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  1. No. They almost always seem to be mediocre. They will bring in a middling FA veteran QB and go 7-9. Rinse, repeat. Football purgatory.
  2. This is all window dressing. The only thing that matters is the coach and QB. As long as they’re still there, they’re as good a bet as anyone to win the SB.
  3. Not really buying this either. They looked like deer in headlights all night. Never making adjustments and looked scared to death to make a mistake. Where was the imaginative play calling? The game plan was Adam Gase-esque.
  4. It’s better than a baseball score. Goff and McVay were completely inept offensively and the game was a total bore.
  5. It really is a pretty terrible time to be alive.
  6. Man In The Box

    Who are you rooting for and why?

    I'll be rooting for both teams. If I need a Pats FG to hit one of my boxes, I'll root for that. If I need an LA pick-6, I'll root for that. I have absolutely zero interest in who wins the game this year for maybe the first time ever.
  7. Man In The Box

    How Many Dwellings Have You Lived In?

    Same here, all around 👍
  8. Ugh. Just started S1 a few nights ago. It’s good, I’m 3 episodes in. Should I just quit it?
  9. Man In The Box

    Why is Sean Payton disliked so much?

  10. It’s not even about pace for me anymore. I hate the fact that you can’t really react and celebrate right after a play anymore. You have to wait because on the twelfth replay, his toenail may have been out of bounds. Get off my lawn!
  11. Or lost for that matter. They are always close games.
  12. You know what would be worse than the refs missing blatant calls like they did tonight? Having to waste 5 minutes watching 18 replays and have them still get the calls wrong. I almost wish they’d get rid of replay altogether.
  13. Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, last year. Two weeks to prepare for Nick Foles. Didn’t go so well. Patriots are beatable. This game will be close. Hated the way these two teams got there, and I feel bad for Saints and Chiefs fans, but this is a good matchup. Looking forward to it.