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  1. Compared to the entire population of the country / world, I'm top 5% in a whole ####load of things. For example, pedantry.
  2. Never happened with ours. Maybe some of them are just defective.
  3. You're not the first person I've seen on here say something like this, and I can't help but wonder if you guys were just using it wrong or something. The whole point was it didn't stink up the nursery. We used one with both kids and it was great, I'd highly recommend it.
  4. Just had my older son's 6th birthday party this weekend. Can't believe how fast it goes by. The best advice I got as a first time parent was that there are going to be times you're stressed out and worried that you're doing everything wrong. That's totally normal. No one tells you that, they say being a parent is so magical and amazing. It is, but it's also really hard at times so don't beat yourself up if you're wondering why it doesn't seem all that magical and amazing sometimes. You're going to do a bunch of stuff you swear right now you'll never do, like let them eat microwaved processed chicken nuggets for breakfast. That's ok too. Other than that, we baby-proofed the house way too early. I was sweating getting covers on all the electrical outlets and stuff before the baby came home from the hospital, and in reality it'll be a year+ before you even have to worry about anything like that. Amazon subscribe-and-save for diapers and wipes. Diaper genie by the changing table. "Cry it out" for sleep training, it might suck for a day or two but then it's over. And take lots of pictures and video (but don't spend too much time behind the camera). It really does go by fast, so just try to enjoy every moment.
  5. Yeah, I probably worded that poorly. I'm not saying it's a good argument or that we shouldn't progress forward as a society even against majority opposition. I just think mainstream society isn't quite "ready" for this one yet. Societal change comes when, well, society changes. And I don't think it has yet on this gender fluidity stuff. Not saying it won't happen in the very near future.
  6. I know I'm getting old because I don't really get a lot of the LGBTQIAXPU stuff. I don't know what half of those letters stand for and they seem to add a new one every few months. I haven't been paying attention, but I vaguely understand that there are men who identify as women and want to use women's bathrooms or something? That seems weird to me. I say that as a progressive who fully supports gay rights, etc. I think there is something to the argument that we should be cautious about pushing through social change before society is ready. I totally accept that I may be becoming an old out-of-touch guy but has "genders using the other gender's bathroom" really become a major issue very suddenly? I'm not even saying I'm against it, I just don't get it.
  7. Probably not but there's this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy6OEvb1or8
  8. Went there once about 15 years ago. Only thing I remember is the garbage plate.
  9. If these "patriots" wanted to actually create civil unrest they'd have to come out of their little hidey-holes in the mountains so that doesn't seem like a problem.
  10. This is gold coming from a birther nut.
  11. After pretty much not watching TV for most of the last 10 years or so (Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley are pretty much the only exceptions), for some reason over the past few weeks I've been really into binge watching shows. Here's what I've gone through so far (not all of these are Netflix but whatever): Westworld (watched it twice through, loved it) Sherlock (flawed, but I really enjoyed it) Black Mirror (a few misses but mostly very good) The OA (love/hate relationship - it was so dumb but I couldn't stop watching it) 3% (not great but not too bad) Stranger Things (loved it) Started watching Travelers but gave up after episode 2 I think. The premise sounded up my alley but something about it I just didn't like. Currently almost done with Mr. Robot (love it so far) Any obvious recommendations to watch next?
  12. A father and son both molest kids - the father is a monster, the son is a victim. Don't know what that says or what kind of point I'm trying to make, it's just weird, right?
  13. Saw this somewhere else, but Trump was born on third, thinks he hit a home run, and is getting tagged out while trying to steal second.