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  1. After that scene in Roy Rogers I started thinking I should binge Roy Rogers
  2. Interesting. I read the first one, I was happy with it, and decided not to read the rest. I also thought it was kind of YA though I am not sure why I thought that. I figured that all the other YA series eventually sucked even after a good book 1 (Hunger Games, Divergent), so I'd just cash out after 1 book in this series and be happy. Maybe I should re-think reading the rest of the series.
  3. He does, but I'm not sure I see Kapler committing to him as the closer. They might not commit to anyone. Who knows with them?
  4. Bauer is just one dumb adjustment from being mediocre again. I love Blackmon so that's a no-go for me. How about Benintendi if he won't take Upton?
  5. Apparently he was bad down the stretch last year too? So maybe not?
  6. Highlight of the season so far.
  7. Yeah, I mean, this season especially... do you WANT Elizabeth to get away? Most people probably don't. Or maybe it's better to say they don't care if she makes it out or not. I'm still pulling for her somehow. I think they've done a good job establishing Phillip as someone we DO want to root for.
  8. I wonder if his Thanksgiving speech was a way of establishing his bona fides that he is too much of a hard-### to let them get away. I do think he's too much of a patriot to let Phillip turn him. But maybe I can see him letting Phillip get away if Phillip convinces him Elizabeth was the real baddie.
  9. I mean, I think the whole point of the State Dept thing is that Paige is 2nd generation, ostensibly totally clean and can pass any background check, and work her way up to a position of influence and power where she can be a great mole for Russia. OTOH it could just be a way for her to get a legit job and get out of spying.
  10. The way the last shot of the ep was Phillip thinking about their wedding, and the fact that the FBI is looking into Russian Orthodox priests, and the fact that the show's creators have said all along it's a "show about marriage" makes me think the priest is going to be the smoking gun, somehow.
  11. I'm pretty sure he said he was going to Houston which was where Elizabeth allegedly was
  12. Well, it's not like the USSR was flush with cash during this time.
  13. Yeah, I think all of this is right. I think Stan was a little suspicious when he talked to Phillip, so he asked Henry some questions which made him more suspicious. Then Phillip and Elizabeth both being gone under strange circumstances when a man and a woman do something bad to his agents... could definitely bring something up quickly that was bubbling under the surface. So here's some questions. Does The Center actually book plane tickets to Houston in Liz and Phil's real names when they are supposed to be there for work? I'm guessing no. Which makes their alibi pretty weak - I guess they assume no one will dig, or they're already burned if anyone even starts digging? Isn't travel agent kind of a dumb cover in the first place? I know they started in the 70s and I'm not sure what job in the 70s required people to run out of town at random times... but I don't think travel agent is it. Nowadays it would be IT consultant. Something believable when you have to run out of the house, or even jump on a plane at 2am. Liz and Phil are going to be done in by Phil's generosity in helping out in Chicago, aren't they? If it was just Elizabeth, and no "man and woman" team were involved, probably none of this ever happens. EDIT - one more. Shouldn't Liz and Phil have some way of knowing when someone has been snooping in their house? Especially the garage? I realize Henry was in town so they couldn't set up lots of tripwires, and wireless video cameras weren't really a thing yet, but they should have had some idea, right?
  14. Is this the kind of league where if (when) Bird gets hurt again, you can just go pick up Cron or Healy? I go Bird, Alonso, Healy, Cron.
  15. He's from Canada. Anything smaller than a grizzly bear and he doesn't even flinch.