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  1. No, it literally doesn’t mean that. I haven’t even heard what he said but in just reading the responses to what was quoted in this thread, it seems obvious that some folks want to find issue with anything he says. Again, you can think he’s full of it or completely disagree, but the semantics of what he said reason out with me. It reads to me that he wants to give more money but differently than before where it was just a check that was sent. I suppose that could mean some sort of pay for community service or whatever. Basically, we’ll give you more money, but at least do something productive for it. That’s how I read it. I don’t see the harm in that. Didn’t Roosevelt do something similar coming out of the Great Depression?
  2. The talk makes sense, at least to me. Putting it into play is admittedly another issue, but just giving money to give it does disincentivize people from trying to earn their own money. And it’s not a “Trump person” thing. It’s a “conservative” thing. Very different. Just because a person agrees with a thought or policy he pursues does not make them a “Trump person”. It means you agree with that specific thing. I agree with a good bit of his policies but don’t care for him at all. He’s a very unlikeable president but ya, he does represent my mindset certainly moreso than anyone on the democratic side - especially with how far left democrats are going right now.
  3. I get what he’s saying. You seriously don’t? Whether or not you agree or think it’s BS, Trump is saying he wants to give more money to people than the democrats do but there needs to be a better way to actually do that because it was working out that it was better not to work and take the government’s money and he doesn’t want a repeat of that.
  4. You equate prison population with my use of the term free-est in the context of nations? I’m talking about the Bill of Rights basically. Highest number of cases and deaths are, in my estimation, a byproduct of balancing the economic piece as well as the freedoms we have and expect. It’s unavoidable in the U.S. It just is.
  5. Well, I’m not in the camp that we lost. Balancing health with the strongest economy in the world, and also the free-est country in the world, is a recipe for disaster no matter how you slice it. I said from the outset that viruses are a part of human history and sometimes stuff like this just happens, as devastating as it may be. Trying to balance the 3 things I noted was gonna have negative ramifications no matter what. So no, I don’t think we lost at all. I think 2020 sucks though. There’s that.
  6. Your opinion only. The virus was a no win proposition for anyone. The rioting exposed the left for what it is. I have faith in the voters come November . it’s not popular to say I’m going to vote for Trump so people don’t say it. When it comes to anonymity of a ballot box though, I think the left has way overplayed it’s hand and will regret it.
  7. Yes you do. He’s using your logic against you and you act obtuse now?
  8. And those that have the scariest things to say.
  9. That’s your opinion.
  10. They don’t care if their actions are legal. I agree. I absolutely do not agree that it’s because they feel there is no justice. More like they feel there won’t be any justice served upon them for doing the illegal stuff - looting/rioting. it’s pathetic really.
  11. This isn’t about justice anymore. This is about rioting and looting.
  12. Watching Trump’s press conference now. Good. Get in there and roll some heads.
  13. Well, you’re wrong on both accounts.
  14. Try watching a different channel then ‘cause the ones I’ve watched are all blacks looting stores. Literally 100%. And I’ve gone back and forth between Fox, CNN, and MSNBC.
  15. No. The rioting is about rioting and looting. This has nothing to do with Trump. Nothing.