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  1. In any case, the Pens finally get their replacement for Nick Bonino. Now they can do their standard lineup of Crosby with any two random players on the top line and some combination of Malkin, Brassard, Kessel, Guentzel, Hornqvist and Sheary/Rust/Simon as their 2nd and 3rd.
  2. He's a 3rd line centre on a contender.
  3. Ian Cole going to Ottawa in the deal as well (his $2.1 million is the cap related element).
  4. Ottawa did well getting that much for him IMO, but can't blame Pittsburgh for paying that price.
  5. New song release: Mastersystem - Notes on a Life Not Quite Lived For those who love Frightened Rabbit but secretly wished they were a 90s grunge band (it's the two brothers from FR, with another set of brothers one from Editors).
  6. Followed. I kind of wish once I followed, I could change the names of them, I end up following a bunch of lists called 2018 and not knowing who's I'm listening to/watching.
  7. @jfranco77
  8. 34.10 - Daniel Gossett, SP, A's
  9. Guy Garvey is easily my favourite current male singer. I think this song does a good job capturing it as it slowly builds to greater and greater heights and his voice goes with it - the part from about 3:00 on is so fantastic. 6.07 - Elbow - The Birds - Best Actor (Male Vocal Performance)
  10. My 2018 playlist for the first post @kupcho1
  11. 5.11 - Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights - Best Actress (Best Female Lead Vocal)
  12. Danny Barnes, RP, TOR
  13. Pitchfork does a weekly "What's Good" playlist now as well.
  14. My 2018 - 2017 -