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  1. HT, Trump walked this back today. So, to recap: - Birds said Trump was dumb. - Noonan said that Trump assumed Cortez, Tlaib & Pressley were foreign born because Omar was, just as one would naturally assume Lindsay Graham is foreign born because Ted Cruz is. - Then Trump sorta recanted and you said Trump had really disapproved of the ‘Send Her Back’ chant. And today Trump reembraced his original theme. Please reject this guy.
  2. Not being a tool, but Obama did not want their help was the way I saw it. I have to say I have been under that impression as well, however the problem is that in 2017 the GOP had the opportunity to show their stuff. Like Obama they had both houses of Congress and the WH. Unlike Obama, who was jousting over multiple plans, the GOP didn't even have one. I guess what also gets me is that while I do agree Obama essentially misled people with the keep your doctor/policy promise, the GOP isn't telling people what will happen to them if they get their way at all. Inevitably just like with the ACA if the ACA is cancelled people will be thrown off their policies. The only problem for the GOP (and relief for the people) is that they have been stymied in their attempts to do so.
  3. I said to Tim the other day/night that the NC rally crowd definitely had fascistic overtones. I didn't use that exact term, but my point was about how having read a pretty good amount on this (not just about Germany but other places like Russia and Spain) the crowd took on a participatory fervor. They were essentially taking part in the campaign actively yelling what was essentially a new party slogan, and Trump soaking it in and being aware of the moment and everyone was aware of the moment. And Trump as leader gave them that license to hate. And I naturally do not believe Trump's protestations that he disapproved or tried to tamp it down, but he may have figured out it was actually politically harmful after someone got in his ear. However, this is going to happen again at the next rally or another one, and Trump isn't really in control of this thing. He has to respond and I think something in him needs to be fed in that way, I am not really sure he can say no.
  4. What Americans Do Now Will Define Us Forever If multiracial democracy cannot be defended in America, it will not be defended elsewhere.
  5. I think I'll just reiterate that we are not looking at fascism, not right now, not as it's defined. But we are looking at authoritarian nationalism, or at least a serious run at it. I know, sounds like a distinction without a difference, but not really.
  6. The question was could DOJ suppress the case. I'm just pointing out that Barr intervened, which he did. And he could intervene here just as well, right? I am not claiming he will, but he has unrecused/derecused himself.
  7. What is the argument being made here? The Democrats are going through this with impeachment too, with Pelosi's ridiculous "self-impeachment" bs. The handwringing is out of control. Is the idea that Dems should not criticize the President? That they should attack elements on their far left? Both? If the crux is that the concern of alienating white conservatives who feel threatened and they then refrain from criticizing the president and his policies then they might as well just do a communal leap off Mount Rushmore. Just get some sepiku knives, serious. This is an instruction to think yourself into a box. Trump is questioning the very American-ness of American citizens based on their criticism of him personally and because they are of a certain ethnicity. That's it, that's the whole thing. Democrats - and Republicans and Indies btw - absolutely have to stand up against that.
  8. The DOJ Civil Rights division recommended indictment.
  9. The DOJ civil rights division recommended indictment in the Garner case, Barr intervened and had charges declined.
  10. Nadia Murad won the Nobel Prize. Trump appears to have no idea who she is or what she's about besides the fact she won the prize. Here is a representative of the Rohingya, currently facing ethnic cleansing in Burma. The man had asked what America's plans for them are, and Trump appears to have no idea what Rohingya are or where they are located.
  11. I suspect he was up to more than being a pedocreep, it appears to be part of his business model. And he wasn't just "sleeping" (alternatives too horrible) with these girls, he was enslaving them and forcing them into sex work.
  12. -Nadia Murad: “They [ISIS] Killed my mom, my six brothers” -Donald Trump: “Where are they now?” -Murad: “They Killed them..they are in the mass graves in Sinjar” [Trump nods...] Actual President. - For those of you patriots who don't know, the Yazidis are Christian Arabs who were our allies in our fight against Al Qaeda and ISIL/ISIS.
  13. But (echoing Moleculo here) this is the point of what Trump is doing right? Lacking Hillary or a really unlikable opponent, he's manufacturing one.
  14. AG William Barr has been more active than almost any AG in recent history. He appears to have interjected himself in the Eric Garner case, in the Russia investigation, and maybe in the SDNY Trump Org case, and now he has unrecused himself in the Epstein case. But even he I think can't realistically intercede here without leaving some sort of serious mark. The point I'm making is that Barr is perfectly willing and capable of doing this but it's not at all clear why he would. Still, he has made a point of not recusing. It's possible that he just views his role as that of Trump's personal attorney and Trump would never accept or understand recusal in any circumstance, not that there's a nefarious purpose in this particular situation.