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  1. >>The territory also has "untold" economic potential in mineral wealth, Cotton said.<< - That is, some massive mining donor was probably openly wishing. - This reminds me of the bad FF trade offer where the owner thinks he’s the only one in the world who knows that someone’s WR5 is about to get the starting job and emerge.
  2. Tom Cotton says oh hell yeah it was his idea.
  3. Overstock CEO resigns after crazy press release revealing affair with Maria Butina >>Mr. Byrne said in a separate interview that he had met Ms. Butina at a libertarian convention in Las Vegas in 2015. Over the course of their relationship, he said, Ms. Butina spoke increasingly about meeting or seeking to meet people involved in the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, President Trump and others. That, he said, had made him wary. He eventually began communicating with the F.B.I. about his interactions with her.<<
  4. I thought this was a fairly interest POV on our overall discussion point.
  5. - My question is what grand jury investigating what?
  6. As focus turns to Jeffrey Epstein's ranch, official says: "There is a story to be told in New Mexico"
  7. I just want to say thanks for clarifying and posting some 'substance' here. - Tim is kind of right further up. I will say I've known about Taibbi before he became a big national journalist, he used to write about Russia before Putin even came on. Then the Putin media and populism machine took over everything in that country and drove Taibbi and his business partner out. So even while Taibbi was attacking the Russia investigation, which he did and does, he also was acknowledging that yeah Trump fits the perfect mold of someone compromised by Putin, and while claims of collusion he said were crazy he'd say yeah Trump is exactly the sort of figure that would engage in the Putinist world of money laundering. I'll also add that Putin has exercised many of the same themes - ever the common, relatable man he can be seen on state media riding motor cycles, drinking vodka, hunting and working out while playing hockey and MMA. The people allegedly "love" him despite the ####ty conditions they're living in. I say all that only because Taibbi is himself a populist. He's pretty nonplussed about Putin's rise in Russia, I think if he could have been on the inside of it and profited from it himself, rather than run out because he did not have the power or money to stay, he'd still be there if he could. He has no real objection to Putin himself. Here today in the US I think if anything he would be pro-Gabbard, pro-Sanders. So he derides democratic and capitalist institutions just as Trump does. Basically what he wants is a left wing Trump, someone who plays to the heart of the 'common man' but just for the other side. He's antipathetic to arguments about morality and character in office, to prosecution of officials who act illegally, and really almost anything in the mainstream of traditional American policy. That doesn't stop him from being a keen political observer of what went on in Russia and what goes on today, but his approbation is pretty clear that he has certain overlapping goals and beliefs with trumpismo in the sense that means populism. He just criticizes Democrats for by and large not engaging in it.
  8. If there's an update it's that aside from apparently almost everyone in JE's area (8 people) having been aware he was required to have a 30 minute watch, he also apparently had a cellmate, until the day before he killed himself.
  9. He's been upgraded to "Very Dead".
  10. There's been criticism for lack of substance but Widbill posted an article with some good substance, which is all we've been asking for, so kudos for that. I do think Taibbi makes some good points. One is the sheer imperviousness of Trump to explication of his faults, lies and (yes) crimes. We raise those things here all the time and it seems to lead to constant conflict, antitrumpers insisting that Trump supporters acknowledge his flaws and misdeeds and trumpers resenting it and insisting that critical behavior is the problem further hardening their support. I don't know that Taibbi is really supporting anyone or any solutions, but killing Trump's control of the news cycle editorially, stopping infighting, and refusing to engage in personal responses are indeed good starts. And actually I think that last part, about the , , and that goes on here and nationally constantly, is like food to Trumpism. Quite the opposite of hating it it feeds the populism. The lack of policy is the point. Now the Trump administration is tearing up the Flores agreement, while I'm sure it's easy for people to remember that Trump and his administration and supporters were claiming that he was the defender of Flores. Two weeks ago IIRC Trump said that he would never fall into the NRA's 'slippery slope' claims about background checks but yep sure enough here is Trump saying just that now, refusing to acknowledge it is a flat out NRA talking point. Trump acknowledges now that he may delay tariffs because it will hurt the consumer. Trump is talking about payroll tax cuts because there may be a recession. Etc etc etc. And Trump supporters are perfectly aware of this, berating them just makes them dig in more.
  11. I know it's popular to beat up on the EC these days but I'd consider myself a fan. The reason for these workarounds trying to mirror the popular vote is that the number of Reps in the House hasn't changed since around 1920 or so. Hence the EC gets more and more out of whack with the districts and states mathematically and the Congress itself acts more and more like a herd and less responsive to the people. I am sure the founding fathers wanted the EC to function in exactly this way as a sort of "College" of ecclesiastics that would gather together and determine what was morally or institutionally best. Btw the slate of electors in Louisiana in 2016 was a pretty sordid group, the choosing of them is a whole other issue unto itself. I have no idea how someone of Mr. Baca's ilk slipped in.
  12. Just a little more from that Taibbi article, and I'm guessing this is more like what Widbill was getting at:
  13. >>Much of America loves its Mad King, whose works are regularly on display. Russians under Ivan the Terrible used to watch dogs being hurled over the Kremlin walls when the tsar’s mood was bad. Americans have grown used to late-night insults tweeted at nuclear powers from the White House bedroom. Royal lunacy is traditionally a secret, but in Twitter-age America it’s a shared national experience. We are all somersaulting down and out the sanity chute. The astonishing thing about Trump is that he wasn’t foisted on us by a council of Bourbons, or by succession law. We elected the man, and are poised to do it again. History will judge us harshly for this, and will look with particular venom at Trump’s political opponents in both parties, who over the years were unable to win popularity contests against a man most people would not leave alone with a decent wristwatch, let alone their children.<<
  14. At least eight jail officials knew Jeffrey Epstein was not to be left alone in cell
  15. The effect of one immigrant like Mary Trump coming in was far more harsh on Americans then. There were Americans in soup lines and hobo villages back then. Nowadays resort and agriculture businessmen are desperate for help, it’s the other way around.
  16. The unemployment rate when Ms. McLeod got here was near 25%. Americans were desperate for work. Now it’s around 3%.
  17. Young woman leaves ####hole town where there is no opportunity to be a domestic servant in the city, meets American, has 2 kids. Whats different?
  18. >>"We're looking at that very seriously -- birthright citizenship. Where you have a baby on our land ... 'congratulations the baby is now a US citizen' ... it's, frankly, ridiculous."<< - Donald Trump, whose own mother had 2 children here in the US before she became an American citizen.