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  1. Dyntasy value takes a huge hit. Too many mouths to feed and a solid run game.
  2. Browns are making a move with both the Steelers and Ravens taking steps back. This could be an explosive offense.
  3. I believe in Gesicki’s talent but the QB situation and team is terrible. Wish he was in a better situation. I decided to keep Herndon instead.
  4. This gimmick offense wasn’t going to do anything in the playoffs.
  5. I would give Jackson a series to start the 2nd half and then go to Flacco. The passing game isn’t equipped to come back from behind with Jackson back there.
  6. I am sticking with Denver at home. Just can’t stream ATL regardless of matchup since they are so terrible. Miller/Chubb can make a few plays and make it worthwhile without a dominating performance.
  7. He came back after the shoulder injury in the first half and played well. I believe the hamstring injury was in his final touch in the 4th quarter and he never played a snap in OT (both Williams played.) We really need him to practice tomorrow.
  8. It is difficult to handicap the Jaguar WR for Dynasty. Lee-Moncrief-DeDe-Cole-Chark are all in their 20s, with an uncertain QB situation and a Run first offense.
  9. I am going Denver Week 14, Houston Week 15, Denver Week 16.
  10. Being ruled out on a Tuesday means he has to be considered doubtful for Week 15. I am concerned there is a real chance we will not see him again this season.
  11. Any alignment were all 3 could play at the same time? Can LVE play Sam?
  12. That’s correct. That’s why I said at the very least he should get a 0.5 sack. No way Gregory knocked that ball out. Terrible scoring decision.
  13. I could have sworn Lawrence's hand dislodged the ball from Brees. He should at least get 0.5 sack and the FF.