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  1. When your receivers, across the board have a down year, I think it is safe to lay more of the blame on the commonality. In this case Bottles.
  2. Bortles threw for 500 fewer yards and 12 fewer TDs in 2016. He had 29 fewer 20+ yard passes and his 40+ dropped over 60%. Yes... there was a demonstrable statistical drop from Bortles.
  3. If you haven't had children, you probably have disposable income.
  4. I hear there is an empty stadium in St. Louis that they could use for this game.
  5. I actually mis-typed. Was supposed to be 1987. I year I championed in MoP's short-lived 80's decade breakdown. I think he stopped at '82?
  6. Entire theory is blown as 1986 was the Best year for movies. Ever.
  7. Little Evil Funny. Entertaining. Evangeline Lilly remains hot.
  8. Pitch Perfect. Yeah, I like it. Might even get a bit misty.
  9. Everyone dies. The Night King sits on the iron thrown. Fade to black as undead main characters surround him as his court.
  10. Never really thought about it so just spit balling here. 1. Get myself a toupee. 2. Add phrases like "fabulous" and "you wouldn't even believe it" to my lexicon. 3. Get one of those Orangey spray tans. Not around my eyes though... 4. Name multiple inferior products after myself and try to hock them. 5. Surround myself with Sycophants. 6. Run for office. You know, rich guy stuff.
  11. Sleep with his Swedish Fish
  12. Not everything can be a Jacob's Ladder scenario... But this would fit.
  13. My 5 year old daughter got a backpack full of school supplies from church yesterday. She is rummaging through the bag on our way home and excitedly starts announcing her finds, " Erasers! Pencils! Notebooks!" That sort of thing. She calls silent for a minute the very proudly exclaims. "Wow! There is a whole junk of stuff in here!"
  14. So many Crocodile Dundee jokes...