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  1. I’ll take my cookie and go. I’ve got a top MBA program to finish after taking last semester off and a castle to buy in West Palm, my time is limited anyways. My experience and knowledge are fantastic, way beyond my years and wildly under appreciated here. The portfolio I constructed in April is nothing short of fantastic, I’m sure none of you will even go back and find it, but it has been dominating the S&P and is also nicely hedged. Gold I’ve recommended since it was printing an 11 in front of it. You don’t like me bc I'm cocky, abrasive, and generally a ####, I really don’t care, I’ve earned it in life, every bit of it. This forum has been gutted and some of its best posters haven’t been spotted in 12-24 months. The political forum makes my stomach turn trying to read It, yet alone partake in a conversation. In general, I wish most of you well. A handful of you, meh. Yea yea, see you tomorrow.
  2. It's good advice, and it is something I've tried to adhere to more and more as I've grown as a professional. On a message board, whatever, I'll let it fly, in a conference room, I'll take a deep breath and hold it in. You should think about my advice as well.
  3. Bob Sacamano just called me a name, he won't get suspended, nor would I want that. I called someone on a blatant lie. Yours and Bobs predispositions are dictating your take in this discussion, not the facts at hand.
  4. “You’re a liar telling lies” got me 2 weeks and prevented me from giving you all gold. The very first bullet point in the article posted and told that “it rings true today” from 2014 highlights a $13B debt load. You know what the debt load is today? $2B. So what was said is factually a lie (indisputable), so that was a liar telling lies And with my gains on that stock, I’m passionate about it. There are a handful of posters in this thread that I really would’ve loved to get in on this at the start, under 4 cents. By Sunday night on 8/2 I had more research on NeuroRX and Relief than any human on Earth. My friends who I gave it too have basically offered me their wives. I’m salty that I couldn’t get in here and pass this off to others at that point for stating facts. And that undeserved suspension was the biggest blunder in this forum’s history. Everyone would’ve made $10k, everyone, some would prob be up in the $100s as well.
  5. I hold no grudge, but your posting towards me is far from sincere.
  6. They have another like 1.3B authorized or something along those lines (and they will be added to float If this stock rises). Personally, I feel $10 is a stretch. If the inhaler works, maybe, but even then idk. I suspect that a big pharma would step in at maybe like $15B ($5-$6 a share if they dilute). If (and big if) the drug is the real deal, intravenously, prob $3-$4, the inhaler would make the pie in sky $10 number a long shot, but possible. Personally, I’m holding what I have left and I think $4-$5 is my hope if the drug saves 90% of critical patients. Also, and this is the best advice you’ll find on this stock. Enable the Swiss exchange. Hold half in the US and half in the Swiss, you’ll be able to react to anything 11 hours out of the day. You basically get a head start on America. These Yahoo idiots have no idea what I’m even saying when I recommend this, but in the event of bad news overnight, could save you a ton on a sell off. Could also get in quicker on that side if you see something positive here. At the very least, you want that exchange enabled. I still only own the Swiss side, but tomorrow while both exchanges are open I’m going to put that in play.
  7. Warrant Buffet (a notorious gold bear) sees the trade from my viewpoint (he’s just in after I’m up almost 100% already). I was suspended for basically saying what the greatest investor ever said with his money. I looked at an article from 2014 which was preached as gospel and called it what it was, a lie. My comment wasn’t based on opinion, it was based on fact. Your comment to me is far worse than what I said, I’m just not a baby who hits a report button. We’re adults here, supposedly. This will help you in your professional career; don’t let prior grudges blind you from facts.
  8. Clinical trials for the inhaled form begin in 2 weeks. Preprint from NeuroRX shows 19 of the first 21 patients administered the drug (critical patients) survived. That’s intravenous. If you extrapolate those numbers, this is the real deal. Not only that, but life can then resume. We’ll see, it’s early, but promising. High risk high reward, could go to $0. I’ve already milked the cow, but my preference is obviously north. Oh, and the Yahoo boards Math isn’t their thing. A lot of outstanding shares, there’s a cap on price with such a large number. They think $100 is possible They mute you and think you’re a basher for speaking facts. Meanwhile I was holding more than that whole board combined, such idiots, but the ones in this stock so far are lucky idiots.
  9. I saw that. As I was clearing my first $100k, I did scan this thread to see if it had any mentions... you were the first, well done!
  10. An inhaler for Covid is a $20B company. I own it at under 4 cents, would’ve loved to get you all in there. I had such conviction (I mean for a stock under 4 cents, as much conviction as one could’ve). FOMO is coming, wait for national news outlets to pick up the Houston story. Prayers for Captain Searcy. Before it blew up, I sent Dr. Javitt an email, he responded and I knew he was the real deal. The management here is the complete opposite of Cytodyn. Going to sell 75k shares tomorrow, which will clear over a quarter of a lemon in 18 days, and ride my final 125k shares wherever they take me. @Bob Sacamano The biggest financial blunder in the history of this forum.
  11. I didn't even think about that. Do most of them just have fractional shares? Me, I'll let Bezos drive the bus; I can be cocky, abrasive, and arrogant, but in general I know my place.
  12. In the low $1's, I consider buying it back. It doesn't appear to be the silver bullet in Covid, so now we're just waiting for months/years on other indications. He doesn't have the clout or connections to get anything done quickly. I don't want to see or hear NP again unless I'm getting it for cheap. Just following along with the guy feels like I earned those gains.
  13. Feels weird owning no Cytodyn. I actually watched the Proactive video last night, gave myself a chuckle and as it was collapsing today, took my final $3k in profit. It was the first NP video I had watched in weeks since I let a ton of shares go a few weeks back and really had stopped paying attention, should've kept the extra $2k and sold then. How is that man the CEO of anything? I'm skeptical he can tie his own shoes.
  14. OMGOMG, when I'm drunk and need a great laugh, I'm going to read that. JoeBob the gas station attendant explaining what went wrong and what they could've done better in this quarters' earnings has to be gold.
  15. Just to add to this, I sold half of my Relief Therapeutics position after a Trump press conference. I read about 500 posts about how Trump had "Relief Therapeutics" on the tip of his tongue last Monday night. I woke up at 3am, sold half my position for 60 cents, it was 14 cents 2 hours later (prob should've bought that, but I had already gone back to bed).