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  1. jfranco77

    BTTF 2018: Draft Complete

    My 2017 team, which I think lost the World Series, just started their Tournament of Champions. Which they'll probably get bounced out of in the first round. That team really doesn't seem all that good. Should give hope to all the mediocre teams for 2018.
  2. jfranco77

    BTTF 2018: Draft Complete

    The WIS forum people are saying it might be a couple months before they add the 2018 players. Boo.
  3. jfranco77

    BTTF 2018: Draft Complete

    I'm hoping that WIS will actually add the MLB players next week. They were pretty good about doing it last year. I've got tons of depth hitters to trade if anyone needs ABs. Nick Ahmed slugged .411 and can be someone's full-time shortstop. (Ignore that .290 OBP... doesn't matter!) Wilmer Difo and Neil Walker also got almost 400 PAs each and can play multiple positions. Probably some mediocre RPs available to trade as well. All I really need/want is competent catchers and upgrades for my existing guys.
  4. jfranco77

    BTTF 2018: Draft Complete

    Min. 40 pitches for your starter, so, sadly, no. WIS is still in the 80s. On the other hand, if you can get a good enough bullpen, having your starters go 40-50 pitches might work out well in this format.
  5. jfranco77

    BTTF 2018: Draft Complete

    You can do up to 4 sets of tandems. The biggest issue you'll have is that you can't set a pitch count lower than 40. 40 pitches * 41 games = 1600 pitches, which is 100-110 innings. So you'd have guys getting worn out a bit too often to stick with the same 4 tandems all season. You'd had to rotate them in and out. Then you run into issues where you can only carry 13 pitchers, so if you have 8 starters, you've only got 5 relievers. Keller is a good candidate for a tandem though given his low IP/G. Pomeranz probably isn't worth the effort. So you could probably go 1 - Harvey 2 - Stroman 3 -McCullers 4- tandem Keller and Sanchez Then every once in a while sub in Anderson for 1 of the top 3. The top 3 will only give you maybe 3-4 innings, but your bullpen gets a little rest on the Keller/Sanchez day.
  6. Parking by the arena can be rough - people do park there for work. But by afternoon enough people should have left that you can get in. I'm sure the lots at Duquesne won't be full since school is mostly out for summer. There must be a nice beer store in Cranberry or Wexford that you could hit on your way out, but I don't know of any.
  7. Food is good. Occasionally great. Beer is very good, occasionally great. Best experience is probably just to stop by for a couple beers and some kind of snack.
  8. The Pirates seem like they're falling pretty far down the list of teams with bright futures. Other than Mitch Keller, what do they have on the farm? Polanco can't live up to the hype, Marte is already almost 30, Taillon can't seem to take the next step, the rest of the SPs are meh... how are these guys going to be good now OR down the road?
  9. jfranco77

    The Americans

    Just wanted to say, I finally read this review... I don't read a ton of TV reviews, but I read a couple shows' worth at any given time, and this might be the best recap of a show I've ever read.
  10. jfranco77

    BTTF 2018: Draft Complete

    I have no idea how i am in 2nd place on Fantrax, it must be all mediocre volume and my top 3 hitters (Lindor, Freeman, and Scooter freaking Gennett). Have a competent rotation but not a lot of depth (Miguel Gonzalez got hurt, Bryan Mitchell is bad, Yonny Chirinos got hurt, Biagini is in the bullpen, Cessa got hurt, Timmah hasn't panned out). One thing is for sure, we will be giving out some souveniers to the fans. Chuck Morton 73ip 1.08whip 1.36hr9 Miles Mikolas 72ip 1.00whip 0.75hr9 Chad Kuhl 67ip 1.32whip 1.60hr9 Luis Castillo 67ip 1.45whip 1.75hr9 Chase Anderson 60ip 1.22whip 1.93hr9 (!!) Steven Matz 52ip 1.23whip 1.54hr9 On offense I somehow have very little in the way of outfielders, Hoskins broke his jaw, Hicks missed some time, Reddick is injured, Chris Young is turrible, even Garrett Cooper got hurt, Jose Osuna is just a pinch hitter, Tapia is banished to AAA, Melvin Upton never got a job... blech.
  11. jfranco77

    The Americans

    After that scene in Roy Rogers I started thinking I should binge Roy Rogers
  12. Interesting. I read the first one, I was happy with it, and decided not to read the rest. I also thought it was kind of YA though I am not sure why I thought that. I figured that all the other YA series eventually sucked even after a good book 1 (Hunger Games, Divergent), so I'd just cash out after 1 book in this series and be happy. Maybe I should re-think reading the rest of the series.
  13. jfranco77

    Now the 2018 Assistant Coach Thread

    He does, but I'm not sure I see Kapler committing to him as the closer. They might not commit to anyone. Who knows with them?
  14. jfranco77

    Now the 2018 Assistant Coach Thread

    Bauer is just one dumb adjustment from being mediocre again. I love Blackmon so that's a no-go for me. How about Benintendi if he won't take Upton?
  15. jfranco77

    Now the 2018 Assistant Coach Thread

    Apparently he was bad down the stretch last year too? So maybe not?