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  1. ....... so, he signs Tuesday with Seahawks, right ?!?!?
  2. I too think it will be Seattle (they understand how bad their D is & that they'll have to win shootouts in the postseason & if they somehow face KC in the SB they'll need 50pts. to win). if Seattle: high end WR3 ROS with prob 1 monster 150-3 game
  3. was 1 of my favorite WR targets heading into the season - drafted him in 2 leagues, dealt him prior to this week in 1 league with deep rosters (and I was decimated with RB injuries) for TY Hilton & Philip Lindsey after unsuccessfully trying to package him as a centerpiece in a deal for Delvin Singletary
  4. due to injury I am playing him the next couple weeks ........ hoping for 50/50 split with Gordon minimum to start & 60/40 share in a couple weeks ROS
  5. as a stash of mine in a very deep league - I just hope he plays week 9/10 for ANY team
  6. still waiting for the long/ busted 30+ yard run ...... 4-5 catches weekly would be nice as well all in all I'm happy to have drafted him/ have him on my team - no doubt weekly starter .... reminds me a little of peak Barry Foster
  7. if Barkley was having a hard time gaining yards ...well, now imagine Freeman or Lewis ...... get the RB that will get the majority of the receiving
  8. CMC or Zeke ...... package that includes J Taylor -- end of list (a hold for anything else/less)
  9. I own him in my main keeper league -- sucks early enough in the season he should be 100% before week 1 2021, and hopefully they improve that Oline before start of next year Barkely and J Taylor will be the center pieces of my team next year......... this year, hoping J Taylor, R Wilson, and a deep WR roster carriers me
  10. I'd like him to sit 1 more week (if for no other reason than to avoid that same field in NY that shredded knees & ankles week 2)
  11. I enjoy CBS Fantasy Football Today Harris Football podcast is really good (his cousin on Fridays is a complete tool though) PFF Fantasy Podcast I like Establish the Run is good (what's free that is - I'm not playing for the premium) Rotoworld Football can be a decent listen if you have extra time
  12. drafted him as my WR8 in a very deep league with the goal of flipping him sometime this season to the Julio or Calvin owner if either came down with a longer than 1 -2 week injury ..... he played well towards the end of last season in the Sanu roll -- reminds me of an Amendola type you can start any week in pinch and get something
  13. FF is a lot like chili --- everyone likes their kind/ type and have a few kinds they'd rather not consume. year 26 for me in a 35 man roster no waiver wire league - I love it (so much info who needs a WW? draft day is awesome!) I also play in a total points league still -- love it ...... PPR is the devil (please go away forever!!) -- same with multiple flex spots IMHO ........ I do enjoy dynasty, super-flex, & best ball leagues though .......... I pass on DFS
  14. ....... if Evans is a no go I might be leaning Shenault (I could imagine A. a couple carriers including redzone wildcat B. Chark gets a ton of attention so Shenault gets singled all day)