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  1. what the hell...why so many depressing commercials??
  2. Great stuff Stat...keep it coming. What percentage of your life are you dedicating to this right now? Just curious.
  3. Yes, I spent $4,000 on a 50" plasma back in 2006.
  4. And I don't believe that either of those would (or frankly should) be considered PHI. You'd obviously know better than I would. I just would have thought that if I call up your insurance company they'd be under a legal obligation to not divulge what kind of insurance you purchased and how you paid for it. Maybe the Texas Rep just chose the wrong privacy law No...he's just a ####### idiot. Look up his track record.
  5. they are playing the Pats, right? Bill B. knows who the one player is that need to stop, right?
  6.'s amazing how so many zombies keep appearing out of nowhere in the middle of nowhere.
  7. It's funny because it's true!!! :lmao: How many people have died so far? The mission hasn't been accomplished yet. BUT WHAT'S HIS MOTIVATION?????
  8. It's funny because it's true!!! :lmao: How many people have died so far?
  9. my boss just landed in Vegas. I'll pay someone $5,000 to kill her while she's out there.
  10. Just had two slices of Lou M's today for a company lunch. I like one piece and that's it. I had and now I feel like ####. That first piece is really good, but if I want to eat pizza for a meal chicago style is out of the equation.
  11. If nutty adherence to ultra-conservative views of the world was a religion, jon_mx would be Grand Mufti. Can you link me to some of these so-called ultra conservative views. TIA[forums][searchInKey]=&userMode=content