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  1. OP says he's from NE, I think he'll be fine with some snow.
  2. Recently got a Dual band gigabit router when I realized I was paying for a FIOS gigabit connection but the router wasn't gigabit so I wasn't getting the full benefit. Now it's lightning fast.
  3. Amazon is so freakishly fast that I try to buy my online stuff through it whenever possible. Most of my orders show up the next day, free shipping. It's unreal.
  4. Just selling random stuff or something in particular?
  5. Holy cow, I didn't realize how much the Yeti cooler sells for.
  6. I think the mental health angle is far too subjective. I agree with banning semi-automatic rifles but the obvious counter is what about semi-automatic pistols? Which is why I don't believe the former will ever happen. Either we ban guns all together or just accept these incidents as a consequence of freedom to bear arms. We're not banning guns so this is just going to keep happening.
  7. Vote on what? Banning mass shootings?
  8. Most places put way too much cheese on pizza for my liking. I don't like coagulated cheese with cheap pig guts. Thin crust, light mushrooms, black olives, green peppers with light cheese
  9. 1 - Home uses a keypad but there's a backup key. 1 - fob for the car I'm driving that day just goes in my pocket 1 - Mailbox - key 1 - Backup Safe key in case I ignore the alarm and allow the battery to die (again) 2 - two small unidentified keys that I think are from either old safes or pistol cable locks