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  1. Tiger and Brady are the GOATs of their respective sports but Peyton and Phil are so much more likeable.
  2. No. I view it as a kind of experiment that will hopefully provide some insight on the state of the virus. I’m just taking care of myself and my family. I wouldn’t personally go near the boardwalk this weekend but I’ll be interested to see if there are any related spikes over the next few weeks as things reopen.
  3. Funny thing is before coronavirus, we'd been getting together maybe once a month. We're all busy dads and husbands, hard to find a day that everyone's free (and convince our wives to let us spend an entire day playing). Since we're all locked down though, we've been playing weekly. Not quite the same as all sitting around the table together but it's been great.
  4. Will be interested to hear the final tally of fake listings out of the 1,000 once they're done checking. How many do you think it will be, 100? 300? 500?
  5. From Camping To Dining Out: Here's How Experts Rate The Risks Of 14 Summer Activities
  6. I've been walking a lot of local nature trails with my wife and kids lately. Over 50% of people we pass on the trails have masks on, which I just don't get. We're out in nature, closest you get to another human is occasionally passing someone going the opposite way on a narrow part of a trail where it's hard to move aside and you're maybe within six feet of each other for a second or two. Almost makes me feel bad, like we should be wearing them too, but that seems ridiculous and defeats the whole purpose of getting out there to me.
  7. Is this still a thing? I just started playing D&D a few months ago, have played a few sessions now and am having a lot of fun (has been a great escape while being stuck at home the last few months). Haven't watched the episodes yet but this looks really great.
  8. There are four possible outcomes when you test: You're actually positive, and the test returns a positive result. You're actually positive, but the test returns a negative result. (False negative) You're actually negative, and the test returns a negative result. You're actually negative, but the test returns a positive result. (False positive) Two different sources of error, that have two different rates (sensitivity and specificity). Imagine a test so broken that it doesn't actually test anything at all, and just returns negative for everyone. It would correctly identify all negative cases, so there would be no false positives, but it wouldn't correctly identify any positive cases so there would be a massive number of false negatives.
  9. Not to derail the thread, but isn't the Vitamix also like 5x the price of the Ninja? I'd expect it to be much better if I was paying that much more, but that's not really answering the question. Obviously depends on what you plan to use it for, how often you're blending stuff, etc. but many people (myself included) aren't running a smoothie shop and just don't use it often enough to justify paying more for a professional-grade blender.
  10. Something random that popped in my head the other day: There's a scene in season 2 when Charlotte is questioning Bernard in one of those glass rooms, and he says something to her which is inaudible to us. She then calls in Strand and some other guys and tells Bernard to tell them what he just told her. And he repeats (?) that the valley beyond is in sector 16 or whatever. What was the point of that scene? I remember trying to read his lips, theorizing about what he might've said the first time, or what she might've whispered in his ear, etc. Was there ever any payoff to that? I think that's the most frustrating thing about the show, is that it just adds "mystery" for no apparent purpose and then just never comes back to it. This season someone noticed that William and Caleb's ID numbers in the system were identical (or nearly identical, close enough that it obviously wasn't merely a coincidence). This spun off a bunch of intriguing theories about the relationship between William and Caleb. Get to the finale and it turns out... no explanation? Did I miss the meaning of that, or were we supposed to believe it was just a coincidence? That seems like it's not just sloppy, but actively punishing people who are paying close attention. The #### is the point of that?
  11. It's obviously not designed to catch asymptomatic cases. That doesn't mean it's useless.
  12. Had tickets to a few shows that have all been postponed, I opted for a refund on all of them. I'll rebuy a year from now if I still want to go. Biggest bummer was I planned a whole trip to Chicago around the Pitchfork Music Festival in July, and I ended up canceling the whole trip. Hopefully the world's in a much better place in 2021.
  13. Sure, or mentally ill, or whatever the circumstances that led them to literally living on the street. That's got to be about as low as you can get. We're supposedly this wealthy, civilized Western society. Getting these people help, a chance to succeed and as Joe has mentioned, some basic human dignity, should be a high priority for us. Attaching strings to the help should be much, much lower and just ensures that fewer people will benefit.
  14. This is not the same in several ways, but this discussion reminds me of the debates about requiring drug-testing to receive welfare. On its face it seems like a sensible policy that a lot of people immediately agree with, but in reality I think it's been proven to be an ineffective waste of resources, and further serves to degrade a class of people who are already at the bottom of society. Are we trying to help people or not? While abstaining from alcohol is arguably best, drinking in stable housing is sure to lead to better outcomes for all involved than drinking on the streets. Citing alcohol-related things like violence and disorderly public behavior seems like a nonissue, as those are already illegal - the housing doesn't need to be conditioned on a prohibition of alcohol, you can treat these incidents as they arise. But I think a compassionate society would give people the means and the opportunity to succeed, and not punish them prematurely for the crime of being poor.