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  1. 10 . 1 [ 217 ] SNC 1B MIL Eric Thames Seems good.
  2. I like Motter. I think he can be a low average masher who might steal a base once in a while. I wouldn't trade a ton for Anderson but I do think he's usable. I think Torreyes is BABIP lucky and about to lose his job when Gregorius gets back in a week or two.
  3. Giants now concerned he will miss more than 2 months
  4. MadBum to the DL with a bum shoulder after a dirt bike accident. #NotTheOnion
  5. Mesoraco might be back soon. Ramos still on track for June. We'll survive!
  6. Just remember, as good as he looked today, that's how bad he looked in his first start. Announcers were saying that Romine was really taking charge and ordering him around, and that made the difference. I think he just showed up with his good stuff today, but I guess we'll see. Last year he had a 4.81 ERA at night and 4.84 during the day.
  7. 3 hits and a walk in one game. Have yourself a day, Cutch!
  8. Listening to the game on the radio and I can hear "Nothin But a Good Time" playing on the PA. Never change, yinzers, never change.
  9. Yeah, and all the teams want their home games in the summer when the kids are out of school, blah blah blah. Currently 36 degrees here in the Burgh and Opening Day is an hour away. At least it's mostly stopped snowing.
  10. Maybe those the first week in April should?
  11. Pirates/Red Sox rained out. I understand you have to schedule some kind of interleague game since there are 15 teams in each league. But maybe make it in a dome or something since you know the teams don't play each other again later in the year?
  12. LOOGYs are good for holds, doubly so when it really doesn't hurt you if they only throw 1/3 of an inning. Felipe Rivero (not a LOOGY but really good). Brett Cecil. Grant Dayton (also not really a LOOGY but really good). Justin Wilson. Tony Sipp, maybe? Trying to think of other good teams' LOOGYs.
  13. Do you think it's real? Hippie dude is legit but other people in his company are bad? Everyone in the company is good guys and there's no issue? I agree that last night's ep was really good.
  14. Slash's book is F'in awesome. Also, yay on LIES. Nobody else could even come close to pulling that off but somehow they did.
  15. Hurdle is loyal to a fault. I think they've gotta give Cutch a couple weeks to see if there's any hope. I don't think there's any baseball related thing that I want to happen more than Cutch figuring it out, but I just don't think it's going to happen.