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  1. Once the Great Wall of Trump is built people will come in groves from around the world to gock in amazement.
  2. Moved more then once to follow the construction booms Most infrastructure jobs, new Airports and the wall won't be done in farm areas either.
  3. It's not up to Tim to determine if he is illegal. Tim responsiblity is turn in the proper forms.
  4. Exactly. In fact right now in the Denver area they are begging for construction help. I read earlier where someone was saying just hire welfare people. Just what I would want on a construction site. Replacing hardworking experienced help with a bunch of lazy welfare help.
  5. Ah. If he was George from down the street then he would just be a guy making a little extra money on the side.
  6. Sounds like he is using the tax laws just like Donald Trump claims he does. So smart I guess
  7. Really good advice on finding a non popular car for a decent price.
  8. I don't really care who's side people are on politically when they post but have one question why isn't this being in forced. It's the first rule. Own who you are on every post. . Alias accountsAre a pain for moderators. If you feel the need to create extra accounts just for trolling, this message board isn't for you. We see them; we close them. New accounts created in response to having your original account suspended/banned may also be axed.
  9. I don't need the media to know a liar. My brother is a first class one. Trump is one.
  10. That's what happens when you get caught lying over stupid ####. It brings into question everything you say
  11. That can get their news from the president that's the only person they need to trust.
  12. I suppose. Fake news now was lost any meaning other then if "I don't agree with it it's fake news."