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  1. I had one of these in our old minivan, 2005 Honda, (our new one has CarPlay so it’s a non issue). Loved it. Mounted it on dash on passenger side and had it so it could angle to face driver. Our van was old, so we used my phone for navigation and music. This one is Qi, so you can charge the iPhone X wirelessly, you just slap it on and you’re set. You should look for the ring ‘plates’ to attach to magnets or else they will block the charging.
  2. I have noticed that other stores have an increase to prices on home delivery, are the prices the same as in the store on the curb pick up?
  3. When thread was opened - sitting in a restaurant in Northwoods WI enjoying a yummy Friday fish fry with wife’s family. Currently, on Indiana Toll Road, dealing with looooong ride home to DC.
  4. @shadyridr - do you think the contact with SIL was initially to b*tch about what a PITA you were, and then SIL responded with the ride offer?
  5. My wife makes $200k+ as a CPA. I never made much, and I am currently a stay-at-home Mr. Mom. When I switched from working, she made less, but more than me.
  6. In the late seventies (around 8-10 y.o.), went from bowl cut to part on left side, so about 40 years.
  7. Thanks. I guess i need to get a bunch of booze now too. Go run and get a bunch of BBQ from Tipsy if you can!!
  8. I'm just north of all of that so far. Nothing yet, but it looks like it's gonna be a wild weekend. Doing generator maintenance this afternoon. Hope all goes well! Stay dry!
  9. :finger: Speaking of radar, how are you doing with all that rain and Barry-storm?
  10. Sweet. I used to live in Leesburg from 99-02. Beautiful area.  You would be surprised how much has changed here, the area is growing incredibly. We moved here in 2010 and tons has changed since then!
  11. Very easy to identify my county (and even my town within it). Loudoun Co, VA is the red county identified on this map. The inward curve on the county, shown better on this map comes from the Potomac River on it's way south to DC. My town of Leesburg is on the 'point' of that curve. So on Radar maps that don't even show counties, it is easy to identify where we live due to them always showing the state borders via the Potomac River. I know the counties in VA better than those in MD, north of the Potomac.
  12. that's about an hour west of me. decent public beach there that's popular. don't know a whole lot more about it than that. Eagle River is hugely popular for fishermen and cabin goers. have fun  Been going up to Shawano for 25+, traveling to wife’s folk’s house. I’m not very popular in my Bears gear! Not sure when we will be back up there, but will have to try to arrange a get together!
  13. Summer is not the best time to be in DC for it's 'vibe.' Things tend to be a bit slower with the college students gone, Congress out of session, and people just generally on vacation. Better time for commuting though!
  14. GB, gb I will be stopping briefly in Shawano (wife's hometown) next weekend, on our way up north to Eagle River.