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  1. I know of 4 that got it. Three people in their 50s and one in her 70s. Nobody died but the lady in her 70s had a terrible time with several weeks on a ventilator - she got real close and likely has some permanent damage. The other 3 recovered at home over a period of a week or two and have been back at work for a while now. (I live in the DC suburbs but all my cases were out of state. 1 PA, 2 CO, 1 FL)
  2. Thanks. Doesn't sound earth shattering. I can go back to ignoring, I presume?
  3. I keep hearing about this. What are the main points?
  4. Not my fight, but it sure seems axiomatic that when two guys are arguing over something, they are either both being political or neither being political.
  5. Yep. I've beaten the horse to death. Muckraking headlines hurt us all.
  6. Fair enough. But it would be an incorrect take. The dense hard-hit areas have not changed their stances yet. Maybe a couple more weeks? Mo and PG counties in MD, plus DC, plus a few NoVa counties are going quite slow.
  7. Aren't we coy? In your post in question, your first sentence is: Maryland is reporting 1,784 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases — the largest jump the state has seen — four days after reopening retailers, hair salons and churches at 50%. Those words are yours, and are not a quote taken from the NPR article. You are clearly linking a reopening (which didn't even happen for the majority of MD residents) to a spike (obviously related to testing lumpiness). I am merely educating you on why you are wrong. Welcome. By the way, the NPR article did have some useful info. It states that PG County (12000 cases) and Montgomery Count (8000 cases) dominate the state count. Half the MD cases are in just those two counties. Those counties did not follow Hogan's reopening guidance. I wonder why NPR didn't mention it. You should probably take it up with them. 777 new cases cases today. Comments?
  8. Populous MD counties which drive the numbers are still locked down. Your whole point ("surge days after reopening") is worthless. Let it go.
  9. Ditto CNN - Texas - meat packing plant 2 days ago. Why do the media feel the need to report this way? They are cutting their own throats.
  10. Montgomery County and PG County have NOT reopened ONE BIT. Nor have a few others (Howard. Anne Arundel? perhaps Carroll?). Anyway, the very populous DC suburbs have stayed locked up tight, just like DC and the NoVa counties. So you should probably turn your take around: "Cases surge in state that has mostly stayed locked down." (ps - the real answer is that it is due to lumpy testing reporting combined with an increase in testing)
  11. Or... they have a serious outbreak they have been suppressing news about. I doubt they lock up 100M people for a paltry numbers that have been showing up on Worldometers.
  12. I thought China had this? Now they are locking down 1/10th of their country? Such lying MFers.