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  1. I don't need the media to know a liar. My brother is a first class one. Trump is one.
  2. That's what happens when you get caught lying over stupid ####. It brings into question everything you say
  3. That can get their news from the president that's the only person they need to trust.
  4. I suppose. Fake news now was lost any meaning other then if "I don't agree with it it's fake news."
  5. Well he did post the quote where McCain said he didn't think Trump was trying to become a dictator. Maybe the headline was a little misleading, but fake news? McCain did say that's how dictators get started and was critical of the president.
  6. They wouldn't need the back line or a goalie on the ice. Top 2 frontlines on the ice almost the whole time.
  7. 18 holes, shoot 36. Plenty of time for a rally in between rounds.
  8. Just guessing like everyone here is. There could be 15 run innings and there could be an inning where it's 3 up and 3 down on 5 pitches. I don't think the baseball players will offer up any kind of defense in a hockey game.
  9. I can agree the baseball players will win a game against the hockey players. That's not what this thread is asking. Baseball players win 102 -0 in a baseball game. Hockey players win 200-0 in hockey game.
  10. I understand that not every ab will produce a hit, or walk, even in a real game against a team of hockey players.
  11. You ever been to a pre game batting practice?
  12. Probably wouldn't be a baseball player left on the ice halfway thru the 1st period.
  13. That's just smart business just like him using tax loopholes to not pay taxes