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  1. I would have kept Quintana. I think Miggy is done. Having said that, I think you have to roll the dice on Greinke just having his usual crappy spring. If he's right, and that humidor is a real thing, he's a top 10 SP. Second choice would be Dozier.
  2. I'd keep Godley easy over Weaver. Hitters is tougher. I'd keep Gordon for 2018 but if this is a keep-forever league, I'm waffling. Normally I'm not a fan of a pure speed guy, but if ever there was a time, it's when you already have 3 power bats. Especially in a 12-teamer, do you really want to be starting B.Ham or Deshields every day? Dee lets you have a semi-useful guy and also compete in steals.
  3. TCU even shoots ####ty 3 pointers like Pitt used to.
  4. It's Jamie Dixon against Cuse. It's like the Big East from 2003 is back from the dead. With the same crappy pace and constant fouls.
  5. I feel like this game started 9 hours ago. Such a slog.
  6. I'm really tired but I want to stay up to see if Jamie Dixon can improve to 160-0 against Syracuse, and still pumped up from the UMBC game.
  7. The guy from Ace of Cakes (I think that's the show... the one with Duff?) wears UMBC gear sometimes. Only reason I'd heard of them.
  8. Sad UVA fans will be providing meme photos for years to come.
  9. One of them is good?
  10. Can't believe I got sniped on Mike Morin who I actually wanted. 50.11 Kyle McGrath, RP SD
  11. Gone Gone Gone unless you think that's someone different than Sixto
  12. SS Mauricio Dubon, Beermakers
  13. 47.14 Ben Heller, RP NYY @Northern Voice up