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  1. Damien is officially OUT this week
  2. Yeah looked like a knee or ankle. They have no other RB's other than their FB active. So if he doesn't start next drive it is something
  3. Probably not. They never reverse PI. He did continue to block downfield. Ticky tack call but not enough to reverse.
  4. He looked gimpy after his first run of that drive. something to monitor
  5. After watching this guy the past 2 weeks I am really impressed. Not just by the obvious things like his route running and speed. But also by some of the smaller things. Last week he recovered a fumble and the week before he stayed inbounds late after making a first down catch on the sidelines even though it meant he'd take a hit and the game was pretty much out of reach. It seems like he is a very smart player on top of being a talented one and those little things are going to make the coaches trust him quickly.
  6. Right now everytime Shady is tackled I look to see if he comes up limping. Everyone knows ankle sprains are at a high risk for reaggravation. If nothing else they are going to limit McCoy usage to keep him fresh. Darrel is going to see significant snaps as long as Damien is out and if he keep performing like he did last week then Damien may just become an afterthought. Thompson is just too small for a big role. Darrel has RB2/flex value right now. If Shady gets hurt again it will quickly be RB1
  7. I wouldn't do that. You have no idea how long he is out and Darrel looked really good last week and only has Shady with a bum ankle ahead of him. Right now Darrel is a Shady ankle reaggravation from being a top 10 fantasy RB. Also,I have a feeling Reid may have been throwing shade toward Damien this week too when he talked so much about how great Shady was in rehabbing. Perhaps implying Damien wasn't? I really believe Darrel is on the verge of just supplanting Damien long term as the #2 or #1b guy if he hasn't already,
  8. As a Barkley owner I am not excited about Gallman at all. The Giants upcoming matchups are very tough vs RBS. Even Washington is much better against the run than the pass. I am still not convinced the Giants dont trade for or sign a RB who will end up in a committee with Gallman. Drake could end up here or perhaps Ajayi who is apparently ready to play now or maybe CJ Anderson. I really wouldn't blow a lot of FA$ on him. Darrell Williams may be the sneaky better pickup here at a much lower cost. He looked really solid last week. McCoy is old is playing through a bum ankle and there is no real timetable for Damien Williams. Even when Damien is healthy he may lose his role to Darrell by then.
  9. Jets from 2006-2011 Rams 2012-2014 And he even failed hard at Georgia in 2015 in the college ranks.
  10. That is Schottenheimer all his career. He is one of the worst and most predictable offensive coordinators of all time. He has never had a top 10 offense in his career as a coordinator.
  11. They have done the same thing all year.
  12. It made the final score closer by not having him. That is a fact. But it would have hurt them if they did recover the onside kick.
  13. It actually helped them really. It certainly made the final score closer than it would have been otherwise. They would have kicked a field goal at the end of the game there if he was still available but instead they got the touchdown and they also converted both 2 point conversions. If they had recovered the onside kick it would certainly have become an issue though.
  14. Schottenheimer is a complete tool and the Seahawks front office is going down the wrong path on offense. I know the Seahawks had success with the run first formula this season but to me it makes absolutely no sense to build an offense that is built around taking the ball out of the hands of your best player. Yes balance is good but the Seahawks are calling a very unimaginative, predictable offensive gameplan and putting Russell in impossible situations. When the run game is working it does work but when it isn't then the offense is just plain pathethic. I feel bad for Wilson, he is a great quarterback who has never had a true #1 receiver or an imaginative offensive coordinator to work with.
  15. Garrett being Garrett. Horrible decision in this defensive battle to try a 58 yard field goal.