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  1. In these cookie bars, you do not taste the oatmeal; it is just in there to add 'something' to the texture. I was reading the old Judge Smails Chili Recipe thread (YUMMY!!!!) the other day; and to me adding the oatmeal is like adding chocolate to the chili.
  2. It's nice to know that I am not the only DP fan around. Tend to watch them every day (Benefits of being a Mr. Mom!!!) This is great!!! Remember, DP was a disc jockey way-back-when, so he will know The Kinks. I feel the others (esp. the Front Row) are huge music fans, that they would get the reference.
  3. My wife is in charge of the baking in our house. She loves to make cookies. (You should see our place around Christmas!!!) I remember these because she made them recently; she made the snickerdoodles a couple weeks ago, and they were awesome!
  4. Here are two that we've done recently and are delicious. :drool: Gooey Chocolate Chip Sandwich Bars Snickerdoodle White Chocolate Blondies
  5. Looks like we are missing 3 songs. 16.10 - El Floppo - RB - Kenneth Dixon - Baltimore Ravens - Dan Deacon W - 11 - El Floppo - RB - Marcus Murphy - Buffalo Bills W - 34 - El Floppo - WR - Antonio Callaway - Cleveland Browns Should we prevent @El Floppo from making any more claims until he finishes his music?
  6. Need to fix link. it has 2 HTTP://
  7. OK. I have entered the waivers up to the adding of D.J. Moore by JZilla this morning. I have not entered the Songs. If people can go thru and add their songs or if someone else can just pull thru the last couple pages and copy the stuff that would be great. Thanks!
  8. For Dan Bailey, newly minted Kicker for Minneapolis Vikings. Pure 80s, part of the beginning of 'Minneapolis Sound'... Morris Day and The Time - Jungle Love
  9. One of my favorites. The video for 'You Can Call Me Al' with Chevy Chase is one of the best ever done.
  10. My luck will be a loss by 2 with a late-game shank like the Cleveland kicker!!!
  11. I would have bid more if not a kicker and not oft-injured. I think that's a weirdly great anti-statistical fantasy play. Who else you gonna get that high volume from fifty-plus? Deep leagues, man, deep leagues. My problem was that my kicker last week kicked off then neglected to do anything more for the rest of the game. (I don't think he retired ) So I needed a good kicker ASAP.
  12. Guess the good news is I have time to think about the song!
  13. Ah, I see. Yeah, there's a box at the bottom of the screen with a number in it. It should read "0." If you want to adjust the bid, you bid out of your one hundred dollar budget that is supposed to be your yearly budget. So, without snark, I hope that helps. Wiavers run midnight tonight, if you're interested or a night owl. Much better to look at on the computer than the phone! Adjusted to add better (I hope!) claim amount.
  14. Gotcha. When I put in for him, it didn’t mention anything about that.
  15. Put a claim on Dan Bailey (K-Minn) will add song Today.