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  1. Hide and Seek on HBO. Surprisingly good. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  2. My wife has never seen the show, so I use “Whatchu talking?” Almost daily.
  3. They are seemingly impervious but my Dad next door certainly isn’t. My wife and kids still see her parents. Kids can spread this to more at-risk groups. Kids bounce back, grandparents not so much.
  4. My wife and I had our only major fight of our 16 year marriage. She thinks it is ok to let our daughter play with the neighbor kids. They have family that come and stay with them every weekend from Baltimore. My wife informed me that we have done this social distancing thing long enough. Now that everything is opening we can be done pretending that this is all a big deal. I swear that when I married her she was smart and sane.
  5. My boys have watched Community twice. They didn’t get into Parks and Rec. I want to introduce them to Cheers since they liked Taxi and Who’s the Boss. My wife thinks Cheers is inappropriate. I tried to explain that it was a prime time comedy in the 80s so it is as racy as a Ford Pinto but she won’t listen.
  6. My kids are on their second viewing of the series. They are somewhere in season 6. Ages 14, 11, 8
  7. It will occasionally happens when I am walking but I have not had it happen while stretching. I suspect it may be related to a hernia repair from years ago. Maybe the mesh causes inflammation and the movement then causes the stabbing sensation. Or it could be a side effect of my vasectomy, also from years ago. I find I need to wear more supportive underwear now. but these are just guesses.
  8. Haven’t been able to run for a while. Every time I try I get a knife in the groin pain. It is a stabbing, intense pain in just behind my scrotum. It’s a nearly literal pain in the ###.
  9. Airheads Sandler, Buscemi, and Frasier as idiot metal heads that take over a radio station with water guns just to get one run of their demo tape on the air. Hilarity ensues.
  10. I liked it, but the show tries to be too meta. There is also zero chance those people stick together for more than 5 minutes.
  11. Two. 65” in the living room. 55” in the basement. Both cheapies that I got on clearance. Screens is a different question. 2 TVs, 2 computers, 2 laptops, 3 iPads, 4 iPhones, and one LG tablet that my 8 year old Used to make her YouTube videos.
  12. When I was 8 my dad let me watch any horror movie I wanted. Don’t let your kids grow up to be me.