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  1. ... and looks like Yates for the time being in SD, though he could be traded as well.
  2. They should trade for Kevin Pillar. Please, someone trade for Kevin Pillar.
  3. Wow, Mejia going from Cleveland to San Diego in a deal for Hand.
  4. Hand to the Cleveland's.
  5. Baltimore is unwilling to spend like $3 million (or even less) on international free agents but once another team does so, they're willing to trade Manny ####### Machado for one. Do I have that right?
  6. Toronto is exactly the same climate as what, half the teams in the NBA?
  7. You can argue it was a heartless move by the Raptors from the standpoint of DeRozan or some fans but it was unquestionably the right move. DeRozan/Lowry aren't getting younger and I don't see any reason to think they would have gotten over the hump this season after multiple disappointments. Like someone said, no one else was giving them a player like Leonard for DeRozan. If he shows up and plays it's a huge upgrade. If not, the existing core was proven not enough anyway. Kawhi expires after this year, where DeRozan (who I love) is unlikely to be worth more than his contract over the duration of it. Ibaka and Lowry are off the books in 2020 and they kept all their key building blocks and draft picks for beyond there. The only argument against it is to be content being a 50 win team that gets bounced in the first couple rounds of the playoffs every season and while I think that kind of sustained goodness is underrated, it's not what Ujiri is going for.
  8. Machado to Dodgers going down tonight?
  9. And Calgary signs Elias Lindholm for six years. Henrique is a good player, who I'm not sure I'd want to be paying a ton to when he's 32, 33 years old, which he'll be at the back end of this deal. Lindholm is only 23, so no age concerns, I'm not sure he's all that great though, I watch a fair bit of Carolina and always found him underwhelming.
  10. I find (with chromecast, not fire tv) that some apps work better on it that they do through my SmartTV, In trying to find out why, I've read that some app/content providers are no longer providing support for their apps for all Smart TV's, because there are so many different makes and models, so they're focusing support on Apple TV/Chromecast/Fire TV/Roku etc...
  11. Do you use on the Fire TV? That would be it's primary use for me.
  12. I was going to buy a Chromecast this week for a secondary TV, any opinions on the Amazon Fire TV instead, if it's one of the Prime deals (I think their own stuff almost always is)?
  13. Didn't see this before, but I'd be in for it as well.
  14. Could do a hybrid genrepalooza/summer draft? Multiple categories as selected by participants, as before but maybe some encouragement for some people to mix in summer-ish categories (i.e. campfire songs, summer one hit wonders, summer sports songs, etc..)?
  15. Emery played in Zac Rinaldo's charity hockey game last night in Hamilton. Lots of NHLers there - Nurse, Domi, Rinaldo, Smith-Pelley, Duclair etc... I wonder if that's the group of friends he was apparently swimming with