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  1. I don't get the Chrissy hate. I don't like Ben at all, but he deserves to win. Would much rather see Chrissy win though.
  2. How exactly did Chrissy show her losing side? I'm in disagreement with you apparently.
  3. Said it before in this thread, but I like Crissy quite a bit. I don't find her smarmy at all. I like how she made it quite clear she was ticked off the way she picked those who got to go on the loved one reward. I'm just not seeing or feeling the hate and am actually hoping she wins.
  4. I like Chrissy. Seems intelligent. Pretty good at challenges and a pretty good game player who treats people with respect. My least favorite is probably Ben.
  5. I doubt they sued them only, but rather included them amongst many others. Basically it’s a “sue everyone” strategy and hope that somebody pays something.
  6. I tip $3. I consider valet parking an inconvenience and oftentimes a required one. I tip, but not $5. I mean, it already cost me $60 to park overnight to not have access to my car.
  7. Extremely popular cut with the middle and high school kids around here, including my kids. Looks good. I like it and no - it doesn't cost extra.
  8. Sandy Hook, to me, was the hardest to swallow. How a person could execute all those children, is beyond imagination and just sickens and upsets me emotionally to this day. The first one I can remember though was Columbine. That’s the one that put mass shootings on the map so to speak, at least in my recollection.
  9. I wasn't thinking in terms of reasonableness or not. I think that was reasonable regardless of skin color or gender personally. I was thinking in terms of the outrage and media coverage.
  10. I haven't read the comments but the very first thing that came to my mind was - gee, imagine if that was a white cop hitting a black woman instead of the other way around.
  11. sorry. Just don't get anyone's fascination with this guy.
  12. Before I even saw your post I had in my head 4, 6, 12. Quality. good eye
  13. I agree that someone hellbent in killing will find a way, but I think it’s also true that ready access and the effectiveness offered by something like an AR15 can be a tipping point to someone who may not be hellbent necessarily but who goes over the edge when they have access to a weapon like that.
  14. A) I was just passing on what the 15th District congressman fro Texas said (Vicente Gonzalez I think) and B) I’m pretty sure you know what was meant by the use of that word in the context it was used.