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  1. They should have fired Gase instead.
  2. They did that in the pregame studio also
  3. I voted 7. at current rates of growth and hospitalization rates, we’re looking at a full blown failure of the US healthcare system in early May
  4. Wtf is that dress kristen wiig that is
  6. Brutal. Didn’t impact me though as I parlayed them all in my uncut gems imitation. OT was my only chance after the chiefs went up by 4.
  7. #### a TD bomb there would have been an amazing over cover
  8. Parlay: over 53.5 mahomes over passing yards 300.5 mahomes over rushing yards 31.5 mostert over rushing yards 75.5 chiefs -6.5 gogogogogogogo
  9. They hit my exact number on an Audi Q5. Was a breeze and would definitely do again.
  10. Find a poker tournament. You’ll have multiple people limping with <10bb who then fold to a shove.