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  1. Sucks for JA that they came up against an all-time great album. In a lot of years they probably do win. But hell yes, U2 deserved to win.
  2. Maybe just take Kinsler's contract and give them Frasier for Fulmer and Kinsler?
  3. Yeah, I think a ToddFather reunion is most likely - I think they can get him a lot cheaper than Headley's 13mil. And he can platoon with Bird or play 3 days a week if Andujar and Gleyber both turn out to be good. Could be clearing 3B for a ridiculous Machado/Donaldson trade, but I doubt it. Still, you never know. They still have basically all their prospects and a lot of cap space. And now they really have no place to put Clint Frazier.
  4. My team has 37 minus plays in 58 games. WIS really needs to switch to RF/9 instead of RF/G. Bradley Zimmer, who made about 15 highlight catches in CF and looked awesome out there, has an RF/G of 1.81 but an RF/9 of 2.27. More notably, I don't have any outfielders above D+ range, though Joc and Broxton and Zimmer and even Bourjos spent a good chunk of time in CF. (Oh wait, I stand corrected, Wilmer Difo is B/B at OF for some reason) Never mind that the ridiculous strikeout rate in MLB means that even RF/9 isn't a very good measure of range these days.
  5. Just finished The Kind Worth Killing. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36509935-the-kind-worth-killing Starts off as sort of rip-off of Strangers on a Train and gets crazy from there. Really enjoyed it.
  6. I think they're just going to sign Hosmer and call it a day. JDM requires Hanley to play 1B or ride the pine.
  7. For those into, uh, ping pong balls, I saw a billboard that they are opening up (have opened up?) a Spearmint Rhino down by the casino.
  8. Getting Johnson off their books by bribing the Angels with pool money they can't use? I guess?
  9. Red Sox interested in Jose Abreu. White Sox found out that Boston still has prospects left.
  10. Yes. I now spend exactly $120 a year on music. If it's not on spotify, I just don't listen to it. But I don't have to buy any other music now.
  11. Man, I thought the prices would come way down when the original cast left. We paid about 700 per to see most of the original cast last June. (2016, that is) Paid face value (180ish I think) to see it in Chicago this past summer. Both were totally worth it.
  12. Inclines, without a doubt. Fallingwater if you can get there. Nationality Rooms at Pitt - or just walk around Oakland and check out the Cathedral of Learning. Primanti's, though overrated, is still a necessity. Church Brew Works. Kennywood is doing holiday lights which is cool and unique if you're on the east end. https://www.kennywood.com/holidaylights Roberto Clemente Museum in Lawrenceville is by appointment only, but maybe you know a guy who can get you in. http://www.clementemuseum.com/ Heinz Field tour or PNC Park tour would be fun. Not sure how many people mentioned the South Side, but it's basically more bars per square mile than anywhere in the world. A few of them are even good. If you ever wanted to drink 25 drinks in 25 different bars over the span of an hour, go for it. Ice skating in PPG place? If you're into that sort of thing it's pretty cool.
  13. Yeah, I apologize. The default setting is apparently "on" for minor league salary cap. I think that means you can only have ~10% of your total salary in the minors at any given time. I don't know if they changed the default or this has always been on and we just never noticed before.