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  1. Ajayi or Golladay for flex? All TDS 6 points. Started Gurley and Howard at RB, and JuJu and Thomas at WR. Thank you sir!
  2. Same situation and I’m starting Goff. I know it’s tempting, but I’m gonna give Wentz a week to shake off the rust.
  3. Back and forth Sig. Wentz or Goff? Leaning Goff but really want to start Wentz!
  4. Hi Sig. Thanks for taking your time to answer. Starting Gurley and need 2 out of these 3 for Rb 2 and flex. Non ppr, performance scoring. Receiving TDS are 12 points. AP vs Colts Ajayi at Tampa Howard vs Seattle
  5. I need JuJu to do his AB impersonation and go slap #### crazy for 40 and the title is mine!!
  6. Merry Christmas Doc!! need 2 rbs, 2 wrs and 1 flex out of these 7 in standard league. I guess I should of just asked who sits? I’m heavy favorite which concerns me! Fournette, Hunt and Freeman JuJu, Fitz, Hill and Thielen Also Tyrod, Flacco or Mariotta Thanks for all your help this year!! Good luck in all your leagues!!
  7. 12 team standard non ppr qb Flacco, Tyrod, Mariota rb Hunt rb Freeman wr Hill wr JuJu or Thielan flex Fournette te Gronk k Lutz d Jags Lost Wentz and had Mariota. Picked up Tyrod and Flacco last week. Can’t decide who to start this week. Right now I have Flacco plugged in.
  8. Thanks Dr Bloom. What QB out of this motley crew? Mariotta, Flacco, Tyrod
  9. Non ppr all tds 6pts need 2 rbs, 2 WRs and 1 flex Fournette, Hunt, Freeman Hill, Thielan, DeDe, JuJu, Fitz Pretty sure I’m starting Hunt, Freeman at RB and Fournette in flex if he plays. If not which WR to play in his place at flex? Thanks!
  10. Yes. Our point race extends through week 17. We have a super bowl champion and a total points champion. Our total point champion is the true winner of the league. It’s a 12 team league and we’ve had plenty of teams over the 22 years I’ve been in it sneak in the playoffs and win the super bowl because their team was hot at the time. Total point champion to me, rewards the best team and keeps everyone’s interest til the end of the year.
  11. Here’s a scary stat. The last td scored by a Chief rb this year was West in week 5 against the Texans. He had two receiving tds in the red zone while Hunt watched from the sideline. From what I’ve witnessed over the last 8 weeks is Hunt hasn’t even seen the field or a gadget play was run inside the 20. I fortunately have a bye this week but need to protect a point lead that’s dwindled. I currently have Freeman, Fournette and Bernard(flex) starting ahead of him IF Mixon is out. If Mixon plays I may start Fitz in the flex. He has been absolutely maddening to own since week 6-7 for me.