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  1. Best station ever. Someone told me they heard one of my band's songs on there once. I never did get to hear it though. The worst is when they have a game on when you don't expect it.
  2. Still blows my mind that they weren't all looking for the idol.
  3. Was that the X rated version?
  4. Really amazing that they're both still alive. I wonder what the whole attitude will be towards the Monarchy when she passes. The whole thing is so outdated.
  5. I got Nuggets I & II. So much great music on them.
  6. We only watched the first episode so far and I'm not surprised that it focuses more on relationships. Hopefully there's a bit more to it later on but it's done so well, I can probably deal with it. I know nothing about these years so it's an interesting story. Does the Queen watch it? I wonder if she binges.
  7. Here we are a week later and you would think at least one person would have come in to admit that maybe they overestimated the immediate reaction to the announcement. Thankfully, the Middle East is not quite the raging inferno with hundreds, if not thousands dead that some predicted. Instead, the thread falls to Page 2 as people find other things to be outraged about.
  8. I'm glad Jones won but do people really think he would have without the accusations?
  9. Reading up on the Solo movie. I guess that will fit between III and IV too?
  10. I was 13 when the original came out and I saw it in the theater. I wasn't as fanatic as some of my friends were about it but I liked it a lot and saw the next 2 in the theater too. I tried Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones and they were ok but I just kinda gave up on the series. I'll give III a shot.