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  1. tldr: guy furious that 3 grand doesn't buy him a flawless automobile.
  2. Yesterday I got an email from a young car salesman I had spoken to on the phone a week ago, asking if I was still interested. I told him I bought elsewhere. He followed up 25 seconds later with an obvious template email asking if there is any way he could improve his service, etc. My my first reaction was to think "well, the first day we spoke, when you promised to email me that evening and yet didn't get back to me until three days later, it was at that moment I decided I probably wouldn't buy a car from you. It also didn't help that you used stupid sales pressure tactics to try and get me into the dealership and burn half a weekend day for me and my family when I told you I had no interest in that until you could confirm you have the car I want in inventory." And since he was specifically asking, I thought about returning an email with these and other related criticisms. I instead decided life is too short and there is value in kindness, and that the kid was just trying to do his job probably the best way he knew how. So I let it go. See the difference?
  3. This is actually a great point. And probably means that this place will become extinct at some point. Never really thought about that. It's just going to end up with all the top posters dying off in the next 30 or 40 years and eventually will just fizzle out.
  4. Whatever we do, let's make sure we panic.
  5. Another way I look at these situations, which is the same way I look at the waitress in a diner etc. The extra $20 means way more to them than it does to me.
  6. Minimum. Don't be cheap with the people who tend to the most important things in your life.
  7. Over 90% of respondents have been here more than a decade. That can't be a good sign for business growth.
  8. Hula hoop shower curtain and rings broomstick roll of duct tape my best Halloween costume ever https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/23/8c/3a/238c3a47d9d35d4a7a8a503a45735b53.jpg
  9. I think we all start with 3 warning points as a default. Joe's way of reminding us we are all born sinners.
  11. Have you been posting here for longer than a decade?
  12. Wheelhouse hasn't been around in years, right? Amazing legacy he's left here. If the guy croaks, someone needs to make sure the people delivering his eulogy know about this.