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  1. DC has done well lately with Caps and Nats. The 'Skins will never be good until they change ownership. Can't remember the Bullets/Wizards ever being really good since I moved down here in 1988 (and that includes when they had Mr. Jordan).
  2. Has NYC won anything since Superbowl XLVI in 2012?
  3. 2 out of three kids (Son, 16 and Daughter 13) were supposed to be going to Space Camp in AL in late June. The guy was going for his 4th time and our daughter for her 2nd. Their week was cancelled due to the virus, but we were given the opportunity to reschedule, but because the guy and potentially the girl will hopefully have the camp for their marching band in August, we didn't have any time available. We were planning as a family to head from AL to WI to visit family and spend a relaxing week or so in the northern woods. This will likely still happen since things are working a bit easier up there.
  4. There is a kid in my son’s school that we know and he is transitioning also (f—>m). He is a sophomore, so he is in the same age group as your son. (Funny that he also chose Peter to be his new name.) I’m not sure on where he is in track towards the hormone replacement process (assuming he will), since we aren’t all that close to his parents, and that just isn’t the sort of thing you bring up, unless offered by them. Being generally just south of you, here in NoVA, we are in a fairly liberal community as well, so this has helped greatly, with our school being very open to his transition. We know him because he is in the marching band with my sons. The band has been very accepting, to the point of it seeming like a switch was flipped. One day my wife told me that “so and so” was transitioning and he will now be Peter. Ok, no big deal for me, my older brother is gay and often dresses as “Muffy” (not entirely the same, but in the same neighborhood). But I was pleasantly impressed with the way the kids in the band handled it. The next time I saw them all (I take pictures, so I am near them as they get ready and perform) he was just “Peter.” I am now curious how the band director handled it. I will ask one of my kids. Best of luck, you both have already leaped the biggest hurdle in being open, and even just the fact that he was comfortable enough to be able talk to you about this is a big deal. In a way you both are very lucky to live now where your access to information is immense, even the silly group of his here in the FFA. Hopefully Peter has a place like this where he can go and talk and ask questions and get pointed in the right direction for more information.
  5. 2/3 of my kids chose to be with their Mother and are Packer fans. Us Bears fans from Chicago get nothin!
  6. Saw lots of negative references to “12” In Atlanta, does anyone know what this is? Can't still be mad at TB, can they?
  7. There's a 40th anniversary edition of Permanent Waves coming out tonight. Hopefully this will be on things like Spotify. There is one version for $60 and another for $180. Can't imagine Mrs. E being too happy if that came over the AMEX bill!!
  8. Falling into the same genre as Guadalcanal Diary, often described as Jangle Pop, these guys from NC were often on my Sony CD player while finishing up college in the early 90s. 24 - The Connells - Ring (1993) 1. Carry My Picture 2. Disappointed
  9. Since this is an Album draft, gotta go again with one with a great cover. The covers were interesting in that Peter "Gabriel did not title his first four albums. All were labelled Peter Gabriel, using the same typeface, with designs by Hipgnosis. "The idea is to do it like a magazine, which will only come out once a year," he remarked in 1978. "So it's the same title, the same lettering in the same place; only the photo is different." Each album has, however, been given a nickname by fans, usually relating to the album cover." I was impressed as I was discovering Peter Gabriel that he had released copies of his 3rd and 4th albums in German. 23 - Peter Gabriel - Melt (3) (1980) 1. And Through the Wire (Und durch den Draht) 2. Games Without Frontiers (Spiel Ohne Grenzen) This is the album with Biko, so I am happy to have that in my pocket, although as we have said before this is a song much better live. One song that I really like, but felt it didn't fit the playlist is Family Snapshot. It is a story of a man waiting to pull off an assassination of a politician. (background story)