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  1. 2033. Not too shabby
  2. Looks like we'll surpass 2000 after all. Kinda sucks a little. I had prepaid $120 for up to 1000 brackets so I need to pay to upgrade the service to accommodate the quantity we'll end up with. Up to 2000 brackets I'll pay another $81. 2001-2500 total I need to pay $131 - a $50 difference and I'm guessing we're just going to exceed 2000 (we're at 1975 now with 25 min to go), but not by much. It's pot money so it is what it is. But I'd almost rather have 2000 exactly and be done. I'd hate for one or two brackets end up costing the pot $50, but it could.
  3. 1780 a moment ago. Don't think it's getting to 2000, but definitely bigger than last year.
  4. They may have but it just wasn't shown. I remember reading that tribals actually take a couple hours and they have to edit down to maybe 10 minutes.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. Will definitely have a barrage this morning.
  6. Don’t wanna hijack but you from the Fort also?
  7. Gotcha. They’ve come and gone but for your purposes, probably legit. G-League team is the Mad Ants now.
  8. I'm from Fort Wayne. What team name did you use?
  9. and just like that - 1028
  10. 940 brackets so far. Tonight and tomorrow morning are the big entry times but this feels like it's ahead of last year's pace.
  11. That's an option. WellsFargo SurePay, Chase QuickPay, Venmo, and Zelle are others.
  12. Over 700 brackets so far