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  1. I think we'll go with one untimed pick each day.
  2. Is it me as you through old draft picks you made? That's probably still my favourite draft ever...
  3. I've had a ####### day. I will catch up and do any commishing required here shortly.
  4. Covers were added late. I have no intention of strictly policing categories for what that's worth
  5. Sorry busy morning Subway Sect - Parallel Lines
  6. Northern Voice

    AL MVP race

    I know we don't really have an awards thread aside from this one because who cares, but the answer is Trevor Bauer cares
  7. If @Ilov80s is around, he can pick here.
  8. I think I deserve some credit for lasting 4 rounds before making this pick, but whatever, I absolutely ####### love this band, this song. The best punk album of the last decade or so. They're from Toronto and I've seen them a bunch of times now, shows are always indredible. Video also rules. 4.13 - PUP - DVP
  9. Spotify and Google up to date to here.
  10. Btw....This may or may not have been jaysus pick. So, I think we're missing 2 from @Jaysus and I believe @Mike Damone was skipped in there as well. @JZilla also owes 1. Draft so far...