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  1. We don't have that many of them near us, but whenever I see one, I always say "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K."
  2. Apologize if it's a Honda, but I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased a vehicle thru Costco? Someone mentioned it on a site I was looking at about one of the minivans I am researching. Didn't know they did that, so I was curious! TIA!
  3. What is the general opinion of the CC cover of Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi? Original Counting Crows (w/Vanessa Carlton) I like the cover a bit better.
  4. Does someone redoing their own song count? If so, where does Eric Clapton's unplugged version of Layla go? Original. Unplugged. Or even Level 42's Something About You? Original. Unplugged.
  5. I have a smaller dog, and we don't go on that long of a walk, so I always carry home. I can see if I had a Great Dane, I might want to drop off, but on the other hand, I may not want to drop a Great Dane's bag in someone else's trash.
  6. Yet Draiman tried as hard as he could to be true to the original. That's a 7 minute interview about the making of the cover. I will have to look at that interview. My thought about the difference is the power in his voice that he finishes the song with, it's a NTTAWWT, it's just not the tone of S&G. It works, to me it's just different.
  7. I don't think I'd look at this as a "Wow, I'm never going into another gas station again!" service; it would be a more of a convenience when traveling like @Ned mentioned, or if you in the office, why not check one thing off the list without having to do anything.
  8. The fact that the US isn't grounding them likely has something to do with the Boeing CEO calling his friend Donald Trump.
  9. Our dying 2005 Honda Odyssey has it. Newer version has the push-open.
  10. He did also hint at wanting to be able to charge electric vehicles. This could be a bigger thing if he could get them charged quickly, as there aren't that many charging stations around.
  11. Downtown DC might be tough, but something like Crystal City, Pentagon City, Tysons, Reston. These areas would be great. Also in those areas, you have some people who are willing to pay more for not having to do something!
  12. Oh, yeah. D.C. would be a great market - I haven't been there in years, but when I was on Capitol Hill, I seem to recall there are no gas stations that are convenient to anyone. That makes sense. You are correct, downtown DC would be perfect, there are only a couple of stations in the main downtown area. The trucks would have to be able to get in to parking lots, but if they got a deal with a couple of the owners of the larger parking lot companies, they would be set. NoVA is set up with bunches of more compact areas that have lots of places where people work/live/shop that would be ideal for this.
  13. @dgreen is right about Costco, we avoid it like the plague if there is a line. Even with out the line, if you could save the time you had to go get gas, it would be worth it. You'd think NoVA/DC would be a good place for this service. A truck or two could roam around Tyson's and get a bunch of clients. I know my wife would use it at her office.