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  1. My prediction. In a few weeks he will announce he is dropping out of the presidential race.
  2. And poor Melania never got to go on 3 week vacations all over the world every 4 weeks.
  3. Remind me again the date the Democrats named Robert Mueller special counsel.
  4. Depends on how you look at it. Looking around the net the consensus is about 3 miles of new wall has been built while a little over 200 miles have been replaced.
  5. Your thoughts could still be right considering the source.
  6. Since you asked. Here is the president just today. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump ยท 4h We have now built 240 Miles of new Border Wall on our Southern Border. We will have over 450 Miles built by the end of the year. Have established some of the best Border Numbers ever. The Radical Left Democrats want Open Borders for anyone, including many criminals, to come in!
  7. I'm surprised her boyfriend wasn't in the store right beside her. No wait now I see why, he wasn't wearing a shirt.
  8. They must have just recently been dropped. Only ones I can find streaming is on HBO. Both versions of Casino Royale.
  9. There's a teacher shortage without the coronavirus.
  10. If everywhere you go you smell dog #### maybe you should check your own shoe.
  11. What is being proposed is. K-6 freshman and seniors in class 5 days a week. The other classes 2 days one week 3 days the next those students would be in class 50% of the time.
  12. Basically what our school district is proposing also 9th and 12 grade in school everyday as well. 9th because it's the first year of high school and 12th because it's their last year.
  13. More then one of us here have posted. Fine you want schools to open, how about some solutions that help.
  14. That's a pipe dream. Schools are already making plans. Trump tweets aren't going to change those plans for lots of school districts.
  15. Our school district plan is kindergarten thur 6th grade plus 9th and 12 grades to attend school 5 days a week. 7th,8th,10th and 11th grades students will go to school 5 days out of 10 and online 5 the other 5 days. One week some students will go 2 days the next week they will go 3 days.
  16. Isn't Ohio a red state? So it isn't only the blue states.
  17. As far as I know most school district have plans to reopen in the fall. This is as usual, the conman is creating a problem that he can claim later he solved without really even doing to solving it.
  18. And the president has very little control over that. Aren't we talking about suburban women? Most suburbs have there own police force so if a city defunds their police force it doesn't effect them.
  19. True. But also the younger you are you are also susceptible to not being able fight off things. Lots of young school age children have younger siblings at home not being exposed to the virus at the levels that will happen once school is in session.
  20. Maybe one of the reasons we don't have a higher death toll among our children is that one of the first things we did is protect them by closing schools?
  21. You would think a great leader could come up with solutions to actually help schools reopen other then threaten them. Guess he's to busy working on a plan to protect monuments to people who fought and lost to America.
  22. I'll bet threaten to stop funding schools unless they comply with his demands of reopening schools during a pandemic will go over well with suburban women.
  23. When he threatens to cut funding if they don't comply then he damm well better have a solution.
  24. Her hotness level when up about 2 levels the last 2 episodes. Overall I liked it. Has a Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe. Do like that she has a ways to go to become a badass, instead of being one right from the get go based off where she started from. Mary kicking her off the cliff was a great.