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  1. Patriots cheating scandals: Spygate Illegal Formations Against Ravens Deflated Footballs Against Colts Hmmmm.....And Rodney Harrison gets mad when Don Shula calls Belichick Beli-Cheat?
  2. From RW: Lamar Miller's yards per carry avearge drops dramatically after his tenth carry of a game. According to the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson, Miller has averaged 5.4 yards per carry on his first 10 carries of a game this season, but is averaging only 2.5 yards per carry from his 11th carry on. The stunning drop-off in effectiveness could help explain why Miller is averaging 12.7 carries a game this season despite being clearly the best runner on Miami's roster. Miller's upside will always be capped by his limited touches, but he is still a solid RB2 in a good matchup against the Vikings this week.
  3. .@barackobama It's James Franco, not James Flacco — Joe Flacco (@TeamFlacco) December 19, 2014
  4. No. The title game is all about risk management.
  5. Sanchito has hurt Maclin. Maclin was doing fine until Sanchito. It's not just adjustments by defenses.
  6. I'm playing against him next week, but I don't want to win that way. Why not? A win's a win. Maybe someone on your team will crap out anyway.
  7. No way I sit ryan in a playoff game for a rookie making his first start. My thinking too. But thanks for affirming.I am really strugglin with ryan vs sanchez though. Got Ryan in now Good thing you went Ryan.
  8. CJ looked fine running the ball and made something out of nothing a few times. it doesn't help when the DL is living in the backfield though Hillman is still injured. Thompson and Hillman are no threat to CJ's carries other than the occasional breather. From what I'm reading Hillman could be back next week. Not saying CJ will lose his job but maybe some volume.
  9. Is CJ human after all? Last two games weren't out of this world, but merely ok and good, respectively. Maybe those ankle injuries are catching up to CJ. Hillman and/or Juwan getting a few of CJ's carries next week, anyone?
  10. Very mature response to a game based on a game. It's not like I cussed him out or anything. But he has to be reminded that the best step it up. He dropped the ball. Unacceptable.
  11. I just want to tweet him something that hurts his feelings, like "Butterfingers!"