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  1. No idea if that actually exists or not. Ask and ye shall receive! (Can't find video) Season 6 Episode 11
  2. What about The Goldbergs episode that was merged with scenes from The Wedding Singer?
  3. Has anyone seen a reason as to why they have three cameras on the new iPhones? I know each has a different 'focus,' but why can't they make one camera better? I just don't really like the look of the three eyes on the back. (I have a X Max, so I am likely not getting a new one this year anyway.)
  4. There is a part two that will be sent out this weekend, I had issues sending liquids via my first sending location.
  5. I apologize, I sent it two weeks ago. Sent it to the original address he gave me.
  6. Looks like he was finally taken home Hopefully used one of his tickets to paradise!
  7. He needs to get a national show. He is one of the best.
  8. The cover doesn't seem to get the song. The beginning of MIS was sooo cool at the time because of the way that they had Ben Orr's voice and other sounds are 'move' back and forth from side to side. The cover has some of the instruments in the left and right speakers, but it is no different than a regular 'stereo' song. The singer's voice is consistently in the center. It just missed the point of the song.
  9. Guster doing one of his songs. Guster - The Sun Shines Down on Me Saw it on a FB fanpage today.
  10. Been there a couple times. Once a looooong time ago in mid 80s with my family as a teen, and once with my wife on a cruise in the late 90s. Wife hates to fly, but wanted to go to Bermuda. Boom, CRUISE!! Left from Boston, took a day or so to get there, spent several days in port (not in Hamilton) and then a day or so back. Agree with the golf (if you do) at Port Royal. That was awesome. The one thing that surprised us on the cruise was the fact that tons of people would go a bit away from the ship during the day, but arranged to be back at the ship for ALL meals. They figured they paid for it, so they better get it all. If you can avoid doing this, do it. Getting on and off the ship can be a PITA. As to your wife's special eating needs, remember that this is a UK territory, where they all speak English. I'm sure if you talk to people, you can get meals adjusted to her needs (hope she likes fish!!)
  11. Liv is usually just a short nickname for an "Olivia." My daughter has a friend with that name that uses that nickname.
  12. And graham crackers. Precisely.