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  1. New Jersey - 80's - public school - we never learned square dancing in school and I'm genuinely shocked by the poll results, had no idea this was a thing anywhere, ever.
  2. Saw Better Oblivion Community Center (Conor Oberst & Phoebe Bridgers) in Brooklyn last night, they were great. I figured they'd play everything from the album and a handful of each of their own songs, but the cool part was they swapped a couple times - Conor would sing one of Phoebe's songs and vice versa. One of the highlights was a punk cover of Phoebe's "Funeral," hoping video of that ends up on Youtube/Instagram/whatever soon.
  3. You definitely won't get the full essence of the OA in the first episode (I just remember that it had the longest cold open in history) but I think you'll get enough to know whether you want to bail or keep going.
  4. I'd hesitate to recommend it to anyone because objectively it's so ####### dumb. You will find yourself rolling your eyes frequently; if I tried to explain it, it would sound like a disaster. But there's something about it I just love, and I've heard that kind of sentiment echoed by many others. It's like it's so committed to its vision that you can't help but go along for the ride. I'd say watch the first episode all the way through and then decide for yourself whether to keep going.
  5. A row of data is just a collection of cells, so if you can do it for cells you should be able to do it for rows, right? Could you explain why the way you do it for cells wouldn't extend to the whole row?
  6. Anyone have a good recommendation for a sleeping pad / air mattress for camping? The catch is I only go 2x a year with the cub scouts, so I don't care as much about it being lightweight / compact since I'll just be wheeling it in a cart from the car to the campsite, more interested in something comfortable for a good night's sleep without being obnoxiously large.
  7. I own a bunch of Apple products but wouldn't call myself a fanboy. I won't be getting this but to play devil's advocate, I think some draws to this are: - If you're already using Apple Pay regularly, and not already getting 2% cash back on everything, this is an upgrade. - From what I've seen I assume the native integration with iPhone will be pretty cool (e.g. viewing your transaction history, etc) - Getting your cash back credited daily as opposed to points you have to redeem after your monthly statement is kinda cool. Ultimately makes no difference to the "pay off my balance in full every month" crowd but still feels like a neat innovation, have often wished I could just apply the cash back at the point of purchase rather than needing the extra step of redeeming points later. Most here will have no use for it but I can see how this would be an appealing proposition to the younger demographic. We're quick to point out that it's not really any better than other cards, but it's also not really any worse, and does have some cool features so it will undoubtedly be a huge success.
  8. Every card has no late fees if you don't make your payments late.
  9. The title of this review completely summed up my feelings about season 1 of The OA back when I binge-watched it in the span of a single evening. I just finished season 2 and still feel the same. I completely understand why anyone wouldn't like it - I feel like I shouldn't like it, but I love it. Already can't wait for season 3.
  10. Have you looked into services like opsgenie, pagerduty, etc.? Pretty sure they could do what you're looking for. Edit: My only experience with them is as an internal tool but I assume you could set up a number to give to external customers that would route calls to your on-call staff.
  11. First half is better but I expect the second half of my life to be much shorter than the first half. #mopmath
  12. I mean, that sounds awesome, but that's not what this service is. They don't bring gas to wherever you are, it sounds like they have a contract with your employer so they can come to your workplace and fill a bunch of cars all at once. Without that part I doubt the economics make any sense.