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  1. For once, Booger is making sense about the refs
  2. Am I the only one who thinks Booger is a complete moron?
  3. Thanks for everyone's input. I ended up reinstating the rule and having an anonymous revote. In the end, the trade was not voted down and it went through.
  4. Unfortunately, when I set up the league, it was defaulted with the trade vote, and I didn't see this coming. In a fit of anger, I changed the rule and allowed the trade. Probably a big mistake.
  5. I am the commissioner of my league and had agreed to a trade with another owner (Funchess/V. Davis for M. Ryan). A group of owners got together and decided to all vote against it to mess with me and the other owner. They didn't want either of us to have the trade, as it would make both our teams stronger. As commissioner, would it be moral/right for me to allow the trade to go through anyway. Is what they are doing a form of collusion?
  6. I'd go Howard. You can still get a top tier reciever with your pick. Here's mine:
  7. I'd go Evans. That's a great value for a number one reciever. Here's mine:
  8. If this a dynasty league, I would go for Elliot. If not, no way. Here's my question:
  9. Gurley is going off 18th and Gordon at 8th. Gurley is the better value, and I could keep him another year after that (if he goes off).
  10. I would do it. Here's mine:
  11. I'm leaning Gordon but the value for Gurley seems better. Also I would be able to keep him again the next year for a 4th round pick.
  12. After watching Barkley, Im glad to have Case Keenum on the Rams.