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  1. Getting mine any day now. Can't wait to blow loot on a couple pairs of the headphones
  2. Heads up for all your loot???
  3. Gotta be ####ing kidding me.
  4. By the way, pro tip: you can get the forms off Legal Zoom and save lots doing this filing yourself.
  5. Have you considered filing a grievance under the Cotter Act, Section 15?
  6. By the way. Down almost 20lbs this year. Even if this goes as well as my diet you'll be just fine.
  7. Good luck good buddy. I'm here for you if you need support.
  8. Hawk newsletter has Drake over Ware today. Just sayin.
  9. Those of you who paid for the Hawk newsletter know we've been high in Drake for some time. Going with Drake over Ingram and Ware today. Hawk move.