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  1. That's what happens with so many couples. You can't get them both out at once and when you're in one yourself, hard to take a swing at one when there are better and easier targets.
  2. Going to be hard to break up the bigger group. Only people who will target them are Day and Bridgett. Nat maybe but James will mess that up. The Americas care package could do it. After this weeks have not reward the next 3 could be used to change the game if given to the right players,.
  3. . Yeah. Day and Tiffany are/were the only girls there to play. Paulie is running circles around everyone
  4. Already has on the feeds. To many showmances.
  5. Was wondering that myself
  6. Yeah she has said it more then once. But as tdoss pointed out guys will always be hitting on her. I don't think James could deal with that.
  7. Good site for build ideas
  8. She would be the first to admit she's not the smartest person. Hard to hide your true self when you are watched 24-7 but her parents should be proud of the daughter they have raised. She is the feed watchers favorite player along with James
  9. Natalie is a keeper, surprised some guy hasn't put a ring on her finger yet. She's pretty native about BB but she is learning. If the catty mean girls don't get her voted out she could be force.
  10. On the other side there's Natalie. One of the nicest person to every play BB.
  11. If you watch you'll know who the nominations are, the roadkill winner and veto winner, before they are shown on CBS.
  12. Why would the Lord's of the North believe anything Littlefinger said anyway. Sansa could tell them all kinds of things about Littlefinger.
  13. At this point in the game does anyone care who the rightful heir is?
  14. What I don't like about BB Road Kill is just like Battle of the Block it diminishes the power of the HoH. Going to make it hard for power shifts to happen
  15. When did this whole "no blood on your hands" start anyway? Use to be you put up people you want out.