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  1. Maybe social issues aren't high priority items for him?
  2. Doh - I thought I was in the Trump thread (one of them). Stupid brain.
  3. I don't recall signing up for AOC's twitter feed.
  4. A couple obscure ones, Gunny Highway, and a well crafted drama. High Road To China. City Heat. Heartbreak Ridge. Indian Runner.
  5. Yep. Smells like a liberal authoritarian. I'll pass. I don't care for DAs to begin with - combining lawman and politician ain't such a good idea - and you can imagine the kind of personality type that role appeals to. Not at my dinner party!
  6. Carter wins in 1976 (maybe). Star Wars came out in 1977 (definitely). First newsy item that I actually paid attention to over a period of time was the Iran Hostages. Born in 1970.
  7. If we get a decent melt-up, I plan to be selling into it a little bit. I've gotten behind on sliding my asset allocation over the past few years. Retirement is coming sooner rather than later, and I'm pretty heavy on the equities side. I think I'm at only 8% cash / equivalent and 15% bonds. I'll never be one of those 50% bonds types, but should probably be at least at 25% at this point.
  8. S&P is on the verge of cracking 3000. Feds will likely ease. Good chance of a melt up.
  9. '83 Ford Escort wagon. At 80hp, man was that thing slow.
  10. Leader of the Band - Fogelberg - good Dad song Romeo & Juliet - Dire Straits - a girl once broke my heart and this was the song I'd wallow in misery to until I sacked up and moved on with life.
  11. I'm a registered Democrat. Furthermore, the car loan thing was kicked around a bit a few months ago in the politics forum. That's where I saw it, anyway. Interestingly, the numbers are comparable. $1.3T in auto loan debt. 7 million people are delinquent (so it is a stressing problem for lots of people, just like student loan debt). The debt load is really growing (up $600B since 2010) just like student loan debt. Looks like a dead ringer for student loan debt in many way. Actually, might be growing faster since the student loan growth rate has slowed in the last decade, from what I remember.
  12. Forgive auto loan debt instead. Society benefits. The benefit possibly accrues to a societal cohort with lower economic lifetime potential than the students being rescued, as well. It isn't just college grads who drive cars. If you are bent on redistributing money from taxpayer to borrower, injecting moral hazard into routine and transparent economic activity, and removing some of the consequence from the act of making the choice of degree, that is. I guess I'm just a meanie. (my personal dislike of the plan to forgive student loan debt isn't that I don't want society to be better off, it is because I think such an action will make society worse off)
  13. That is a supportable argument. And I agree that it is one solution and probably the best. Like I said, we can have that argument. Just don't tell me that "there is no logical reason" for the cap (I know you weren't - it was lod001). That is an untrue statement, and therefore not a base on which to construct an argument.
  14. Actually, there is a very logical reason for the cap. The reason is because SS was intended specifically to NOT be a form of progressive taxation. It only paid out so much, and therefore contributions were capped - i.e. each citizen only can pay so much in. The payout was indeed progressive (bend points) as we all know. Now, if you want to have the argument that this should be changed, because for instance you are concerned over the financial health of the system, or because you think that a more progressive funding scheme is "more fair", have at it. I might even agree. But there is/was a logical reason for the cap. (And it really needed to be automatically inflation-indexed, and I believe they fell behind on raising the cap over the years)