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  1. It’s a wee bit more credible considering the Trump campaign communicated about it months before the Steele dossier even became known. It may or may not exist but the campaign sure seemed to think it existed.
  2. Yikes. - Young guy, coaching has to prepare him better or he can be ruint.
  3. I’d think Seahawks deserve consideration vs a Schaub led falcs team that just officially gave up by trading Sanu.
  4. Inside the Iran Hawks' Hijacking of Trump's Syria Withdrawal Plan - Former Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk: Donald Trump's Syria debacle may be "a Fort Apache scenario" in the making. - In which President Trump "takes the oil."
  5. Maybe Devante Parker if that's what it's come to, though WR3 bye week fliers are standard WW fare.
  6. As I understand it, the theory is Alperovitch hates Russians, so he and the DNC conspired to take the evidence - "the server" - back to Ukraine, and frame the Russians. I think there's a side theory that the Ukraine intelligence services participated and they have "it", "the server". Basically doing a search of Noonan's explanation above led to this concept. Not posting any links because yeah. - eta - More here, from Vanity Fair.
  7. Right, it's multiple servers and also multiple nodes (data centers) past the servers and McIntyre alludes to that further up. eta - For instance from the DNC complaint.
  8. Former GOP Congressman Sean Duffy tries to explain this on CNN. - They think Ukraine will find the server and will give it to the FBI.