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  1. The Hold Steady Saturday night was maybe a top 5 all timer for me. The last two times I saw them, they played Boys and Girls in America in full and while I absolutely love that album, I enjoyed this one more, never knowing what was coming next. The two new songs they played were the two best of the new ones they've released (Entitlement Crew and Confusion in the Marketplace). They hit some b-sides (Ascension Blues, Ask Her for Adderall)... and they did most of this early on in the show. Then they leaned heavy on the first four albums and played just a ridiculously epic run of songs starting at Party Pit in the setlist below:
  2. Game of Thrones and other TMN/HBO shows in Canada are basically begging to be pirated. I cut the cord but I am more than willing to subscribe for content. I have, DAZN (NFL Sunday Ticket provider in Canada), Netflix, Amazon Prime and CraveTV (basically Hulu equivalent in Canada). I will subscribe to an NHL package as well. All of these are available as standalone packages ranging from $7-20 a month. To get TMN/HBO Go in Canada, you MUST subscribe to a cable package, with the 'skinny' packages that don't include TMN/HBO starting at $25/month. Then to get access to the TMN/HBO Go app, you have to subscribe to those channels, at an additional $25/month. I get that they are trying to use this as a carrot to prevent people from cutting the cord, but $50/month is way beyond what the market rate has been set at for streaming, so yeah, in this case, I'm probably going to Terrarium route. I am willing to pay for content, but I'm not paying $600 a year to watch Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Veep.
  3. It's hard for me to read this and respond in a way that wouldn't be political, so I'll just say good luck and best wishes to a full recovery.
  4. We've been watching my in-laws Boston Terrier the past couple weeks while they're in England. The week before they left it was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It has leaned to the left for a while but now seems to be going deaf and the balance is really off. When they dropped her off, she fell down our stairs which she'd never had issues with before, so we've kept her downstairs the whole time. One night she #### her bed overnight and bloody poo the next morning. Pills seem to have solved this issue for now but the leaning has led to randomly missing steps or tripping over herself more often and to be honest, this wasn't a smart dog to begin with. If it were one of my dogs, I know I'd do absolutely all I could for them, but I think it's going to be a lot for my in-laws (late 70s) to deal with and not sure they'll be prepared for how quickly it's going downhill - we haven't said much, let them enjoy their vacation... This is the second Boston in a row they've had issues with, the last one had frequent seizures. Both were rescues, so I'm not sure if it's a breed issue or just something in the history of these dogs (or chance).
  5. He was the one who was scratched in Vegas with 'flu-like symptoms' as well.
  6. Seeing these guys again tonight in Toronto. They tweeted the opening bands as: Tonight is night 3 and somehow the ??? listing as opening band has me even more hyped.
  7. I don't know how San Jose didn't have to include Meier and/or Merkeley but I guess without any guarantee of an extension, I'm not super surprised by the return. To make it worse for Ottawa, it sounds like Jean-Gabriel Pageau, who is like their third best forward left is going to miss the entire year with an achillies injury.
  8. I added Jonnu Smith - TE - Tennessee - Miami University Camila Cabello - Havana I'll get caught up on the spreadsheet etc... this weekend, I was in Montreal all week for work and headed to Toronto to see The Hold Steady tonight.
  9. I'm on a flight to Montreal right now, I'll try to check back in with any hot takes I can get from my Habs loving co workers
  10. That make more sense speculation already that Montreal will retain some more and try and trade him again.
  11. Remember last year's trade deadline when everybody tried to tell me Tatar was good. Vegas had to retain 9.4 million dollars. Suzuki could be great though.
  12. Did your 20 pro fantasy baseball teams finish as poorly as I imagine they did based on your early season transactions?
  13. Was guys going down for the season a category, cause so far I think I'm +2 on everyone for that one...
  14. David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Tour.