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  1. Yeah you just wondered in off the street and started posting in the forum.
  2. Always. Not surprising coming from a raciest lying cheating conman.
  4. You left out two kks in kulture.
  5. I live 10 minutes east of Boulder. No way would I recommend Boulder. It cost to much and the traffic there is terrible right now.
  6. Agree. Did they ever have huge viewer numbers for their talk shows?
  7. Shoot someone on 5th ave, turn a country of 25 million into dust.
  8. Saturday afternoon watching 30 mph winds blow around tumbleweeds. They got that.
  9. I have always thought about the Ozark area for something like this.
  10. Could have that around Denver 20 years ago, not so sure now. There's a lot of rural area east of Denver.
  11. How many times do you need to say boobs on a sportstalk show?
  12. Internet killed the cable star.
  13. The best things about this is the few times Trump wins we all win, plus get to lol and smh at the people who still believe in the lying, cheating conman.
  14. There are over 350 cities and several states that are passing legislation to follow the Paris Accords. Despite Trump.
  15. They still can. Put up statues of America heros to fill the space.