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  1. HUGE CYDY BUY!!! 250 SHARES!!! Had some dividend cash pop into an account. 5,400 shares and counting...
  2. I'm on the CYDY train too. I don't think there is any way to get real concrete information on a company like that; they're a pink sheet pharma startup, what do we really expect? Gonna go digging through Seeking Alpha comments and try and decipher what is true and what isn't? I've got enough that I'll be happy if it has a Gilead like rise in the next decade, but I won't lose sleep if they go bankrupt. Personally, I see no reason for @chet to be delivering any false information here and fully take him at face value with his belief. My gut says there are a ton of weak hands in this stock, and if the price stays in a similar range for too long, it will bleed as these weak holders will try to repurpose funds elsewhere. It is what it is.
  3. Yea, I'm a holder... I thought this one through last night and I'll buy on weakness, wouldn't even mind that.
  4. So it'll be Bernie versus Trump At least it will be entertaining... Gonna book some Trump futures and at least profiteer off of the inevitable.
  5. Was it that bad? I didn't watch... I've come to terms with Trump for another 4 years. I'll let him artificially inflate the stock market and then I'll sell in his 3rd year as the air gets ready to come out of it.
  6. I'm up 14% on GOLD in less than 10 days... I was hoping for that in one year, I'm bullish long term, and I wish I had more, but I'm wildly conflicted about sitting tight, adding more, taking profit. What do you all do in this situation? I always get these wrong. I gameplan for if it falls, stays flat, rises... But I never really have a plan in place for such a quick powerful gain on something I want to own.
  7. Due to the behavior and moderation on this forum, I see nothing but an echo chamber, everyone else is basically gone from here. Maybe there are handfuls that fall outside of the maybe 50 posters that partake here, but I would bet the majority of posters here are either very progressive or a handful of Trump guys left. So I wouldn't consider anything read here as more than simply anecdotal. I also believe when push comes to shove, a healthy portion of those progressives hold their nose and vote Bloomberg come November.
  8. This isn't a sentencing guideline, some crimes here have mandatory sentences, I understand that. This bail reform eliminates the judge's ability to impose any bail on certain crimes, regardless of circumstances, and the bank robber one I gave is a perfect example of at least allowing a judge to use discretion.
  9. The biggest issue with what they've currently done is that it eliminates the judge's discretion... That's flat out insane, imo. Why not replace the judge with a robot in that circumstance?
  10. They left the judges with zero discretion... This bail reform is a complete joke and this city is growing worse and worse with crime. Obviously the city was a better place when Bloomberg was mayor. There was a judge who disregarded bail reform in Long Island. A "non-violent" bank robber; he would hand tellers a note, but it was for whatever reason considered non-violent since he didn't actually use violence. He had done it so many times the judge called him a menace and remanded him on bail... The next judge up the ranks overturned it and set the lowlife free. IIRC, I believe this was late Jan and I've read he has hit another few banks since. Someone wants my vote, they can argue against this pathetic policy that leaves zero discretion to judges. You're basically giving criminals a free pass to commit misdemeanors or some other non-violent crimes. Might as well just legalize stealing.
  11. You've asked me about my dislike for Trump previously and I answered very thoroughly. Also, my comments that you quoted in the Avenatti thread were a clear dig at Dems and the poster making them... Idk how you miss that level of sarcasm. Briefly to recap, I hate his budgets more than anything. Don't tell me about the greatest economy ever... We'd be running trillion dollar surpluses, not deficits if that was the case. We wouldn't need the Feds pumping the system to keep it afloat, and we wouldn't need 0% interest rates. His negotiation with China was terrible, he has basically been owned by Xi, imo. He is a terrible speaker and can't spit out 4 sentences without running out of breath. Tax cuts were a gift to those that needed it the least, those in my bracket where I am got the shaft, so in turn, he can #### himself. Really though, he isn't presidential at all. I enjoy him as an entertainer, hate him as a president. Bloomberg is the alpha here, you've got it backwards, he's the assassin. I'm also pretty excited about how much the democrats hate Bloomberg. The only thing he can do to completely get me to stop caring is run with Hillary, I truly hope this doesn't happen bc then I just won't even pay attention to this election.
  12. Glad we're all on the same page here and everyone here is fully onboard (honestly, can't decide if that should be hyphenated, two words, or I got it right) with Bloomberg 2020... Go Mike! Enjoy the weekend fellas, sneaking out of the office early; Valentine's Day chocolates and flowers are on the way to each and every one of you. #Mike2020
  13. Returned 7% on GOLD this week, almost want to sell, almost. ETA: I think if it closes 3 days in a row over $20, you'll want to enter. Right now it is at the top of its range which is a dangerous entry point.