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  1. Criticisms of Trump, for the most part, are well deserved. He brings it on himself. But the over reactions to every little thing he does is beyond ridiculous. People need to save it for the good stuff.
  2. Did I say that? There were plenty of people critical of Obama from Day 1 too. That wasn't the point of my post but it seems like you've lost all ability for critical thinking and comprehension so I'll just leave you to wallow in your despair.
  3. One thing I do appreciate is that there are many respectable, left leaning posters who do not like Trump but don't seem to have jumped into this feeding frenzy of a thread. I'm not saying they are approving of his actions so far but I think they realize that a lot of the criticisms of Trump are overblown and are still sort of giving him a chance. I know that I did not like Obama when he won in 2008 but took a full 2 years before I started to be critical of him.
  4. I'll take it while I can. Tomorrow is another day. eta: vacation
  5. I sense a "who knew it would be so tough to resolve" tweet coming.
  6. Wow, you're not kidding. I don't check in here often but always thought of him as a smart, level-headed dude. Reading some recent posts, unless someone else has the keys to the alias, it seems like he's gone off the deep end. Triggered!
  7. Good job so far on the trip Mr. President.
  8. Idiocracy continues to get closer and closer to reality.
  9. Shep Smith tribute to Roger Ailes Moving tribute. Shep stayed composed throughout.
  10. OK, maybe not you, it wasn't directed specifically at you, but plenty of people slamming Ailes will be praising ol' Bill.
  11. Yet the same people will shower Bill Clinton with praise when he passes.
  12. Joe Lieberman as top candidate for FBI Director.
  13. Incredible tribute from Shep Smith on Fox.
  14. That sucks. Glad I sat him. I wonder how this will affect his next possible starts.