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  1. How did this guy never receive any sort of suspension from the NFL?
  2. Vic Fangio leaving Chicago to be the head coach in Denver. Woof.
  3. It'd be awful because he doesn't take just one cut. He dances behind the line like he's LeVeon Bell, but the problem is, he's not LeVeon Bell.
  4. Longest run of the year is 25 yards bud. Took 5 seconds to Google that. I suspect this means you exaggerate numbers to fit your side of the argument whenever convenient.
  5. DO YOU ACTUALLY WATCH CHICAGO BEARS FOOTBALL GAMES? Because I've watched every single snap of the football. It is obvious this dude is MEDIOCRE at best and you guys are just too stubborn or delusional to admit it yet, falling back on combine numbers and college stats.
  6. You have to be decent at breaking tackles when you're not fast enough to get away from anybody. And fwiw, with his running style, going to be a short career.
  7. Being on pace for 28-29 catches makes a guy a "GREAT" receiving back? You guys really need to start tempering your expectations. He's simply not fast enough for the NFL and the Bears offense sucks. Just another Ka'Deem Carey/Jeremy Langford clone.
  8. Sources? And no, I haven't seen anything yet, and that's kind of the problem here buddy.
  9. I have seen nothing to prove this man can pass protect in the NFL for the greatest QB of all time. Perhaps you should expound.
  10. "if" "could possibly" "might" "if" "potential" "if" This dude literally has ZERO carries, and you're not only saying he can get carries, but catches too. Under no circumstances will this guy be in on passing downs protecting Tom Brady.
  11. He's been unstoppable since entering the league. The only thing that can stop him is injury, either to himself or Goff. If you take the average PPG from his 6 full games last year (excluding the two he left early due to injury), he would've finished WR #2 in PPR.