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  1. Did you abruptly stop drinking alcohol or stop taking recreational/supplemental drugs?
  2. Australia, specifically Sydney feels more like a modern international city where Cape Town and the surrounding cites felt more like the US in the 70s.
  3. South Africa - the views are breathtaking, the people are nice and it's relatively safe. There's a heavy British influence so most people in shopping/service distracts speak English.
  4. Not only will you get the experience while you're working but you might make some connections to that will help post-degree. You'll also look much more attractive to a prospective employer if you spent your time making ~$12 an hour doing accounting support instead of selling cell phones.
  5. I'm over a month behind and busy at the same time. There's a lot more that's happened between last month and this month that I'd like to get caught up on. Bear with me as I get up to speed on who's baring with me. Thanks.
  6. Keara: “I need to leave” Me: “Why?” Keara: “I don’t know what’s going on and I think Angie is made at mad at me” Me: “You’re fine, Angie just needs a break. She’s been doing too much lately. So, what happen with you and Ice last night?” Keara: “I don’t know, we were just hanging then she started calling me a ‘whore for rent’” Me: “Yeah, that sounds like Ice”. Keara: “Who is she and why does she act like she runs your house”. Me: “She’s a friend of mine; she’s usually a good time. Every once in a while she feels the need to play ‘boss’ of everyone – might be a Napoleon thing. But, she has a bunch of female friends that like to party and can turn a boring night very interesting in the drop of dime.” Keara: “I feel like crap” Me: “Yeah, you’re coming down. Why don’t you get cleaned up and we’ll grab some food and maybe a drink to level out” Keara: “Okay”. Keara is in her bra and panties, gets up and heads into my bathroom. She leans her head out of the bathroom a minute or so later, holding her arms over her petite mosquito bite chest and asks how to use the shower. I get up, fully nude, morning semi and walk into the bathroom; she quickly looks away a little embarrassed. Me: “Come in here, look (Keara steps in the shower with me), if you turn this or this one, it will put the shower on either side. I usually turn one on until the water warms up; then if you do this, it comes down like rain”. Keara is looking up into the shower, still holding her arms over her chest and turned a bit so I can’t see the font of her waist but finally smiling. I soap up a loofa and start to clean Keara’s back which is turned to me. She’s so tiny; she’s about as short as Angie but something about a white chick being this short makes her look even shortly, I don’t’ know why. I can feel Keara slowly relaxing as the thin water massages us both, lean back on the wall of the shower, turn Keara toward me and uncross her arms them about them around my waist; she’s looking up smiling at me as my #### is pressed on her solar plexus. I drop the loofa put my hands under her arms. Keara: “What are you doing?” (with an obviously sarcastic smile on her face). Me: “Collecting rent” Keara slaps my chest, call me a ### then puts one of her arms behind my next and pulls her short petite body up face to face with her feet using the assistance of the shower ledge (like area that holds soap, shampoo etc. that’s about at knee level to me). With her other hand, takes me #### and puts in right in – all of it without hesitation. Now look, again, I’m not the biggest dude in the world but I was a little shocked this petite chick just took it all right away without hesitation. She wasn’t tight but far from worn out – it was a nice fit. Let me find out this little ##### was a Jaguar groupie or something. We’re standing up missionary on the shower wall for a while going at it, she start turning and says, “hold me up” – not sure exactly what she’s trying to do I keep my hands under arms; her feet can’t touch the shower floor, she’s still using the ledge behind me to assist me holding her up. This chick leans back, steps her left leg crossing my body, then swings her right leg around so we’re now doggie style – feet still on the ledge but leaning forward now. If I release my hands, she would fly forward and smash her head into the shower glass. She’s aggressively riding me now, she knew exactly what she wanted and cheers me on as we both climax. I pull her close to me holding her for a while; I’m still leaning with my back on the shower wall with her back to me, my arms around her torso. Damn this chick can work a wall. We finish washing up and decide to go find some place to eat. It’s a holiday so restaurants & parking lots are going to be iffy so we took an Uber downtown. We ended up at the W rooftop lounge that afternoon for some food and drinks. The view for fireworks is great from my balcony so we went back to my place before they started. That night we chilled out, went easy on drinking and just enjoyed the scene. That night sex was just as aggressive and draining; she put me to sleep that night. The next morning Keara decides she wanted to get in a quicky before work. That Tuesday it’s about 10am while I’m in my office; I hear Angie talking outside my door then shortly after a knock: Me: “It’s open”. Angie: “Have you seen Keara?” Me: “She’s around here somewhere” Angie: “Well where? I wanted to show her how to (run some report or something)” Me: “Did you schedule time to meet with her?” Angie: “No but she’s supposed to be here” Me: “Angie, maybe she’s running an errand for one of the consultants, maybe she’s taking a ####. She works out of this office 40 hours a week, you can’t expect her to be sitting in her desk waiting for you when you walk in announced”. Angie: “I don’t know if she’s going to work out” Me: “Tell you what, I need to get on a conference call in a few minutes but let’s make some time this afternoon to talk more about leveling expectations for everyone”. Angie: “Okay but I really need to (I cut her off) Me: “2:30, my office. Thanks. Oh and try not to slam the door this time” (I smile, then I pick up my office phone and wave bye to Angie). Angie walks out clearly pissed but let’s be honest, I’m pissed with Angie. Keara stands up from behind my desk giggling. Keara: (whispering) “why is she being such an ###?” Me: “Don’t know, I’ll talk to her this afternoon. I’ll need you on this call to take notes on this call. Grab your laptop and come back in 5 before the call starts”. Keara says okay and rushes off to grab her laptop. I’ll find out later this afternoon talking with Angie that during this short moment, Keara went to her desk to grab her laptop and past Angie. Angie tries to get her attention saying she needs to show her how to do something and Keara blows by her saying “sorry need to go into a meeting with Ron”. That didn’t help things… Tuesday 2:30 – Meeting with Angie. Me: “Angie, thanks for taking the time out to meet today. I know you’ve been really busy. Let’s get right to it, how are things going with Keara? From what I gather, you don’t sound exactly ecstatic about her performance. Is that accurate? Angie: “Yes, I don’t think she’s learning fast enough” Me: “Fast enough for what?” Angie: “She should know a lot of this stuff by now” Me: “What stuff, specifically – give me an example” Angie: “Well she doesn’t know how to purchase the office supplies” Me: “What do you mean?’ Angie: “I told her to buy (list of office supplies) and she went to Office Depot and bought everything and lugged it into the office. Why didn’t she use our supply account?” Me: “Did you show her how to place orders with our supply account? Angie: “No, she never asked me how to so I assumed she knew we just didn’t walk into a store and buy the stuff. I even said, ‘place an order’ not go buy the stuff.” Me: “So you’re upset that she didn’t know how to do something you never showed her how to do?” Angie: “No, she never said she didn’t know how to do it, that’s my point” Me: “She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know Angie. How did you learn how to use the supply accounts?” Angie: “Ann showed me (Ann was my old part-time office support person, she’s since fully retired now)”. Me: “Do you see the difference here?” Angie: “Well Ann was in the office all the time, I can’t be here all day to hold her hand. Keara needs to let me know if she needs help with something”. Me: “Angie, being good at your job and being a good manager isn’t the same thing. You’re great at what you do but you need to work on becoming a better manager. That’s my fault, I need to spend more time working with you to become a better manager.” Angie: “Why do you always say everything is your fault, it’s Keara not you” Me: “It is me. Also, Angie when is the last time you took a vacation”. Angie: “When we went to Disney last winter”. Me: “That was my vacation with Daughter and Wife. You were running around the whole time making sure everything was set up, coordinating stuff – that’s work, not a vacation”. Angie: “Well I guess it was when we went to Puerto Rico”. Me: “And how long ago was that?” Angie: “Like 3 years ago”. Me: “Exactly Angie, you’re doing too much and not taking time for yourself. I keep asking you to take a vacation and you never do it. So here’s what I’m going to do, I’m not asking, I’m telling. Next week, you’re off – from Office and PA stuff. Tell Wife today that you’re not going to be available next week; I’ll talk to her later today and we’ll figure out anything that needs to get done” Angie starts rattling off all the things that need to get done and why she can’t take off, I cut her off again. Me: “Angie, the work is always going to be here. You’re a wreck these days. You’re getting pissed all the time for little/no reason – you need a break. A real break. Angie: “Well where am I going to go?” Me: “Go anywhere, go to Vegas, go to the beach, go to Miami or do a Euro trip. You’ve got money; you’ve got the time off, use it.” Angie: “Well what about Keara when I’m gone?” Me: “I’ll take care of her; it’s that time of year when vacations are coming up for most of our customers so things are slowing down anyway.” Angie: “Then go with me” Me: “I can’t Angie, sorry”. Angie: “So just go somewhere alone?” Me: “No, call up one of your friends from the classes you’ve been taking. I’m sure if you said, “hey want to go to wherever all expenses paid that you’ll get plenty of people that will take you up on that offer. Or even better, why don’t you take your mom? Maybe work things out? You’d be surprised how different parents are once you’re making your own way in the world. Take some time off, bye Angie.” Angie looks defeated – and left. I call Wife as soon as Angie left to bring her up to speed. Wife agreed that Angie needed a break and she witnessed the same thing, she would never take the offer to “get away” for a while”.
  7. Maybe in your office.
  8. Con: "Out of sight, out of mind". If you're one of the few people working 100% at home, you'll be out of a lot of 'hallway' conversation that could effect you directly. It's also harder to move into upper management if you're not as 'accessible'.
  9. But that's also why I hired Angie...
  10. Same came here to post this
  11. Keara and I walk into my condo - Ice, Cuban and two other chicks are gathered around the coffee table (I banged Cuban and the one chick already last winter; same day Ice decided to piss on me in the shower; didn't recognize the other chick). Ice lifts her head up after a snoot full and yells, "RON MAKE US SOME RUM RUNNER!!!" - the rest are cheering, already in full-on party mode. Me, "Sure, why not". I look to Keara, "You want one?" - she says yes. I go to the kitchen looking around to see if I can throw together rum runners. This should work; I grab a pitcher fill it with ice, fill the pitcher almost half way with sour mix, then white rum. While double fisted the blackberry brandy and banana liquor to fill almost to the top then finish it off with grenadine. I grabbed another pitcher to pour/mix it up then filled up glasses for everyone. I even garnished the glasses with an orange and little penis straws left over from a sex toy party one of the girls threw several months back because i'm good like that. I start walking drinks over, saying my hellos and introducing Keara to everyone. Cuban's friend, the chick I smashed already comes up to me, "Thanks Ron, good to see you again". I'm not sure what she's thanking me for. Cuban says something in the same manor like, thanks for having us over or whatever. I'm pretty sure I didn't invite anyone over my house; this is clearly Ice's doing - not sure why they're thanking me. When I get closer to the coffee table, oh, I guess this is what the thank you's are for. There's almost a quarter-O pilled on my coffee table. I look to Ice: Me: "who bought all this ####?" (white stuff) Ice: "You did ####### (as she backhands me package) for leaving me here alone." "I had to call them over so I didn't go crazy here". I'm not even going to bother looking in my wallet, I'm pretty sure any money left in there is gone. Ice's car is in the garage, she could have left any time. Ice lives alone, she's always alone - this is just Ice bing Ice again. Keara is mingling a little but still playing pretty close to my proximity. Ice runs out to meet one of the girls on the balcony to smoke. Keara: "You do that?" (motioning to the table). Me: "No, well yes back in college but not now" Keara: "oh, okay" Me: "By all means, help yourself if you want. I'm not going to tell Angie " Keara says no, I start talking to Cuban for a while then I turn around to see Keara and Ice in a face-off on the coffee table. I have no idea what time it is by this point, maybe 3-4am. Cuban is with me in the kitchen while I'm making them another drink. Her girlfriend is white girl wasted and starts pulling on my jeans. Cuban walks into the living room, does a bump then comes back to the kitchen and starts kissing on me (ugh, the smell of that stuff); her girlfriend has my jeans around my ankles at this point blowing me like she's in a race, I had to grab her head and say slow down. Keara walks into the kitchen with an empty glass, first sees Cuban with her tongue down my throat then sees the other chick blowing me; I just point to the pitcher of rum runners. She pours a drink and starts to leave, I say "take the pitcher with you". Ice, Keara and the other chick are in the living room talking their heads off all geeked up. I've worked Cuban's panties off at this point and pulled her skirt up; as much as I appreciate a BJ, this isn't doing anything for me so I set Cuban on one of the stools in the kitchen and start plowing her, now completely ignoring the chick that was just blowing me. Standing awkwardly and not really getting sure footing, I decided to redirect to little miss Speedy BJ and bent her over the stove for some. I'm drunk at this point; like diamond-cutting-hard-#### drunk. I sweating drilling this chick for oil when I hear something knocked over glassware on the kitchen counter (didn't break) and look over to see Ice in the kitchen now, spread eagle on a stool with Cuban muff diving her. Okay, I need to get everyone out of the kitchen. I pull out of Speedy BJ, walk over and pick Ice up and carry her to the living room and throw her on the couch. The girls are laughing; Ice is now presenting herself yelling, "who wants it". We're all ####'ed up at this point. Keara just walked in from the balcony from what I guess she was out smoking with the other chick (I didn't know she smoked). Cuban goes after Ice on the couch, speedy does another line then is back blowing me as I'm standing in the living room, Keara and the other chick are glazed over just taking this all in. Then the girl who just came off the balcony with Keara starts to walk by me toward the kitchen and I grab her arm, I'm drunk so my best line was "what's up" as I'm getting a BJ. She looks down, shakes her head and keeps walking. I switch off a bit with Cuban and Speedy BJ; Ice was kissing on Keara at one point but she wasn't digging the whole scene. Later, Cuban was riding me in the chair and I finally decided to let one go as she's gripping my ears yelling "#### me". I'm holding Cuban on top of me, now with semi-soaked inside of her. Then I hear Ice and Keara yelling at each other about god knows what. I ignore it until Ice pushed Keara over the side of the couch - that's it, everyone get the #### out. I left Cuban off of me, tell Ice that she has to get her friends, #### and go. It's too late (early?) for this, the ####ing sun is starting to come up. Ice starts getting her stuff together, yelling her standard "#### you Ron" repeatedly and "don't ask me for #### ever again" blah blah blah ( I can't remember ever asking her for anything). I tell Keara to go into my room and lock the door until I get everyone out. She goes into my room with the about-to-cry look on her face. It's a good 30 minutes or so before I get everyone out; funny part was Cuban was so laid back the whole time and even made sure to pick up the left over booger sugar on the table as a parting gift, kissed me and thanked me again while apologizing for her friends. She has class. I go get my keys and unlock my bedroom door. Keara is passed out. I went to the bathroom, washed up then went to sleep. The next day, Keara and I are awoken by Angie walking into the bedroom around noon: Me: (I sit up) "Hey Angie (Keara wakes up with this oh-#### look on her face looking at me but still laying down) Angie: "Party last night?" (in a snide kind of way) Me: "Yeah, a party" Angie stands there for a minute, looking at me then looking at Keara who is not looking back at Angie - Keara is still laying down playing possum. Angie then walks out of my bedroom, slams the bedroom door, then slams the front door. I'm not sure WTF has gotten into her.
  12. Look on Craig's list. People sell these things all the time for a 4th of what they bought them for; most less than a year old.
  13. Yes, Party of 3. The hostess tells us it will be 10 or 15 minutes to get our table ready. I say, “no problem”, meanwhile Ice darts off to the bar: Keara: “Geez, is she always like this?” Me: “Like what?, a crazy person?” Keara: “Well that too but no, drinking so much” Me: “She’s just going for a drink – I don’t see the big deal” Keara: “She just drank a bunch on the way here” Me: What? Keara: “Yeah, while you were getting ready, she was pouring liquor from that skull bottle in your kitchen into a Gatorade bottle. The one she was drinking on the way here”. Me: “I didn’t notice and no, I don’t really know her as a day-drinker. She must have had a rough night”. The hostess comes up to us minutes later and says our table is ready. Keara and I sit down, Ice joins us as the waiter walks up and asks if we’d like something to drink. Me: “Arnold Palmer and a separate glass of ice water please” Keasa: “Coffee and ice water” Ice: “I’m fine for now but I’ll need another one of these soon”. Waiter walks off. Me: “Rough night?” Ice: “Rough few weeks – I’ve been supporting (overseas client) and my sleep time is all screwed up. 2am stand-up calls, 3am conference calls, 5am follow up calls etc. I have jet lag without going anywhere. Me: “Yeah, that sucks”. We order - I go with the spinach eggs Benedict, Keara gets just a cheese omelet and Ice gets egg whites with potatoes and toast. Food comes, Ice is on her 2nd or 3rd drink by now but starting to look like she’s feeling better. We shoot the breeze for a while nothing substantial just Keara talking more about where she grew up and coming here with her ex-boyfriend. Ice leaning in and agreeing with her while taking every opportunity to bash men. We leave the restaurant and Ice is looking woozy. We get to my car and she lays down in the back seat. Keara sits up front and I drive back to my condo; I carried Ice into my place and put her in guest room for a nap. I had nothing to do but also didn’t want to sit in the house all afternoon. I decided on what better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon but in a casino; I invited Keara to join me. Maryland Live is a little closer but I like Charles Town better; Maryland Live can be seedy some days and Charles Town is a more scenic drive through the Shenandoah. While we’re driving: Keara: “It’s amazing how this went from a city drive to what feels like the country in minutes.” Me: “Yeah, it’s mostly horse country west of Loudoun county to West Virginia.” Keara: “It’s beautiful” Me: “I like it out here but I could never live out here” Keara: “I could in a heartbeat” Me: “Lot of people do but if you work in the city, it’s an hour and a half to two hours each way to work with traffic but plenty of people do it. Keara: “That’s just insane” Me: “I know a lot of people do it; they have 3-4 kids and want to have a big yard. You either need a lot of money or be willing to spend 3 hours+ a day in the car here.” I pull up to the casino and valet the car. I show Keara around a bit then gave her a few hundred as we sat on a 3-card poker table. She knows poker a little and 3-card is an easy game for beginners; it’s also a lot less intimidating then a craps table and the gamblers aren’t as serious as they are at a blackjack table (for obvious reasons). Keara’s beginner’s luck pays off early as she hits trips twice in less than 10 or so hands. I’m ‘kissing my sister’ breaking even most of the time but down because I’m tipping on the few wins I do get. It’s after 6pm, Keara and I are getting hungry. The restaurant selection in Charles Town is pretty thin; there’s an over-priced steakhouse that’s just okay. I told her we could do way better heading back to the city. We stopped on the way back at Magnolias just on the VA side for some dinner and wine. Keara had the seared tuna salad, I had the salmon; wine was a bottle of Philo Ridge pinot noir. It’s after 9pm by the time we made it back to Alexandria. Tomorrow is a holiday so no need to rush home; we decided to take another stop before heading in so I took her to Old Town to bar hop a bit and check out some live music. It’s late, after 1am – Keara and I head back to my condo. As I step off the elevator, I hear loud music coming from my place. I guess Ice is awake…
  14. There's nothing wrong with Cole Haan for casual dress shoes IMO.
  15. My wife did the same "shift" many years ago. Give any woman money/stability and they change. Didn't think that needed to be explained.