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  1. I don't think I love you anymore That gold mine changed you You don't have to hold me anymore Our cave's collapsing I don't wanna be me anymore My old man told me "You don't open your eyes for a while You just breathe that moment down."
  2. I have no idea but this profile seems to say no to both.
  3. I guess the heavy stuff ain't quite at its heaviest By the time it gets out to suburban Minneapolis We were living up at Nicollet and 66th With three skaters and some hoodrat chick
  4. so we walked across that grain belt bridge. into bright new minneapolis she said i think that all those things I did were just momentum from the party pit.
  5. There's a girl on heaven hill. I come up to her cabin still. She said Husker Du got huge. But they started in St. Paul. Do you remember Makes No Sense At All?
  6. These Twin City kisses, they sound like clicks and hisses
  7. He loved the Golden Gophers but he hated all the drawn-out winters
  8. Hey, Rostam (ex-Vampire Weekend genius, Hamilton Leithauser collaborator, Haim/CRJ/Solange producer) came out Friday too, seems like no fanfare...? I just saw that P4K reviewed it today or I would have missed it too.
  9. I took a pledge to grow up Then drank enough to make me throw up On all my dearly disappointed friends I'm just too lazy to make amends With you anyway That's why the pattern still remains
  10. Gonna walk a tightrope Gonna get kicks every night No one's holding me back No one's changing my mind Get the stars out your eyes Come and sit next to me Under Tennessee skies Down on South Front Street
  11. I didn't even realize this was out.
  12. I painted the house I bought sheets that you liked on that trip when we went to Rome And I got a motorboat for the summer In case you're done early or if you plan to visit But wait... D'you plan to visit?
  13. Two fantastic articles about Jose Bautista by Drew Fairservice on how he was kind of always in the right place at the wrong time and Andrew Stoeten on the colossal amount of #### he's taken over the years, including at times from Jays "fans" and media. It's legitimately tough to watch him not be able to square up a fastball anymore. Has a chance to finish with Blue Jays records for most strikeouts in a season and lowest batting average in a season for a guy who met the qualifying number of PA's to go along with all the other club records he has.
  14. Also, I think in 3 of the past 4 weeks the #1 Billboard albums have been from Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem and The National, for the latter two, their first ever #1, so no I don't think its fair to say the genre is dying.
  15. My singles playlist this year is much better than most of the past few years. no idea how i'm going to cut it down to just 100 songs as I usually do. This year has been great song wise, IMO but maybe a bit softer in terms of front to back great albums.