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  1. There's a pretty strong case for Rolen as a top 10 3B of all time. JAWS has him right on #10. I don't understand why people seem to want to put Vizquel in. Gold gloves and bunts I guess.
  2. Why is Bob McKenzie writing about OEL to Toronto, he should know better than to do that to Toronto.
  3. Yeah the site I was on cut off at 50 per page but you're right he's in that group with 17.
  4. Lee-Bailey-Tavares and Huberdeau-Barkov-Trochek deserve consideration as well. Curious to see if Aho and Teravainen both make NHL 3 Stars of the Week. Edit - they didn't. Teravainen 1st star, with Fredrik Andersen and MacKinnon
  5. There are no Vegas players in the top 50 in league scoring
  6. Pierre LeBrun talks to the GMs (CBJ, EDM, VAN, CGY) who passed on Clayton Keller (The Athletic, sub required).
  7. Yeah, it's obviously the Tampa line for the season. "Right Now" was implying at this moment/past week or so where they've been hotter than even those lines.
  8. Staal/Aho/Teravainen is the best line in the league right now. Also great acronym line... TSA? SAT? ATS?
  9. I was leaning towards Norm for a comedy pick but I think I like his interviews/late show appearances even more than his stand up bits. Either way, definitely one of the funniest guys around.
  10. I saw Phoenix in Munich last month (LOOK AT ME !##!$!#!) and they were really damn great. I also saw Cold War Kids at WayHome a couple years ago and really enjoyed them as well (this was around the time that 'First' was a big hit). That is a really great lineup should be all kinds of fun
  11. Brand New are going out on a really bad note (sexual harassment allegations/admissions, cancelled final tour) I was a big fan of them as well, but...
  12. I know @Steve Tasker has taken a shine to inspirational Christian music these days, we could have that as a category as well for symmetry with the coming out category.