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  1. I didn't read all the responses but I will say that if the iPhone 5 is not completely different Apple will lose some customers (including myself). I have had the 3GS for two and a half years now waiting for something better than the iPhone 4 and they have yet to release it. I will be jumping to Android in the fall if the iPhone 5 is not amazing.
  2. Just as a follow up; I ended up quitting Facebook about five months ago due to the drama it brings. I do not like the fact that so many people have access to what I am doing. That does not include the fact that all the girls I know are talking to every guy on their friends list. I have been much better without it.
  3. It seems there are two types of facebookers: those that can responsibly go on and leave within 15 minutes and those that are on the site for 4 hours and don't even realize it.
  4. do you facebook and has it started to consume your life? i recently joined and it is quite addictive. i need to limit my time on there!
  5. rates have gone down so much, but it seems only the best borrowers can access them; whats the lowest rate on here?
  6. The market in Raleigh, NC is trying to hold on, but is finally starting to fall. It is one of the last markets to fall, so hopefully I can get a great deal next year!