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  1. An opinion-seeking post. I’m curious how many people would support an administration that had the exact same policies (immigration, China, Iran, you name it - the exact same policies), and had the same results, good or bad, as this administration is having and has had, BUT it was done without the tweets, the name-calling, the corruption, the mannerisms, basically all the stuff Trump does that makes him so unbelievably unlikeable. Would you support that president or be opposed based on policy?
  2. You are aware that the republicans were unanimous in their “nay” votes. So it’s not like where they actually registered their vote is any kind of shield. You presume it was so their name wasn’t on a card. I will presume that was not the reason at all but rather i’ll presume it was to make an intentional unified point - no clue what, but if what you say is accurate, coordinated and intentional seem a definite.
  3. Splendid. Clothing optional I guess for this ‘murican.
  4. Good stuff. I genuinely appreciate you all taking the time to respond. The trip will be in the summer by the way.
  5. Never been. Flying into London on a Saturday - get in at 7:30am their time and out of Rome 2 weeks later. Some time in London, Paris, and Rome are definites and an almost certain stop in Venice. Wanna see as much as the touristy stuff as possible. Not really looking to explore given the duration. Anyway, looking for suggestions of things to do, mode of transportation (trains?), places to stay, and we could probably do a day or two in Amsterdam, or Monaco, or Milan, or Florence, or where? Thanks!
  6. you can but make no mention of pool, brackets, or anything like that.
  7. Historically it’s about 3-4%. My goal is always 100% but with me only knowing about 10% of the entrants personally, there are invariably some that for whatever reason don’t pay. I’m not hardcore on the “if you haven’t paid by tip of game 1” thought process. No way could I get the pot as big as it gets that way. I have a paid/no paid spreadsheet that I send out almost daily as I collect monies that day and I do a fair amount of browbeating, guilting, shaming the deeper we get into the pool. It’s worked for years this way getting what I think ends up being max pot the pool can hope for.
  8. You have until just prior to tip of game 1. All the info - rules, payment, etc.. are on the home page. Good luck if you decide to enter!