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  1. Got a 48” and installed it in our main TV room recently. Was waiting because the cutout over the fireplace wouldn’t accommodate anything bigger. Love it.
  2. I’m thinking keto is my best bet. It’s probably the lowest maintanance and easiest to follow for me, and I can have a scotch without going off the rails. What makes it work for me is that there are clear and simple rules. Sort of like the potato heck. Hell, maybe I should do that again....
  3. I’m in GB. I’ve been targeting Monday for the start of a healthy run too. It’s damn time. I actually have a court hearing in the first week of December and I’d like to be able to fit in my suits for that, so my plan will probably involve a reprieve for Thanksgiving weekend but otherwise pushing right through after that for another couple weeks. And then we’ll see where that leads. Heck, maybe for a change we’ll have some momentum BEFORE New Years. And I’M happy to have a rowing partner too, I haven’t done squat in weeks and feel pretty crappy.
  4. That was a great thread. It probably died in a purge.
  5. Oh man. Pull up a chair. Actually, you’d better stand.
  6. I’m not sure why we’d talk about anything other than pumpkin. But I’m willing to listen.
  7. Congrats man. So very awesome. I wish I had the staying power to have followed you through. I’d probably weigh 20/25lbs less right now if only I’d done that. ####
  8. I didn’t need the 6 nutter butter cookies I had in my hand tonight. But here we are.
  9. Hey Randall, thinking of you and hope you’re well. Came across this Times article this morning on a new treatment that maybe is at least a step in the right direction. O
  10. You people who are all eating healthy and doing a million pushups and body combat are real sons of bishes, you know that??
  11. I can’t believe I’m still holding this. It’s like melting money.