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  1. I'm trying hard to not let all the political BS ruin my enjoyment for the games today but it's not working. I'll keep watching but I don't see the stupid drama dying down anytime soon.
  2. He has problems but most of it is exaggerated for the attention it gets.
  3. Well, you're definitely more outgoing than my wife and I. We prefer to stay to ourselves for the most part. But I agree that the most memorable parts of any trip are the ones that are least planned. Off the beaten path, down a quiet street. It's one of the reasons that Venice is so memorable for us. Just getting lost in the streets was such a great adventure. It's usually the first thing we do in a new city. Ditch the map and just walk.
  4. Sounds like a miserable way to travel. I admit that I'm pretty meticulous in my research, pre-trip, but once there I enjoy winging it.
  5. I remember you saying that once before and I corrected you that that wasn't me. When I go on vacation, I almost never go online, much less for trip advice. I might check in the FFA if I'm sitting at a pool somewhere though.
  6. That's all I'm saying. Unless you're booking a tour, try not to set it like "On Monday, we're going here, on Tuesday, we're going here, etc." The weather changes really quick so it's best to keep your options as open as possible.
  7. Get a pint of Beamish while in Dublin, preferably at The Long Hall, although there are so many great little pubs to duck into for a pint. I love the setups in their bars, with little private nooks spread around to give you privacy if you want. And I agree with wikkid to keep your plans loose. We decided only while there which direction to go, dependent on the weather.
  8. Ireland was one of the biggest surprises we've had going on vacation. We expected to enjoy it but it more than exceeded our expectations. We loved Dublin but we're into cities. It was fun just to walk around. Great pubs and friendly people. As was mentioned, Glendalough is a great scenic site to visit. Beautiful leisurely walk if the grandparents are up for it. The kids will love to explore around it. Cool cemetery. I found a great drive there from Dublin using backroads that was one of the beautiful drives I've ever done. I can try and look it up if you want. We almost never do guided tours but did one to the west coast for a day trip. A train trip to Galway and a bus tour including The Cliffs of Moher and other sites. It was actually very good for a guided tour. I would like to go back some day and do more of the west coast including Galway. If you have the time, I'd also recommend a day trip to Northern Ireland and try to see the Giants Causeway (famous for the cover of Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy) We took a train up to Belfast and rented a car there. Had an incredible drive up the east coast, stopped at a little coastal town for lunch before getting there. Took the highway back and had to run for the last train. Made it with only seconds to spare. Crazy day. We take a lot of vacations and Ireland still ranks as one of the best ones ever. Have fun!
  9. I have to rewind more for his lines than anyone else on the show.
  10. I thought this was going to be like that hawk that flew into the cab during Harvey.
  11. I'm not sure if its been mentioned in this thread but you might consider getting professional help.
  12. What, you don't handle every single piece of produce to get the best possible product? I've heard that everything is bigger in Texas so that must take even longer.
  13. Watched the first episode of S3 last night. Great start!