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  1. KC area 30 day stay at home order starting Tuesday:
  2. My wife is getting a massage tomorrow. I cautioned her about it but she has a terrible headache and that usually helps. We live in Nebraska
  3. Agree, this why the ignore feature exists. The guy will post his smiles, but nobody will see them. He will be an audience of one. That’s how to send him a message: everyone ignore him.
  4. It seems to be. I had influenza which lead to a respiratory infection and hence steroids.
  5. So I just finished a 9 day course of prednisone today and I’m worried. I’m not sure how long it takes for my immune system to return to normal.
  6. I don’t get your take on this. He’s a business owner and trying to earn a living. These people have a choice to go on his boat. So every business owner should just close?
  7. You blame the owner? Is he forcing them on his boat?
  8. Yes, for sure. I’m on Team Science. Science tells me it’s a life upon conception. Team Belief is trying to convince themselves that it’s not and it’s just a clump of cells.
  9. I get it. I’m not going to get into a study debate. I can google my own studies too and post. But using that same logic, why do we even have laws? Make everything legal and all our numbers will go down. No laws. Seems ridiculous. And even if your study is accurate, I still personally believe abortion is murder and I can’t advocate making it legal regardless. This is the wrong forum for this debate and I can’t be convinced of the other side anyway, so I will bow out of this now. Thanks