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  1. Jets from 2006-2011 Rams 2012-2014 And he even failed hard at Georgia in 2015 in the college ranks.
  2. That is Schottenheimer all his career. He is one of the worst and most predictable offensive coordinators of all time. He has never had a top 10 offense in his career as a coordinator.
  3. They have done the same thing all year.
  4. It made the final score closer by not having him. That is a fact. But it would have hurt them if they did recover the onside kick.
  5. It actually helped them really. It certainly made the final score closer than it would have been otherwise. They would have kicked a field goal at the end of the game there if he was still available but instead they got the touchdown and they also converted both 2 point conversions. If they had recovered the onside kick it would certainly have become an issue though.
  6. Schottenheimer is a complete tool and the Seahawks front office is going down the wrong path on offense. I know the Seahawks had success with the run first formula this season but to me it makes absolutely no sense to build an offense that is built around taking the ball out of the hands of your best player. Yes balance is good but the Seahawks are calling a very unimaginative, predictable offensive gameplan and putting Russell in impossible situations. When the run game is working it does work but when it isn't then the offense is just plain pathethic. I feel bad for Wilson, he is a great quarterback who has never had a true #1 receiver or an imaginative offensive coordinator to work with.
  7. Garrett being Garrett. Horrible decision in this defensive battle to try a 58 yard field goal.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't a PAT suppose to be attempted after that final TD. I remember in the past they have made teams go through the motion of doing at least a kneel down or kick attempt.
  9. Kittle has not been on the field after his last catch. The score is out of hand so I dont expect he will be back now but it is something to monitor going forward. Looked like a ankle thing to me. Thankfully he will have longer to recover before the next game.
  10. So far he hasn't been on the field for this drive. Score would dictate they shouldn't use him unless he is perfectly fine. Still I am a bit worried.
  11. This was a dangerous week for him. Yes the Raiders suck but it is a 3rd string QB and the game flow was working against him. Then he just goes into full Gronk mode with that catch he had no business catching and he exploded away from the defense. Yes I agree with you. He is right up there with Ertz and Kelce, and he plays on a team that likely will have to pass a ton on weeks they aren't playing the Raiders.
  12. He ran off ok but still looked a little gimpy after that last catch and low tackle. Hope he is ok.
  13. I think it is clear that most of the offesnive players want Fitz to play and genuinely seem to love the guy. Turning away from him again would really cause dissention in that locker room. Unless Fitz does a faceplant he should be ok. The bigger thing I am worried about right now is the health of Mike Evans.
  14. The Tampa Bay QB position has put up some insane numbers this year. Between the two of them, their average passing yards per game is 390! and they are averaging 2.57 passing TD's per game, they have also thrown in 180 rush yards and 2 rushing TDs. Those numbers would be 2nd to only Mahomes in overall production. Of course, another benching is possible but at this point it seems like the Bucs have moved on from Winston and playing him risks injury which is the only way his contract cannot be written off after this year so there really is an incentive to bench him for good now. I don't think the Jags would want him. Their locker room is already dysfunctional, adding Winston would only make it worse. To be honest the only real trade fit for Winston I see is maybe the Dolphins. I guess we'll find out soon.