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  1. If you watch you'll know who the nominations are, the roadkill winner and veto winner, before they are shown on CBS.
  2. Why would the Lord's of the North believe anything Littlefinger said anyway. Sansa could tell them all kinds of things about Littlefinger.
  3. At this point in the game does anyone care who the rightful heir is?
  4. What I don't like about BB Road Kill is just like Battle of the Block it diminishes the power of the HoH. Going to make it hard for power shifts to happen
  5. When did this whole "no blood on your hands" start anyway? Use to be you put up people you want out.
  6. Putting up people on your side as pawns is terrible game play. Pawns go home all the time.
  7. Some things don't change Nicole is still a terrible player
  8. It looks like the battle for the iron throne will be a blow out victory for the Mother of Dragons.
  9. If they had warning Alligators signs up, would be willing to cut them a little more slack.
  10. 8:30 pm in Nebraska
  11. Drain the lake and turn it into parking. Only way to keep Crocodiles away.
  12. Nothing inspires a calvary more then seeing your leader riding a flying fire breathing Dragon
  13. Agree. Tai isn't winning this.
  14. Yep, Probst even called it 1b, after season, just because he said that will always be his favorite. But this season's gameplay was unparalleled in his opinion. Which was his favorite season?Just a guess. Season one.