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  1. What are the details of the bet? A weekend and a huge fine considered as "time"?
  2. I doubt it. Is the service you get from non-tipped experience that much better? Think about it, Chick-fil-a, the gas station, Target, etc. You interact with service providers all the time, some and good at their jobs and some are idiots. I don't think it's going to change much.
  3. Why people still care about fraternities and sororities is beyond me. When I went to college, the big selling point was to maintain connections after college to get jobs. We have Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., there's plenty of ways to develop a circle of contacts.
  4. The employer is only required to compensate minimum wage over the course of a week not if they get stiffed on one table. It usually evens out. Every study and personal experience says servers are making more than minimum wage. I agree 100% though with just charge me more for the meal and include the tips. I shouldn't be involved in the employee/employer relationship. I shouldn't have to separate an individual employee's performance from the company ability to deliver a product. When I buy an iPhone I don't change the amount I'm paying based on if the sales guys smiled enough, it's stupid.
  5. I don't get why some of the local breweries don't have food. I was at one a few weeks ago, there were at least 50 people milling around just drinking beers. I mean get a snack machine with some chips or anything FFS. We had a few drinks and left to get food because we were starving. Drinking makes me hungry, I can't be alone on this one.
  6. That's an interesting take on the subject. As a kid, I would go to the bar when I was underage with a family member from time to time. They never got #### faced but the only thing I thought the whole time was damn this is cool. I never once considered them to be influenced by alcohol good or bad (at the time).
  7. Most of my friends have already seen me naked anyway
  8. Would you have a problem with someone cursing at a bad call while watching a game or two guys talking about their sexual conquest at the bar while your kids are there? Would you give the other people at the bar the, "hey my kids are with me?" or actually say something?
  9. Another thread got me thinking but I didn't want to hijack. Let's say by "kids" we mean anyone under 14. "bar" means any dive bar, casual dining restaurant with a bar, 4 star restaurant with a bar, etc. etc. "bar area" I think is self-explanatory for anyone that eats out regularly. The tables in the bar area are typically a free-for-all and not part of the tables waiting for reservations or being sat by a host(ess).
  10. Here's an AZ cover of that chapter: Chapter 1, “Serving Time” This sight became more common than not, a guy in his 60s with an armpiece around 30. But this one…this one wanted the attention - with the neckline cut to ask for it and the inventory to back it up. I and the other waiters, involuntarily redirected by the GPS in our shorts, took every opportunity to route by the table to our destinations – albeit sometimes manufactured “More water? Even more water maybe?”. The best part is she paid each one of us back with not only a spectacular view but a smile and gleam which let onlookers know she enjoyed the attention as much as you enjoyed attending. One of the servers referred to them as “Hermans”, referring to Herman Munster. I told him I typically avoid 55 year old TV reference that didn't make sense but I’ll roll with it. It was even somewhat annoying having to explain who the Munsters were just to simply point out new assets in the room to the other servers but in time it became a thing.