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  1. Same situation for me just hope Howard catches one of the handful of TDs I figure he will get this season.
  2. The Brady sneaks were bad enough on there own but throw in the Bolden TD (got 2 shots at it), Van Noy getting in (as opposed to being down at the 2 like originally called), and Sony not breaking that final run for a TD. Would have been nice to just have the Bolden TD and then Sony is over 17 in standard and 19 in ppr.
  3. They have taken advantage of the easy schedule and played well. They have been extremely lucky with Touchdowns as I never recall seeing two blocked punt TDs in a matter of weeks.
  4. I just want Winston to look at him this week. OJ is running a lot of routes but Winston doesn't give him many opportunities.
  5. Hard to say. All of their WR seems to split the snaps and have Kittle to deal with.
  6. Can’t find anything either. I would think he should be fine.
  7. Just acquired Quincy Williams in a dynasty league. Has anyone watched him closely and have an opinion on him? I see he is posting solid tackle numbers and playing all of the snaps but has he looked solid? Does he have any splash play potential? Thanks.
  8. Does Cooks ever get any easy receptions? Seems like all of his targets are inaccurate heaves from Goff.
  9. Anyone like the Chargers this week vs Flacco? Then have Pitt, @ Titans, @ Bears, next three weeks. Only other option is NO; but don’t want to mess with the Buccaneers offense.
  10. I am giving him one more week in redraft. Like others have said, if he doesn’t do it this week it is over.
  11. The Chargers’ schedule looks good through week 8 as well.
  12. Is anyone holding & using the Chargers this week at home vs the Texans to make sure they have them for week 4 vs Miami?
  13. Lutz has to be a drop at this point with Brees our right?