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  1. I think wallpaper was invented by the devil, so this theory tracks.
  2. Matches work wonders for home remodeling and non-selective extermination.
  3. Could be two nests, could be one big one that spans into the ceiling. Could also be condensation from humidity that is getting dust or grime mixed in. Or you have a leak somewhere that is pushing through away from the actual leak.
  4. Rabies. Just be aware that feral cats have a high incidence of rabies. I work for a health department and we have had to assist in testing a few communities of ferals over the years. It is nothing to screw with.
  5. It is at a minimum aggravated assault. There is an argument that a solid hit with that helmet kills or causes lasting damage, especially when being swung by a dude as big and strong as Garrett. It deserves a long suspension. I would guess beyond the season. 6 games doesn’t seem like enough. I do agree that if the QB was a bigger name, we would be talking indefinite suspension. i also think Pouncy needs a game or two. As a matter of course a few others in that game deserve a handful of games.
  6. You know, very recently humans invented this device called a jacket. No ####.
  7. Certainly benefits by a lack of Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnet
  8. I think we should all just agree that the franchise is better off without John Connor. He was the worst part of every sequel, including T2. Most of it was casting, but it doesn’t make it less true.
  9. He is rolling out for me but I have a guy on bye and some injuries.
  10. Watched two today. Little Monsters - I think that this was a Hulu original movie. Kindergarten teacher and a slacker uncle have to protect the kindergarten class from a zombie outbreak at an Australian petting zoo. I laughed out loud many times. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - pretty sure that was the name. Ok ghost story. I am glad I watched it, but It was only just above average.
  11. I was expecting that the duffel bag would have eight heads in it.
  12. Down 8 pounds in three weeks with IFF. Everyday I have a 6 hour window from 1PM to 7PM. Generally finished dinner at 6 and don’t eat after. I have worked a one day 600 calorie fast into the mix on Tuesdays which is much easier than I thought. About to go crush some soup and an apple.