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  1. On board. Will take an injury to make him relevant, but worth a dart throw late in drafts of larger leagues.
  2. Based on the way KC handled the Hunt situation, I'm a bit surprised Tyreek is still employed.
  3. My FBG team this year is hands down the WORST fantasy team I've ever drafted. Not even Lindsay could save me from drafting L. Bell and D. Freeman.
  4. Spent $70 of my $100 FAAB week 1 for Lindsay in my keeper league. Between the Fournette and Kupp injuries, Lindsay has been an integral part to my success this season. Loved his post game press conference today. You can tell he's loosening up and coming into his own. Getting more comfortable and it's showing on the field.
  5. Was up only 5.6 points going into tonight's game with my opponent starting Aaron Jones and Alfred Morris. Cheapest win I've ever had in fantasy. I feel dirty.
  6. Giants had 1st and Goal tonight from the 5ish yard line. Saquon got the carry on 1st for a couple yards. Then the Giants proceeded to let Eli try and pass on 2nd and 3rd down from the 3 yard line. Unbelievable. If I have Saquon Barkley and get 4 plays from inside the 5 yard line, I'm handing it off three times in a row, and probably just handing it off on 4th down again if needed. Pat Shurmur is an idiot.
  7. I was a Julio owner from his rookie season up until last season. Steve Sarkisian is the reason I finally traded Julio away. Got tired of the BS play calling.
  8. In my 10 team 5 keeper league, I offered Fournette for him straight up. Golladay owner not interested.
  9. I've been on him for over a month or so. Long before the Lee injury. I just hardly ever post on these forums anymore. Mostly a lurker these days.
  10. I can't explain why exactly, but when I watch tape of Cole, I'm reminded of young Roddy White. Hopefully he can develop into a target monster like Roddy was during his dominant stretch. I think projecting him for 75/1100/6 is realistic in 2018. He is on every single one of my rosters this season. Also plan on starting him week 1 in DFS because he's still dirt cheap.
  11. Amari Cooper - In my opinion, one of the best route runners in the NFL already. As a 21 year old rookie, posted a 72/1070/6 line on 130 targets. And he did all that with plantar fasciitis. I think it says a lot about him as a player that he continued to play through injury. I wouldn't shy away from projecting 90/1300/10 this year. I feel he has the skill set, situation, and attitude to be the top dog in the NFL sooner than later. He's my personal WR8 in 2016.
  12. Need to get this Lamar Miller hype train rolling. Pretty quiet.
  13. Through 24 NFL games, Gio Bernard has only topped 100 yards rushing one time. Jeremy Hill did it his first time as the starter. Pretty significant if you ask me.
  14. Well, he still had 70 yards and a TD before that run then, which I'll take from my RB2 every Sunday.