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  1. Well done. My kids have had a funny 5th grade teacher named Mr. Martin (first name Steve!) and they just don't appreciate it!!
  2. I will buy my local store's cream cheese, only because I know it is good. I buy their whipped version (both regular and chive), because it is easier for my kids to spread on their bagels. ETA: Forgot to mention the store, Wegmans, the best grocery store chain out there.
  3. In a way, it helps them if you ask. If the job isn't what you can afford, it saves them the time and effort to put you thru the process.
  4. If that happens, the HR lady is a moron. Salary is only part of the job, but it matters. How much of the hiring process is the HR lady involved in?
  5. Chicken Pot Pie? Pie is more of a method. A pizza would be a filled pie.
  6. Chicken Pot Pie? Pie is more of a method.
  7. A pet peeve of mine is the over use (and improper use) of the word 'literally.' I am having to break my little girl (11 y.o.) from using this one.
  8. This is why I like stores having the single line funneling to the registers, so the cashier can just call for the next in line. Then if there is a new register opening they can just work with the single line.
  9. Thanks @acarey50. That is slick, and I will be copying it for my home use (I am a Mr. Mom, so I just play around with this stuff) I get emails from a site called ExcelJet, that does training for Excel, and I happened to get one today for Pivot Tables! Here is a video that describes how to do a pivot table, and compares it to a report that is made using SUMIFS. They compare the numbers of clicks and functions that are used in the various reports. There is also an article about it.
  10. On the ribbon on the top, click on Alignment bottom right corner (Alignment Setting). Under dialog box for Format Cells go to Alignment tab and choose "Center Across Selection" under Horizontal Alignment. Or, do Ctrl-1 with keyboard and it brings up this menu too. At first blush, clicking the Merge and Center on the ribbon seems easier/faster. But, to be really fast with Excel, you need to use mostly keyboard and mouse only when necessary. For instance, Ctrl-SPACE selects an entire column and formatting can be done quickly on that column. The merged cells throws this system off. If Excel replaced Merge & Center button with Center Across Selection button, it would make life better for all, but here we are. Very cool. I guess you could make a macro and then a button for a ribbon or a shortcut to make the process just as easy.
  11. If you aren't allowed (by the FFA) to use the Merging across columns, how do you do column headers? Or is it kinda sorta OK if it is only at the top?
  12. Not sure if this counts as 'fraud,' but here in VA, we had thousands of people who voted in the wrong district for the state House of Reps election that happened in Nov.
  13. Nobody could figure that out in the chaos of when it happened. He was the one who mentioned on the telecast that the runoff did happen. (Now someone could have pointed that out to him in his ear, but hey. He does better than most, and could be moving up/over to MNF next year!
  14. You guys gotta read the Costco Thread!