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  1. Stephanie Wolkoff releases tape of Melania stating ‘give me a <expletive> break’ in response to question about incarcerated immigrant children.
  2. There’s going to be a good argument he should not attend in person.
  3. Probably worth remembering that Boris Johnson ended up in ICU. Of course the president could be fine in a couple weeks. But really anything can happen.
  4. This guy is so constantly irresponsible. - God’s Speed to the President, our country comes first and we need him healthy, it’s just a continual constant shame that he does not feel the same way.
  5. Eh, that’s May, amigo. Biden has well since surpassed Trump. A lot of that has to do with Trump/Parscale spending like madmen.
  6. The Trump rallies are spreader / seeding events, and there’s a lot of talk about how there is a lack of humanity or empathy for the well being of those attending such events, even VIPs like Herman Cain. But there’s also this element of putting the president himself at risk. Just incredible.
  7. They have one of the most iconic sports jerseys of all time and they're constantly screwing with it.
  8. What goes on: Trump campaign did Facebook push of fake images of Biden wearing an ear piece.
  9. I guess I don't see the point of phrasing it this way. He's been bankrupt 5 times now. People who have dealt with him have regularly described him as just churning debt. And most recently he finally had to go abroad to get loans (ie more debt) and apparently he has leveraged himself again. If debt was an alcohol addiction he'd be an alkie. And who made those guarantees for his loans who were the lenders, that's the question. Now is it "smart" (for lack) to take advantage of the tax code to the extent possible, sure, to the extent we leave out things like fraudulent devaluations and shell consultants and entities and such, ok, but that (as the Trumpists like to point out) is everyone in the world.
  10. And there I was all excited about picking up Gostkowski for the first time ever.
  11. Brad Parscale has resigned from the campaign.
  12. If he loses he’ll blame his most loyal followers.
  13. Trump totally knew who the Proud Boys are last night, most likely because his felon mentor Riger Stone is involved with them. They're brownshirts, not exaggerating. Now he claims he has no idea who they are.
  14. Oh man still struggling with ‘stand down’. It’s possible he doesn’t even understand the concept of denunciation and condemnation as it applies to him.
  15. And today - Comey is testifying before Senate Intel.... wheeee....
  16. Lol out of all Trump's lies last night I think the one about the mailmen stealing and selling ballots was maybe the most insane.