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  1. I did not realize rookie WRs have a historically rough go in the first couple of weeks. But it makes sense (jitters, the speed of the game, etc.). Thanks for the education. You've given me a lot to think about.
  2. I'm rolling the dice on Evans as a flex. TEs are going to stay in to block against the CAR front seven. That leaves Martin, VJax and ??? in the passing game. Looking at the Bucs depth chart Evans seems like the best third option. (Unless there's something about Herron and Murphy I'm missing.) Evans could easily go 3/45/0 but a jump ball in the end zone makes 6/70/1 a distinct possibility.
  3. 12-team, non-PPR, drafting 10th: Graham Dez C. Patterson R. Jennings Gore Lamar Miller MJD Brady J. Hunter M. Evans K. Stills Patriots Defense T. Kelce C. Latimer B. Cunningham John Brown Pittsburgh Kicker
  4. Just took Theo Riddick in the last round of an MFL 10.
  5. That's a slight difference from reports earlier in the month that he was dropping passes and looking 'average'. Is McCarthy generally a straight shooter? Or could this be one of those motivational reports to help the kid get some confidence?
  6. I want to say Markus Wheaton because there would seem to be some hay to make as the #2WR in a hurry-up offense run by Big Ben. But the two of them have not been on the same page in the action I've seen. Maybe Wheaton rounds into form in the second half of the year and is good enough to be SOD Lite?
  7. Jermichael Lightyear
  8. When we make the positive case for our guys we often cherry pick the good and leave out the bad. I appreciate your including the negatives in your "To Draft" list. Solid work.
  9. Here's that MFL 10 I was talking about earlier. From the 7-Spot. First six picks were McCoy, Charles, Forte, Megatron, Peterson and Lacy. Graham A. Brown C. Patterson (I know: too high) Spiller Rice Woodhead Hyde (Bad pick) R. Cooper Kaepernick Khiry Robinson J. Boykin (My favorite pick as there's no TE and Rodgers is quick with his progressions) Carson Palmer
  10. I'm with Chaka. I'm grateful for Upside-Down Drafting for showing me an alternative to the Stud RB Theory. But let's not replace one dogma with another. If I can gain an advantage by going WR-WR (or taking Graham in the 1st or taking a QB early or going RB-RB) then I will. But I'm not going to stick to any one plan just cuz.
  11. I really like this idea of doing Best Player Available after making a Nontraditional First-round Move (NFM). Because even if you completely miss on RB in the draft there's almost always an RB on the waiver wire at some point in the season. As long as your league uses a blind bidding system you should be able to go all in on that undrafted RB that ends up being a meaningful contributor. Unfortunately with the draft-only MFL 10 I won't have a waiver wire to work. So I plan on using my last two picks on guys like CJ Anderson with the hopes of catching a late-season break.
  12. In the middle of an MFL 10 right now where I took Graham in the first. I'm with you on feeling behind, especially at RB where things get thin really fast. I was able to get Spiller and Rice at ADP, but then started just missing on guys like Gore, Lamar Miller, and Sproles. I ended up with Torrey Smith, Woodhead and (mistake pick) Carlos Hyde. If I were to do it all over again I would probably skip Antonio Brown in the 2nd round and take an RB (Lynch, Ellington, Morris and Stacy were still available) and then take a mixture of high-floor and upside WRs later (of which there seem to be many). All that said, in my main money league I probably won't take Graham in the first and instead wait and take some combo of Ertz, Eifert, Miller, Allen and Kelce and hope one of them hits enough to help me keep pace with the Graham owner. Just my two cents and great post.
  13. Last year's winner is still a thing of beauty.
  14. Is it just me or are there more players to choose from this year?
  15. You're tearing me apart, Dreadful Dreads!