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  1. So I picked up these from Home Depot and they work great with virtually no smoke.
  2. As a northern Yankee, I admit that I never really gave much thought to monuments and statues of Civil War veterans. I would take pictures and read the plaques and be happy to learn a little more about our country. I never looked at it as glorifying the people they represent, just a history lesson. I'm glad now that this has gotten me to look at them from a different perspective and realize that glorifying them is exactly what they do. It's horrible to think about black people having to walk past symbols of "heroes" that fought for the right to own their ancestors and I'm embarrassed that I never looked at it that way. While I don't agree with a mob tearing them down, I'm glad to see that states are doing the right thing and taking them down. It's long overdue.
  3. That has to be one of the worst 'shop jobs I've ever seen.
  4. That's been the nickname for Antifa since they dress like ISIS.
  5. Sure, that's when he had the cstu screen name and was able to have fun with the SWC name.
  6. I'm asking because I'm guessing they didn't have one for the Friday night and it shoots down any attempt to use "permits" as any type of excuse.
  7. Was there a permit for the Friday night torch march?
  8. lmao...first post I've read of yours in who knows how long. I'll stick to skipping them.
  9. I only saw a little of it on TV and it looked like there were people from Antifa-like groups ready for a fight. After finding out about what transpired the night before, I can now see why. btw...I'll be in Charlottesville on Sunday or Monday. Hopefully nothing else goes down. I'm looking for a peaceful walk around the city.
  10. I didn't know about the events from the night before.
  11. Thank you for that. As I said, I haven't followed that closely and this article was a big eye-opener.
  12. From whatever videos I saw, it looked like plenty of people on both sides geared up for a brawl.
  13. I'm asking questions. There were no groups like Antifa, or whatever other names they have, at this? What was the first moment of violence? How did it initially start?