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  1. Wentz is the most overrated QB in the league. Terrible
  2. Seriously there have been more shots of Mahomes than Matt Moore
  3. Control booth tonight: “The play just ended. Cut to Mahomes!”
  4. Or don’t leave them alone with adults either.
  5. As he was picking it up. Did 21 have possession when his hand was touched?
  6. I’m playing against Chiefs D and I have Johnson. What a huge swing on one play.
  7. Not going to happen. I will take that bet. From my experience, based on being a parent and interacting with other parents, there has been no hesitation with allowing kids to play football. I personally will not allow my children to play football until high school. My reasons are injuries and burnout, but I have had these reasons even before the CTE news. I’m from Nebraska BTW and we are not a huge high school football state, and again, I have seen no hesitation or apprehension from parents.