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  1. I thought it was a good article but I am someone who has barely held on for the past few seasons, mostly just to see what they do with Negan's character. I'm not a fan of the way the show manipulates the audience and has the characters do stupid things to advance the storylines. I'm not expecting to make it through this season but I hope I'm wrong.
  2. I'm just assuming that he didn't die or it would be a full season with a new storyline. No way I'm going to watch 5 episodes of the story if he did die. I liked season 1 but the second one fell flat. I barely have enough interest in it even if he's alive.
  3. I think Season 3 is just 5 episodes to wrap up the storyline.
  4. Yeah, none of them came around during the whole scene. Even they're afraid of Negan.
  5. Negan didn't really do "eenie meenie" accurately, so I guess he had Abraham in mind all along. Probably because he was the most physical threat of the group and kind puffed up his chest towards Negan at one point. Glen was chosen because of his outburst.
  6. It is interesting that my wife's reaction to him is "he's not scary" I tried to explain to her that it's not about him being scary, it's that he's capable of doing what he wants because he has an army behind him. One on one, Rick could handle him. She was just hoping for a more imposing figure. Not that it matters, she's not a big fan of the show and never cares if she misses an episode.
  7. I can see it both ways. I don't really know any of the storylines in the Marvel movies, although I don't watch them all, and I didn't read and Game of Thrones books, so I like seeing it with a completely open mind. But there is some fun in knowing what's coming and seeing how they pull it off. Also, they purposely throw some twists to the comic fans to keep them guessing.
  8. As someone who has read the comics, I was really disappointed with the Governor. They didn't get that character right. Negan, in the comics, is a much more imposing figure. Like the size of a wrestler. But the guy playing him has done enough of a great job to overlook that difference. Really good episode last night although it still doesn't take away from the poorly executed finale last season, imo. I think the killings would have had much more of an impact had they done it last season and we would have been wondering where this show goes now over the summer, like we are doing today.
  9. I am. I should have changed it years ago but whatever.
  10. No screaming or crying by anyone else?
  11. I thought The Green Room was good, not great. Mostly because it just seemed like so many things I've seen before but the acting was really good all around in it. 3/5
  12. The acting wasn't as bad once they got captured but it was bad up until then. The leader kicking the girl out of the meeting, the fat guy that was in love with her, the guy totally freaking out over the spider in the woods. The creepy female roommate, the jealous girlfriend. It was laughably bad. Cheesy bad acting. 4/5? That's nuts. For me a 4/5 is like an Oscar nominee.