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  1. Hey now. One guy over here did some voter fraud and other over there did to. We can seem to catch those guys.But voter fraud of millions and millions investigation by some of president's top men can't find a thing.
  2. Also asking people in NYC if it's easy to get to a DMV compared to lots of people living in rural America doesn't mean much.
  3. Why don't we see him asking the NY group if they think Voter ID is discriminatory?
  4. We saw this video and discussed it months ago. He doesn't even ask the same questions. He ask the people in California if they think Voter ID is discriminatory towards minorities. He ask the NY group if they know where the DMV is.
  5. Yeah we could have had talks then. But it was used to focus on disrespect the flag and sons of #####es.
  6. Gee if only Trump could put together a group to research voter fraud? Bet they could find all this massive voter fraud going on.
  7. Not sure how it's done in Oregon but here is the process in Colorado. About 10 days before you get your ballot you get a notice to expect it. After you vote you get a notification either by text or email (not sure which it is ) saying they received your vote.
  8. Trump will sign an executive order on social media companies: White House spokeswoman.
  9. Wonder how they are going to steal the email telling me how my vote was received, after they stole my Ballot I was waiting to receive, after I got a mailing saying look for your ballot in the next week.
  10. Can't get it with my main Roku TV but automatically switched to HBOMAX on a old tv using PS4.
  11. I have seen. If you can stand in line at Walmart then you can stand in line to vote. Or America is the home of the brave so we should be fine with standing in line to vote.