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  1. Paxton was a nice pickup yesterday. Crossing my fingers with Peacock today.
  2. That's a little disappointing to hear considering the whole series has been a bit of a struggle to get through. I'm liking it a little more than my wife but neither of us looking forward to more or looking to give up on the show. Just kinda meh. We have those 2 episodes left. We'll finish it up but I don't get the hype for it.
  3. I really liked Blue Ruin but was somewhat disappointed in Green Room. Speaking of home invasion movies, I'm not really a fan but they scare the hell out of my wife, Hush was pretty good. The added twist is that the woman alone in the house is deaf.
  4. Surprised how little press this is getting.
  5. That "50 points" Hillary rant was really bizarre.
  6. I never had an issue with the TP in Italy but we use regular Scott tissue at home, not the soft stuff. Need some grit!
  7. They are now looking to speak to the two guys that took the unexploded pressure cooker out of the suitcase and walked away with the suitcase. I also heard that his sister said he was blowing up things in his backyard. I would imagine someone else heard that too.
  8. Not a fan of that guy from 30 Rock as the brother. Funny episode though.
  9. My team is trying hard to blow it. Horrible pitching and anemic hitting for the past week+
  10. Sounds like he borrowed soemone's car to travel back and forth. No mention of weapons in the car.
  11. This is the first season that my wife actually wants to watch because of the matchup.
  12. Just saw the video and thought the same thing.
  13. They were looking for a few other guys so hopefully they all get rounded up pretty quickly before they try something else.