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  1. A healthy version of Grandal, with a worse backup and in a better hitters park, yes.
  2. Catcher is so bad. The dude can MASH. Even if he hits .225 I think you see 30 bombs or pretty close. He'd have to be pretty damn bad to get moved out of the middle of the order, which means pretty good R/RBI. Austin Romine is his backup which means he should get all the PT he can handle. Not sure that justifies taking him over Posey, but what if he's closer to .250 or .260? If, if, if.
  3. I would maybe see if you can find a chart that equates rounds to auction dollar values. A 1st round value is maybe a $30-$35 player. Normally with a 3rd round pick you'd get a $20 player so that's 10-15 in surplus. A 5th round value is maybe an $18 player. Normally with a 12th you'd get a $9 player. So that's $9 in surplus. That kind of thing.
  4. I would keep JV. With Price and Carrasco having issues the top of the SP ranks is a little scary.
  5. Sano, Hill... And I think Contreras. Hill should be awesome in H2H and should not get very many losses. I can see argument for Fulmer over Contreras but I like having a solid catcher.
  6. Call me crazy but I think not all teez Irish be lassies!
  7. K/BB, and QS both seem like things Tanaka is really good at. Plus he's a WHIP monster.
  8. Wow, sounds like you'll be donating for a while with that roster in a league that shallow I'd go Bryant, Tanaka, Baez, Piscotty and hope Baez and Piscotty turn into stars. You really shouldn't be keeping anyone who isn't in the top half of their position or an extreme bargain (so a top 5 SS, or a top 15 OF). The good news is that 4 keepers should prevent a true dynasty, the bad news is I'd bet some teams have 4 insanely good keepers.
  9. Yeah, I hate it but I'd dump him too. Too much chance that he's out till June, even though that's not what the Rockies are saying now.
  10. Never, ever pay for a single SB or Sv. Too many categories. Get sluggers. Invest heavily in really good pitchers. You didn't mention how many teams, but I'll assume 12-14 and thus prioritize elite talent. I think I keep Bryant, Tanaka, Piscotty for sure, Are you playing with CI/MI positions? Starting 2 catchers? 2 catchers I maybe keep Perez. 1 catcher with CI I think I keep Lamb. With no MI/CI I guess I keep Myers? I might keep Lamb anyway and play Bryant at OF.
  11. Davies... maybe. Some hype around him as this year's Hendricks. Nova and Hellickson are both low-ish K guys. Not sure but maybe they could be good for QS. Davies isn't a big K guy right now. They're all kind of interesting but I agree that dealing Cueto seems risky. Can you really not just go get Lester or Carrasco if you have Cueto? Can you really not just keep Cueto and go get this year's Davies/Hellickson/Nova (let's say... Andrew Triggs, Daniel Norris and Jesse Hahn, or let's say Gsellman if your league isn't all over him like most)?
  12. Catcher: Wilson Ramos, Devin Mesoraco, Bruce Maxwell, Josh Phegley, Jesus Sucre Ramos might be back in May, but he'll probably DH. Which is fine, as long as he eventually gets in 20ish games at catcher. Mesoraco is sorta catching in ST but taking it slow. I could get absolutely nothing from these two, but upside is a pair of above average bats at 250 AB each. I've got both A's backups, and rumors of Vogt spending time at DH could push this duo to 300 ABs between them. Sucre is not a lock to make the Rays, but the worse things look for Ramos, the more likely he gets to 50 ABs, so he's a good hedge. First base: Joey Votto, Victor Martinez Votto is my rock. Give me some bombs and a .400 OBP. If V-Mart gets 5 games in at 1B, he's a competent backup, and I can play Votto out of position in the outfield if needed. Second base: Brad Miller, Raul Mondesi, Brett Lawrie Miller hasn't really played 2nd in the majors. He's supposed to play there for the Rays this year, and if he doesn't, I'm screwed. Lawrie got cut which was certainly unexpected. He might sign with the Rays and play 2B, which could be good or bad for me. Mondesi was turrible last year but I'm hoping for 200 ABs of a good glove, even if he hits .190 in the process. Shortstop: Carlos Correa, Alen Hanson, Wilmer Difo, Jorge Mateo Please stay healthy, Carlos. There's no guarantee any of these other guys get time at SS. Maybe Brad Miller does - Duffy might start the year on the DL - and these guys can cover 2B when Miller slides over. Mondesi could also see time at SS, or play good enough D that sliding him over out of position won't kill me. Third base: Justin Turner, Jhonny Peralta Turner's already getting injections in his knee which is awesome. Jhonny should get 300 ABs somewhere and hopefully qualify at 3B, and maybe I'll get lucky and he also qualifies at SS. Difo could play here too, as could Lawrie if he ever gets a job. Outfield (starters): Joc Pederson, Mark Trumbo, Keon Broxton Well, that's a lot of risk. My park is a HR haven so I'm hoping these guys get on base a lot and hit a lot of bombs. Trumbo may be a primary DH but hoping he gets enough time in the OF to qualify. Pederson may sit against lefties so I'm hoping I have another glove somewhere who can fake CF. Outfield (bench): Nori Aoki, Bradley Zimmer, JaCoby Jones, Peter Bourjos, Justin Ruggiano Not a lot of depth here but Nori should get 300-400 ABs for the Astros and I might need every one of them. The rest are just dart throws. Jones could win the starting CF job for the Tigers. Bourjos could make the White Sox with TIlson injured. Ruggiano is the lefty masher the Giants need, but maybe not the one they'll keep.
  13. Repick for my 50th rounder: Justin Ruggiano, OF Gigantes
  14. I definitely took Schultz, and I think Tui was also picked
  15. 24 bats and 26 arms here too, thought a few haven't appeared in the majors yet.