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  1. Underachievers

    ***Official "Space Blanket" for Better Call Saul***

    Gus Fring looks considerably older for a prequel.
  2. Underachievers

    Le'Veon Bell

    Is he the first whiny clown to skip essentially an entire season in this way?
  3. 😂😂.....Kaep would struggle against some NCAA opponents.
  4. Underachievers

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    Receiving TD? Edit:. Awesome....just looked. I thought he had "just" the 2 rushing touchdowns
  5. Underachievers

    New England at Chicago

    And Howard. Why?
  6. Underachievers

    New England at Chicago

    Trubisky needs to work on getting Cohen involved. Without Cohen, the offense is blah.
  7. Underachievers

    Jamal Khashoggi - Journalist Killed in Saudi Consulate

    Sounds like he was just another drunk journalist who happened to pick a fight with the wrong people at the bar. Unreal....and sad.
  8. Underachievers

    Dynasty and Redraft Duke Johnson Cleveland Browns

    I'm still wondering how in hell Chubb is even available in anything over 8 team leagues.
  9. Underachievers

    The migrant caravan

    Statue's are racist.
  10. Underachievers

    The migrant caravan

    Use any means necessary to prevent access to this country. Draw the line....
  11. Bold prediction. 😉
  12. Unfairly? Was there an autocorrect problem or something with that statement?
  13. Underachievers

    ***Official*** James Conner Thread

    You get embarrassed pretty easily don't you?
  14. I drafted Conner for next season and beyond. This season has just been a bonus.
  15. Underachievers

    What will current Trump supporters think about him in 20 years?

    😂😂😂😂😂.... I'll still consider myself an American in 2038. So I'm not sure how my opinion of Trump will change. MAGA