the day.
  11. Crazy. That means if you halved the income of those 400 people, you could double the income of the 60% of the country that needs it most.
  12. It’s not about me; I’m not in that wealth bracket. My view on it has always been pretty simple. People outside the one percent, and even in the one percent, who have to work for a living to make money, to pay a mortgage, to save for college etc.? Those people should be taxed within a certain range and this includes high earners. But those truly rich dudes who make money off of other money — the trust fund babies, the ones amassing wealth just by virtue of having wealth through enormous amounts of investment income—should be taxed at a far far higher rate. Where is the cutoff before that second range should hit? I don’t know. $5MM income per year? $10MM? You’d have to set it high enough such that you don’t impact a “regular guy” who has busted his butt to save money and who lives a “normal” or modest life off the interest he’s saved. But let’s tax the #### out of the guy taking regular helicopter rides to his luxury condo that has a supercar doubling as a room divider.
  13. How did Wall Street allow this? There’s nothing that could have been done to stop it is there?