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  1. Dallas very quiet, not dead. Masks at Laguardia...nearly 100% Masks at DFW....maybe 25% Sitting at Cousin's BBQ.
  2. Very different experience so far at LaGuardia. Airport is as crowded as a usual slowish day. Full flight, even a standby list.
  3. I noticed that they've struggled getting their R below 1 for a while. It seems that a few counties are having spikes.
  4. Any reason in particular why Maine seems to be struggling with this still? I haven't heard anything regarding that state.
  5. Decline in Total Hospitalizations required for 14 day - NYC =39 days Decline in Deaths required for 14 days. NYC = 37 days
  6. New Yorkers have done everything asked of them and brought this down to all the required numbers to begin opening. It's ironic and sad that the only thing preventing Phase 1 in NYC is the lack of beds and ICU beds when, for years, people have been complaining about the lack of hospitals after multiple closures. Cuomo should announce that Phase 1 will start next week. It's still a fairly strict lockdown but it's time to give a little after so many have done so much. Metric #4—Hospital Bed Capacity. Regions must have at least 30% of their hospital beds available. - We are at 27% Metric #5—ICU Bed Capacity. Regions must have at least 30% of their ICU beds available. We are at 28%
  7. I appreciate your views and input in this thread. We're all going through a rollercoaster here. I hope you continue to post. Be well and stay safe, gb
  8. I would have no problem with churches opening up if I felt they would all adhere to strict guidelines. Unfortunately, I've seen enough examples of those who feel that God will protect them from this that I dont have confidence in them abiding by any rules. Not all, but some.
  9. My only complaint is that it doesn't open as wide with the new one.
  10. Whoever named fear of palindromes Aibohphobia was a genius.
  11. Cuomo saying that Long Island and Mid-Hudson should be opening next week and is allowing construction to begin setting up now for opening. Nothing on NYC yet.
  12. The first time they did that was the first time I ever had to change the channel. This time, I just fast-forwarded past it. Funny at first but just stomach turning after a while.