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  1. After 12 years, I downloaded World of Warcraft and paid for 1 month...
  2. Still going the wrong way. 207. Down 17 since January. Yay! Up 4 since April 2. Boo!
  3. I downloaded Everquest. Been years and years. Good Lord graphics have come a long way since then.
  4. There are also a few clips of fat Woz playing softball.
  5. I have a gun and questionable morals. I will be fine.
  6. The original Guardians were Vance Astro (eventually had Cap's shield), Yondu, Martinex T'Naga (chrystal guy from Pluto), Charlie-27 (from Jupiter). This was the crew in 1969. Starhawk and Aletta join later. This was the original Guardians during a short run in the 90s. Also had a chick from Mercury with firey hair named Nikki. No ####. Nikki.
  7. I think it was Fran
  8. Same. Invaluable tool. Especially combined with the Bloom 100.
  9. How the ever loving #### is lack of money a disease? We need to stop with the wars on abstract ideas and everything being a disease. I have a disease called Iaman#######itis. Someone please donate.
  10. 1.1 PPR has to be Davis. Christian 1.2
  11. I don't remember those options in Clue.
  12. Polite, back-handed praise
  13. Sleep with her husband.