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  1. I voted 7. at current rates of growth and hospitalization rates, we’re looking at a full blown failure of the US healthcare system in early May
  2. Wtf is that dress kristen wiig that is
  4. Brutal. Didn’t impact me though as I parlayed them all in my uncut gems imitation. OT was my only chance after the chiefs went up by 4.
  5. #### a TD bomb there would have been an amazing over cover
  6. Parlay: over 53.5 mahomes over passing yards 300.5 mahomes over rushing yards 31.5 mostert over rushing yards 75.5 chiefs -6.5 gogogogogogogo
  7. They hit my exact number on an Audi Q5. Was a breeze and would definitely do again.
  8. Find a poker tournament. You’ll have multiple people limping with <10bb who then fold to a shove.
  9. The answer is a function of what % the $750 is of the overall vacation spend. If less than 15%, option A. Vacations are like home renovations - convenience, quality, and price - pick 2.
  10. Hard not to root for the Chiefs - both the Hunt family and Andy Reid have been integral parts of the NFL for so long.
  11. How does this dude know when his wife is coming in the room? reminds me of the joke “what’s a husband’s most sensitive body part when he’s jerking off?” his ears
  12. That Altuve walk off video holding his jersey and then running into the clubhouse to change is the smoking gun. This story is a lot closer to the beginning than the end. The astros and red Sox will wind up vacating their WS titles, and players will eat season long suspensions.