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  1. I care. I think it was a terrible non-call, and maybe there's a solution (like allowing coaches to throw a challenge flag in such situations). But once we start discussing solutions, we have to look at the bigger picture - in which situations can/can't you challenge? What possible unintended consequences are you introducing to the game by making these changes? Etc. And to answer those, we can't just talk about this one single play, we have to talk about all such plays, in all games, at all times, which is something you keep telling people they're not supposed to do in this thread. If you want an answer to "what can be done about this one bad call that happened yesterday?" the answer is nothing. It was a bad call at a pivotal time in an important game. Hopefully it leads to more discussion about how to make the game better. But you can't insist on focusing on that single play, it defeats your own argument.
  2. I had no real rooting interest in the outcome of either game, and have no real interest in debating what happened. But you had four great teams and two great games yesterday, and the story of the weekend is going to be ####ty officiating, which is a real shame for the game.
  3. Ignoratio Elenchi

    Songs with counting - list your favorites

    Radiohead - Where I End And You Begin Billy Woods - Wonderful Guster - Barrel of a Gun Lil Wayne - Uproar
  4. Ignoratio Elenchi

    Timeout before field goal

    Weird thing to get upset about IMO. If we're just taking an opinion poll, I'm in the camp that thinks (a) there's probably no conclusive evidence that it's the right strategy, (b) teams get 3 TOs per half, let them use them however they want, and (c) as someone with no rooting interest in the outcome of the game, I thought the TO at the end of Bears-Eagles made the ending even more thrilling. No.
  5. Ignoratio Elenchi

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    The question isn't whether it beats being an old grump, the question is whether it beats the vig.
  6. Ignoratio Elenchi

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    Colts are 4-0 vs the Chiefs in the playoffs since moving to Indy in 1984. The road team has lost 11 straight Saturday Divisional Round playoff games. Chiefs are 12-5 ATS in their last 17 vs. AFC teams. Dome teams that played in outdoor stadium during playoff games are 18-36-2 ATS since 1990. Mahomes has never won a playoff game where the game time temperature was below 40 degrees. Teams that wear red jerseys score 10% more on average than any other color. 4 - 0 - 1984 + 11 + 12 - 5 + 17 + 18 - 36 - 2 + 1990 - 40 + 10 = -5 So if you can get the Colts at +5.5 or better it's smart money.
  7. Ignoratio Elenchi

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    Not a problem at all, I love talking gambling.
  8. Ignoratio Elenchi

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    I meant the thread in general, I didn't even get as far as whatever your Sacramento St/Stanford discussion is about.
  9. Ignoratio Elenchi

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    This is terrible shtick.
  10. Ignoratio Elenchi

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    I don't have the data handy on top 10. The theory of course is that smaller rosters that do make the finals are more well-suited to finish at the top of the standings, but I'm not sure the data bear that out. I was just pointing out that if your goal is to make the final 250, larger rosters have always done better than small rosters, that's always been true in theory and in the actual results. I understand the argument you're making, I just don't agree with it as a strategy (but I think that's mostly a matter of opinion, not that one is "right" and the other "wrong").
  11. Ignoratio Elenchi

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Most people don't. Only a small percentage of entries makes it to the finals, it's really hard to do. And of all the takeaways from a decade+ of picking apart the contest on this forum, the one thing that is true every single year is that larger rosters survive at a much higher rate than small rosters.
  12. Ignoratio Elenchi

    Best Ball (MFL10s, DRAFT, etc.)

    DRAFT has NFL playoff best balls now too.
  13. Ignoratio Elenchi

    Zeke Stat Correction

    Pretty much any site will make a change on a Monday since the week isn't even really over until after MNF. As someone else pointed out above, there's no actual deadline for stat corrections. All fantasy sites just pick a date/time to finalize results and move on to the next week, it's largely arbitrary. It's not like CBS is "wrong" for closing out results on Tuesday mornings (assuming that's what they do), it's just the day they chose.
  14. You were probably in the online "fan championship" that was open to everyone, they're talking about the actual live final in NY last weekend.