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  1. Looks like Michelle is the target. Michelle and Paul is the plan if Michelle comes down she will put up Nat. Nicole wants to go to the final 4 with Paul and Victor.
  2. Cory wins the care package.
  3. Because she never was a smart player. Looking like her target is Michelle
  4. Yeah I saw that. Taking out Victor is the right move.
  5. Paul and Victor on the block. They want to backdoor Cory.
  6. Michelle wins care package. Natalie and Michelle, should be interesting.
  7. They didn't give him the editing he deserved and he feel from king to out in a short amount of time. Not enough time to generate the hate. Just my guess.
  8. Crowds don't usually boo. There have also been times where the crowds are full of cbs employees so they won't boo.
  9. She did say ,she was now going to wait until care package. Wish she would have thought that before talking to Nicole and Cory. But she had to at least listen, just shouldn't have thrown out any names.
  10. Just catching up. Unfortunately she will end up listening to James. See they are thinking of getting rid of Paul. Good game move, but stupid for tell cory/Nicole any thing before finding out what the care package is.
  11. The real Paulie. Don't see any spoilers in the article, but some of you might not want know anymore then the TV edit..