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  1. Didn't Cardillo co-found Fraud Guarantee? Yes, yes he did.
  2. Right, it was my own comment on the nature of populist nationalism. When civic institutions fail to contain the expansion of power typically the popularity of the leader grows, it doesn’t ebb. If it doesn’t in this situation it will solely be a result of Trump’s own flaws.
  3. However you like. Huey Long was 80 years ago here.
  4. Well, as an example, if Omar’s attorney pleaded guilty in federal court and testified under oath that she conspired to deceive the public, then yeah that’s something you could hang your hat on. I’d agree absent something like that that it’s fair to say wait for the facts to come in.
  5. I'm referring to sworn testimony and the adherence to legal subpoenas.
  6. IMO the way you can check that is to rest reliably on what has happened in court, where hearsay rules apply. I'd hope you would agree with that? Here the GOP candidate Stella is wanted, she's been charged. Omar has not been charged yet and to date there has been no legal finding that he husband was in any way related to her. I'd say wait for the FBI to make a determination as obviously per the article has been provided lots of info now.
  7. No. Populist nationalism is emboldened by failure to restrain it. History shows it probably grows, but regardless it's rarely checked by an electorate.
  8. But we can both agree there was a crisis being responded to though, right? Here we had a problem with China existing outside international structures designed to make nations play by the rules. As a result of these decisions - which were entirely voluntary - China is still outside the international rules enforcement system, we have lost access to markets that we ourselves founded and fought for, and we have a continuing (socialistic) welfare program that is more than twice TARP and which is growing and possibly permanent. It’s also substantively corporate in nature given the participation in Big AG.
  9. That Tarp under Bush & Obama was necessary? I’ll admit I’m stuck in the post-Depression history lessons on that one. Obviously I agree it was a hugely debated issue in 2008-09.
  10. Right, they were together in Minny & Fargo, but apparently Elmi lived in London before that and has since moved back. I’m just pointing out the claim is no one can prove they’re siblings supposedly because they’re from Somalia while obviously they’ve been living in very modern western cities for some time.
  11. I really had no idea what this was about so thanks for posting. I guess what I don't understand is that Stella is already being prosecuted. She is a wanted person for breaking the law. But then consider the GOP’s support of indicted candidates Hunter and Collins in 2018. It’s hard for me to understand a supposedly Conservative party backing such people. But as far as I can tell there is a blog that has made a claim about Omar. She has had one legal marriage, and it was to this man Elmi. And it's alleged that it's her brother but supposedly because they are from Somalia - even though Elmi lived in London and Omar lives in Minny - there is no legal finding anywhere that they are brother and sister. And as we all know Trump supporters advocate for a fully politicized DOJ which can pursue their leader's political enemies, so absolutely nothing is stopping proof from coming forward. Certainly if the FBI finds such proof that should be taken seriously. However right now there is only one law breaker in that MN race.