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  1. I even find 35% support breathtaking. I'm not political in any way and have no agenda; I even wanted to like him and tried to like him, if for no reason other than I dislike Hillary and would have liked to see a real shake-up in Washington. But it's embarrassing to me that more than 1/3 Americans think this guy is a good idea.
  2. The amount of support this man has garnered is breathtaking. You folks really need to reevaluate so much of what you think and do in life.
  3. Yeah there's something to be embarrassed about. Fighting for the poor. What scoundrels!
  4. Honestly just want to say that, generally speaking, smart and educated folks don't support Trump. That has to be difficult to process for you guys.
  5. I'm sad to say this doesn't surprise me.
  6. Bueno, is this the part where you tell me 12 year olds are highly educated? I'll hang up and do paint by number.
  7. Which one was that? The one where I went into the Trump supporters thread and wondered if it bothered you guys to see the data that says that you have only uneducated people on your side in supporting Trump?
  8. That's a whole lotta big words where you could have just said "educated people tend not to support Trump," and then gone and warmed your tea or something. But then again I guess that's hard to swallow?
  9. You guys saw that educated people overwhelmingly don't support Trump, while uneducated people overwhelmingly support him, right? That's gotta make you feel pretty good.
  10. Shady, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Peace and love to you and your family and your baby Riley.