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  1. Maybe in 2020 we can look into this. No idea but it looks cool.
  2. Somehow I doubt I can, but I guess I'll try
  3. I am jonesing so bad for this 2019 draft. Clearly it's not happening so I'm going to try to find a different place to get my fix.
  4. league # is MLB123746
  5. The league is created, but we only have 3 entered. If any of the interested owners want to put in their teams, it might help build some momentum.
  6. jfranco Sc00b bogie cheese RNR DrD CHemX SoCal ??? Profit?
  7. I'm hoping this is still a thing. Though sadly only 3 owners have entered their teams. I'm also wondering if there would be a 2019 version. We can't let the tradition die.
  8. I guess that means we won't be doing a 2019 season either
  9. OK, so here's the league number. MLB123746 For AAA, I think you should be able to pick any player over about 700k. If you have someone less than that, put them on your 25-man roster and put someone else in AAA. I think this is the best it's going to get. Parks are above. I guess HTP never picked one? Or it never got noted in the Google Sheet?
  10. Scoobus Tropicana Field oso AT&T Bogart Globe Park rodg12 Yankee Stadium III Arsenal Kauffman Kraft Fenway RnR Safeco Field Doug B PNC SNC Wrigley nv Chase Field jfranco77 Citi cosjobs Minute Maid Park Eephus Oakland Coliseum SoCal Dodger Stadium Cheese Miller Park Frosty Target Field greco Angel Stadium themoops Petco Park Chem X Marlins Stadium Spartans Rule Citizens Bank Dr Detroit Nationals Park Hell Toupee Koya Rogers Center Tobias Busch Stadium II
  11. OK, got slammed at work, but give me till this afternoon and I think I'll have it. The AAA thing is super annoying since there's no "make everyone eligible" option, but let me see what I can do.
  12. Players are actually in! Want me to set up the leeg? Or is someone else doing it?
  13. 2018 players should be entered tomorrow. Of course I've heard that before. But I'm hoping we can still get this thing launched if it happens.
  14. My 2017 team, which I think lost the World Series, just started their Tournament of Champions. Which they'll probably get bounced out of in the first round. That team really doesn't seem all that good. Should give hope to all the mediocre teams for 2018.
  15. The WIS forum people are saying it might be a couple months before they add the 2018 players. Boo.