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  1. 31.08 - Chance Sisco, C, Bal
  2. New Los Campesinos out today as well.
  3. Haven't listened yet but I think the loss of his girlfriend/band partner might be a plus for me.
  4. I liked this a lot on first listen
  5. Did you guys see that Spoon has apparently had their new single (Can I Sit Next to You) subtly playing in the backgrounds of music venues, airports and by house bands on late night shows etc... for months? Pretty cool IMO
  6. I think we can safely say we've hit the bottom of the catching barrel.
  7. 30.17 - Caleb Joseph, C
  8. Have I always had Beltran
  9. I agree and was thinking we could do a modified points/voting system to try and combat it a bit. In my head I was thinking You can assign 5 albums 30 points You can assign 5 more albums 25 points You can assign 5 more albums 20 points You can assign 5 more albums 15 points You can assign 10 more albums 10 points You can assign 20 more albums 5 points ------ If people just send a ranked top 20/30/50 list to me - I'll assign those point amounts accordingly and it gives natural cut off points. This would actually encourage strategic voting/ranking - you can highlight an album you feel is an all timer that doesn't get enough attention by giving it 30 points. If your actual favourite is a stone cold classic that you think everyone will vote for, maybe you only assign it 15... but then what if everyone has the same idea as you and the one you love falls farther in the consensus list because everyone thought the same way??? I'm not entirely sure why I'm bringing game theory into an album poll, and there may be reasons that people can point out to me why the above doesn't/won't work but that was one of my initial thoughts as I drove home thinking about this today.
  10. Mat Latos, SP/RP, Jays - available?
  11. My dream may have had something to do with his presence in this draft.
  12. If I were to do an album poll, like the year end one but for a decade (say start with 00s for the first one and work backwards) would people be interested? Would probably want to get at least 25 lists to make it worth the bit of work it takes in compiling and then counting down.
  13. I had a dream about this draft last night