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  1. I was going to make some snarky comment to this about PUP not being your number one but then I realized nostalgia and too many drunken listening album sessions mean it might not be my #1 either. (because of The Hold Steady album in case that wasn't obvious).
  2. Toronto got crushed on both ends šŸ™ of the d'Arnaud trades.
  3. New Elbow snuck up on me thus time, I'll have to check it out this afternoon.
  4. This was unreal. Jack Hughes needed that assist to, he's been bad so far.
  5. Just to make the playlist doesn't get stale. Or to ensure it does. I liked this song in my new-country days. 3rd string/rate? quarterback - Devlin Hodges - Sammy Kershaw - Third Rate Romance She kept saying, 'I've never really done this kind of thing before, have you?' And he said 'Yes I have, but only a time or two...'
  6. I've probably drafted Lightfoot before but it would The Circle is Small, or If You Could Read My Mind or Sundown or Carefree Highway or a bunch of others before this one if I wasn't trying to shoehorn it into a theme.
  7. As if I took another Chase the next week. Chase Edmonds huh? I should have used a Daniel song for that last one. Oh well, Superior they say never gives up her dead when the gales of November came early. this is likely a metaphor for the rest of my season. Chase Edmonds - Gordon Lightfood - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  8. Chase Daniel was totally worth spending $27 on and then dropping the following week. Chase Daniel - Future Islands - The Chase
  9. Denver Defense huh? this seems right geographically, I hope Denver Defense - Foals - Mountain at My Gates
  10. I don't remember adding Ryan Tannehil Hill is in his last name. This is probably my favourite song of the year still Ryan Tannehil - Scorpion Hill - PUP I learned on the weekend that @Steve Tasker hasn't listened to this album yet. Maybe this will remind him.
  11. My Friend Marcus - Manchester Orchestra I guess I can't redraft this for DeMarcus Robinson but I sure thought about it. Instead... ONE WEEK WONDERS DeMarcus Robinson - The Adverts - One Chord Wonders
  12. Alright, apologies for abandoning my commish responsibilities in terms of this thread, Ill try to catch stuff up at some point but who knows. Thanks to those staying on top of the playlist. Im going to make up some picks for my waiver adds (who i've mostly re-dropped by now) here. Giovanni Bernard - Tigers Jaw - June Because Bengals are Tigers. This song is excellent though, if you're still following this thread, listen to it. It's kind of that indie/emo/punk cross point that nerds like me call 4th wave emo, but it's really just good rock, or indie rock, or emo. Whatever.