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  1. I fell asleep on the couch about 15 minutes in, which is normal for me on any given night. It was meh for what I saw. Don’t think I will rewatch. I have never seen the original.
  2. I can’t tell you how many times a copy/paste has got me in trouble. Your error was not updating your statement for 2020 and assuming the 2016 was just as applicable.
  3. I’m stunned as well. It’s like trying to argue against somebody that says water isn’t wet
  4. It is totally debatable, which is why we are debating it. It is an offensive play. Does the NFL list the TD under their special team's stats? Or do they list is under Rushing? Let's look: Special Team's TDs: Notice that they only show TD categories for Punt and Kickoff return TDs. There is no "fake punt formation" or "fake field goal formation" TDs.
  5. What about a wildcat formation where there is no QB or the QB is not under center? Regardless of which players were on the field, it’s an offensive play. A punter becomes the QB if he throws the ball or a rusher if he rushes the ball. Their stats show up under the offensive stat sections of the box scores.
  6. I think you nailed it with social media. It has killed independent thinking. I don’t know how to fix it.
  7. Sure. The rest of us all drive electric cars and don’t use any plastics. 🙄
  8. I think you are hearing what you want to hear. I’m a registered Republican and for the first time ever, I voted for democrat - Biden. I’m watching this debate knowing I’ve already put my vote in and with an open mind. You are wrong. Trump is winning this one
  9. Look, I voted for him and don’t even think that. Trump is doing well.
  10. Still ok in 2020 to make fun of overweight people. Maybe we can fix that in 2021
  11. Woman at our church just passed away from Covid. She was in her mid 70’s. Was on a ventilator for the last 2 weeks. She tested negative the last few days and her family was at least able to see here before she passed. While still on a ventilator, she was improving somewhat but suddenly got worse and died a day later. I’ve been texting her daughter every other day asking how she was doing. Recent texts were all positive until last night when I texted her and she told me she died a few hours ago. She was such a sweet person. I’m so pissed at this anti-mask mindset which also exists with some people in our church. I hope this changes their outlook but I don’t bet on it