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  1. They can’t run block or pass protect. They’re a dreadful unit.
  2. This is probably the right answer. As a Jacobs owner, I hope we never find out.
  3. You don't know anyone who's gotten it??? Man, count your blessings. I know six people who have died from it.
  4. Very impressive win. It’s been a while since they’ve gone on the road and won a game handily, especially in prime time. Good (great) Fitz is really fun to watch. Gesecki looks like a matchup nightmare at times, would love to see him get even more involved. Noah looked a lot better, great sign. He had a rough game vs. the Bills. Van Noy was everywhere. Missed a tackle early, but he played great. Hoping he can be the veteran leader of the defense with a winning pedigree. They’re a .500 team over their last 12 games going back to last year, which isn’t saying much but I think they’re headed in the right direction. A lot depends on Tua, but I like the coaches and the pieces around him to give him a chance at succeeding. Tough stretch coming up...
  5. That makes three of us. I may have to play Mixon if Jacobs can’t go though. Good problem to have 👍
  6. Tua hasn’t even had any contact yet. I’d be surprised to see him before the Jets game week 10 barring an injury to Fitz.