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  1. Ironically enough - so you have auto calc turned on? Yes, the issue is when I change the format of a cell to 'strike-thru' it doesn't qualify as something that will auto calc.
  2. I have a sheet that totals a small list, and I would like to be able to remove a cell from the total when I make the cell 'strike-thru.' I have the calculation part set up, but it doesn't automatically update. How do I set up a button to recalculate? TIA!
  3. iPhone 6 will still take most recent iOS, in fact I think iPhone 5 (maybe 5s) will also. One nice thing about Apple products. We didn't get phones for our boys until HS. That was the first time they really needed communication with us about timing of pickups and stuff like that (mostly Marching Band). Before thy have been regular timed, (practice goes from 5-6, etc.) so we haven't needed communication. They also have had BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) at their schools, so they have brought iPads and iPods. We are 90% Apple in my family, so it we have stayed with iPhones. They were hand-me-downs from me, so cheep! iOS has 2 different ways to locate people built in, 'Locate Your Phone' and 'Find Friends.' 'Locate' works automatically with iPhones that are connected within the same iCloud family. 'Find Friends' allows you to connect with iPhones outside of your iCloud. 'Find Family' also allows you to get a notice when a phone leaves a place or returns to a place. Nice for alerting you when they leave school or return home!!!
  4. Have a runny nose and sore throat cold.
  5. Get your Asian food to go! In many countries, it is a sign of appreciation to the chef when you slurp your noodles/soup! If the soup you are talking about is the same that they serve at Hibachi restaurants; I disagree, I find it delicious. But hey, I don't eat sushi!
  6. I would have done it if they would let me lease a phone.
  7. My sons' HS Marching Band will be performing in Rome for the New Years Day Parade next year (2019/2020). The school announced it early so people have time to plan and they have time to fund-raise big $$$. Should be a blast. Will be keeping an eye on this thread for next year!!
  8. Are you going to try to get some necklaces tossed to you?
  9. I'm totally going to build me one of these.. Portable one to take to kids sporting events!!!
  10. Every set of solar lights that I see in my neighborhood as walkway lights or driveway lights really stink. I would like to see a set of 2 year old LED ones and how well they hold up before I would ever get a set myself. With mine, the light is fine, just getting enough juice into the batteries is the problem. I have a lot of shade in my front yard, although the light is probably in the best position for getting solar. If it is a cloudy or rainy day, the light won't go on, or it will only for a short period of time. This can be an issue in the winter with earlier sunsets!
  11. Hotel Lobby
  12. I like how he pushes aside his teammates so he can get to his friend.
  13. If the $20 is for Sprint, there is a $5 discount for auto-pay.
  14. The only problem with the solar lights is that when you have a cloudy/rainy day or two in a row they don't have light for very long. I have one on a post by my driveway, and it isn't always on at night. I put it in because my old one had issues with the wiring underground and it was easier to do that instead of hiring someone to run wires. I will re-think about it later, but it is way down on the to-do list.