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  1. is his toe going to "bother him" ROS ? ..... prob but in the NFL after 6-7 weeks just about every player has an ankle, foot, toe, elbow, hammy, back, finger, knee issue --- these guys are tough & play football through issues that would cause you & i not to go walk around at the zoo with our family. he is getting around the clock care from specialists - once he is cleared by DR's (joint is stable) he will be out there
  2. as someone who starts Evans & Godwin weekly - I am afraid Jameis will get benched before the end of season (he isn't great but no one on their current roster is a better QB)
  3. in a sneaker (no boot - today, or ever), no limp, & a smile on his face at practice (while he watched) ....... MIGHT not be this week - but he will be playing sooner rather than later.
  4. 👀 ....... anyone here anything about this week? I could maybe live without him this week 6, but week 7 I really could use him
  5. pray for a grade 1 (still hurts like a mother for a week) if so, he will be back in 2-3 weeks grade 2 or 3, and it gets dicey
  6. 0% chance Melvin Gordon gets anything more than 50% of the touches with Chargers at any point this season (provided Ekeler stays healthy) .... Gordon will be gone next year & Chargers need to see if Ekeler can be "the man" for them moving forward.
  7. had a nasty HASP in my mid 20's ..... knee to toes purple and swollen ..... couldn't walk on it for about a week -- walk pain free after 2 weeks -- took about 5 weeks before I was a weekend warrior again (basketball/ football/ softball) still had a little bit of "weakness" .... 2 months i was fine ....... obviously not a pro athlete (but obviously not pro athlete rehab & care though either) week 12 Barkley should be back to being a beast (anything before then is a bonus)
  8. any news on Will Dissly? seen he left game with knee injury (same knee that cost him most of last year)
  9. Owned Kamara the last 2 seasons -- love the guy ...... had the #1 pick this year, took Barkley with very little second guessing (dude is special) ..... CMC was never a consideration for me (I don't play in any PPR leagues as a personal rule, and I think his TD's will come down)
  10. CBS (always solid IMO) & Harris Football (Fridays can be rough because his cousin is a tool) are the only 2 I listen to daily ..... Establish The Run is new & doesn't post daily - I like it too (if it stays free all year)
  11. drafted 2 weeks ago, somehow got Carson in the 6th RD of a 10 team standard 3 WR league ..... no one in that league seemed to like him (at the time) the owners who took Mack, Lindsey, Coleman, and maybe Henry in front of him should be kicking themselves (note: I took Penny in the 7th) I also really like D Freeman this year
  12. Brian Westbrook 5'10" 203lbs. 3rd RD Villanova Jamaal Charles 5'11" 199lbs. 3rd RD Texas Darwin Thompson 5'8" 201lbs. 6th RD Utah State ........ seems to fit the Andy Reid mold (and has more talent than D Will) ...... don't leave your draft without him
  13. Bill Belichick Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Charlie Chaplin Martin Lawrence Jon Cryer Chance the rapper Wilbur Wright Pope Benedict XVI
  14. the NBA star is treated like the NFL QB now -- can't touch them ........