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  1. Went there once about 15 years ago. Only thing I remember is the garbage plate.
  2. If these "patriots" wanted to actually create civil unrest they'd have to come out of their little hidey-holes in the mountains so that doesn't seem like a problem.
  3. After pretty much not watching TV for most of the last 10 years or so (Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley are pretty much the only exceptions), for some reason over the past few weeks I've been really into binge watching shows. Here's what I've gone through so far (not all of these are Netflix but whatever): Westworld (watched it twice through, loved it) Sherlock (flawed, but I really enjoyed it) Black Mirror (a few misses but mostly very good) The OA (love/hate relationship - it was so dumb but I couldn't stop watching it) 3% (not great but not too bad) Stranger Things (loved it) Started watching Travelers but gave up after episode 2 I think. The premise sounded up my alley but something about it I just didn't like. Currently almost done with Mr. Robot (love it so far) Any obvious recommendations to watch next?
  4. A father and son both molest kids - the father is a monster, the son is a victim. Don't know what that says or what kind of point I'm trying to make, it's just weird, right?
  5. Saw this somewhere else, but Trump was born on third, thinks he hit a home run, and is getting tagged out while trying to steal second.
  6. You lost faith in both sides and the news media because someone who works for MTV (I had no idea who she was, just googled it) tweeted something stupid?
  7. The larger metropolitan areas have a lot more people in them than everywhere else. The only sense in which the country is "mostly red" is geographic, which is mostly meaningless.
  8. Column A is just the years, not dates, right? Then just do: =if(A2=2017,"N","Y") If that doesn't work, the other thing that comes to mind is that the years are stored as text instead of numbers or something, so you could try: =if(A2="2017","N","Y")
  9. After 80-100 years or so you'd probably die, so I don't think so.
  10. That's an interesting interpretation of the article and video in the link you provided, is there more to it somewhere?
  11. I hope most gun rights people don't actually believe this. I can buy an argument that you want a gun to protect your home from robbers or whatever, but wtf good is a gun going to do you against the government? I assume they have stuff like a swarm of mosquito-drones that can inject you with heart attack-inducing chemicals, or lasers that can melt your brain from outer space. I'm pretty sure the days of fighting the US government with the rifle under your bed ended decades ago.