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  1. The Athletic/Eno Sarris ranks craft beer at every MLB park. Toronto and its ABInBev monopoly is in last place
  2. Best shape of his life AND he gave up whiskey! Gettum. Mods, please move to the "best shape of his life" and/or "sober February" thread. TIA.
  3. Can we somehow ban everyone who participated in the FFA sign stealing discussion from the baseball forum?
  4. The 1975 are a cool band. I absolutely love 'You and Me Together Song'. Soundtrack to every late 90s/early 00s teen romcom.
  5. I'm going to try to get 24 when they go on sale. If I do, I can send you a 6-pack. I'm seeing them the day before they go on sale and leaving for Florida the day they go on sale, so hopefully I'm clear headed and organized enough to remember
  6. I listened based on your description/recommendation - love it! He played 'Try Again' on Jimmy Kimmel last night.
  7. Has anything ever been more for me than the new craft beer collaboration between Town Brewery (which is excellent and under an hour from my house) and freaking PUP!#!#!# And it's even named for 'Scorpion Hill' and all proceeds go to charity @Jaysus @Steve Tasker @rockaction
  8. Spoon is my favorite band to listen to but Spoon are not my favorite band to see live...
  9. Yeah I had a similar experience with high IQ tests and being pulled out of the regular classroom into some ridiculous gifted/enriched learning program that looking back probably wasn't that bad but I didn't want to be the first kid in town to use the world wide web, I just wanted to be with my friends. I'm way dumber now in a traditional sense (thanks beer!) but I also think more worldly or emotionally intelligent or some other random quotient of non-specific/academic knowledge that old me would probably have the right term for.
  10. Speaking of spring training, Jays catcher Reese McGuire arrested in Dunedin for 'exposure of sexual organs'
  11. Paying for all the renovations at Jays Dunedin facilities?
  12. We paid $33/ticket for Yankees/Steinbrenner field pinstripe pass, which is standing room/general admission but also includes a beer. You can get $20/ticket at Dunedin up the lines it looks like. We haven't bought these yet but maybe we should soon, @Capella?
  13. I'm going to spring training for the first time this year. So far we have tickets for Yankees/Jays in Tampa (Steinbrenner field) on Saturday the 22nd and we'll go to at least a couple games in Dunedin the week of the 24-28th. With split squad games, does the team's home facility/fans generally get the better lineup?