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  1. Or skirts that are too short. My wife wasn't allowed in the Basilica in Assisi because her skirt was too short. She even was scolded by an old creepy woman in Rome, who hauntingly pointed at her skirt while saying "Tooooo shooooort" I still say that to her from time to time, even though it clearly annoys her. And they're not really that short but for the churches, they can be strict.
  2. Did you say this to him or just imply it by hand gestures? Maybe he thought you were asking him do move into the spot so you can get by and he just did as you asked.
  3. This one wasn't bad. The B&W added to the creepiness of it. The lead actress was really good...and very cute.
  4. Hmmm...looks like they've made the call already. Hopefully he fares better than Amir Garrett.
  5. You're like George Costanza looking for a job. I like sports. Maybe I can be an announcer.
  6. I like the old school names. A friend of mine named their kid George and I love it. But you know what's going to happen when you name your kid Richard.
  7. Does anyone named Richard still prefer Dick over Rich or Rick as a shortened name?
  8. Looks like the filter doesn't catch the "reason for edit"
  9. Actually, seeing Dick Durbin on tv today made me think of it.
  10. Wow, just that one was filtered.
  11. I wonder who the last person to name their kid Dick was? Does anyone named Richard still prefer the shortened name Dick? How did Dick become short for Richard anyway? How did the penis come to be called dick? How did calling someone a #### become a derogatory thing? Well, that one might be obvious. So many dick questions.
  12. You should take your updated title advice and actually go back to the drawing board. Yes, it's not where you can make immediate money but with your talent it shouldn't be something you abandon for years at a time. It's taken me nearly 10 years to start reaping the benefits of all the hard work I put into voiceovers all while working another job. Do what you can to make money but keep working with your strengths with a long term goal in mind. What do you want to do? Work towards that.
  13. Possibly/Probably He'll get one more start and could impress enough to keep him around a little longer.