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  1. QB: Rivers. It will feast or famine, but it is the Browns. I expect huge points for him this week. RB: Rawls and Ayaji. I don't think AP is ready to play yet. WR: Brown, Britt or Lockette, and I would pick up Ginn. I think Carolina is going air it out against Atlanta and will need to in order to stay in the game. Atlanta's pass D is ripe for shredding and Ginn has the speed to get deep. I have him going in one of my leagues and my thoughts are 100 yards and 1 TD on the day.
  2. Not sure what you mean unless it is a Keeper or Dynasty league. Neither have any value over any other mediocre QB in the league.
  3. It's Championship weekend. I roasted my opponent last week. Everything is pretty clear except RB. Again, I don't think I can go wrong with any of them, but looking for which ones will score TDs. Zeke Elliott - Against the Lions, Dallas still playing for home field. No way he is sitting. So this one is easy. Lagerette Blount - He is a beast and is the NE RB with the most TDs ever in a season. Playing the Jets and New England is looking to seal home field as well. He has scored 1 TD in each of the last 3 games. Belichek is not one to run up records and other RBs got a lot of love last week. Still, Blount can get multiple TDs. Lesean McCoy - Playing an extremely weak Miami run defense at home in the cold. Has been hot 4 of the last 5 weeks.
  4. Luck. I wouldn't risk it with anyone else.
  5. Always Start Your Studs!!!
  6. Not to sound too harsh, but anyone thinking of benching the most prolific QB in the game over a never-will-be deserves to lose. Remember the common FF theme: Always Start Your Studs. Put Brady in, stop thinking about it, and let the dice roll.
  7. I would go Rivers. It is kind of like a "Box of Cutler"....never know what your going to get.
  8. Scoring only league. All TDs are 6 points. QB (Choose 1): Derek Carr, Dak Prescott, Carson Palmer RB (Choose 2): Lesean McCoy, Zeke Elliott, Lagerette Blount I know scoring leagues only are old and this league is pushing 30 years now. League is still much harder to win that performance. I like both, but this is my main league. Right now I think I am going Dak, Zeke, McCoy. I don't think I could go wrong with whatever I choose though. Carr: Must win to stay playoff relevant. If they lose, they could drop down deep in the Wild Card picture Prescott: Can end it all against a week TB pass DEF. They win they will seal home field throughout. Palmer: Has been average at best this season. Has come on as of late for scoring with 12+ points each of the last 4 weeks. He is also going against the worst pass D in the league. McCoy: Stud playing the worst run D in the league Zeke: Just a stud of a RB and running wild this season Blount: TD machine playing one of the worst rushing D's in the league.
  9. I would lose my playoffs rather than start Krapperdick. I would never have him on my roster to begin with. Palmer against the worst pass D in the league is an easy choice. I have him and he has sucked. But this is like your Studs going against Cleveland...start em all. Palmer without a second thought.
  10. I am in a similar situation: Carr, Prescott, or Palmer. I don't think it is a matter of which scores. I think it is a matter of which one scores the most. Oakland is in a scary spot. They have to keep winning or they could drop drastically down in the playoff picture. Dallas wants to close it out so they don't have to go crazy with starters the next 2 weeks. They won't rest them completely after this week, but they are going to go off against a week TB Def at home. In your case, I would never start Taylor over Carr or Prescott.
  11. Eli and Winston. Winston is going to be huge with 2 games against NO. He may not put up big with SD. Krapperdick just needs to go. I would not even have him on a practice squad. If it meant losing with another QB or winning with that PoS, I would choose to lose.
  12. This is the fight at the OK Corral. They are going to be gunslinging it all day in NO. I would start Stafford. If not, it would be Carr.