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  1. This is basically how I was going to respond. Also, NBA development has been shown correlate more strongly with age than NBA experience.
  2. I've started to read and listen to a lot of draft stuff in the last couple weeks. A couple guys stick out to me as poorly ranked by draft pundits. 1. Josh Jackson - Bruce, maybe you can explain him to me. I see the makings of a top 10 pick but not top 3, nice passer, great athlete, very good defender, but he is a whole year older than the rest of his class (he's a whole year older than Bender who was drafted last year), he's got a relatively short wingspan, and his jumper is busted. 2. Lauri Markkanen - His stock is starting to fall, but it seems like he lacks the ability to defend PFs and he isn't a great rebounder or a shot blocker so he isn't going to be effective as a center. Maybe his shooting will make up for that, but I see him possibly slipping out of the lottery. 3. OG Anunoby - Maybe this is just me talking myself into a player that has a good chance to be available at 13 to the Nuggets, but (big but) pending his recovery from his knee injury, there is a lot to like. Although a sophomore, he is still 19 years old (half a year younger than Jackson) and profiles as an elite defender a la MKG when he was drafted. In the back half of the lottery, I think he has a higher ceiling than anybody and his floor looks to be somebody like Andre Roberson with a mediocre jumper.
  3. I bet he is significantly younger with his terrible writing skills. He just watches lots of ESPN Classic in his mom's basement.
  4. Because Sterling was a racist #######. It hasn't not worked for the Clippers over the last couple years.
  5. Fun fact, both Simmons and Butler were born September 14, 1989. Simmons might have a little more room to grow because of his lack of NBA experience, but pretty much the player we see is the player he is going to be for the next couple years.
  6. I doubt they do much this year except match Simmons if his offer is reasonable (no offer will be nuts because he is Arenas-limited), sign re-sign Mills if he has a tepid market, and re-sign Ginobili on a one year deal if he wants to play one more season. Next offseason they only have Aldridge (last year of his deal), Leonard, Murray and Green (play option) on the books. They'll be able to go in a lot of different directions at that point. So, maybe they are done as title contenders for next season, but in 18-19 they could be totally reloaded.
  7. I think I would rather see him get drafted by the Lakers then totally flame out. But really either would be great.
  8. I really don't think Bird's offense would suffer in today's NBA, if anything he would be a better offensive player because he would have grown up shooting 3s. Defensively, I think he would probably get shredded, but he would be spectacular on offense as a full time power forward in today's NBA.
  9. I think the great majority of the draft community has Fultz #1 (I don't think I've read anything that has Fultz #2 since the end of the tourney) even though the idea that Fultz and Ball are neck and neck seems to be a big talking point. It seems that there is a tier below Fultz of Ball, Tatum, and Jackson, then a tier behind them of Fox, Issac, Markkanan (I think he'll fall), Monk and maybe Smith. So, it's probably a big win for them if they land the #1 pick, but if they don't, wherever they fall between 2-4 probably doesn't matter much.
  10. You're going to have your wish in 2018 with a BBC/Amazon collaboration.
  11. Depends on the goal of Ballmer. If I were him, I would want to stay competitive and keep the sellout crowds going. I don't know how winning 50 games a year for the next 3 or 4 years could be considered "the worst thing they can do" even if it isn't necessarily a good way to get them into title contention. After decades of being an afterthought in LA, they are finally the team to watch there and the Lakers aren't turning it around very quickly. I would be very surprised if they don't make every effort to resign Paul and Griffin and at least consider resigning Redick.
  12. I'm doing the same thing right now and think that the narrator (Steven Weber) has done a very good job. I've never read the book before, but the first 41 hours of the 45 hour book have been pretty enjoyable.
  13. If he gets that kind of money for 5 years, the whole management staff should be fired.
  14. Allan Crabbe got 4/75 last year at the same age with a lower salary cap. The Wizards might be able to talk him into take a slight discount, but they'll end up paying him whatever he wants.
  15. I talked about this a month or so ago, but there are very few stretch fours that can also play defense. Ibaka and Millsap are available this offseason, but both area little old and will ask for a lot of money. James Johnson had an incredible year and could probably be had on a reasonable contract (3/36?) but I think his shooting was a mirage and I don't particularly trust a career year at 30. Other than that you are looking at guys that aren't likely to be traded (Green, Aldridge, Porzingas, Davis). I'm hopeful they will chase Millsap and Roberson and let Gallo and Plumlee walk.