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  1. I assumed you did that on purpose.
  2. Surprisingly convincing. If this has been going on for over 30 years, I think it eliminates guys like Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland who are around 50. I think it'll end up being a guy that is 60+.
  3. Looking at Pump's recent activity, I think we are safe to replace him, unless he is somebody's alias. He hasn't posted on the boards in 5 months. @Cliff Clavin and @coyote5 you guys sure you're out?
  4. Not sure how I missed that. Now we are just waiting on the two flakiest members of the draft to respond.
  5. It looks like we are going to need at least one extra person in our NBA BTTF V draft, if any of you guys want to get in on it. Hopefully we'll get going by the end of the week so we can finish well before the start of the season.
  6. 1. TRE ---IN 2. @rodg12-- IN 3. @Sammy3469 --- IN 4. @TobiasFunke --- IN 5. @Frostillicus -- IN 6. @Eephus -- IN 7. @the moops -- IN 8. Abe -- IN 9. @jomar -- IN 10. @Kev4029 --- IN 11. @Chemical X -- IN 12. @JMon348 -- IN (will pretend to be mad enough to leave if draft) @coyote5 –OUT (if auction) 13. @No. 16 aka Charlie Harper -- IN 14. @scoobus -- IN 15. @Slapdash --- IN 16. John Bender -- IN 17. @Arsenal of Doom -- IN 18. @Pumpnick 19. @Kraft... -- IN 20. @Yo Mama -- IN @Cliff Clavin --OUT 21. @hagmania -- IN 22. @Spartans Rule – IN 23. @The Gator -- IN ETA: Now just waiting for Pump and a new recruit.
  7. Monday morning bump.
  8. Rose sounds like quite the scumbag and idiot (which we already knew). I'm surprised this isn't getting more attention.
  9. I definitely preferred the auction, but happy to do a snake draft if that is the consensus.
  10. I think he could be a nice 4th big that could split time at both the 4 and 5. No place left for him in Denver, but I think he's a better player than 2 2nd rounders.
  11. More importantly, Crichton wrote both.
  12. The internet seems to agree. The combination of better stream quality, DVR capabilities, and multiple household streams, it definitely seems like the better product. Additionally, in the Denver area, it looks like I would get the local CBS affiliate (all the other networks are on demand only) which would be especially nice during football season as most of the Broncos games would be there so I wouldn't have to watch OTA.