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  1. That was The Big Ragu in an episode of Laverne and Shirley.
  2. Bought in 1994 for $170k, paid off the mortgage in 12 years. Could sell it easily for $650k now. Not an asset?
  3. I didn't watch much of either convention but it looks and sounds like the DNC put on a better party. Glad it's over. Can't wait for the debates. I predict Hillary destroying Trump there too.
  4. We watched the first episode, not bad, will continue watching. Not really a fan of shows that focus on kids that much. Sad to see the guy from The Knick gone already. The little girl also played a creepy kid on a little watched show called Intruders. She was the best part of that show and looks to be good in this too. In for now.
  5. Wouldn't that just be warfare? A crusade implies we do it for religious reasons.
  6. Do the Dems do a roll call vote on the rules like what caused the anger at the Republican convention?
  7. Boxers or briefs? :softball:
  8. Black Mirror is different each episodes so it's not like a series you have to watch in any time period. I liked it although some were better than others. I love Peaky Blinders. I only made it a few episodes into Six Feet Under. Seemed a bit soap opera-y to me. That's just me, many people put it in their Top 5. Narcos is very good but I was a bit annoyed with the VO throughout but it is needed to push the story forward. Season 2 is out soon and I've read that there will be much less voiceover because we are pretty much caught up on the backstory. Probably will start Stranger Things this week. I'd say Peaky Blinders.
  9. It might be a wait but seeing The Last Supper is worth it, imo.
  10. Look up Via Fiori Chiari. It's a whole restaurant row with a ton of places. Just walk up and down and pick out a spot. Some are a bit more touristy than others.
  11. Verona is a great little city that often gets overlooked.
  12. Loved Venice. Can't wait to go back. And I know I'm in the minority, but while I agree that Florence is a great base for day trips, I wasn't as impressed with the city itself as most others are. No doubt a great place to visit though.
  13. Out at $17.11