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  1. I hope he toungue kisses DT before tomorrow nght
  2. Tom terrific....for me to poop on
  3. Whew is right .
  4. He may be out, just heard announcer say something about "Julio not feeling well"...
  5. Rankings have it: Fred 19 Spiller 6 Brown 3 Dixon 4 Anyone strongly disagree with that and have something to back it up? I could see them getting over 30 rb touches, or at least they should for their own good. Previously I've thought fred should always lead touches. "This second" though, I'm not as confident. Fred has come back from injury recently, and while he had ran admirably, it's not as good as years past and time does seem to be slightly catching up. Any bills homers to chime in?
  6. I'm actually sitting with all 3! I'm only going to start 1, what I'm hoping I don't have to decide is between Julio and roddy. If Julio sits as we have all said, I'll clearly go Douglas. If Julio plays I'm leaving roddy.
  7. Damn, got CJ and Beckham (let alone Landry) of waivers in a 192 player league...howd you manage that?
  8. I too am a Ingram owner, likely deciding between him and FJax (### #### spiller activated this week!!!!) Obviously everything stated is spot on....their predictable, decent run D from bears, not a ton of holes to get in game. That said, I thought he ran generally hard. I wouldn't call him special, but he does run with pretty good anger and is scrappy. He did get 17 of saints 23 carries, and he has dominated the carries every game he has played this year (lowest being 50% in week 7 and 55% week 14 I believe). First zero target game for Ingram all season in week 15, so it would seem unlikely to happen again in week 16 (averages 2 a game over 15 games). All 15 games this year show he should get over 50% of all RB touches for Saints this week. Lots of them in bad situations. BUT, he is playing Atlanta. And NO did move the ball last week and youd think will do so against Atl too. Highest o/u game of week Im thinking a floor of 10 (well for me anyway with .2 pc) with potential for 20+ (30s likely out of reach without great TD fortune) Good luck....we're gonna need it.
  9. Did it look to you guys like fjax pulled up lame on that last series??
  10. SOB! Anyone here want to try to make the case that Landry shouldn't be avoided at all costs? Id love to, but then I look at Allens #s last week....
  11. I have bowe. Ive been terrorized all season too by the dink and dunk. I'm going to try to fight the urge to drop him next bidding cycle for cap space, but it's going to be hard.That said above poster is right. This was Reid's game plan today. I feel like a jackass for not seeing this before kickoff, it was always "hold the ball and take from them"...make captain checkdown GOD checkdown. They executed it and won. Ultimately bowe is still with captain checkdown, so he is gonna be sub par. That said, not sure if you noticed just how team focused bowe is right now, hugging Reid post game, staying out WAY after game to cheer with fans and even for Alex smith! Personally I'd like to see bowe care more about bowe . But I believe this good attitude to be used as a decoy will pay off, he will get redeemed when the situation permits it. I think we might just be stuck trying to determine when/if that is... Can't sell him, no one will buy. I do think predicting when to start may be near impossible
  12. It'd be interesting to see how many games Brady has lost as a heavy favorite vs Manning in that same scenario. I don't recall Manning blowing any games as a 9 point favorite, especially not twice.9 point favorites at home no less. Ooof.what were the broncos favored by last week against the ravens...?
  13. You can say he shouldn't have let him play but I don't think for a second Shanny pushed RGIII. I thought it was shanny keeping him in there. I heard shanny post game say it was rg3, I still thought it was shanny. Then I heard rg3 post game, it was rg3. I really like rg3, but yes, he was selfish. He ran up 14 point lead. He is great. He is best qb on team. But he got reinjured early and never got going again. He should have came out, and it seems he is his biggest negotiator. Shanny needs to stop treating him with kid gloves, but he needs to know the respect shanny gives him and give shanny the same respect. You may be right, he may have been cooked by media/us, but he would have given his team a better chance to win if he took a seat earlier. Should he care more about winning, or more about our opinions?