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  1. I won't argue with that. Trump deserves criticism for both his tweet and for not shutting down the chant that night.
  2. Sure, when the comment is made based solely on ethnicity or the color of someone's skin. When it is made due to perceived anti-American comments, it isn't racist. Maybe racially insensitive but not racist.
  3. With the aforementioned youtube channel I'm working on, I've really gotten an appreciation of the work of Dick Miller.
  4. Setting up a new photo scanner so I can start scanning old photos. Epson V550
  5. Is Seven Lakes Drive a nice ride through the middle of Harriman State Park? Thanks for the tip on Perkins Tower.
  6. Try to stay cool this weekend, people. We're going to take a road trip up to Bear Mountain to hopefully beat the heat a little. Probably will be tons of traffic and packed with people but it's better than sitting around the house all weekend. Hopefully.
  7. I liked RoknRol. I just hope he didn't kill Koya.
  8. Trump on Ted Cruz in 2016 And a Daily News cover for good measure
  9. He also invited them to come back. That was nice of him.
  10. Now who's doing a bait-and-switch? Name a group of them that compare to "the squad" At least try to keep it apples to apples as I tried to do with my initial comparison.
  11. And if the same comments they made came from a group of white guys from France, Italy and Germany, he would have said the same thing.