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  1. I don't really drink tea but there seems like so many varieties that there is bound to be a few you'd like. This is my wife's favorite
  2. Good. Hopefully they will realize that both sides need to come together before Obamacare totally falls apart. I won't hold my breath.
  3. Seems pessimistic. They got nothing out of Harvey last season and won 87 games. Gsellman for a full season, hopefully Wheeler contributing. Duda healthy, maybe Bruce feeling more comfortable, maybe Conforto taking a step forward. Obviously a lot of "what ifs" but I think they'll be in a position to be buyers at the trade deadline and improve on last season. #LGM
  4. Still love the show. I thought I might get burned out on Mama Baskets with the huge amount of attention paid to her character this season, but I haven't at all. But an attraction to Martha?
  5. I can see not having a support system of family and friends around being an obstacle. If the UK was a definite, I wouldn't let the language difference stop you and your family from the experience in Germany. Wiesbaden is very close to Frankfurt, which is a major airline hub, so travelling back to the US from time to time would be easy.
  6. I'm re-watching the original Star Trek from the beginning. I haven't seen a full episode in 20+ years and am loving seeing them all over again. Thanks to downloadable on Netflix now, it's become my entertainment on the bus/subway to and from work.
  7. Outside of the language difference, what is holding you back?
  8. One American, a man from Utah, was among those killed. His wife was injured as well.