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  1. Even round so @Kraft... is up
  2. 28.10 Shae Simmons, sounds like a hot chick but actually RP, Mariners
  3. 27.15 Raul mondesi jr 2b royals kinda wanted Clevinger
  4. I'd like to put down a dollar on both of them please
  5. .275 14 HR 95 R 55 RBI 45 SB
  6. I have him at MR/STL
  7. Steven Brault, sp pirates dont tase me brault
  8. Bruce Maxwell, C Athletics
  9. Listened to the Rotographs podcast today and DVR did not have good things to say about Keon Broxton
  10. Apparently it was already leaked that she was doing it. They seemed so good together, I am almost wondering if he did pick her and f'd it up somehow? Ravyn +150 Vanessa +300 Corinne +500 Andi +500 Rachel +700 That seem about right?
  11. I did PM @Kraft... after I picked
  12. Yeah sorry I was in bed, also forgot this round was a .10 and not a .15 daniel Hudson rp pirates
  13. First player picked who was not on my list of 1200ish players.
  14. Jim Johnson? On phone
  15. 22.10 Jhonny Peralta, 3B/IF, Best Fans On Earth