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  1. More importantly, Crichton wrote both.
  2. The internet seems to agree. The combination of better stream quality, DVR capabilities, and multiple household streams, it definitely seems like the better product. Additionally, in the Denver area, it looks like I would get the local CBS affiliate (all the other networks are on demand only) which would be especially nice during football season as most of the Broncos games would be there so I wouldn't have to watch OTA.
  3. I'm cutting Directv in a week and I was really looking at whether to grab Vue or Sling and how they are handling Redzone kind of muddied the waters for me. Vue is going to cost me $35/month (Core is required as you noted)+ $40 ($10/month). With Sling I would have to get their premier package to get ESPN and have the option to get Redzone ($40/month) + the sports package ($5/month). Either way it's $45 bucks a month. Prior to looking into it, I was thinking I could go with the Sling base package + the sports package or Vue Access + something similar to Sling's $5/month. Essentially, Redzone is either going to cost me $15/month with Vue or $25/month on Sling as I wouldn't have cared about their more expensive packages or NFL Network. If you are looking for Redzone, it makes Vue the easy choice IMO, but the high cost makes me more likely to skip Redzone and go with the $20 Sling package.
  4. Many people are saying that Trump's NAMBLA donations are putting United Games Marketing to shame.
  5. I was the 6 seed. To be fair, I was just as surprised as you.
  6. You shut your mouth. Pretend Curry was just pissed that Pretend Westbrook was given the MVP, I guess.
  7. Just turned 12 years old.
  8. She blew a piston last summer.
  9. This has been my experience as well. I've flown with them on two round trip flights, all four flights were at least two hours late. Both early flights were delay because they didn't have crews, the other two delays were both the fault of Spirit, not the airport or weather. My wife and I take a handful of weekend trips a year where we can get by with only a backpack which makes Spirit 50% the cost of other airlines, and even if it saves us a few hundred bucks we'll never fly Spirit again. And this is coming from somebody who puts up with Frontier on a regular basis.
  10. Not sure I should be rubbing this in Kraft's face right before I play Moops, but Abe gets to keep the title of worst team ever for another year.
  11. I would think that it is very likely. FWIW, his BBR HOF probability is 89%.
  12. How many players with 5 first and second team All-NBA selections haven't made the playoffs? Eye-balling the list, everybody with 6 or more is either in the Hall, or will be going. I think Hill might be the only other guy that might not make it with 5 first and second team All-NBA selections. A couple other guys that have 5 All-NBA selections with a smattering of 3rd team selections included might not make it (Kevin Johnson, Ben Wallace, Tim Hardaway).