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  1. Tested again today. Gives a great interview about it
  2. This game has also featured Russell Martin starting at third base and now a Marcus Stroman pinch hit double in the 11th.
  3. Chris Coghlan jumps/flies over Molina to score a run.
  4. This Basner guy is completely incompetent. Over several games and against many teams. As a Jays this one was my personal favourite
  5. I love this tweet re Martin HR off Jesse Chavez: @ScottyMacThinks 39 minutes ago Nice for Russell, who's used to watching homers off Chavez from the crouch. #BlueJays #MLB
  6. Any thoughts on Taylor Motter or Ronald Torreyes? I lost Semien at SS and there's not much available on the waiver wire. I pre-emptively grabbed these two (and started Torreyes last week), the next best available are the likes of Aybar, Mercer, Rosales, Beckham. I could probably swing a deal for Tim Anderson but not sure how much better he is than the guys I grabbed in a league where none of them will be keepers.
  7. I just want to point out I was the high guy in initial projections for home runs...
  8. No but if you've ever been on ratebeer/untappd/beeradvocate you'll know that IPA's generally get higher ratings. A perfect German lager tends not to get as high of a rating as a middling IPA because of the IPA bias of many people who use those sites.
  9. Beer snobs always rate IPA's highest.
  10. I live in Peterborough and I haven't had any issues with health care. I've been lucky to not need to use the emergency room though.
  11. I assumed this was common practise everywhere. Edit to add re the waitresses; you were at a Moxies, Right?
  12. Emergency room is based on who needs urgent care the most and the fact you could just choose to leave makes believe you weren't the most urgent. Canada's Healthcare system works fine.
  13. Honest question, do you like anything other than IPA's? Only way you could come close to justifying that statement.
  14. It's my favourite brewery. Peche Mortel is probably my #1 favourite beer.
  15. Are you talking about emergency rooms or something? For a doctor visit, I go to a brand new clinic, get seen almost immediately, get referred for anything I need elsewhere and all of it is free. There's a full time nurse practitioner in the office who my wife deals with for girl stuff. I have psoriasis so I have been through a fair number of clinics and always had good experiences. I can't imagine how my service would be better if I was paying out of pocket. You get a handy with every appointment in the States or something? Emergency rooms are a different story but that's because they're bogged down by people with non-emergency situations.