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  1. That's a slight difference from reports earlier in the month that he was dropping passes and looking 'average'. Is McCarthy generally a straight shooter? Or could this be one of those motivational reports to help the kid get some confidence?
  2. When we make the positive case for our guys we often cherry pick the good and leave out the bad. I appreciate your including the negatives in your "To Draft" list. Solid work.
  3. Last year's winner is still a thing of beauty.
  4. Is it just me or are there more players to choose from this year?
  5. This year I had to tell my son there was no Santa Claus. Glad I don't have to deliver more bad news. Thanks, FBG!
  6. Are we talking about the kind of dynasty that might start, say, this weekend?
  7. Bumping this because Rivera had a decent game (5/54/1) with McCloin. Plays the Titans this week who are friendly to TEs. Going forward he has a tough draw in Week 15 (KC) but otherwise has some nice matchups down the stretch (DAL, NYJ, SD). I know he's not "the answer" but worth a flier if the waiver wire is thin?
  8. Especially helpful for FLEX decisions so you can survey the whole field without having to scroll around on the cheatsheets. Bravo!
  9. Where's Greg Little?
  10. totally agree....I think there may have been a chance that he drop down in some leagues but I'm sure there will be a lot of buzz resulting from Hard Knocks... Hard Knocks featured both Eifert and Gio and pro-ready weapons who are expected to produce right away. They did an Eifert-catches-everything montage and a Gio-has-sick-lateral-agility bit, too.
  11. What I like about Floyd's situation is that Palmer isn't going to force the ball to one player. I'm hoping for a Chad Johnson/T.J. Houshetcetera situation where the WR2 has good enough production to be worth taking later. As for worries about Palmer's health I'd factor that more into Fitzgerald's ADP than Floyd's. Right now the latter is coming off the board as the 51st wide receiver. At that point it can't hurt to take a chance.
  12. I still love Fantasy Football Index because you get all of last year's stats on one page so you can review targets, run/pass balance, overall offense, etc. Then you can use your mind to figure out how rookies, free agency, coaching changes, etc. will have an impact on this year. Here's the link so you can order for deliver to your door in July: https://store.fantasyindex.com/
  13. I guess Play 60 is a bigger deal than I thought . . .
  14. My point was not that people see an RG3 or a Luck but that their expectations are higher because of last year's class. Gruden himself keeps reminding these prospects of Luck and RG3 and is generally treating them as if they could potentially be day-one starters as opposed to serving a three-year apprenticehip as a back-up. Also, agreed on EJ Manuel. Compared to Barkley and Smith he seems like more of a natural leader and also has that "student of the game" air about him. Finally, excited after reading Waldman's RSP I'm excited to see the Tyler Wilson episode. Not sure if it's aired or not but the DVR is primed and ready.
  15. Couple of thoughts on the Geno Smith show: 1. Last year's QB class has completely effed anyone in this class' chance of being evaluated fairly. Who could possibly compete with RGIII's insane charisma, Luck's insane football IQ or Russell Wilson's semi-insanely inspiring "too short" underdog story? And how can you not think about those day-one starters while looking at this year's crop? 2. Wondering if Geno's been coached to sell himself as a QB who plays "above the neck" or "between the ears" in order to avoid all the stereotypes and expectations of the "athletic" QB. Or does he really see himself that way? 3. Gruden's general approach to Geno Smith seemed to be one of "I like you and respect you, but you has some learning and growing to do." Which under normal circumstances would be great. But following the 2012 class I hope he's not drafted by some team that tries to rush him onto the field. I don't know if Geno Smith is destined to be a stud, but with some patience it seems he has the chance to be a good NFL quarterback.