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  1. Ok, not really, but I'll look out for it in the future. I certainly can't explain myself now, but as I said I apologize to Jon directly, which is probably the right way to go.
  2. Hey Jon, seriously, I apologize. I guess it's not there anymore, but most likely I was looking at some factual point, not any knock on you that was taking place. Hard to say now unfortunately. Anyway I have no problem falling on my sword if helpful. Thanks.
  3. Sorry, which one? Sometimes I like points or input. A Like is not an endorsement. Let me know which one and I’ll let you know? Thanks.
  4. I’ll throw this out as another candidate for Trump’s recent case of hemorrhoidal tweetering.
  5. Every one of these guys had their own deals. Cohen, Don Jr, Flynn, Broidy, etc. And yes they all competed to get to Trump. That's how he ran his business and that's how he runs his "hit me up" presidency.
  6. One point that emerged from the New Yorker piece is maybe Fox created Trump's presidency from the get go. Murdoch wanted him to win from the moment of that corny Apollonian descent down the golden stairway. And it's funny to think of Murdoch's creation turning on him.
  7. - This is also more from South Florida. To echo SF's approach, one non-collusion theory that intrigues me is that this was basically a corruption free for all. It's a super team of grifters. Two of deze guyz were on the GOP Finance committee. It mostly makes me sick but it's also inherently hilarious if it turns out that it wasn't specifically just the Russians, but the Russians, the Saudis, the Qataris, the Chinese, the Israelis just saw this krewe as an open revolving door for corruption. It just so happens that the Russians offered technological and mass media assistance as part of the package.
  8. I think he's serious. AppleJack made this same comment the other day.
  9. Yes! and it's ridiculous. Even Bill Binney dropped it. Craig Murray is still running around in a DC forest trying to figure out where he dropped that thumb drive last I checked.
  10. And the president tweeted it in unison. Anyone have any rankings on where the XBT/webzilla/Gubarev nexus ranks on the importance of things? GRU officers have already been indicted. That happened. The DOJ has pleaded into evidence that GRU used other servers and malware to do their crimes. That's in the books and this happened months ago.
  11. I've heard Yang's name - what is his background? I always thought Alaska's version of this as a dividend from state mineral resources was a good idea, but frankly this sounds like a bad idea. The only way the word 'dividend' makes sense to me is if he somehow says there will be a single fixed source of revenue to pay out of.
  12. It's notable that no Trump supporters - I don't mean here, I mean in the political world and media - take this running jump shot of a cogent defense, and I just mean that in the sense that lack of coherence is part of the case. These people can't keep their lies straight, their facts straight, even their lawyers can't keep their defenses straight. When they talk about this stuff they don't know if they're spinning, stopping, blowing, going. Again, that's not the posters here, I mean the actual consultants, politicians, lawyers, pundits aligned with Trump.
  13. I'm just saying making big promises to people and then failing on them can have a bad rebound effect. - Though Tim it is a good point, because good politics or bad politics regardless Trump obviously feels he needs to rally public support at this particular moment.
  14. The way I recall it every Dem & GOP pol who rolls through the Midwest tries and makes promises, though I can’t recall any so outlandish. I think they key is that they actually go there to do it. I’m not certain but almost positive that the Dem nominee won’t be ignoring the region this time. I’m guessing they’ll pound it and threatening union leadership like this will just make them motivated for the other side.
  15. I get it, it’s irrelevant. OTOH voters could also grow weary of Trump’s bull#### false threats and promises.