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  1. Apparently, jabbing the butt end of your stick into someone’s head is worthy of costing you only $5k. What a joke.
  2. Sorry I’ve been away guys, still celebrating that game tying Vegas goal with .3 left. Also going to hate seeing Evander get suspended again.
  3. Just absolutely nuts.
  4. I dl’ed it on my Roku stick, signed up for the year, and checked the Simpsons and lilo and stitch out and both were up and running for me 30 minutes ago.
  5. Wilson definitely wasn’t the person Reavo should have been tangling with last night.
  6. Evander Kane took out a $500k marker at the Cosmopolitan during the playoff series vs VGK. He has yet to pay that back. The Cosmo is now suing Kane. You hate to see it.
  7. I had them as a WC team in my predictions! Also, lol at no suspension on Lowry. What a crock of ####.
  8. Some gifs inside this article
  9. Holy f was the officiating horrendous tonight in Vegas. First off, there was no penalty, nor review on this This was not an icing (puck is was dumped in from the WPG blue line and was behind Subban’s body past the goal line). Peg scored the game tying goal immediately
  10. I’m lucky and have a friend with season tickets so I’m just giving him my team set of cards so he can sell on eBay for a free ticket
  11. Yup, ain’t got that rich people money though lol. Sitting in 211. Actually going to both Anaheim games this year.
  12. Can Su ever stay healthy is the thing, really. That’s the part of Su that I’m super critical with. Dansk played as well as I expected Dansk to play, which is what I’d expect from a replacement goalie. Second goal is definitely one that he can’t give up. Funny thing was, when I got home from work, I had the game streaming on my phone. Get inside my home right as soon as the second goal is scored. I turn the tv/laptop on to the stream, and I’m seeing what I thought is the same goal again, thinking the stream is behind my phone. Nope, just the third goal being scored lol. I don’t think Vegas played that bad aside from some defensive miscues vs Philly. Dansk did get sent back to Chicago, but not because Su is ready, of course. Feel like Vegas definitely stole two points in Chicago vs the hawks. Got thoroughly outplayed for two periods. Fleury ain’t going to keep playing out of his mind and keep bailing Vegas out like he is though. Flower up to 8.65 GSAA through nine starts and ten games. You coming to the game Sunday @Getzlaf15??
  13. Tyler Seguin’s old house in Dallas (that he still owns apparently) got hit by one of these tornados according to Twitter.