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  1. Mine is a little over 16k, my wife's is only 4k. My wife is covered under my insurance, should her's be 0.00?
  2. It looked more like a drug deal than cheating.
  3. The doctor's or dentist offices that do this: Asks for ID and insurance card then proceeds to have ME fill out a form which contains all of the information on the ID card and Insurance card...
  4. How, just her teaching you?
  5. That's the way I viewed it.
  6. Anyone have success learning a second language after the age of 30? I want to pick up a third language (English 1st, Spanish 2nd). How did you do it? Rosetta Stone or something like it? In person classes? Living in another country for a while seems the easiest but not practical for me.
  7. I've never watched an episode. Worth picking up at the beginning or is each episode it's own thing?
  8. #2. I have a thing for petite and crazy.
  9. What job/department are you in @KCitons?
  10. If he thinks the answer to this question is "nothing", that's the problem...
  11. I've yet to find a decent pair for jogging, they seem to pop out when I run. The wired earbuds works best for now.
  12. "Disease" might not be the right word but I do think some people are wired differently when it comes to alcohol. I helped a friend of mine go to rehab in the summer, she's back off the wagon. I really don't understand how a few drinks turns to her going "into a hole" for days drinking. I don't like to get drunk because it messes up my sleep while she can't sleep good unless she ties one on.
  13. I don't ever plan to fight so I don't plan out fighting rules. Attack me, anything goes.
  14. Always clean inside and out. I entertain clients and strange all the time; a new/clean car is a must.