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  1. I mean, that would be AMAZING. But he's def an OLB. And my lineup suggestions and everything keep suggesting playing Chubb in the DE slot, but MFL and Fleaflicker both have him designated as LB. Can I change player designations in League Dominator? Is Chubb a DE on any fantasy platform?
  2. No restrictions on keepers. 250M salary cap - contracts are Julio 4 yrs 16M/yr; JuJu 4 yrs 14M/yr. Big cap hits for dropping players early. Julio's contract sucks, he's 30 y/o, not sure he'll be worth 16M/yr in three years. I can stash RoJo on my TAXI. Does he not have any value?
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    White and Carson for sure
  4. 10 team half ppr dynasty My RBs: Gurley / CMC / Chubb / Cook / Penny My WRs: OBJ / Julio / Corey Davis / Will Fuller / Baldwin / Kelvin
  5. New contracts are awarded during the offseason, after the rookie draft. I can pick the number of years, between two and five, but the annual value is based on NFL salaries. I agree with your thoughts though, based on how this league is structured, streaming IDP is the best way. I'll probably keep a few IDP studs on contract to obfuscate my strategy for as long as I can.
  6. The league rules are set, I don't anticipate the commish (who isn't me) changing the parameters anytime soon. It's not that lopsided at 8 offense vs 6 defense starters though. And we have 30 roster spots, not including 2 IR and 4 person taxi. If I were to keep any of my FA acquisitions, I'd have to award them a new 2-5 year contract with an annual value based on their positional ranking, cross referenced with NFL salaries. So, for example, say I pick up Kiko Alonso and he finishes the year as the 6th rated LB, I'd have to pay him $12.3M/yr, which is the 6th highest LB salary (Clowney). Or I could drop him, and bid on him via auction and likely get a better deal. Or let him walk and pick up the next LB wonder for almost nothing, and free up money to go big on a QB free agent...
  7. First post here, but long time FBG subscriber. I joined my first IDP Dynasty league this year, and after the inaugural draft, I've got serious buyer's remorse for contracting IDP players. Bottom line is I think I'd be better off, with few exceptions, of streaming IDP players instead of contracting them. Here's the background: League overview 14 starters each week: 8 on offense (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 SUPERFLEX, 1 FLEX) and 6 on defense (1 DT, 1 DE, 1 LB, 1 S, 1 CB, 1 FLEX) 18 Bench Slots + 4-slot Taxi Squad 2 IR Slots (PUP and worse only) 0.5 PPR 250M Salary Cap 12 team dynasty IDP scoring 3 points for every 4 Assisted Tackles (0.75 per) 3 points for every 2 Solo Tackles (1.5 per) 3 points for every 2 Passes Defended (1.5 per) 2 points for every Tackle for Loss 2 points for every Sack 3 points for every Fumble Recovered 4 points for every Fumble Forced 6 points for every Interception 6 points for every Defensive TD 6 points for every Blocked Kick 6 points for every Conversion Return Without going into extreme detail on how the contracts work (and consequential heavy cap hits for dropping players under contract), here's an illustrative example of players on my team and their contracts: Matt Ryan: 4 yrs at 18M/yr Christian McCaffrey: 5 yrs at 5.5M/yr Michael Thomas: 4 yrs at 16M/yr Zack Ertz: 4 yrs at 8M/yr Malik Jackson: 3 yrs at 7M/yr Zach Brown: 3 yrs at 11M/yr Micah Hyde: 3 yrs at 7M/yr Demarcus Lawrence: 4 yrs at 8.5M/yr The salary structure was created to mirror NFL contract averages. I have no issues with the offensive player contracts. The dropoff in talent from top tier QB/RB/WR/TEs to the waiver wire scraps can be pretty dramatic, so those guys are worth contracting. But here's the kicker for me: free agent acquisitions get a 1 year 1M contract. And if you drop them, you get immediate cap relief (the 1M doesn't count for current year) at the cost of only a 100K cap hit the next year. So why am I committed to the highly dynasty rated DT Malik Jackson for 21M over three years when I can pick up guys like Jarran Reed for peanuts? Or Kiko Alonso vs 33M for Zach Brown, or Jamal Adams vs 21M for Micah Hyde... Every week FBG lineup dominator shows me better IDP players avail on the wire than I have under contract, with few exceptions (e.g. Lawrence or Chandler Jones). In fact, I could pick up and drop IDP players 70 times for the cost of rostering Malik Jackson just one year. It's obvious, right? And streaming lets me avoid injury risks and play optimal matchups. Further evidence that streaming IDP in a salary cap league is a sound strategy: 4 of the top 10 CB are avail (by scoring avg year to date) 2 of the top 10 S are avail 3 of the top 10 DL are avail 4 of the top 10 LB are avail (seriously, the IDP money position...) You might assume my league is composed of a bunch of newbies or morons based on the above, but the reality is everyone is committed to their drafted players under contract, and they simply don't have enough bench spots to pick up rising talent, or alternatively take a 10M cap hit for dropping a guy like Zach Brown to pick up Kiko Alonso. Unfortunately it'll take me 2/3 years to shed these IDP contracts for reasonable cap hits, but I'm thinking I can do that, stream IDP players, and free up that cap space to overspend on offensive player free agent auctions (assuming the rest of the league doesn't catch on and keep signing dumb IDP contracts). Am I missing something? Don't buy the cow when the milk is damn near free...