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  1. Private parking lots are in and of themselves tricky. Most insurance I've seen requires each driver to be responsible for their own regardless who was actually at fault.
  2. I'm willing to have an open mind. Please elaborate.
  3. Favorite sporting event for me is the Ryder Cup by a wide margin. Final round of the US Open vs opening round of the World Cup that the USA didn't even qualify for? Not close. US Open. I freaking hate the offsides in soccer. Defense should have to check the offensive player - not the other way around. Hate that.
  4. Is it happy?
  5. Hmmm... and see, I don’t think it can be said enough.
  6. Whose definition of moving in the right direction? Yours? Some people (me) don't agree with your definition.
  7. I had picked Newgarden. I think he'll win one in the next couple of years. As far as the race, count me amongst those who found it very lackluster. Ya, you could pass, but only cars that were just slower. You didn't see that whip around passing that a drafting slingshot provides. I didn't like the spaced out single file racing. Love the race and have been going for maybe the last 20 years, but I was disappointed in the racing, due to the car changes.
  8. That's where I'll be with my family as well. My wife's cousin lives in Speedway walking distance to the track. We spend the night there Saturday and then walk over in the morning. Good stuff. Ps....for those unfamiliar, Speedway is the name of the area where the track itself is.
  9. Loud. In your face. Seeing this pic surprised me exactly none.
  10. "The stereotype is true".
  11. Winner won over $2300. Any FBGs happen to win anything in the pool I run?
  12. Looks like we'll surpass 2000 after all. Kinda sucks a little. I had prepaid $120 for up to 1000 brackets so I need to pay to upgrade the service to accommodate the quantity we'll end up with. Up to 2000 brackets I'll pay another $81. 2001-2500 total I need to pay $131 - a $50 difference and I'm guessing we're just going to exceed 2000 (we're at 1975 now with 25 min to go), but not by much. It's pot money so it is what it is. But I'd almost rather have 2000 exactly and be done. I'd hate for one or two brackets end up costing the pot $50, but it could.