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  1. is this dude worth a #3 priority waiver pick (assuming he would fall to me)? saw him play and cannot discount any TD from any player really. even though it was busted, the QB was looking his way! Also, seems like is targets are respectable.
  2. i had to cut him this week last minute for a kicker in a short bench league (4 spots). After seeing how bad the skins looked I really had doubt.
  3. if you have some backup to your vote that would be nice to hear too.
  4. just realized that he was dropped and cleared waivers!! just picked him up and will wait and see. 12 team PPR with only 4 bench spots (have barkley on bench).
  5. if you are all in on the philly air attack then do it but im not sure i would do it.
  6. 12 Team PPR and I have Barkley and Engram. I was looking at being proactive and grabbing Tate this week. Would that be too many of one team? i think i could get a few weeks of playing engram and Tate till Barkley comes back, but not sure what I would do with 3 Giants players. What is the communities thoughts?
  7. can you play 2 TE? if so then grabbing a 3rd may not be a waste of a spot. You said your league is hard to trade in so if you grab a 3rd and can only play one you may be stuck killing another bench spot. So if only one, i would go after the WR. If you can play two then go after the TE.
  8. i know there are a ton of these, but.... in 12 team PRR league with only 4 bench spots and we play a single IDP position. Looking at who to make a claim on with the 7 spot and two of the top priority need a TE. I don't feel strong about my WR core. the following are available: Fitz (was dropped before this weeks games), RossII, J. Brown, McLaurin, Amendola, Doresett II, Crowder, and A. brown(ten) Who if any of these should be a priority grab? RB available are: M. Brown, Thompson, R.Jones, and M. Davis. current WR are: Hilron DJ Moore MVS Sutton Moncrief
  9. Have Golladay and Jones going against Chicago or I can start Adams from Philly. I am playing the Chicago D and can only start 1. Would you start one of the DET WR's or Adams?
  10. Thinking that Godwin will be more than a deep threat with Winston in control as they connected twice in preseason on short yardage redone targets and and Barber seem to be more productive with Winston in also. Godwin and Barber could be sneaky early pick ups this week especially with Barber probably on the FA list.
  11. ended up grabbing godwin, m. davis, and powell. looking to maybe drop crabtree for coutee or even gabriel.
  12. Does anyone know if barber was being successful during the preseason with Winston in or Fitz? Going back and looking at preseason box scores, barber looks good on paper, so just wondering if it was the scheme being played why Winston was in. If so, I think barber could be the play over Jones coming out of the Bye. This all hinges on who was QB for majority of the preseason snaps.
  13. 12 team PPR. Was offered Lynch and I give up golloday. Sitting at 4-1 with 3rd most points have 10th waiver priority. current roster QB: Stafford, Winston RB: Gordon, Collins, D. Freeman WR: Cooks, Boyd, Golloday, Crabtree TE: Gronk Was looking to try and grab Powell, Morris or P. Barber as I think the hot names will be gone before I get to my waiver pick. If I take the trade I could try and grab Godwin, Cobb, coutee, SANU, MVS Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  14. 12 team ppr with a 4 player bench. An owner just dropped Gio and was wondering what you all thought about him long term and if he is worth a roster spot. would have to drop crabtree or Vance McDonald for him. (have Gronk)
  15. So I am in a 12 team PPR league with only 4 bench spots. My RB's are not much to write home about and I'm not sure if any of these WW RB's would be good grabs for more of a season long perspective. Currently we have the following on our waivers. Wilkins Burkhead Morris I. Smith R Freeman (who I drafted then dropped) CJ Anderson My current RB are Gordon, Collins, Murray and P. Barber. Would you think any of the WW guys are going to out perform what I currently Have?