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  1. No idea where I first heard this, but it's awesome. 24.15 - Suzanne Vega - In Liverpool - Indie Folk.
  2. Galaxie is my Blind Melon go-to, though it's more power pop than grunge.
  3. I came up with this pick last night and I'm so happy I thought of it. It has Grunge legends on it but is a 2017 song. Unlike Tasker's Wolf Alice pick, these girls do self-identify as Grunge. Also, some more female vocals in the mix. And they're also a bit riot grrrl, I had considered it there as well but I think it fits better here - one of my favourite songs of the year so far 23.15 - Skating Polly - Louder in Outer Space (featuring Nina Gordon and Louise Post of Veruca Salt) - Grunge
  4. I can probably say grungy. grunge-y looks ridiculous now that I see it.
  5. Yeah, they're definitely in the conversation, my favourite song of theirs is "Silk" which isn't really grunge-y at all, so I didn't think of them but their earlier stuff is very grunge-y.
  6. I'd bet they'd be great live too. I wonder how my wife would feel about me being away for a night before being away for 3/4 nights
  7. For Eephus, I'll pick the best song from the best modern grunge band. 22.15 - Cloud Nothings - I'm Not Part of Me - Grunge
  8. In other words, make some picks, #####es.
  9. I'm going to recommend Hollerado - Born Yesterday because it might be my favourite straight up rock album of the year but it's very straight up power-pop/rock, energetic, anthemic, once upon a time you'd call it radio friendly. Born Yesterday I Got You Don't Shake (this was written by the guitarist during his battle with cancer).
  10. I think I saw a tweet saying Subban has 3X the amount of ice time vs. the opponents top line.
  11. Yeah that's dumb too. Maybe this playoff with the light shone on Ottawa's own issues will make Canadian media ease up on that #### but likely not.
  12. And Karlsson isn't getting the Norris this year either is he? I'm assuming Burns.
  13. They do love it but the idea that Canadians will rally behind whatever Canadian team is left is out of date, especially when the likes of Crosby and Subban are in the mix for US based teams.
  14. Yeah this is where I am, and based on that series, you could arguably swap Karlsson and Crosby.