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  1. Have you looked into services like opsgenie, pagerduty, etc.? Pretty sure they could do what you're looking for. Edit: My only experience with them is as an internal tool but I assume you could set up a number to give to external customers that would route calls to your on-call staff.
  2. First half is better but I expect the second half of my life to be much shorter than the first half. #mopmath
  3. I mean, that sounds awesome, but that's not what this service is. They don't bring gas to wherever you are, it sounds like they have a contract with your employer so they can come to your workplace and fill a bunch of cars all at once. Without that part I doubt the economics make any sense.
  4. I don't really drive much anymore, but hypothetically: - Because I'd need to add another app to my phone and (I assume) link my credit card/bank account to it. - Because I'd need to remember to leave my gas tank open when I go into work in the morning. - As others have noted, because sometimes a trip to the gas station accomplishes more than just getting gas (e.g. cleaning the car, buying things from the store, etc.) I know the above sound trivial but on the flip side, getting gas has never really felt like a major inconvenience, for me personally this is just a solution in search of a problem that doesn't really exist.
  5. Saw these guys in Brooklyn a few months ago and saw them again last night in NJ. Phenomenal both times, big fan.
  6. Agree with the other poster, never been an issue for me but if it was it would reflect poorly on the person making it “weird”, not on the non-drinker. I was out at a dinner with work people recently, had one drink but declined a second when everyone else got another (and another and another), was a complete nonissue.
  7. This pretty much covers what I would've posted, except I probably average even less than 1 drink a week. Once in a while I'll have a beer when out with friends or coworkers, that's about it. Point D especially - when I reached a point where a few hours of drinking basically ruined the next 36 hours of my life, it just didn't seem worth it anymore. I like beer, I like getting buzzed, I have no family history of alcoholism or moral objections or anything like that. I just got to a point where I jut don't need it in my life anymore.
  8. I didn't pick a number. I wouldn't play in a league with this kind of set-up.
  9. Good to hear Scott Fish is on the case.
  10. My first impression when coming into the thread was that this was another case of stolen money, but the crazy thing is they charge such absurd rake on those leagues it wouldn't make any sense to run off with the entry fees. I chalk it up to the garden-variety kind of mismanagement you get when it's just one guy in a basement running the "company." People will get paid, it's just taking a while because [insert whatever stupid excuse the guy can come up with].
  11. I care. I think it was a terrible non-call, and maybe there's a solution (like allowing coaches to throw a challenge flag in such situations). But once we start discussing solutions, we have to look at the bigger picture - in which situations can/can't you challenge? What possible unintended consequences are you introducing to the game by making these changes? Etc. And to answer those, we can't just talk about this one single play, we have to talk about all such plays, in all games, at all times, which is something you keep telling people they're not supposed to do in this thread. If you want an answer to "what can be done about this one bad call that happened yesterday?" the answer is nothing. It was a bad call at a pivotal time in an important game. Hopefully it leads to more discussion about how to make the game better. But you can't insist on focusing on that single play, it defeats your own argument.
  12. I had no real rooting interest in the outcome of either game, and have no real interest in debating what happened. But you had four great teams and two great games yesterday, and the story of the weekend is going to be ####ty officiating, which is a real shame for the game.