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  1. I still think they'll find a way to avoid it. My money is on the long shot and a 2nd referendum.
  2. I think the odds are very high he is reelected - We have to go back 27 years since someone wasn't reelected, that alone slants the odds in his favor. The Democrats are equally the mess the GOP is, but the GOP has the advantage of currently holding the seat. It comes down to the Dems finding a candidate everyone can agree on, some will have to hold their noses, but if it's someone so far in either direction, they'll have no chance. Honestly, even if the stock market was to collapse, I think Trump will blame someone for it and his constituency will fall in line.
  3. It's a soccer forum, similar to this as a football forum - maybe 2% of this board supports Trump, his odds of being reelected are at worst close to 50/50 right now. You wouldn't know it by discussing it on this football forum, and you wouldn't know Brexit won discussing on your futbol forum. You can see the world as you want to see it and surround yourself with those that share your views to use as anecdotal evidence. I am the best judge, you know why? I'm not a crybaby, nor do I tolerate or sympathize that behavior. Not in my own house and def not some whiny Brit in England. My children are learning a lesson at a young age; the world isn't fair & will hand you lots of ####. You have two choices, cry and whine or take it in stride and make the most of it - sadly, that mentality is disappearing and we're loading up on whiny little #####es everywhere, it disgusts me, tbh. My kids will be able to overcome disappointment and thrive in the face of adversary, they'll prob be much more equipped to do so than the overwhelming majority of the population. The 16mm people, their opinion? They lost the vote. Their entitled to their opinions, but it shouldn't any weight in terms of stay or leave, again, because they already voted.
  4. You've lost all credibility imo with this statement.
  5. This is really grasping at straws. I'd be willing to bet that this forum of yours that you enjoy, similar to this one, leans heavily left. There are only maybe a dozen people on this forum that support Trump - I'm not going to quote that, stick my head in the sand, and pretend there isn't a strong chance he is reelected in November 2020.
  6. No, it isn't - by having another vote you stick your middle finger up to those 17mm that voted leave. Faith in democracy amongst those individuals will forever be shattered. You basically have data that says it is still close, even 3 years after the fact and now the variables are known. They voted, they should now deal with it. If they had voted Remain, there wouldn't be another vote 3 years later.
  7. While I don't know which way this guy leans or the leanings of those behind the research, I do know the most important quote in the article is this: I would conclude your statement is an opinion and far from a fact, nor the people's will. I'd also note the outcome in this BBC poll conducted between November and last week; Do people support another referendum on Leave vs Remain: Support: 39% Oppose: 48% A few things to note from almost all of these polls: 1) Where the polling takes place is paramount. It was noted by MSommer last page, that the demographics from petitions signed for another referendum showed correspondents were heavily concentrated in districts where Remain won by a wide margin. 2) Almost every one of these articles I have read states in some form or shape that the polling includes voters who did not vote last time. I'd like to note number 2, as this is a sticking point for me - if you were too stupid or lazy to vote last time, you don't deserve a do over... We live in such a soft world with so many hypocrites and crybabies - they didn't vote? Too bad, learn a lesson. The bottom line imo is that they had a vote, the results are in - just because the results could go either way if they voted again doesn't change the fact.
  8. Is this based on personal opinion? You say fact, so I’d like to see your math.
  9. No chance that happens. Might as well botch it all the way through.
  10. What if we're talking solitary confinement - 8x10 cell, just you for 23 hours a day, 1 hour of time in the yard. Does that change anyone's risk profile?
  11. We've discussed this topic in the thread - his voters are some of the most loyal ever. You want a strategy to beat him, you need to be realistic. The only people you're pulling away are the voters who held their noses and voted for him bc they hated Hillary.
  12. They need to take the stupid deal May negotiated & move on.
  13. Quite the tweetstorm today, big fan.
  14. Doesn't matter, this goes back to the base, which most agree, no matter what, they'll stay loyal and vote for him.