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  1. I actually like Van Hagar a little better. 5150 Is an awesome album.
  2. I put mayo and onions on my hotdog.
  3. I kind of liked the Renner version more than the first three. Looking forward to seeing this one.
  4. I would watch them in this order for an interesting effect: A Tale of Two Sisters, Bubba Ho-Tep, REC, Sunshine, The Sea Inside, Moon
  5. I had this same thing happen at a Motel 6 once. All I got was a prepackaged cookie and a slap on the ###.
  6. wrought island fence?
  7. Why do you have to manage people everywhere you go? Because you feel the need to do so.
  8. All opinions are welcome, encouraged, and respected. Even your incorrect opinion.
  9. I have to vote for 1987 as my banner year for movies. The year that produced some of the most watched movies in my life. Probably helps that I was 9 and most of these movies would go on to shape my own pre-pubescent years. The top ten at the box office that year: 3 Men and a Baby ($168M) - I like this movie. It had Magnum PI, Sam Malone, and Carey Mahoney. I was 9. I loved it. Still do. #### off! Fatal Attraction ($157M) - Didn't see it until I was 13. It certainly made an impression. I have never cheated. Ever. Beverly Hills Cop II ($154M) - Eddie Murphy when he was still unleashed and not family friendly. Still love this movie. Good Morning Vietnam ($124M) - Not my cup of tea, but still rates pretty high. Moonstruck ($80.6M) - Saw this once. Didn't this win awards? Oh and Nic Cage! Untouchables ($76.3M) - I was 9, this movie kicked ###! The Secret of My Success ($67M) - Very 80's, but I still enjoy this movie. There is no doubt that Michael J. Fox was a star. Stakeout ($65.7M) - Very funny movie. Holds up. Lethal Weapon ($65.2M) - Excellent action flick. Mel Gibson at his best (before he became all anti-Semitic). Dirty Dancing ($63.9M) - I had a thing for Jennifer Grey. Still have a huge man-crush on Swayze (RIP). Only watched bits and pieces on TV. People love it. Anything listed below will not include the top ten grossing, since I already commented on each. Movies that I love from 1987: Full Metal Jacket, Predator, The Princess Bride, Space Balls, Robocop, Empire of the Sun, Raising Arizona, Evil Dead II, Planes Trains and Automobiles, The Monster Squad, The Last Emperor. Movies I liked or have watched a lot: Adventures in Babysitting, The Lost Boys, Wall Street, The Running Man, Can't Buy Me Love, Hellraiser, Overboard, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Some Kind of Wonderful, Dragnet, Summer School, Harry and the Hendersons, *batteries not included, Prince of Darkness, Innerspace, The Principal, Steel Dawn Notable: Witches of Eastwick, Less Than Zero, La Bamba, No Way Out, Radio Days, Broadcast News, Throw Momma from the Train, Three O'clock High, The Hidden, Hollywood Shuffle Meh: Over the Top, Flowers in the Attic, Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Roxanne, Ishtar
  10. Not sure they could market one just for kiddie pron. That's illegal.
  11. Can probably skip The Pacific.
  12. American Ultra - much like beer, anything with ultra in the name probably isn't good.
  13. Apparently
  14. What. The. ####.