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  1. 538 has the Thunder at 40% to make the playoffs. I would prefer my team tank than make the 7 or 8 seed, but they are legitimately in the mix to make the playoffs. The top 6 seeds in the west seem like a lock, but beyond that the 7-13 seeds (the Griz and Warriors aren't going anywhere) are totally up in the air.
  2. Harden has a .609 TS%, right in line with the last few years (and exactly his career average). If he ends the season with these stats, it's the greatest offensive season since Wilt averaged 50, and arguably better.
  3. The book had plenty of eye roll moments, but overall I enjoyed it 10 years ago. That was right about as Simmons was peaking as a sports personality and his shtick hadn't worn thin, at least for me. I have zero desire to listen to his new podcast though.
  4. Tacko Fall is a much taller human and he's also been playing basketball in 2019. Bol is tall, but there are other guys his size in the NBA. Fall is bigger than Boban so he's a bit of a spectacle.
  5. Called it earlier today. Good for him. A year ago I would have guessed he was going to get a minimum deal.
  6. PGs may be overrated but they have no other ball handlers other than Rondo. If LeBron misses any time they are going to be really really bad.
  7. Nuggets have a very large trade exception that expires in a wrek to take in Crowder. I think Barton is probably seen as a neutral contract around the league and he is a nice floor raiser that would help get the Grizz good enough to look competitive and develop Morant and JJJ without winning too many games.
  8. Who says no? Denver trades 2020 1st rounder, Malik Beasley, and Will Barton (or Mason Plumlee) to the Grizz for Jae Crowder and Iguodala.
  9. Not that they would help the defense, but Cousins is available for cheap and Faried is still very much a plus offensive player. Faried and Harrell would be a fun small ball 5 tandem. Chandler, Nene, and Noah would legitimately be decent defensive centers for 10-15 mpg. You could cobble together 4 centers and play them in different situations and come out with decent production from the position if they were all happy with the being yanked around in the rotation a bit.
  10. I don't think Mcgruder (he's way older than you think and was cut last season - even if the circumstances were odd) and Zubac (he all the sudden probably has a little more leverage to get overpaid and he is a giant slow center) are much in the way of assets. Those 1sts also can't be traded (until the picks are made) - hopefully they use them to draft some back end roster talent and actually build the team rather than what the Warriors or all LeBron teams seem to do.
  11. The Nuggets were the 6th youngest playoff team ever last season. They haven't made any moves to improve the team, but their internal growth should make them a few wins better than last year.
  12. I think the Jazz look pretty legit as well and the Celtics might look to make another big splash to improve the roster. If it's looking like Durant might come back toward the end of the year, they might look to trade some of their assets to get another star too.
  13. Both them and the Lakers have a 1-2 year window. After that they will have a hard time finding surrounding talent as they have zero assets going forward. IMO the Bucks are the title favorites, and it wouldn't be a big surprise to see Houston, Denver, Utah, or GSW (assuming Thompson can make it back) come out of the west. I understand why both LA franchises did what they did, but I don't agree it was the best avenue going forward for either of them.