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  1. According to my wife, some guy named Joe is the king. At least according to the conversation we had a few nights ago. My connection must have been bad because she kept yelling it over and over again.
  2. Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard, James Belushi, Patrick Swayze. Not at the same time.
  3. Smart enough not to pay to join a “smart people club.”
  4. I had an appraisal of my home done this past December for a small equity line of credit. My mortgage is currently $65,000 and the last appraisal done (2008 during the downturn) was $250,000. We have added another 1,400 sq. Ft. Since that time. The home is now a 4 bedroom, 3,100 square feet on 6 acres. My appraisal came at $255,000. I didn’t much care because it was just for the line of credit. Though the comps used were pretty crazy. A 4 bedroom manufactured home of 2,000 square feet on .5 acres. There was also a 3 bedroom, 1 bath on there. It was weird.
  5. Our family has adopted the BattleHawks. It is stupid and awesome simultaneously
  6. I feel like the XFL is taunting my fantasy football teams by trotting our players that I faithfully held on my bench like Cameron Artis Payne and McGloin.
  7. My wife keeps everything from receipts (including grocery) to owners manuals (including #### we haven’t owned in 20 years) to bills/statements, etc. I feel like I live in a paper company warehouse sometimes.
  8. Planes are more akin to winged buses. Cruises are more akin to floating resorts. It was a rough analogy. I would spend a week at a resort with no issues, but I wouldn’t Willingly spend more than a few hours on a bus no matter how drunk.
  9. I liked Punta Cana better. We have been to Punta Cana twice and Playa Del Carmen once.
  10. They are thicker but I am a big guy that was doing physical labor so I was sweaty and occasionally breathing hard. I had zero issues breathing in an N95 even when they were partially clogged with drywall dust. The likely issue is that they are more expensive and a bit harder to get due to demand.
  11. I have a bunch of surplus N95 masks. I get them from work when we get a new batch. I wore a few this summer when I was doing drywall work for 12 hours a day finishing some rooms in my basement. I wore them for several hours straight without a break. Hard to wear is bull####.
  12. Our family has adopted the BattleHawks. My sons dig the name and they rostered three kids from WVU. So we are all-in.
  13. The test audiences hated the original ending which was a 13 year old Perkins being introduced as a new student in Josh’s class.