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  1. The Democratic party has already chosen their nominee. Votes are just a formality.
  2. If it's in the political forum.....NEVER go against the grain. Kind of like in "Midnight Express" when they are walking in circles in the insane asylum. Go with the flow and support the left and you will be golden
  3. Would definitely support that. Not sure why anyone would be against it. Unless they support Antifa thugs.
  4. Naw....that was just your average Clinton/Obama supporter it seems.
  5. Stunned that a 1 year old child is in court? Yeah....that happens everyday in this country during custody disputes. Move along to the next fake outrage.
  6. Damn the rest of the world. Change the rules to promote more scoring. The sport is boring as ####.
  7. ???????......there's one in every crowd.
  8. CNN's catch phrase used to be "Around the World in 30 Minutes". Now they can't cover anything that doesn't happen in Washington.
  9. Seriously? Every thread in this forum is full of the exact same ####. If you've read one, you've read them all.
  10. Just 2 of them in the past 53 years.
  11. Thanks Obama..... Racism was almost history until you came along. He may have been our first truly racist and law enforcement hating president.
  12. Any rap/hip hop "song"
  13. ?????? Another unheard of award that means even less now.
  14. There is no defense and Snopes loves to sidestep #### when it comes to Obama. Point being, if you did not complain when Obama refused to honor the military mass shooting victims, then you forfeit the right to cry about Trump not honoring these journalists.