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  1. Thanks man. Just landed in Dallas to make arrangements with my brother who I haven't spoken to in over 5 years. Should be interesting.
  2. ha...just deleted but thank you. So crazy when it's sudden. My mind is all over the place.
  3. We did Aruba for our honeymoon...loved it. Exploring the island is really fun, especially the caves in the north. Went in one that was filled with bats. Have fun!
  4. I've never watched a superhero series but am considering this. I don't know anything about the character but it looks cool. Jon Berenthal (sp?) was on Howard last week. He's had an interesting life and career.
  5. Update on a few shows: Season 2 of The Crown will be released on December 8th Peaky Blinders Season 4 just started in the UK. It usually gets released here after the run is complete so it's expected to be on Netflix in January.
  6. We watched the 4th episode the other night. I loved how they showed the decoy raid and made you think it was the real thing before letting on what was really happening. I did think something was up when Pena was eying the chicken truck passing by as they were on to their raid in the other direction.
  7. Amazon: Finished season 3 of Catastrophe. It's a funny show but it's tough to root for these two at times, they can be really unlikeable. But damn do the writers know how to do a cliffhanger!
  8. Getting that longer grill probe is so much better than the original short one.
  9. Thanks (to Ahrn as well) That clarifies it. I'm sure she knows about it. As VP of Finance, she gets enough uninformed questions all day that I try to avoid asking too many more at home. lol But she might not have thought about the benefits of saving that money and using out of pocket while we can. I'm sure she'll have her reasons.
  10. Roth contributions aren't deductible? edit: I guess I should say "pre-tax" My wife is an accountant and handles all this but I try to keep up and maybe tell her something she doesn't know...which is extremely rare.
  11. OK, think I get it now. 1 - If you invest the HSA savings, it would make sense to keep as much in as long as possible to get the maximum return on the investment. We only hold the money in a savings account since we have a big portion of our money in investments already. 2 - "And when you use the funds in your HSA account for medical expenses after you reach retirement age, your withdrawals are free from federal income tax. This is a key advantage over a conventional retirement fund such as a 401(k)" So, you are taxed on the money you take out of a 401k after retirement but aren't with an HSA for medical purposes? That's a good benefit if accurate.
  12. I'm still a little confused as to the benefit of waiting to withdraw. The money isn't being taxed if used for medical expenses, even under 65 years old, so outside of being able to build up a nest egg, why not use the money when you need it?
  13. Interesting articles...thx. We have had a HSA plan for about 5 years now and max out every year what we can contribute. I've been hoping they would raise the cap. It's definitely a good plan if you're relatively healthy. Our deductible is $6k.
  14. Not sure which was more recent, seeing my aunt who was dying of cancer for the last time or putting my cat down. Both were about 10 years ago.
  15. Yeah, if you're a regular listener you hear Howard talking about coming to terms with how much of an ### he was in his earlier years and how his drive alienated many people he actually had respect for. Soupy Sales seems to be a big one for him. He goofs on his therapy but it has definitely helped him enjoy life a little more and with that maybe open up to people he once thought were his enemies. I don't begrudge him that at all. Good for him.