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  1. I’ve lived in Northern NJ my entire life (42 years) and would probably stay here if the cost of living wasn’t so high. My friends and most of my family is here, there’s tons of things to do, we’re 15 minutes from NYC. Winter does suck though. I have family in the Myrtle Beach area and have visited there at least once a year since I was 8 years old. We’ll most likely move there when I retire in about 15 years. We may look into going sooner once my youngest graduates high school (8 years).
  2. 20 years ago, I’d get physically involved as soon as a woman or child appeared to be in danger. Today? No chance. I’d call security or 911 if the situation called for it, that’s about it. I certainly wouldn’t stand around recording it with my phone though. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.
  3. You probably “get” most of the above but you’re in a cell the size of a big closet and there are no windows. It’s the worst punishment (outside of being executed) in the penal system for a reason. I have two young kids and a decent life insurance policy, so the island would be my choice. My life would basically be over either way, so at least they’d be better off financially once I’m declared dead. Pretty morbid thread idea. I like it
  4. What is the deal with Jose Ramirez? He’s been pretty bad for a good while now, other than stealing bases I guess. I got offered Gleyber Torres for him in an OBP keeper league and I’m thinking I should accept.
  5. Thanks. Yes, I’ve seen a few used Leafs (Leaves?) available for under 10k. I really hate the way they look though. The new one isn’t as awful looking, I guess. I have some time, so maybe I’ll test drive one and it’ll grow on me. Thanks again.
  6. Did a search, and this is the only electric car thread that pops up. So I guess I’ll ask here. I’m heavily considering getting an electric car once my current lease is up in a little less than a year. I did a ton of research this weekend, and the Teslas are out for me. They are way too expensive for what I need. I will be putting between 5 and 10 miles a day on average on the car. I live in the same town where I work. We have a second family car which is super reliable and we can use as our traveling/family car. This car would be my daily driver to and from work, and to occasionally pick my kids up from a friends house or school or practice or whatever. Does anyone here own a non-Tesla? I am leaning towards getting either a used Volkswagen e-golf or a used BMW i3. Looks like both can be had in the 14-18k range. I own my home, and have access to my garage where I will be charging, so charging is not really an issue. I checked, and there are also three or four charging stations within a few miles of my house. We are also considering getting solar panels on the house which is another reason why I am leaning towards going to a full electric car. Any advice is appreciated. 👍
  7. This is pretty darn admirable. Good on you 👍
  8. Good post. Agree with all of it, this was a rare great weekend for the franchise. My thoughts on the Cox pick is that he’s going to be our James Devlin.
  9. Strictly asking about 2019. Miller had 1150 total yards and 6 TD last season. Is that way too little to expect from Jacobs?
  10. Where does this guy land in redraft? Lamar Miller type tier? A bit higher?