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  1. I get nothing. At all. Nothing. So, it is like every other day of the year.
  2. Hell hath no fury... and all that.
  3. Yes, but it is not a mini series.
  4. Didn't we see that the Night King was just some First Man schmoe that the Children of the Forest stabbed in the heart with dragonglass 10,000 years prior? And if it was Bran, and he could undo it all, wouldn't history change to the point where there is no wall, no Night's Watch, very likely no Northern Kingdom as we know it, which means Bran never existed. So... a Sapranos level black screen as he hits the ground. That should be HBOs schtick for every series finale.
  5. The Korean zombie show, Kingdom, is absolutely fantastic.
  6. Cold Dead Hands

    Phone interview tips- Decision time (pg 2)

    My only phone interview was for a job in a field in which I had 10 years of experience. The first ten minutes of the interview was the panel reviewing my resume. 40 minutes into the interview (panel of four), the one guy who hasn't said anything the entire time interrupts me and asks, "Do you have a science degree?" I say, "No, I have a degree in Archeology." He says the job requires a science degree, which was not listed as a minimum or preferred qualification. The panel lead says, "Oh, well, we were very clear that we needed someone with a science background. I guess we are done." At this point I said, "What the hell" out loud. I was completely taken off-guard. By the way, the job was in the field I currently work in and there is no reason that I can think of that would require a science background. It was weird. I hate phone interviews.
  7. The guy also stated he believes in post-birth abortions. OK, strongly inferred. He is a crappy person. No statute of limitations on being an #######.
  8. Might need to make a new thread to keep the book readers out. Something like "The Magicians thread. TV only! The book does not exist!".
  9. Should have watched the movie. You can always watch Americans get fat for free.
  10. Cold Dead Hands

    It's 2019. Why haven't they invented...

    I was promised robot housekeepers. I want a robot that cooks and cleans. And maybe does yard work. That too much to ask, nerds?
  11. Cold Dead Hands

    What are your Wife/SO's Hobbies?

    Not having sex. But that could be more of an ethos than a hobby...
  12. I would like an ending where the whitewalkers win. Closing scene is in Dorne, snow blankets the ground at the palace, and the pools are frozen. Cut to the Night King staring out over the ocean, his dead dagons (3) land and he and his two lieutenants mount up and take wing.
  13. Cold Dead Hands

    Terrarium TV

    Had this happen on my FireTV. Cleared the cache for Cinema in app maintenance. Fixed it right up.
  14. Cold Dead Hands

    What is your go to Chinese take out order?

    The Chinese food in my area is so bad I may as well eat it while on the toilet. It shoots through me .