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  1. She's got a nice can, I'll give you that.
  2. DSP was another one.
  3. The 258 People, Places and Things DonaldTrump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List
  4. Was he Dr. Zoidberg?
  5. There might have been another after it but MC Gas Money
  6. Just watched the 2nd episode last night. It's ok and I'll give it another episode but I hope it gets better.
  7. How is your wife holding up, shady?
  8. I had never even heard the term alt-right until yesterday.
  9. So he knew all along that his signature achievement would fail, even as he embraced his name being attached to it?
  10. But wouldn't a publically stated base price within the US give insurance companies something to bargain against?
  11. re bolded: that doesn't sound like a negotiation. But I guess since there's no one to negotiate on the US behalf with that kind of pull, there's no incentive for Company A to negotiate harder with the other countries? How much would have allowing Medicare to negotiate have helped?