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  1. Interesting article so far. A couple paragraphs later there is a mention of him attempting to high five opponents after making a free throw, so I went and found it. So happy he is finally playing so we don't just have to read his incredible twitter feed and we get to see him do things like that.
  2. He's not that far off on the TS%, old man had quite the game.
  3. I did it! Its really a game changer for me!
  4. I know teams often hide their all offense no defense players in the second unit but that trio is taking that idea to the extreme. There is going to be a lot of scoring at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters in Thunder games.
  5. I agree. Forcing Gordon to play the 3 nearly full time is going to be a big mistake. I actually liked the Ibaka trade for them at the time. I was hoping they were going to play a lot of Payton-Fournier-Hezonja-Gordon-Ibaka lineups that had a chance to hold their own defensively, and would have been a lot of fun offensively. Instead, it seems like they are going to play big and be no fun at all.
  6. Ibaka and Fournier are both good shooters. Disqualified.
  7. Are they starting Roberson at SF and Sabonis at PF? If so, they are very competitive for worst shooting starting 5 in a decade as well. I have been assuming that they would be starting somebody like Ilyasova at 4 or Morrow at 3.
  8. I think they are on waivers for a minimum of 48 hours, processed at 5pm EST. So if they were released yesterday at say 3pm, they don't hit 48 hours until tomorrow at 3pm, and the teams have until 5pm that day to put in their waiver claims.
  9. I understand all of that, Eephus just confused me with his reply. Originally I replied to TRE saying Goodwin and Hunter were released 24 hours ago. Eephus replied to me saying 48 hours. I wasn't sure if he was saying that there is a 48 hour waiver period (which we are all in agreement is the case) or if he was saying that Goodwin and Hunter were released 48 hours ago (which I don't believe is the case).
  10. Hoiberg announced that Taj Gibson is going to start at the 5 on opening night. How far back would we need to look to find a worse shooting starting 5 than Rondo, Wade, Butler, Gibson, and Lopez?
  11. I'm confused. I agree that the waiver period is 48 hours. From everything I found, Hunter and Goodwin were released yesterday, making it closer to 24 hours since they've been released, not 48.
  12. Hasn't it only been 24 hours? I would guess that there are going to be a handful of teams putting in waiver claims on both, especially Hunter.
  13. I agree with thecatch, Belinelli is terrible and as he is approaching 31 years old, I don't see him being worth a rotation spot on any team. The fact that they gave up a first rounder for him is embarrassing. The guard that they could have taken at 22 (Luwawu, Richardson, Korkmaz, even a PG like Murray or Ulis) would have been probably equally effective this year and obviously better going forward. He may have been the worst veteran wing in the NBA to play significant minutes last year, if not the worst, certainly bottom 5. At best he bounces back to replacement level where he has spent the majority of his career minus a good season in San Antonio, but I think that may be optimistic. As for Hibbert, the signing for $5mil wasn't bad, with the assumption that he would be a 4th/5th big, but as a starter, he's way too slow to play against any athletes and he is totally incapable of covering the pick and roll. And defense is the good part of his game, he rebounds like a small forward and he might be the worst offensive big in the NBA. If you could pick and choose when to give him minutes, he could be a productive player, but if starts and gets 1900 minutes like he has the past couple years, the Hornets are going to be a really bad team.