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  1. Yeah a few seasons back. Remember they called out the names at the final the people voted in run onto the stage and they left that night.
  2. Is that really a surprise. People are advocating we should do a pre-emptive nuclear strike against a potential future nuclear strike.
  3. Agree on Malcolm and Michaela returning. Rumor is there might be a Fan v Favorite season for s36
  4. Yeah. I disliked him in his season but after this season he seems like a good guy.
  5. Well they still have better views then Kansas.
  6. Just like our liar in charge.
  7. Yeah Sarah out did Brad with the jury. They set it up with Brads confession about being a lawyer. Sarah was spoiled as the winner is before the season started. I liked watching her edit as a good lesson on how they tell the winners story, you just have to look for it.
  8. Most of them appear to be corrupt loser on both sides.
  9. Well it's a big deal liberal scandal, so there's that.
  10. Maybe he should have tried American Ninja Warrior.
  11. Well that settles that outrage.
  12. Buy her a set then. She just has to learn to drive smart. Snow tires will help with getting going and handling but not necessarily in stopping so slow down and anticipate.
  13. Probably would help then. In snow its mainly the having to stop part that gets you, no matter the tires or the drive train.