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  1. Having chark and Robinson, i think I would have to drop chark for him. I am in need of a WR. but can’t justify all three. As a chark owner, I feel I am hanging on to last years stats and being blind to what Shenault is or will be this year.
  2. As a Chark owner... what does one do? This guy is on my waivers but I can’t justify him charm and Robinson.
  3. 1. We start 2 plus flex 2. Have been starting 3 (2 + flex) 3. Verdict is out on Newton for me still. I do see him as an upgrade, but not sure how much. I am concerned that Wentz will be more like his last two weeks with an occasional big game scattered in. 4. system is PPR with bonus at 100yd. I so far have not started Carson, but I am concerned that CEH may not pan out to be an every week start. (Well at least for me and what i have at RB)
  4. They just sent a 3rd offer for Carson and I get Cam. i have second waiver clam so I could possibly get on there RB to replace bench depth.
  5. The newton and jackson owner has offered me Newton for CEH or Jacobs. Are either of these too much to pay for Newton. current QB- wentz current RB- CEH, Jacobs, Carson, hunt, robinson
  6. Short benches (4) and have chalk too. What is one to do?!?!
  7. PPR. should I play hunt or Carson as my flex. Also have Robinson. Leaning Carson, but feel like I am chasing last weeks performance. thoughts?
  8. looks like Dare is inactive today. see here not sure who the active RB's are today, but could lead to a lot of Robinson.
  9. I am with some of the above and would want to see what TB offense looks like. I feel the NEED to watch JAX to see what Robinson does. Curious to see how AJ green looks after being on extended leave.
  10. 20+ point underdog this week so swinging for the fence with Robinson as my flex. !@#$ it.