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  1. I'm kind of shocked no songs from this album have been picked yet. Round 10 - Rylan - The National
  2. Yeah one pick any time. I ate a gummy bear Friday night and spent the hours since recovering . Maybe this belongs in the reasons I'm old thread
  3. Kraft is going to regret rejecting my last trade offer (a week or two ago) IMO
  4. I do coaching with Special Olympics in the summer with softball and then as needed in winter months. My older brother is involved as an athlete in lots of sports including softball so it's an easy one. Aside from that, my wife and I volunteer with a dog rescue organization, basically co-ordinating volunteers, advertising, sponsorship, events etc... for their biggest annual event, the picnic that brings out hundreds of dogs (and their owners). Admittedly my wife does a lot more than here and gives a ton of time to it. I'd like to do something with heart and stroke foundation, my dad died of a heart attack and I get 40 paid hours of volunteer time during work hours every year but haven't found the right event or task yet.
  5. It wouldn't be college and year for sure, that would be ridiculously hard, so either a variation of last year or something completely different I think Still a month to work it out.
  6. Yeah, I was planning on it again and I think we'll need to change up the music part so we're not searching for songs from the same cities.
  7. Bellwoods Barn Owl 18 last night, as well as Dieu Du Ciel AphroRhum (Aphrodite/Aphrodisiaque aged on rum barrels), both were outstanding.