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  1. I really need to trade some mediocre innings for some better ones. Or flip some of my starting hitters who won't make my lineup for good relievers. And find some more catcher ABs. Or... I don't know, trade half my team for some other half a team? I really need Wei-Yin Chen to throw 2 good starts this week. Lineup 2B Lemahieu 603pa 348/418/493 3B Villar 626pa 286/368/447 CF Trout 624pa 318/436/554 1B Hosmer 624pa 271/335/440 SS Cabrera 511pa 276/329/467 LF Bruce 555pa 242/301/488 RF Joyce 263pa 246/407/488 and Broxton 244pa 242/354/430 C Sanchez 178pa 327/393/698 and Montero 263pa 212/327/351 Bench/trade bait 1B C Carter 594pa 222/323/492 2B Utley 530pa 255/319/394 2B/3B Drury 449pa 284/334/461 2B/3B/SS A Blanco 196pa 254/321/412 OF Peralta 183pa 251/295/433 OF Reimold 222pa 227/306/374 OF C Robinson 203pa 232/302/339 OF De Aza 252pa 205/299/327 OF T Collins 146pa 237/308/374 Rotation Sp1 Colon 177ip 1.20whip 1.06hr9 3.82 DICE Sp2 Wainwright 181ip 1.37whip 0.94hr9 3.58 DICE Sp3 Sabathia 165ip 1.36whip 1.14hr9 4.19 DICE Sp4 Chen 110ip 1.30whip 1.64hr9 4.43 DICE and K Gibson 136ip 1.55whip 1.32hr9 4.70 DICE Bullpen CLA W Harris 58ip 1.05whip 0.46hr9 2.23 DICE SUA K-Rod 55ip 1.10whip 0.81hr9 3.61 DICE SUA Dyson 65ip 1.22whip 0.69hr9 3.49 DICE SUB Broxton 56ip 1.29whip 0.80hr9 3.77 DICE And the rest Nate Karns 94ip 1.48whip 3.90 DICE Jose Alvarez 54ip 1.51whip 3.00 DICE Ryan Vogelsong 68ip 1.46whip 4.95 DICE Jose Berrios 48.2ip 1.99whip 6.41 DICE Jeff Locke 126ip 1.53whip 4.73 DICE Clayton Richard 51ip 1.68whip 3.73 DICE Josh Fields 30ip 1.62whip 2.87 DICE Corey Knebel 28ip 1.54whip 3.68 DICE
  2. Yeah, I've got Peacock today and Drew Smyly vs NYY tomorrow.
  3. Also have Chris Carter 1B (34 HR) and Brandon Drury (2B/3B, .279/.324/.450) ... also need to deal for a good catcher.
  4. Looking to move either Todd Frazier or Jonathan Villar for a good 200 inning starter. Willing to give back some innings. Drop me a note if interested.
  5. Gary Sanchez just needs to keep playing games and catching some of the time, and maybe I can only trade for a backup C instead of a starter. Now if only my pitchers could be not horrible. C Schwarber :deadbanana C Miguel Montero 214pa 185/313/309 and Gary Sanchez 41pa and climbing 1B Chris Carter 459pa 220/309/485 and Eric Hosmer 487pa 274/331/426 2B DJ Lemahieu 477pa 331/405/477 (team MVP, non-Trout division) SS Jonahan Villar 490pa 302/386/441 and Asdrubal Cabrera 403pa 255/308/410 3B Todd Frazier 479pa 210/296/460 LF Jay Bruce 453pa 252/307/529 CF Mike Trout 494pa 311/423/550 RF Matt Joyce 206pa 266/398/538, and some combination of suck from Franklin Gutierrez, Keon Broxton, Tyler Colins, David Peralta UT Brandon Drury 348pa 256/302/414 hopefully qualifies at 2B/3B/OF Clint Robinson, Casey McGehee, Alejandro De Aza, and Wilmer Difo also getting ABs
  6. If Harvey is pitching like he did last year. If Conforto is hitting like he did in April. If Wheeler has come back and is throwing well. Then maybe. Harvey looks bad. Wheeler having setbacks. Conforto hitting awful and maybe injured. So not even close.
  7. Yeah... similar players. Think Mookie might have a little better hit tool and a little less eye. Now put Cutch in Fenway. Yowzers.
  8. Tre, I've got 2B/3B out the wazoo and a bunch of dead catchers, so we can talk.
  9. I would say yes. Gold glove defense and amazing base stealer when young. Not overwhelmingly qualified but he's in for me.
  10. The Americans
  11. Maybe what they should do is trade Pujols and Trout for Mazara and Perez? Then at least they could have 150mil to spend.
  12. Going to see it next month. Stoked.
  13. I remembered the final scene, but wasn't really sure if there was anything else we needed to know from last year. I agree that a "previously" would have been nice. First ep was pretty good. Loved this show - hope they finish strong.
  14. My team is 4th in Fantrax despite being mostly terrible. If things keep going this way I will be a very active GM. Catcher - I have 57 total plate appearances as Gary Sanchez is consigned to AAA forever and Schwarber blew up First base - 122pa, 280/344/654 is the line my backup is putting up. All Chris Carter does is hit homers Second base - Lemahieu 118pa 302/353/434 and Utley 111pa 298/405/436 Shortstop - Asdrubal has been great, will surely cool off, and Villar 120pa 257/364/366 is my backup Third base - Go Brandon Drury (104pa 310/327/600) right now Todd Frazier would be on the bench Left field - D Peralta 260/321/439 Center field - Trout doing Trout things, 313/398/565 Right field - Bruce 234/284/467 Bench - Matt Joyce heading for Cookie-dom (48pa 351/500/730), and Reimold too (45pa 333/378/619) Pitching - hey, look how good my offense is!
  15. For serious... let's say he averages 8 wins per season over those next 4 years and you get 5 wins this season. For that you pay 130mil. At $8mil/win, that's 37 wins/296 million in value, getting you a cool 166 million in surplus value. Plus a bonus for him being elite - the 8th win above replacement is worth more than the 7th. Plus a bonus for marketability. Call it an even 200mil. Texas can throw down Mazara (let's say 3 WAR average), Gallo (2 WAR average) and Profar (2 WAR average - I love the guy and would go higher, but being conservative). Plus Luis Ortiz or some other pitching prospects. Those 3 guys will give you 3 seasons of basically free WAR (league minimum salary) so that's 21 WAR in free value, or about 168 million in surplus. They'll earn some surplus in arbitration as well, maybe that gets you close to 200mil. The Angels will probably want you to overpay, though, so in addition to Ortiz, you're probably throwing in Dillon Tate and maybe even Martin Perez, who is healthy and pitching now, and signed through 2020 with 3 nice cheap team options. Or maybe the Angels like Brinson instead of Gallo since they need a CF. That's probably more realistic. So there you go.... Mazara, Brinson, Profar, Tate/Ortiz, Martin Perez. If you're Texas, do you want to do that? You've got Trout, Hamels, Beltre, Fielder, Choo, Darvish... and you're praying Joey Gallo works out and that you can somehow get through the season with Derek Holland and Colby Lewis as prominent players in your rotation.