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  1. How is your wife holding up, shady?
  2. I had never even heard the term alt-right until yesterday.
  3. So he knew all along that his signature achievement would fail, even as he embraced his name being attached to it?
  4. But wouldn't a publically stated base price within the US give insurance companies something to bargain against?
  5. re bolded: that doesn't sound like a negotiation. But I guess since there's no one to negotiate on the US behalf with that kind of pull, there's no incentive for Company A to negotiate harder with the other countries? How much would have allowing Medicare to negotiate have helped?
  6. I don't understand the argument that our drug prices are higher because the US bears the cost of R&D. Why can't that be spread around the world?
  7. But when will he have time to write his novel?
  8. Total cost to produce is about $3
  9. Of course. Just giving you a rough idea.
  10. http://upended.net/post/25574021175/foodtruckstartupcosts Truck — $50,000 (purchase cost plus basic retrofitting) Mobile Food Vending Unit Permit (bought on the black market) — $15,000 (2-year permit) Commissary — $500 (per month); $6,000 estimate per year General Liability Insurance (for the business) — $3,500 (per year) “You need general liability insurance to operate in a commercial kitchen.” Mobile Vendors License — $103 ($53 for the class, $50 for a 2-year license) Truck Insurance — $2,000-$3,000 (per year; $2,500 estimate per year) Commercial Kitchen — $2,000-$5,000 (per month; $36,000 estimate per year) Workers Comp — $7,000 (per year for 3 employees) “You’re combining two things insurance companies hate - moving vehicles and hot food.” Accountant — $350 (per month; $4,200 estimate per year) “Most business owners are doing a million things. Having an accountant look at your books objectively is highly recommended.” PR professional — $1,500 (for 3 months; $6,000 estimate per year) Grand total food truck start-up costs for year 1: = $130,303 Please note that the expense list does not include variable costs such as gas, vehicle repairs, food and paper products, marketing materials, and a host of other possible sundries. Budget for incidentals and miscellaneous expenses accordingly.
  11. I think a food truck permit is about $20,000 in nyc
  12. I'm still in. Dumb, fun show that doesn't take itself too seriously.
  13. I think you're coming on a little strong here.
  14. Death Metal Food Truck!