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  1. I saw Priebus make the original comments to Chris Wallace. Did he also repeat the same comments on other shows?
  2. It's a choice of 2 things. I think why they blocked those media outlets is a bigger story than the fact that they did it. Just an opinion. I guess you don't agree.
  3. So was the content of the press conference the bigger question?
  4. Oh c'mon. I don't agree with it but it was clearly done to bring attention to a story. Unprecedented? Maybe. But not close to the most disgraceful thing a modern President has ever done, imo.
  5. Line in the sand, imo. The FBI should probably confirm or deny Priebus' comments.
  6. So they should not have given Priebus this information. What should he do now as certain media continue to write stories about things he was told by the FBI are untrue?
  7. I think it was made just to draw more attention to this story. If what Priebus is saying is true, someone should come forward and confirm or deny.
  8. So today's media ban was a direct response to the NY Times story about Preibus and the FBI.
  9. That'll show 'em! No idea what goes on in his head. The only thing I got right about him is that I always felt he ran for President to win it.
  10. I disagree with Trump barring the press and hope it isn't a recurring thing. My guess, it's just some dumb way to try and send a message and it doesn't happen again. The bigger question is, what was said to the reporters that were there? What are they saying?
  11. I wish people would stop #####ing about other people quoting someone on their ignore list. You decided to ignore that poster. It doesn't mean everyone else has to.