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  1. UPDATE Not sure where to begin other to say that this week was a total disaster. And it wasn't. First time with any business travel since I started the hack. And, as I feared I might, I went completely off the rails. All the lunches and breakfasts were catered in, and I did alright with those, but we were out in the middle of nowhere in East Texas and had to of course stop at a few great BBQ and soul food type places. Stuffed myself, and drank a few along the week. Got home last night, ate whatever was around the house, a couple glasses of wine, and two scotches. This morning I woke up feeling beat up and longing for the potato fast days. I made pancakes for the girls and of course had one myself. Went up for my usual morning routine, fully expecting that I'd be back up somewhere between 220 and 225 (I projected probably 222 in my head). I step on the scale and... New low: 215, 21.5% Now, I assume I need to chalk some of this up to dehydration, though I drank a bunch of water, coffee, and ate before getting on the scale (usually the scale is the first thing I do in the morning), so that would offset that factor somewhat I would think. Potatoes really are the most magical thing on earth. It's like they completely reset my gut to work better, more efficiently. Weekend ahead, which means I'll remain off the rails in some fashion. But come Monday, it's ride back in the saddle. I'm honestly really missing some plain baked potatoes. Looking forward to it. Onward to 210, and then 200.... OT
  2. If he doesn't outperform the likes of Maclin and Decker I will be stunned.
  3. He's gotta be awesome.
  4. They did Patience in our encore. I thought it sucked. It's got drums and Slash plays his Les Paul. Just spoils what that song is supposed to be. But I get that the crowd loved it anyway, and that's why they do it.
  5. Maybe the least rock n' roll post on the internet ever.
  6. Slash is a force. The man just doesn't stop destroying. Unbelievable.
  7. Agreed. And the tailgating ended up being amazing. As the sun was setting and the cool breeze picked up it was glorious out there. Awesome day all around.
  8. We did left side 7th row for almost $600 a pop. I didn't realize Slash played on the right side until after we walked in and I saw the setup. Just never even ocurred to me to consider that. I'd have paid more to be on his side and in the first row. Next time...
  9. Ears. So ringing. So so awesome.
  10. Going to MetLife stadium to see them tonight. First time in my life seeing Axl and Slash together on stage. I grew up playing rock guitar in the era, and Slash was my real life guitar hero. I have never seen him live before. Today is his birthday. Seats in Row 7. i am so, so stoked. My GB @Righetti joining as well.
  11. Weekends usually. But I'll have a random cheat for a business meal, or for a special occasion. And lately I drink a beer or a scotch here or there (last two nights had one beer each night, it was glorious, granted it's Corona and Coors Light). Bottom line is that it's working. Big test next week. Business travel for several days. Being away from home and away from a routine is always the hardest for me. thinking about bringing that potato bag that I bought based on a recommendation in here. I'll find a bag of potatoes at a local store there and nuke 'em in my room.