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  1. Button pushed. Thanks for the reminder. :thumbsup:
  2. That's definitely something I'd like to add, I just haven't had time lately to get it done. Hopefully soon I'll get a chance to put that together. (Also wasn't sure if anyone actually cared, but now that I know at least one other person does, it's extra motivation to find some time to work on it ).
  3. Sorry to the guys who got eliminated this week. I probably should have been, but I managed to stay above the cutline another week. Probably just taking up a spot from a more deserving lineup though (I'm #4,639 out of the remaining ~5,000 live teams overall through six weeks).
  4. 5,000 next week.
  5. Still alive here but it feels like I'm just waiting for the cut line to catch up to me. Barring some unforeseen emergence I just don't have the firepower necessary to have any kind of impact. I'll enjoy the ride while it lasts though.
  6. http://o.ffense.com/fbg35k/overall.php for anyone who's looking for it. This table doesn't update in realtime, the results through week 5 will update once I finalize the scores tomorrow morning.
  7. Should be good now.
  8. Not to to diminish the issues of people who can't even link or sync their leagues, but I think perhaps the biggest issue is I'm afraid now to trust that it's working. I sync my leagues and it appears to be working, so I wouldn't even think to check or complain, but then I see this thread get bumped and people saying that players are missing that they picked up yesterday, etc. I'm not actually reconciling MyFBG with my league homepage to see if it's right, that defeats the purpose of syncing in the first place. I've got a fairly high tolerance for frustration, and if I get an error message when I try to sync, that sucks but at least I know it's broken and can tell when it's been fixed. But if everything looks like it's working, but it isn't, that's the point at which I stop using the product.
  9. Yep, sorry guys, just noticed it was missing. I'll get it updated in a few minutes.
  10. Basic arithmetic. And IIRC they took a timeout after the TD so they had plenty of time to think about it. Inexplicable really is the right word. I had no rooting interest in the game but I was really hoping the Bucs would've made them pay for it.
  11. How about Jeff Fisher? The Rams scored a TD to go ahead by 11 with under 5 minutes to go, and rather than kick the PAT to make it a 12 point lead, they went for 2 (and didn't convert, but that's beside the point).
  12. Solid response David. I'm a long-time subscriber and I've been moderately frustrated with the changes this year, but it sounds like you made the right decision a year ago and just didn't get it done in time. Probably should have anticipated that, but it happens. Poor user experience? Definitely. Could communication have been better? Probably (though admittedly I haven't been paying close attention to all the drama this has stirred up, and every time I do pop in I see Joe or Simon or Adam or someone from staff participating in the discussion so it's not for lack of effort). That's not to discount the issues people have been having. If it's actually broken for some, that's really frustrating, I get that. For me the changes have mostly just been a mild annoyance but everything appears to be working and it's just a little clunkier than it was last year so... At the end of the day, I've derived so much value from this site over the years, and I expect that to continue into the future, so I'll put up with some bumps in the road. Just my opinion but at a time when I could easily drop $30+ a month on other services of lesser quality, FBG is still the best bang for my buck in the industry. Glad to hear you guys are aware of the issues and working to fix them.
  13. Don't have time to add it to the site at the moment but I just pulled it from the DB: size avg score 18 172.9 19 173.0 20 174.2 21 175.0 22 174.6 23 174.7 24 175.4 25 175.4 26 175.2 27 175.7 28 177.2 29 175.8 30 175.4
  14. Roster Size Distribution Size Count Alive Survival Rate 18 3838 2411 62.8% 19 1758 1194 67.9% 20 1429 1011 70.7% 21 1239 928 74.9% 22 1180 917 77.7% 23 979 780 79.7% 24 912 753 82.6% 25 775 639 82.5% 26 669 558 83.4% 27 559 480 85.9% 28 472 413 87.5% 29 418 373 89.2% 30 641 554 86.4%