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  1. That’s wild. Obviously everyone’s situation is different but if my wife suddenly turned into that, I’d imagine I’d honestly be thinking about divorce. Not because politics are the be-all and end-all of course, but because walking around on eggshells like that sounds like a pretty unhappy/unhealthy way to live, and because being a full-throated Trump supporter is pretty much totally incompatible with some fundamental beliefs of mine. Not sure how I’d be able to reconcile that. More power to you for making it work.
  2. Or, you know, you can be respectful of others but not want to be married to them. “Doesn’t The Left think you should be a nice person?” Haha gottem!
  3. I love how you say that like it’s a bad thing.
  4. He doesn't know, it wasn't his idea to begin with.
  5. I think it's probably pretty normal for parents and kids to have differing political views, but how on earth does the above work?
  6. You’re doing it again. Remember, 100% of the time it’s a mistake.
  7. pro-tip: when you realize you were mistaken and want to back out of a convo, just do it. the "i gotta go fix my dishwasher" thing makes it worse 100% of the time
  8. All polls are unscientific garbage, except for the ones that report results I like. Those are reliable.
  9. I was googling something the other day and one of the top results was an article that began, "Donald Trump might finally have crossed the line..." It was from July 2015. There have been dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of things he's said and done that would have and should have sunk anyone in a normal universe. But here we are.
  10. For that reason, I actually viewed it the other way. Why would he even know it was section 764-dot-something off the top of his head? Him referencing it, and then playing it off like "dot 4 or dot 5, something like that" made me think he's specifically studied that particular statute recently for some reason. Even money we eventually find out Sheriff Dar was a Werewolf Watchman himself.
  11. Not disputing the results but that question doesn't really make sense. The options were "vote on her confirmation ASAP" or "vote only if Trump wins the election". Those aren't exhaustive. I don't even know what I'd pick if I was given those choices.