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  1. Went to look it up on Audible - free for audible members.
  2. Until the Lakers decide to start AD at center and play him there exclusively (which I don't think will happen) while completely benchingMcGee (which might happen), I think the Nuggets are the better team. The Lakers answer to Jokic has to be to extend him defensively and Howard/McGee just can't do that. I'm absolutely amazed at the evolution of this Nuggets team and they can basically roll it back in '21 if they want. They only decision they'll really have is how much they are willing to pay Grant (a lot) and if they should keep Millsap or Plumlee (please God let it be Millsap). With Jokic playing 40mpg in the playoffs and staying pretty fresh, I would all but punt on a center for '21 and grab an athletic rim runner from the scrap heap.
  3. Harrell has been awful defensively, but that's nothing new. He has been nearly as bad offensively. It also seems like the Nuggets happen to have Jokic in most of Harrell's minutes. Lou Williams is kind of the same story. His mediocre offense has not been making up for his poor defense. If the Clips lose this series, there will be a lot of blame placed on Rivers, but their bench just hasn't been producing and with the return of Gary Harris (pushing Morris to the bench), the Nuggets bench has played well.
  4. You shut your mouth. With as awful as PG was, if that continues, Denver has a punchers chance. Grant should be a credible defender on Leonard and Jokic should have a better series both offensively as the Clippers bigs are Gobert and defensively as the Clippers won't put him in a high pick and roll all game.
  5. The last three games he has average 47.3ppg on 64% shooting and 63% from 3. I think having the static background must really be helping him. Fwiw, I also think that typically the Jazz and Nuggets are at a shooting disadvantage as they bounce to and from elevation. If a baseball flies 10% further, a shot has to be slightly affected as well.
  6. 🙄 Not even remotely similar. It was pretty clear that Morris was not making a play for the ball and he was already whistled for a foul.
  7. I think Karnisovas deserves a lot of credit for the drafting and development of the scouting staff, especially Jokic.
  8. So Michael Porter Jr might be really really exceptionally good.
  9. I'm hoping this is a piece of a bigger deal for them. If not, they should have just held on to the two of them. Napier and Vonleh aren't going to help down the stretch.
  10. Not ideally defensively for sure. But offensively, pretty perfect of he can take what he's doing in 15 mpg and take it to 34 mpg.
  11. Michael Porter Jr is legit and his athleticism is slowly improving. Malone still isn't playing him enough but he's averaging 20/11/2 per 36 on .609 TS. He's kind of a crappy defender but he shows flashes on being a pretty decent weak side shot blocker and if he ends up being a full time PF he has the frame and feet to be effective if not especially good there. A Murray/Jokic/Porter starting lineup no matter who the other two are is always going to struggle but they'll be fun. Btw, the Nuggets just beat the Bucks on the road missing 3 starters and their 7th man. If they could trade some of their flotsam (Beasley/Craig/Hernangomez/picks) for an improvement on what Harris/Craig/Beasley have provided this year, I think they might be a more legitimate contender than expected.
  12. I'm not surprised they are in 7th place or whatever because the bottom half of the west sucks, but I definitely don't see this surge coming. Have they been any fun to watch?