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  1. Mixon Ty Hill DL for Panthers couple years back NFL picks and chooses when to care (hell, A Peterson beat the living heck out his small kids with a stick ..........)
  2. was primarily a high school and early college HB ..... been true WR for only 2-1/2 - 3 years ..... he does not get caught from behind reminds me of Percy Harvin and/or Emmanuel Sanders
  3. the NFL choked it any belief that the no call wouldn't have won the game for the Saints is Rams fandom, Saints hate, or foolishness
  4. pretending that no call wouldn't have been the game clincher/ win for the Saints is turning a blind eye to logic spin away ..... but this SB comes with an asterisk
  5. Theft. no NFL fan should be ok with that no call (which WOULD have ended the game/ gave the Saints the win -- any other talk is just spin) NFL needs to address this/ release a statement about this asap (also, both teams need the ball in OT ..... NFL found a way to scar both championship games --- props) i honestly feel the NFL is going the way of the NBA (superstar calls/ name team calls) and im not a fan (just my opinions -- not subject to change)
  6. starting a team ..... i think i would go QB .... so ...... 1. Mohomes 2. Mayfield 3. Watson 4. Luck 5. Wilson/ Goff/ Wentz / Garrett/ Bosa(s)/ Mack/ Barkley/ Donald
  7. playoff baseball has extra umps in the outfield ...... NFL playoffs should have a crew watching the game with ability to stop game and review any and all plays they so desire - with powers to overturn any play and/or call ...... too much on the line (Vegas, brands, clout, contracts) ...... NFL can not let this happen again there is bad, and then there is criminal ---- that no call call was inexcusable
  8. IMO both teams headed to the SB took advantage of a weak & broken NFL not sure how to fix it, but that no call needed to be corrected on the field ...... also, both teams must have the ball in OT at least once
  9. Guess it's just me then - but I prefer not to play with casual owners and/or those who "stream" QB, K, D every week ........ win the league on draft day (1 of the 10 best days of the year), not a week 6 waiver add I say To each his own .......
  10. with as much info there is about fantasy football (there is no off season) leagues need way deeper benches owners who "stream" and work the wire multiple times weekly are annoying --- reward "team builders" on draft day with 20-25+ man rosters
  11. Kamara needs 1 more TD for a team season record or something of the like..... any chance they work to get it for him? ..... (it's Kamara or Theo Riddick for me as my RB2 this week --standard---- VERY deep league) Also, hearing rumors Jameis Winston might not play the entire game at QB, as Tampa wants to see what the 3 year third string QB can do in a regular season game (ugh)
  12. Ingram or Cook is my weekly RB2 choice that I have picked wrong on for a month now .......
  13. None hurt, just not remotely living up to their draft day ADP : QB- Wilson RB- Howard RB- Henry WR- Fitz WR- Hogan WR- K. Allen TE- Reed D/ST- Vikings K - Elliot (note: I drafted 2 of them.... ugh)
  14. is Cohen a sell high (to Howard owners especially), or a hold ? (Kind of don't need him now since all my studs have had byes)