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  1. Gave: Tevin Coleman (to Mostert Owner) Got: 2020 2.09 Was going to cut Coleman and decided to take the 21st overall pick for him.
  2. Henderson was active many games and just played special teams.
  3. McFarland to the Steelers now could get interesting.
  4. Rams took Burgess last night. We now have an issue at Safety with Johnson, Rapp, and Burgess. Someone will be the odd man out.
  5. Sorry. Should have separated those two thoughts. Both Johnson’s recovery and Neal’s recovery. Also, is there anyway Johnson and Rapp can both start?
  6. Norton is high on JPP heading into his age 31 season. He is also really low on Rapp. Has anyone heard and reports on Neal’s recovery?
  7. The fact that I am contemplating Perriman in my lineup over Odell makes me 🤮
  8. Let’s say for sake of argument he took over the Michel role; that is at best a RB2 in non ppr. The offense as a whole has taken a big step back and the upside for short TDs is not nearly what it used to be.
  9. Have seen legitimate improvement this season. Nice hold/buy in dynasty.
  10. I am in the same boat and I dropped the Rams. Deciding between Titans, Raiders, and Falcons for this week.
  11. Went with ATL at home vs Tampa. Tampa has given up 36 sacks and turned the ball over 26 times in their 10 games.
  12. Hate to drop the Rams after they have been consistent all season but playing the Ravens this week and the ROS schedule is rough.
  13. Has Blair played at all tonight?