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  1. Here is my prediction. They find one gold coin, talk to a kook, talk about how they will find mountains of gold next year, credits.
  2. Hell of a showman. He even died twice.
  3. Made it through the puke scene before pulling the plug. So, 5ish minutes?
  4. @Sand 210. Really weird as I weighed in on Saturday at 208. Had maybe 2000 calories in Sunday. Not too salty, homemade. Weird.
  5. Hamms in the faceted can. So cheap they can't afford round cans.
  6. I used to work from home on Wednesdays and remember it being a flurry of activity from 6 AM to 6PM getting mountains of work done... All so I could goof off on Thursday and leave early on Friday.
  7. We had a rescue JRT for 13 years. He was bat-#### crazy.
  8. We went to a Super Bowl party and one of the kids left the pantry door open. My dog, all 25 pounds of her, are 7 chocolate Z-bars. She opened one of the oatmeal Z-bars. It had a small nibble but was mostly untouched. All of the empty wrappers were the chocolate brownie kind. Three different kinds mixed in a box and she picked out all of the ones she liked. I am left with the S'mores and Oatmeal flavors. It was a new box from Costco. So my dog ate individually wrapped dog poison and the result is that she pooped a little more yesterday.
  9. I might be playing about 3 hours of flag football. I am not in shape and most of the guys are college age. I fully expect to puke.
  10. Prison Rules. Find the biggest, ugliest guy and hit him. Then no one will mess with you. Watch out for first day of preschool. This kid is set.
  11. I'd love Tilda Swinton if they could get her. If not, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, the chick that played Tish Jones.