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  1. For sure. Grats again on finding product and hitting big! Super jealous!!
  2. Mosaics have been grading pretty rough. Only one that was graded (from BGS) came back a 9.5 and sold for $725. Raw ones are selling for $600+. You’d be paying like $100 for ten day grading and it’s not really going to pay off unless it’s a 10. I’d put it up raw on eBay if you sell it and list it for $750 and probably take an offer of $675 min.
  3. That’s sick man. It’s so hard getting any autos in blasters let alone a burrow. That’s close to a $1k haul for everything there. Probably more like $1200ish
  4. I know who you are haha. Pretty good man, just working a ton and have two kids that are 14 months apart so it’s nonstop 😩. How are you?! I’m poor because of these damn kids hahaha. I know steel city collectibles is very reputable. They have a mosaic box listed at like $750ish which isn’t up charged ungodly like some of the cellos/hangars/retail boxes are. I don’t really have much of a local card shop here now. The one I knew about seems to have went out of business unfortunately.
  5. The other product I’d suggest is a mosaic hobby box too. The autos in that aren’t even the best products in there!
  6. Feel like I need a dm on here or fb about what you have!
  7. Idk what cta even is lol. Raw, there’s only one that sold on eBay for around a hundo.
  8. I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily true. What grades did the Ryan’s get @5Rings? Anything else graded that you have?
  9. In a product like mosaic, he’s not wrong. Getting a silver burrow is over a $200+ card right now. The market for them and basically any other rookie QBs is absurd.
  10. I mean, that’s basically what this has turned into. It’s sad that trying to be able to buy product is such a joke. Sick hit with the Herbert rated rookie!
  11. What’s it like to get a chance to buy these cards at your target? Seriously feels like it never actually hits the shelf here in Vegas.
  12. No mention of it here but woooof, that Pietrangelo contract is so backloaded.
  13. Definitely wish they would have given Alec Martinez away. Maybe they were having flashbacks of the Tomas Tatar deal from year one.
  14. Just saw this. Apparently I was wrong! The Schmidt deal seemed done last night so I wouldn’t be surprised if something was already in place.