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  1. I have the Rams for this week but do not like the schedule following their bye next week. Ravens were dropped last week due to bye and play the Steelers this week but the schedule looks solid ROS. Any one else in this situation contemplating putting a waiver claim in for the Ravens?
  2. Gave: (IDP League) Tyler Lockett-Tyler Higbee-Demario Davis Got: D.K. Metcalf
  3. Hoping he plays next week at this point. If not, if he isn’t back until after the bye Ertz can be back as well.
  4. Jeff McClane of the Philly Inquirer says he will not play this Thursday. With the Bye so close I bet we don’t see him until Week 10.
  5. Some of the reports are very misleading and make it sound as if it is already fact that he is playing this Thursday. I am interested in seeing his practice participation, if any, today. Edit: On the Monday walk through he was not listed on the practice report because he was not activated yet. Hopefully he is at least out there and limited today.
  6. Payton doesn’t give Kamara any touches on the overtime drive....makes sense.
  7. Saints should play on the hurry up from the start of the half.
  8. Good thing Burton got a touch on that 3rd down. Saints 3rd down playing calling has been atrocious.
  9. Taking Brees off the field and not utilizing Kamara on 3rd down to get Taysom Hill his touches is sound strategy.
  10. Seems like he doesn’t have a clear cut position. Reminds me of Thomas Davis when he was a young player. Hopefully he settles in.
  11. Has anyone watched Isaiah Simmons and have any insight on what is going on? It says on PFR that he has started all 4 games but is playing just 16% of the defensive snaps.
  12. I am trying to make a deal as well. Only issue in redraft is the low volume passing offense.