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  1. Don't think either of them should be spouting off, but Randall's comeback was pretty good: "you must be on that **** again"
  2. Rotoworld reports him back at practice. Doesn't seem to be a lot of concern... Michael Thomas (knee) returned to Saints practice Thursday. He'll likely be listed as "limited." The Saints are laughably opaque with injury "updates," but there's zero reason to believe Thomas is in danger of missing Week 8. Oct 26 - 3:04 PM Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune
  3. Nothing definitive yet, but early word from Rotoworld is promising: Saints coach Sean Payton said Michael Thomas' knee injury is not significant or a long-term concern. Thomas sat out practice Wednesday because of the issue. Payton did not have anything else to say on the matter, and the comment does little to clear up Thomas' availability for this week. Hopefully the injury report on Thursday gives us a better indication. Oct 26 - 10:00 AM Source: Mike Triplett on Twitter
  4. I might have to use him because of byes/injuries. But his usage this year has definitely been a disappointment. The Leos are really trying to feature Abdullah.
  5. Powell with the 75 yard TD! Would be great if they fed him like this even when Forte is around.
  6. Hate this guy. He was given a lot of FBG love this year (think he was the #16 RB according to their draft list) and I should have known better than to be sucked in to any part of a horrible Jets offense. He's unplayable. I outright dropped him in my shallow bench league and am holding in my deep bench league only because all the other RBs have been scooped up ages ago.
  7. I'm optimistic. While he only saw the field for 8 garbage time snaps last week (carried on 7), the comments from Harbaugh seem promising and he's certainly no worse than the other RB lotto tickets. I just dumped Ellington for him, so I'm officially invested. Hoping the arrow keeps trending up. @Weebs210 , thanks for keeping the hype train moving!
  8. Sorry bud. Tampa Bay has their bye this week. You're back up to 3 more weeks without Martin.
  9. I think it's helpful to know where he is going in drafts. I just took him at 2.04 in a 12-team, 0.5 PPR money league. I honestly wasn't planning on taking him, but I took Mike Evans in Round 1, and when the turn came, guys like Howard, Ajayi, and Murray were gone and there was nobody I considered RB1 worthy. Guys like Gurley just don't fill me with a lot of confidence. I could have went WR-WR and got Thomas, but this league goes RB heavy and I knew here was going to be plenty of value at WR later (which there was). I got McFadden in the 8th, but my RB situation is going to be pretty dire if he is out the full 6 games.
  10. No practice Thursday. Unless he is full go tomorrow, I'm not going to risk it. The late Houston game on Saturday leaves me with no other decent options if he doesn't play.
  11. Howdy Sig, Thanks a ton for your insight this year! 12 team 0.5 ppr, I need someone for my final flex spot. I'm having difficulty choosing between these not-so-exciting choices: Lamar Miller - decent matchup, but is he hurt? Not a lot of ceiling here, but maybe a good floor (if he plays). Stefon Diggs - decent matchup, but is he hurt? Hasn't done much lately and seems to have been passed up in the pecking order in a bad offense.. Taylor Gabriel - decent matchup, but is he hurt? And what effect does Julio's return have? Malcolm Mitchell - good matchup, nice history vs. the Jets, but how much will he be needed if the Pats destroy the Jets early? Tyler Lockett - Great ceiling, but also capable of putting up a big fat zero. Does Patrick Peterson draw him?
  12. Thinking of throwing him in at my flex spot over a gimpy Lamar Miller. It's a "Hail Mary," but judging from my opponent's lineup, I'm going to need to go with a higher ceiling guy to have a shot.
  13. And just like that, he got banged up. Hope he's ok.