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  1. It's a good size. I can entertain multiple people at once on it.
  2. I usually keep cash in my pockets, wallet is just for cards.
  3. Three racks
  4. Big fan of these
  5. I thought about this, I'll have to set up a second FB for the "dad" account. There's way too much whoremongering on my current FB.
  6. Noted
  7. A bunch of sites/games also almost require a FB to log in.
  8. How old would you/did you start letting your kids use Facebook? The reasons are obvious to keep them away as long as possible but I think it's inevitable at some point since sooner or later, all their friends will have it. Also, any tips to monitoring your kids on Facebook? EDIT to add "social media" instead of just Facebook.
  9. Mine is a little over 16k, my wife's is only 4k. My wife is covered under my insurance, should her's be 0.00?
  10. It looked more like a drug deal than cheating.
  11. The doctor's or dentist offices that do this: Asks for ID and insurance card then proceeds to have ME fill out a form which contains all of the information on the ID card and Insurance card...
  12. How, just her teaching you?
  13. That's the way I viewed it.
  14. Anyone have success learning a second language after the age of 30? I want to pick up a third language (English 1st, Spanish 2nd). How did you do it? Rosetta Stone or something like it? In person classes? Living in another country for a while seems the easiest but not practical for me.
  15. I've never watched an episode. Worth picking up at the beginning or is each episode it's own thing?