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  1. Hey! I know my kids can be real PITA’s, but name calling is just taking it too far!
  2. My son has been tested twice due to exposures at school. The test was no problem. The results for both took a bit more than 3 days.
  3. This is the craziest thing I have ever heard. Arizona has plants other than cactuses?
  4. I would imagine, the translated version is something like “Your policies are going to create a situation where we have to choose who lives and dies. This is your mess so we are making this a public request to you, the governor, so people know the responsible person for said ‘death panel’ decisions. Thank you for your consideration.”
  5. So the NFL has confirmed that they have a bias against the Raiders. I mean, we always knew it, but is this the first time they actually said, “The Raiders? Yeah, #### those guys!”
  6. The girls wore too much when I was in high school through the mid 90s. Sweaters and baggy jeans...
  7. That would be a big no-go for me. My wife would be pissed, but to be fair, that is her usual state when it comes to my opinion.
  8. School district sent an email out today explaining that 27 confirmed positives spread through all the schools have caused a number of dominoes to fall. Too many teachers are out or in quarantine. A bunch of students quarantined as well. Our schools have been very open about their limitations. My kids look like they will be remote for two more weeks at a minimum.
  9. I’ve enjoyed watching y... err, I mean, nope, no chance it does that. Carry on.