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  1. Browns say hi.
  2. And a int. Send the fans home.
  3. Nice TD to DT
  4. Fumbling
  5. That's what Derrick did. His "let death take you" talk to the players getting voted out was top notch. He was in total control 99% of the game.
  6. But how do you judge the social game from the outside and not being personally involved. I get people don't like bitter players, but it's the players responsibility to not make them bitter as you vote them out. Paul went out of his way to #### on Natalie her last week. He was gleeful about it. I'm glad it ended up costing him 450k.
  7. OK maybe 7 to 2. Didn't see where Nicole said who she would have voted for.
  8. He would have beat James by a vote of 8 to 1 according to to the members of the jury.
  9. Then why have a jury at all then? Just give them points for comp wins and reward the one with the most points. Half or more of these games are the social part. There was no need for Paul to treat Natalie like #### her final week, he did it because he didn't like her. It was his choice to throw away a vote it ended up costing him in the end.
  10. No only the players who were playing should vote. It's your responsibility to make sure you don't have a bitter jury.
  11. Agree. Ken or Jessica are the only ones from Gen X that might win. I think the winner is coming from Millenials. Hannah or Michelle is my guess after week one.
  12. I hate seasons where they bring in returning players with new players. Let new players play. If you want returning players then make it all people who where players during their seasons. I am actually looking forward towards survivor 34 as there are returning winners along with other strong players in the game.
  13. The final speeches are just for tv. The votes are locked in before hand. These shows are rigged. I would like to see how much riggage goes on in Survivor. Wouldn't be surprised if James was told Nicole had 5 votes and to vote for Paul for some drama.
  14. As long as production keeps getting involved with the outcome it will always suck. It was pretty clear from the beginning they wanted a Nicole win.
  15. Jason from James and Day's first season.