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  1. Admittedly, my vocals are an acquired taste...lol
  2. Yeah, it was originally the ending riff of another song and I asked our guitarist if I could take it to make another song. I always just added my lyrics to the music but this is the first one I took and wrote a song for. We were on a compilation CD and the producer tried to get us to change it to Pissed off World. I pushed him to add it as is but we wound up using a different song.
  3. Here's a video I did for the band I was in. Never finished. This was using 2 VCR's to edit, so it is what it is. Kind of our biggest hit song. FUW
  4. Ep2...sorry, those hillbillies would have just shot him. Still enjoying though.
  5. I don't think I could deal with it getting louder than it already is so I don't risk making that happen in any way. I don't even listen to music loud in my car anymore. Some nights it wakes me up because of a jump into a crazy level and I just always hope it settles down. Sucks.
  6. Such a bummer seeing all these great shows come and go. Unfortunately for me, my tinnitus has made it that I'll probably never see a concert again.
  7. I've seen a lot of pits, but the only pit that really scared me was Slayer. Just looked it up and here's a cool article on that night
  8. Craziest show I ever went to was Slayer and Danzig at the Felt Forum (part of MSG) It was ominous from the very beginning and just got worse and worse. People were ripping up the seats and throwing the seat cushions. Skinheads were really out of control and you could just see them picking people off. I didn't venture into the middle of that pit. It was just an all out brawl.
  9. The one where he had the entire bar re-enact a night as a play was so crazy.
  10. I remember liking Repo Man a lot but haven't seen it in many years. Don't remember the song being in it. A friend of mine had the album and we would just play Institutionalized over and over as probably most kids did when that came out. Really was a groundbreaking song.
  11. Haven't thought about the song Toxic Waltz in a long time...loved that one!
  12. I totally get that, and agree to a point, but ST made some good records after that. Actually some of my favorite ST came out after that tour. That could very be why they brought in Trujillo and got all funky and moved a little away from the thrash, though. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow was one of my favorite records when it came out, but it hasn't really held up well. Totally. I preferred the early stuff, but nothing wrong with the thrash stuff. Yeah, I don't know if I'd call it that but to be honest, I really didn't see a lot of ST...lol I made it about halfway through their set and needed a breather from the pit after the first 2. Now that you mention it though, it was kinda the tail end of my being into ST because of the more funky vibe they were getting into and I was going more for extreme stuff like doom and death metal. We used to do How Will I Laugh in the band I was in back in the day. Fun song to sing!
  13. Hopefully they replay the older ones now. I know I missed a bunch of them