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  1. It’s funny, Amazon was up almost 45%ish since the December lows. In case people don’t realize, those who were buying in late December aren’t your friends. It’s the opposite, they’re the enemy. Those huge/quick gains will be protected.
  2. Since I've been lowering risk, the market has produced a gigantic nothingburger - I'd say my returns are very close, if not better than mean over the last 10-12 months (when I started getting more bearish). At this juncture, thinking I'm in the same neighborhood as most on 12 month returns, I'm just positioned for volatility and money printing much better, while the overwhelming majority of the population is being herded into a slaughterhouse... We'll see. Pigs do get slaughtered, we just have short memories, I wish you the best bargain hunting today. It's a marathon, not a sprint, took me a long time to learn that lesson.
  3. This is why I’m of the opinion to scale over the next 6 months, I think that a recession is lurking 12-18 months out, scaling over the next 6 months gets me out of the way far enough in advance. Im also of the opinion that within 2-3 years a fresh round of money printing by all of the central banks will be taking shape, hence my ongoing love affair with gold.
  4. Things are down 1.5% in the last 17 minutes, wtf?
  5. Also debating shorting the bank stocks. There is a debt bomb somewhere out there, and if we do hit a recession, those banks will be dealing with defaults.
  6. So the 3 month & 10 year inverted this morning. When trying to log in this morning, I kept getting an error message, then I realized I had typed my name in as Fantasycurve42 Guess it’s on my mind. This is the bond market giving you your warning, the 2/10 are next. You can believe one of two things: 1) This time is different (possibly the most dangerous concept in investing) or 2) A recession is coming within 12-18 months tops I am 100% lowering my risk concentration over the next 6 months.
  7. He improves his shooting a little and he's a top 10 NBA guy.
  8. Anyone listen to the Powell yesterday? I had it in an earphone on the background, feels like he just fully capitulated - the question I'm asking is why? What does he/they see that has them scared?
  9. 3 month 10 year spread is about 3.5 basis points, once it inverts, I'd start scaling out of most positions over the course of the following 6 months - ideally the 2/10 inverts and confirms, but 3 month 10 year is basically as good of a flashing red indicator you're going to get to sell.
  10. Debating going straight chalk on my office bracket. I swear, every girl in my office does that and they're always dominating the leaderboard.
  11. We haven't been able to get anything accomplished in 3 years, but if you just give us another 3 months, we'll get this sorted out.
  12. Once 5G infrastructure is fully in place, this won’t matter.
  13. Stumbled into the Blake Bortles thread, started by none other than CSTU. Scrolled down his activity board... Man, I can only imagine the trail of gold this guy left behind. The guy who was running a DVD scam and doesn't have $2k to pay debts, making fun of others for not having 401ks TBH, I think Chad has left us with more than $2k worth of entertainment.
  14. This is an interesting one to me - high risk, high reward. If you're long BA and another plane crashes, anticipate your investment dropping 15-20% instantly. On the long horizon, they're backed up on orders and the demand still appears to be there. Over the years I've changed my philosophies to be more about annual well paced growth, 6-7% makes me more than happy if I can try to limit my risk - if I took a position there, it would be 1-2% of assets.
  15. What's an air bubbler? I'm reading they're good for circulation? Live plants? I've got a bunch of the decorative fake plants in there from Petsmart. Won't live plants make the tank even dirtier? We have a heater and the water is usually between 78-80. Filter/heater came with the tank. Nitrate, huh? I haven't done any any of that. What neighborhood is this fish shop in? We have a Petsmart about 7 blocks away, that's where I've done my fish shopping to date.