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  1. Morning lift was rough. My body was just ... tired. Don't know if it's the run yesterday, or just the lack of calories yesterday, but I couldn't lift my usual weights. Still fine, and I powered through, but it's interesting to me how much eating the day before directly influences my workout. Need to figure out how to keep up the running. C25K involves just three days a week (which is surprising to me, but whatever, trusting the program). I assume I should have at least one rest day between each. I lift in the mornings on M-T-Th-F, and don't want to mess with that. Thinking I'll need to do an evening or two; continue to do one weekend morning (as I did yesterday). Also , Tuesday and Friday are leg days, so I don't think a run later those days would make much sense. I could do Wednesday morning (would kill my one "sleep in" day, but so be it--I'll sleep when I'm dead?). Maybe I'll do tonight (Monday evening), Wednesday morning, and Saturday morning? My Tuesday morning leg day at the gym won't be all that epic with a run the night before, but just not sure how else to squeeze this all in and space it appropriately. Also not sure what to do with the 44 hour fasting at the beginning of the week when I'm both lifting and running, but maybe I'll give it a whirl and see how I feel, or else if I'm not feeling right, I'll just power up with some healthy food.
  2. My trade for Chubb looking better and better and better...
  3. On the bright side, it makes more room for Metcalf's development.
  4. By the way, these Plant Power Sandwich Thins are pretty amazing. Great for keto, where it’s hard to find a replacement “vehicle” for bread. I toasted up a sandwich today with turkey and Swiss on these, and it was fantastic. Mrs. O makes little pizzas on them, loves them. Pretty great all around sandwich and pizza tool.
  5. Day 1 of Couch25K. Runwalked about 3 miles. Ran more than I walked, and could have run more, but trying to just trust the program. Breakfast was two cauliflower bread things Mrs. O is eating these days, with some turkey and cheese.
  6. Yup. I don't know how a company like Apple, that sells a bajillion iPhones to enterprise users across major corporations, botches the one application that is most critical to business. Jimminy crickets, guys, get the freaking e-mail work TIA
  7. Downloaded the app. I used to run several times a week in Central Park. Was up to 10-12 mile runs regularly. It feels silly to me having to use an app and starting by running 5 minutes and then walking etc, but then again, that was half a lifetime and a bunch of pounds ago. Probably smart for me to just follow the app.
  8. Harry Hood had to go down the same way.
  9. Just thinking out loud here. If I started running A couple miles at night, and continued lifting in the morning like I have been, probably my abs would grow abs. Considering this.
  10. I’m certain I could work through two 20 boxes of McNuggets, and two cheeseburgers, and fries, and I would enjoy it.
  11. I can do it pretty easily, and love every second of it. And I can wash down a beer or two while I'm doing it.
  12. Awesome. Good stuff. Sounds like I’m currently about as far past my goal weight as you when you first started. All tips and pointers welcomed.
  13. Bagger Vance Will Smith movie would have been amazing with Morgan freeman in that role