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  1. Congrats all. Glad we got some kind of season. It was a good distraction. Thought I'd hang on to first once I got up there but then my team decided to just not play and did a nose dive. Oh well. Thanks to RnR for dragging us through the draft and running things again.
  2. Yeah, it was a good attempt by MLB but it's just not working. Refund is the right thing to do.
  3. It was interesting but they spent too much time on some things that made it drag a little. Could've edited it down some.
  4. Maybe not exactly what you're looking for but The Strain was campy fun and Mindhunters for serial killer creepiness.
  5. We watched it the other day. Better than expected.
  6. I like all those commercials but that woman saying "Expired" is like a nail through my head.
  7. Why was the no masker picking up a prescription for your wife?
  8. The Taking of Deborah Logan was pretty good. A quality found footage movie. I really like this genre in horror but so many are poorly made. This was better than expected.
  9. The Assistant on Amazon Prime, starring Ruth (Julia Garner)from Ozark and a brief appearance from Tom from Succession. It's a dark look at sexual harassment in the workplace. Great performance by Garner. The movie left me empty at the end but I guess that's the point. I won't get into why, since it might take away from the movie.
  10. Same. I tried going back to it after shutting it off the first time after a little over an hour. Couldn't watch much more.
  11. The second season of Miracle Workers was very funny. The first was good too but not as funny. You don't need to watch them in any order, they are completely different outside of the cast.
  12. If it wasn't for the parents, and particularly the dad, I wouldn't have stuck with it.