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  1. I know nothing! Great show, great character...RIP
  2. I don't drink much milk, unless I'm having some PB&J. Whole milk from the cow. Everything in moderation.
  3. No meat, only fish, too? That's Christmas Eve at my in-laws.
  4. I'm sure it is and I will get it one day but I can never bring myself to order it over a steak. I think I'll have to now next time I go.
  5. My MiL went on a little kick a long time ago and made a huge variety of pierogies: meat, cheese, mushroom, some fruit filled ones too. It's only the standard ones nowadays but the other ones were great too.
  6. You said that last month.
  7. I can grill a great steak at home but the difference in quality of cut compared to high end steakhouses is definitely noticeable. Smith and Wollensky used to be my favorite steakhouse but the quality in their cuts has dropped dramatically in the past 10 years or so, once they really started expanding, that's it not worth going there anymore.
  8. I still have yet to order the mutton there.