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  1. A meteor exploded in the Earth's atmosphere with 10 times the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb
  2. Yeah I put the line at 40 (0-40/40-80) with the thought that it's possible to make it to 75 relatively healthy. Realistically though, you're right, anyone should be grateful to make it to 70 without a major issue.
  3. I loved my childhood but my late teens to mid 20's were, literally, wasted years. Not saying I didn't have fun but it could have been a more productive time. Got married at 30 and the first 10 years or so were tough financially and physically due to hours worked but it was worth it now, in my mid-50's, as we are able to enjoy life more. With a plan to retire in a couple of years, if we can have a good 15 years together in retirement, the second half of life will blow away the first. I do worry more about death, considering my dad died only five years longer than I am alive now, a week after turning 60. Hopefully I can surpass my moms age who passed at 78. Health will be the deciding factor in your question.
  4. New Arrested Development too. Second half of season 5. I liked the first half. Better than S4.
  5. The 4th and final season of Catastrophe is out today on Prime. Really good show for those looking for a dark adult comedy.
  6. Season 2 was really entertaining, especially with Tara and Will, the first fighting couple on the show. And a race to the finish line to end it! I wonder if Tara is with that one guy that she was flirting with the whole race. Will was a ##### but Tara egged him on a lot. Fun season. On season 3 now, halfway through. Not as good as 2 but still enjoying it.
  7. 25.15 - Yoshihisa Hirano - RP - AZ 26.01 - Scott Kingery - SS - PHI