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  1. Ok, I'm all in Pics would be great.
  2. Sure. Demarco Murray Andre Johnson Justin Hunter Kendall Wright Rishard Mathews Bishop Sankey Antonio Andrews Matt Cassel David Cobb Harry Douglas Reese Horn Tre Mcbride Dexter McCluster Ben Roberts Alex Tanney Andrwe Turzili Jarrod West
  3. I would totally drop Kevin White for him.
  4. Coach Otis absolutely loving this guy. Had to include some misdirection in this thread to this point, but here's what the Hawks really feel about him. Write-up from this morning:
  5. Post-draft supplement #1 Now that Kevin in our mailroom had his final dynasty league rookie draft last night, we're able to roll out some of our most top secret hawk content. And with that, Coach is now in a position to share with you one of his favorite value plays of all, both for this season and beyond. Tajae Sharpe, WR I'm going to start by providing, as a public service to all of the sharks the following link: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B018UOQEUM/ It's a surge protector, highly rated, with all of the features you're going to need to care for your home electronics equipment, including that sweet Pentium laptop you use to crunch your cheatsheets and to debug your crapped out MyFBG setup. You're gonna need it. In fact, my tech guys here in the Hawk's Nest are telling me it would be a good idea to buy a two-pack of these, plug one into the wall, and then daisy check the second one into that, so that you've got two levels of protection for your computer. Because a guy you've never heard of before named Tajae Sharpe is going to explode all your electronics equipment this season. Absolutely explode them. Televisions, computers, set-top boxes, that sweet sweet satellite on your roof--all of it. Tajae Sharpe is one of those out-of-nowhere 5th round draft choices from UMass who comes into the league and sets it ablaze. He's listed at about 6'2" 200lbs coming out of the draft, but he plays longer and leaner than that, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's more like 6'3" with spectacularly long pass-snatching gluey arms. He has been so impressive in camp that the Titans decided to jettison one of our other favorites, DGB. Which, when you think about it, is a very Hawk thing for the Titans to do -- he we don't need these early picks, we're going to smash your mouth exotically with dudes we scooped in the 5th round. He's one of those guys who came into the NFL and very quickly was a guy who everyone around him looks to and respects -- he's been said to have the "it factor," and is described as a guy who just gets it. He's earned the complete trust of Mariota, the Hawaiian Hunk who'll be zipping passes to the playmaker for years to come, well after Sharpe gets his first big payday from the Titans. Here's a highlight reel from the last preseason game to wet your whistle: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000688233/Every-Tajae-Sharpe-catch-from-Preseason-Week-2. He makes a lot of really tough catches look easy. The guy has a massive catch radius, and if you put it in the air anywhere near him, he's coming down with it. That's got special written all over it. He's just turned 21, and with natural growth and now NFL conditioning, expect him to start working towards 210lbs and be one of the elite receivers in the NFL. Unfortunately he's been zooming up draft boards, so those drafting late aren't going to get as much value. But get him while you still can. He's going around WR60 off the board, and you'll end up with a Top 20 WR, an the Titan's #1 pass catcher, by season's end. Top 20 WR (at least 80 receptions)
  6. Still have mine. Pretty sure it'll be worth something when Joe inducts me into the Hall here.
  7. Interesting. I really struggle with this. I see Treadwell as a guy with Dez Bryant upside, Anquan Boldin downside, and someone more likely to be a dominant receiver in the NFL, just based on skills and size. But I've always just had this anti-Coleman bias, and not seeing any of him in the preseason hasn't given me a chance to shake that. Interesting to me also that Henry is your #2 in standard. I like him a lot, and he's looked sharp in the preseason, but I do have concerns he could end up a bit like a Brandon Jacobs to me. And when you play the statistics, you have to wonder if the odds are in your favor betting on a RB his size. You think he has a chance to be special?
  8. The fact that Coleman is on Cleveland and now is competing with two other fantastic athletes there (along with a great TE and pass catching RB) -- concern you at all in the long term?
  9. He your clear #2 off the board?
  10. Oh and I should note, I installed this on a 15 JK Unlimited. Works just fine, and I assume the same for a '16.
  11. I really like my Offroad Heroes fastback soft top. I did a ton of research and liked that the top panel over just the drivers could be rolled up quickly (takes me 1 minute), or the rear sears top can also be pulled off (another 4 minutes maybe), and I liked the look of the fastback. It's also way cheap compared to other options -- $650. Here it is on the OJeep: https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/t31.0-8/12473548_10154767796934546_6942332032248115693_o.jpg Website: http://www.californiatops.com/fastback.html I like it very much. It's mostly been garaged, but has been out in weather (snow and rain) and has held up well in both with no leaking. This season I've left it in the driveway most of the season, and no issues. Oh, it was a major PIA to put on the first time, as the sutff needs to stretch out a bit. Look it up on the web. That said, once you get it installed a first time, on and off is really easy. (I used to take the whole thing off all summer long, but after getting almost caught in a couple of rainstorms, decided I would leave it on and just pull off the panels as I want to ... a whole lot more enjoyable to not have to worry about whether a storm is going to come through unexpectedly, or when the kids in the back start crying about the wind, etc.
  12. Curious to hear thoughts on the top 10 or 20 rookies for dynasty drafts. Obviously guys like Doctson have great dynasty impact but won't likely be useful this year. This feels like a tough class to draft from. I could see a case, after Elliott, for putting the next 6 guys in nearly any order. Treadwell feels like the "safest" pick to me. People are fawning over Coleman, but he feels to me a lot like one of these gadget guys (Percy Harvin etc.), supreme athletes and speedsters who often flame out. Mike Thomas raises the obvious Colston comparison. Doctson long term could be huge. Henry? So hard to say for a RB of his stature, but I do like what I see so far. Shepherd, Etc. SHOW ME UR RANKINGS, SHARKZ
  13. She'll be watching over her big brother for his whole life. His own real guardian angel. I believe they'll still always have that bond, Shady. She'll be with you and watching over you all. Peace to you, your wife, and little Justin.
  14. Yup, exactly that guy. Which speaks volumes about the guy you're apparently supporting.