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  1. Well, according to Wiki, they did $350mm in revenue last year, so I'd estimate their value at somewhere around $150-$175 billion.
  2. Everyone is always wrong when it comes to the market. One of the best things I've learned is to not marry any idea or thought and be quick to abandon when you know you're wrong. Don't do anything without researching either. My strategy to just average in has been killing it, I added SBUX to my list as well. They're all up huge, NFLX is my only semi-laggard (basically anything that isn't up 25% is a laggard). TBH, not just this forum, but everywhere else I read, caution is being completely thrown to the wind, it is kind of scary, and I think people should pay attention to the bull/bear indicators for a pullback. Exuberance is running rampant, and IDK what will be the catalyst for a pullback. It is possible that in July when companies start reporting Q2 and guidance is soft, that could the trick, but who knows.
  3. You find the one where he was questioning a security deposit with his roommate for like $700? Hopefully he got it back and put that $700 to work (I don’t actually remember the amount or the whole story, nor am I going to look for it, but you get the gist).
  4. It's a long term play. Also, it's up 30% YTD Let it consolidate for a little.
  5. We changed strategies. It was interesting looking at the date of when I created this thread.... Our intentions were to head up the coast and land in NYC by early September. Instead, we went south and I think we're going to move to Palm Beach. Congrats on filling up for the summer!!
  6. He manages a portfolio of $150B, so what I meant when I use that phrase, it is more so meaning someone talking their book in this kind of circumstance.
  7. Chaos and social unrest in the countries largest cities isn’t good for the economy. Sprinkle some CV19 in with a market trading at huge premiums and the risk is real. ETA: I love Gundlach, but what he said didn’t make sense to me until this weekend either. It makes sense.
  8. Monday a bloodbath? Gundlach said 2 weeks ago the social unrest from having so many unemployed was being underestimated and quite dangerous. I didn’t really see it until this weekend, but he might be spot on. By far my favorite talking head, noted him in here a bunch of times.
  9. I went to the beach today and watched a spaceship send some astronauts to the International Space Station. Then my kids body surfed on an empty beach as my wife and I enjoyed a few beers and watched them have a blast. They finished the day off collecting shells. My NYC neighbor sent me videos of protesting with 100s maybe 1000s of people destroying Court St, right in front of my apartment. We’ve concluded our NYC days are over. Have a friend subletting starting next month. It’s sad, my wife has never lived outside of NYC, I’ve lived in the same apartment for 15 years. If we do have to return to the tristate, it’ll be in the suburbs.
  10. He’s going to blame this on Democrats, CNN, fake news, deep state, etc etc in the hopes of gaining undecideds. I read his twitter just to get an idea of how he wants to spin things. Honestly, if someone is still undecided, sadly I believe his strategy could work. The true problem with those protesting (and this goes for any protest) is that they struggle to have a clear message, lack organization, leadership, goals, demands, and they’re easily infiltrated by criminals. It’s almost always too much to overcome and execute.
  11. No they did great yesterday, gained tons of sympathizers, keep up the good work 👍
  12. He plays the us against them card. That’s the central theme. There’s his base, there are never Trumpers... those two are decided. He’ll use events like last night to swing some in between those two groups to the “us” side, while completely burying everything else. Rioting and looting plays right into his hand, imo.
  13. Without the threat of a re-election, I’m terrified the last 3.5 years would look like a walk in the park. I’m on anything with a pulse that isn’t Trump. Technically, Biden still qualifies for that, so he’ll get my vote. 4 years later and another disaster, well done Dems.
  14. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing more dangerous than underestimating him.