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  1. David Holmes who directly heard the discussion is testifying tomorrow. - The reason hearsay can be better is that without it you might never know a thing happened. When you know what happened you can then go to the persons involved and confront them.
  2. George Kent: "I believe he was looking to dig up political dirt against a potential rival in the next election cycle." - Taylor agreed.
  3. Thankfully. If he did it would be an indication he was politically motivated.
  4. The name of the staffer is David Holmes and apparently he is testifying Friday, but in closed session. I take it that the committee sets down the testimony in private then the witness will be scheduled to be public afterwards. Sondland called Trump on Sondland's cell, which is a breach. I guess they can ask Sondland which phone he called Trump on but that doesn't matter, Sondland was almost certainly monitored. So the Russians likely have a full picture of events that even Trump's own White House doesn't have. It's a startling breach for people who care about such things and automatically compromises the president.
  5. US Ambassador to Ukraine Taylor's stating that his staff member personally overheard the conversation between Sondland and Trump in Kiev, and that Trump called on a cell phone, which could be monitored by the Russians or really anyone, qualifies as a Day 1 bombshell. eta - I'll add that that Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kent stating that Giuliani's purpose was to dig up dirt on Trump's political rival, not US interests, also qualifies.
  6. Bolton's aide Kupperman has gone to court himself. Bolton may have joined him, I can't remember, but if not Kupperman is considered a stand-in for Bolton on this point, though Kupperman has information in his own right to fofer. Mulvaney also sued and sought to join Kupperman, but surprise Kupperman opposed his joining, so Mulvaney had to file his own suit, but... when he found out he might not get a friendly judge he dropped it and then just said he would do what the president told him, regardless of what the courts tell Kupperman. So for Mulvaney it was a ruse. The Dems don't have to get a court order because Kupperman (and Bolton) are already trying to get a court order compelling them to testify. That's sort of indicative that they want to testify. It's pretty unique I believe that a President has stonewalled like this, the system is really not meant for it.
  7. Mulvaney no longer suing for a court order on testifying. - Apparently part of the plan was to get in front of Judge Leon, but first Kupperman opposed Mick's attempt to join suit and then having been forced to file separately it appears that MM was going to have get a new judge, which risked his losing, so bench shopping denied they shut it down.
  8. I’d agree, but add that that extends to allegiance to the president over the Constitution as well.
  9. I thought interesting that Kent said State wouldn’t even clarify what was classified and what wasn’t for purposes of his testimony, so he couldn’t speak publicly on several matters.
  10. I’m just curious about something and maybe Trump supporters might know - in 2015-16 I was under the impression that Trump did pretty to really well with small $$$ donations and that was an accomplishment. Is that still the case, or are there any numbers reflecting small donors Vs mega donors? Thanks.
  11. That’s right. The point about the javelins was pushed out to show Trump’s Russian-fighting credentials (no puppet he) but as it turns out the use of the javelins was neutered. I thought it poignant when one of the witnesses pointed out that Ukraine has lost over 14,000 people in the war, losses which are ongoing to this current day. This is the tragedy that Trump was holding over their head.
  12. The DC Circuit has denied the President’s appeal of the order for his accounting firm to turn over his tax records.
  13. I used to go watch Cubs games at the Home Plate Inn on Tulane with my friend and his dad back in the day. Being NO we weren't old enough to be there but damnit the game was on.
  14. I wonder what skeptics, or Trump supporters, would have expected here. Hypothetically, what if while he was running his FBI committee investigation using rules similar to what Schiff used, what would Nunes have done if an FBI agent or officer had come to him or one of his staff members to report actually serious wrongdoing in the Russia investigation by the FBI? - Would Nunes have used that information for partisan purposes and debriefed the guy himself? - Would Nunes have told this person to go to Fox, Breitbart or the Gateway Pundit? - Would Nunes have told him to leak the documents and data, perhaps through wikileaks? - Would he have told him to follow procedure and inform DOJ counsel? - Would he have told him to follow the whistleblower statutes? What is the expectation of what the right thing to do would be?
  15. I’m other news, Devin Nunes is the GOP showrunner in an impeachment proceeding.
  16. I realize at least a 1/3rd of the country is set in stone on this, but keep in mind Trump helped trigger this by releasing the call memo/transcript, and then he sent out Mulvaney to do a press conference even though he was exposing a principle to this whole thing to open questioning. It appears the middle man has been cut out here, which is kind of interesting, if you want a wild card, it's Trump. - The only other thing I'd watch out for is if Kupperman and/or Bolton are told to testify by a court, not sure how long that will take though.