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  1. Exactly. The favor he has been getting is not being allowed on the debate stage.
  2. So are Yul,Parvati, Kim, Adam,Jeremy. I expect Rob and Sandra both voted out before the merge.
  3. Most likely the big profile players will be voted out and Michelle will be the winner.
  4. Was it a Rob/Parvati plot? It seemed to me the talk to get rid of Jeremy or Natalie came out of a conversation from Adam talking to Ben. I do agree Jeremy thinks it came from Rob.
  5. What? The faces of the Democratic party defeated in primary's after only severing one term.
  6. Exactly. Let's cut things that help people but we need money to send people to Mars.
  7. Yeah I don't get this special accommodation angle. The candidates should want to debate him before he potentially runs them over on Super Tuesday. I have seen ads from Sanders the past few days in Colorado.
  8. Exactly. Can't think of any reason these candidates wouldn't want him on the debate stage asap. He is lapping them with his message in the Super Tuesday states.