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  1. Rumor has it he's in the early stages of developing arthritis in the knee. Which will only get worse over time and shorten his career. Link?
  2. i own 1.05 in a ppr and wouldn't trade it for hopkins.Which is exactly what my response was.That's not a bad offer at all. Frankly I think most would say Hopkins>1.3-1.5. His ADP is close to a full round ahead of Gurley on DLF.This time next week, those adp values will reverse. Hopkins isn't worth near 1.03 - 1.05. Not close to it.You are simply wrong about this being a bad offer, and it doesnt deserve to be anywhere near this thread. Yes. This deserves the "worst assessment of a trade" award which includes banning from the thread for two weeks.
  3. You answer my question about why most analysts don't have Abdullah in the top 3 with effectively 'they're dumb and lazy' and expect me to accept that as a legitimate answer? That's a rhetorical question, btw.
  4. The majority of "analysts" on TV, etc. that put out rookie rankings are hardly experts at talent evaluation (not that I am, either). I'd wager that most of them have seen a couple games of a player, but mostly base their personal rankings on 1) how the player is perceived by the community as a whole (ie. Gurley being ranked 1st by damn near everyone) 2) 40 times 3) raw statistics on their college production 4) how closely the player matches the "prototype" of the position. Actually, I should probably put the "prototype" comparison higher in importance, as that is a limitation that even real NFL scouts face. When your job depends on your ability to predict the future success of a guy you've probably never met, you're going to be inclined to not stray too far from things like the "prototype" for a particular position. If you fight for a QB that's 6'5" 240lbs and has a rocket arm and he flames out, the blame generally falls on the player for not meeting their potential. If you fought for a 6' 200lb guy that doesn't pan out, you're more likely to get blamed for going against the "prototype" and the norm. That's how guys like Russell Wilson fall to the third round when anyone with eyes, a brain, game film, and no job to lose could see all of the characteristics you want in a starting QB. So, to summarize, "why don't they have this guy in the top 3?": 1) Group think/laziness 2) Obsession with 40 times 4) Focusing on total #'s rather than trends re: statistics. Most write ups that complain about his fumbling fail to mention his significant improvement. 3) He's on the smaller side of the spectrum of historically successful body types for NFL RBs (though by no means a complete outlier to the norm like a Russell Wilson) I don't "go to the mat" for very many players here on FBGs. The only other one I can think of is Russell Wilson. For most players I haven't seen enough film to feel like I can contradict the conventional wisdom. I try to take in as many different opinions as I can, watch at least a little tape on all of the top prospects and just do my best hoping that things pan out. For Abdullah, though, I have to stick my neck out. I'm virtually certain he will outproduce his draft position and I think he has the potential to be the best fantasy RB in this class. So the analysts in this List suffer from group think/laziness, 40-time obsession, etc, with the exception of Matt Waldman who just so happens to have the same opinion as you. We've already identified Homerism Bias. May I show the court Exhibit B, Confirmation Bias as it relates to your opinion of analysts?
  5. I'm curious, do you have the same complaint about Melvin Gordon? I ask because Gordon had a worse fumble rate in 2014 than Abdullah had in either 2013 or 2014. As Abdullah's usage increased, his fumbling decreased. Humor me a bit and try to defend the opinion that Abdullah isn't a top 3 RB prospect in this class and that the opinion of the overwhelming majority of analysts out there agree with you. In other words, why don't they have this guy in the top 3?
  6. First rule of the Ameer Abdullah Bandwagon Thread. Don't talk <s--t> about Ameer Abdullah.
  7. Not to completeley dismiss your situation, but it's quite different than, "who do I draft at 1.x?"
  8. Yes. His "shredded" knee has certainly held up quite well since then. This news does leave me spooked though. We'll see what NFL teams have to say next week.
  9. Apparently Michael Floyd owners exhibit off the charts endowment bias.
  10. Nope. Just those who try to pound their outlier opinions into everyone else's head.
  11. Now that he mentioned it, I've never seen them in the same room.
  12. Great ball skills? The two vs Alabama he barely jumps. Speed? No one pegged him as a 4.35 buy before the Combine. He looked slower than Mario Alford on the field. If route running was "most learnable" why do so many WRs bust because they can't do it? My issue with White is that he doesn't show good feel for routes and that's why he doesn't run good routes. I'm also not impressed with his movement skills without the ball the same way I wasn't with Marqise Lee. Just so it's on the record, do you think you know how to scout WRs better than most NFL analysts, GMs and coaches?
  13. I'm not the one to bring up White and I asked a valid question regarding White vs Gordon. Should I talk about White vs Gordon in the White thread? Are you here to express your being offended? Or are you here to discuss the players? Can you answer the question for Zyphros? It was actually Cooper and White. Where's your vetting of his opinion on Cooper? And I did answer Zyphros question. Speaking of which...
  14. I'm still looking for the thread where I can debate Dia Rea.