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  1. There is no catalyst for new highs. But another year passing, trading sideways, and the picture clears considerably. The market will creep higher eventually. You trying to hit home runs?
  2. The PE10 is going to drop like a rock this year. Slowly valuation-based sentiment will turn more favorable. Not that it solely drives prices.
  3. I don't have kids but pay into the school system. All for the greater good, no? If I buy that logic, then I would prefer that the non-drivers also pitch in on the roads.
  4. Nothing worse in engineering than working with young people who have meh STEM aptitude but were pushed that way by parents / society. It is a miserable tooth-pulling grind for both sides.
  5. Yes, and we must call out society's sins wherever we see it until society is perfected (almost there). We have to be consistent 100% of the time. We have to question all icons and mores handed down from our troglodyte forebears. We have to get in people's faces. Weak sauce like spray painting the statue helps Trump. Right, wrong, or just peevishly trivial (hint - the latter). You know it and I know it.
  6. Joyless vandals. Good way to get "more Trump", as well.
  7. Cell phone aren't allowed in the building in which I work. Each AM I turn on call forwarding, and try to remember to turn it off when I pick it up on the way out. That plus being in my late 40s means I have a pretty tepid relationship with the thing. Scored a 1. Yay me. Actually for an engineer I'm really dumb at cell phone use. There is probably a lot of cool stuff I should be aware of.
  8. Sometimes I feel like we are related. It just keeps happening post after post. I'd leave off the pepperoni and add light mushroom. Perhaps. Otherwise, yes all day. New Haven 👍
  9. Stolen valor - Brian Williams, Hillary Stolen diversity - Warren Stolen street cred - Harris (and Northam's ability to Moonwalk?😁) Stolen victimhood - Smollette Not implying by any means that this behavior falls on a given side of the partisan divide. These were just the instances of prominent people inventing stuff to make themselves more interesting, or to some other end, that popped to mind. I'm sure there are others and you are welcome to add. Interesting phenomenon. Much of it was minor stuff. Which begs the question, is the juice worth the squeeze? Why these generally well-placed and prosperous folks feel the need to add another layer has me scratching my head.
  10. For all Feds of less than 30 years experience, the retirement system is FERS. For FERS, here is the pension (just the broad strokes): N = number of years you have worked H = your average salary for your 3 highest paid years (base pay + locality adjustment. OT doesn't count) Minimum retirement age is 57, so assume a 30-35 year career. Pension = H * (N/100). In other words, 30% to 35% of your final salary. Pension is cost-of-living adjusted each year, from age 62 onwards. When coupled with Social Security, figure that at least half of your income is replaced and COLAed for life. A really, really nice start in this day and age of no pensions, but not easy street.
  11. 62% of federal workers didn't even get furloughed. I'm assuming this 62% number is from the subset that actually got furloughed. Sloppy. Overall, I have sympathy, but man is a pathetic level of savings on display or what? And it is nationwide, not just a fed thing.
  12. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
  13. The bipartisan committee got deadlocked this time, so Dems share part of that. $5B isn't being mentioned and they can't decide on 1 or 2 billion, and detention beds, and all other kinds of crap I'd prefer they not shut down the government over. It is still Trump's issue, and the Wall has become a litmus test of sorts thanks to him. But I'm just saying that the Dems won't fare as well in the court of public opinion this time around. They'll still do better than Trump, McConnell, and the Republicans overall.