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  1. Velour and gold chains isn't a good look for me.
  2. Seems to be ramped in the DMV area. These kids are going to have their kidneys dropping out by the time they're 30. I really hope the crackdown on prescription pills saves the next generation from getting hooked on opiates but currently the progression from popping pills early in high school to all-out heroin use before they finish seems way too common. A friend of my is a child phycologist and says I need to start talking to my daughter now about it (she's 9) as many of the kids are even starting in Junior High. I don't smoke weed nor care but now It's even making me lean towards NOT legalizing weed because the crap is so strong now that it's priming these kids to want a better high. Concerned dad here.
  3. Isn't that just a screwdriver or are we talking adding vodka to orange juice and champaign?
  4. Not a fan - I wake up early even on my off days. Bunch just seems like an excuse to eat high-carb foods and day drink, I'll pass.
  5. Both can be done in under 5 minutes.
  6. I'm still living vicariously through myself and will start documenting again. It's time.
  7. I can't imagine a private mansion doesn't have a ton of security cameras.
  8. Someone put a gun to his wife's head, classifies as family emergency IMO.
  9. Condoms optional.
  10. Yeah, still shows "closed". I can see the clan in my bookmark but not in search
  11. Not seeing it in search
  12. currently at 3057
  13. He's referring to me. Looking to jump back in but I can't keep up with the non-stop war in FBG1 so seeing if there are opening in the others.