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  1. High Life - I would rather have watched a guy smoke weed for an hour and a half than watch this movie. Just not good.
  2. I work in government and failed calculus. Not sure I can do the calculation.
  3. Remove the necessity to shoehorn in a social message and the movie could have been a good horror flick. Cut the end exposition and leave it all unexplained ( would have to cut the hands across tie-in) and I would have loved it. Also leave the identity up in the air at the end would have been a plus.
  4. If it is a domestic, very likely you step in to break it up and all of them turn on you. Remember, families do fight, but rarely is family cool with a stranger ####### with family.
  5. I pulled a muscle in my back while getting an apple out of the fridge. My wife laughed until she cried. ####, I am old.
  6. I figured since age 13, about 250 times a year. My total is 7,000. Will be 7,001 sometime after lunch.
  7. I like to put pubes on top of urinals and then comb the internet for stories from my victims.
  8. I work in a local government building. Normal #### is abnormal in that building.
  9. I love them. God help me. I wish I could invent a time machine just so I could go back in time and punch little kid me in the face. Pick any other team, #######!
  10. If I sleep past 5 AM hold a mirror under my nose because I might be dead.