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  1. Been here since the day Gore invented it.
  2. Star Trek Beyond The movie was fun. Parts were stupid, but overall I enjoyed it. One particular scene featuring a Beastie Boys song was equal parts ridiculous and brilliant.
  3. Ghostbusters (2016) I found it to be ok. My kids will probably love it. Turning ghostbusting into a martial art is nearly unforgivable. Seems like they said, "You know what would make Ghostbusters better? If it was Men In Black." "Yeah, but with kung fu." "Definitely. Well that's done... Smoke a bowl?"
  4. I'd watch it.
  5. Autopsy scars were on the ninjas in DD season 2.
  6. Project... Sure.
  7. I commute 115 minutes one way. I owned a 2013 Elantra and now have a 2015 Civic. The seat in the Elantra was more comfortable but the mpg and features are better on the Civic. If I had to do it over I would likely get another Elantra.
  8. I think the Sheen thing involved introducing the kid to alcohol and drugs. Sheen also is not portrayed as a family man. Has to be someone else.
  9. I start my new job in Manassas on Monday. Never spent much time in that area. Traffic isn't an issue as my office is in the outskirts.
  10. My LG G3 was acting up for about 6 months. Face sensor wasn't working so the screen stayed black while on calls. The other person would have to hang up first. Bluetooth would quit or just wig out randomly. It would overheat easilly and was slow to charge. Other fun things as well. I am overdue for an upgrade, but have been putting it off. 3 weeks ago all of the problems just stopped. No update that I saw, but now this phone is humming along like new. Weird.
  11. So your boss offered you a job in Dallas but didn't offer specifics like salary, duties, start date, etc. Pretty sure he is just getting rid of you.
  12. This thread... Good Lord.
  13. Because I want the model that cooks and cleans. I will pay extra.
  14. Would still double my batting average and come with an off switch.