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  1. Hard to say how much baseball the Buccos will get in over the next few days, they're starting a homestand tonight and the weather is supposed to be ####### awful for the next several days.
  2. I suppose you could argue that he wouldn't be out breaking dude's spines for the hell of it, if not for his job, but Elizabeth might well be.
  3. I am definitely getting a "WTF?" vibe from Phillip as Elizabeth is pushing for them to go back to Russia. I don't think he's down with that plan but he doesn't feel like he can come right out and say it.
  4. A sunny patch of yard to put it in No trees overhead to drop leaves in it all the time A city where you can find reliable pool guys to maintain it for you Good weather or a good heater Disposable income to drop a few hundred a year on chemicals and maintenance A family that will want to use it all the time If you have all of the above, then maybe. We ripped out our above ground pool last year mainly due to the lack of #1 to #3 above. If you don't like doing the work yourself and can't find a reliable guy to do it, it SUCKS. So does having a pool that's in the shade 60% of the time and constantly filled with leaves. The morons who put in our pool were not exactly brilliant planners. But despite all of that, we had some really good summers with it. It's just that after 3 straight years of opening the pool and then having the weather be 65 and rainy for 2 weeks, then 90 and rainy for a month, it wasn't worth the effort to open it in mid-May and not really enjoy it until August.
  5. I guess I'm in the minority. I'm 40. I would happily watch an actual sportscenter (or the MLB network equivalent) to have highlights curated for me so I don't have to go and search them all out. With, you know, highlights and maybe a little analysis of the actual games. WithOUT any Stephen A type segments stuck in the middle of the show.
  6. I do wonder how much blame ESPN ultimately takes for driving cable prices through the roof, either directly or indirectly. Maybe we don't give them enough blame.
  7. Well, they lost their subs because their stupid spending forced them to charge 8 bucks a household. Chicken and egg.
  8. Spending too much money on rights fees Deciding that Stephen A should be the core of their brand In my mind I know it's the first one but I really want it to be the 2nd one.
  9. And now Jordy is hurt. He's the only guy on the team who can play a competent shortstop. Not Kang. Not Hanson. Not Frazier. Certainly not J-Hey. I guess we'll see Ngoepe there, with his 200/321/267 line. How long until Kevin Newman can save us? I'd take an empty .280 and a so-so defender at this point.
  10. Honestly at this point give me Berrios over Harvey. If you can spare Jones then go for it.
  11. Nothing that makes noise, unless you want the parents to murder you That said... Rock-A-Bye CDs are awesome if you know their taste in music. Otherwise, gift certificate for uber eats or something similar.
  12. Moose and LoMo are almost the same guy. Pujols is what he is but he could drive in 130 with Trout in front of him. (While hitting .240 with 25 bombs and a sub .300 on-base percentage, but still). I wouldn't, but if you don't want to wait for Moose to get traded to a better team, I'd consider dropping him to ride the hot hand.
  13. He's not good. When the weather heats up in Chi-town he'll go back to launching bombs, but it will probably come with a .210 average.
  14. Thought this was right, but then thought about it some more... dude was acting like he could hear the countdown when the doc was about to hit him with the hammer.