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  1. wow, 2 is stunning. Crushes them all.
  2. Using the first name seems to be more prevalent in some Latino cultures from what I've seen. Not sure if it's a respect thing but to me it seems a bit subservient. I would rather they use my last name if they are saying "Mr." Maybe I'm just old too.
  3. Can't wait until he gets started. Is he still waiting until Monday?
  4. Here's hoping for great days ahead.
  5. If the goal was to move the entire national education over to charter schools, vouchers, etc. I could see choosing DeVos. It seems like she would be a likely candidate. But since that isn't even her stated intention, it would stand to reason you'd choose someone with either a background in public education or at least someone with a clear plan to tackle the many problems in a system that supports like 90% of the students nationally. She clearly does not fit either.
  6. Don't know. Just responding to your question.
  7. Around 1 million for Obama's 2nd.
  8. Not a chance, imo. Although I am looking forward to seeing what Rubio does. I think he will vote in favor of him.
  9. Wow, yeah, I had no idea. I'm thinking it's like a month or 2 to end out a school year or something. There's really no argument to support that.
  10. Does the bolded happen often and how long does the interim position usually last? I think having a knowledgeable person in an interim position is a valuable asset and they should get some compensation, as long as it isn't a common occurrence and no one else already in the school system is available to fill in.
  11. Thanks for that article. She really just seems too ideological to be in that cabinet position. Not a good choice for someone who needs to have a broader understanding of the issues.
  12. I don't know anything about DeVos and she seems to be one of the biggest question marks of Trump's picks. While charter schools and vouchers have some positives, I'd like to hear more about improving public schools. I think that's the most important thing and it doesn't seem to be something she has experience with.