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  1. all she (or anyone) needs to know about Mexico is that they are paying for The Wall
  2. get his taxes get the translator from the secret Putin meetings to testify under oath on camera get Bolton to testify under oath on camera get the Mar-largo visitor lists ....... and fight with no gloves on/ call a spade a spade in tv adds: Trump is a Russian asset his wife is an illegal / porn actress that got a genius visa his kids were given security clearance by him after they were told they could not have them by US officials - they have used his office to make profit by soliciting foreign countries / quid pro quo health care, health care, health care, health care --- he doesn't want Americans to have it & he has no plan he wants to cut SS / has cuts to SS in his budget his administration sold nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia target single issue voters like he does (bible, guns, abortion, immigration, now people in Nevada)-- target: legal weed, college tuition cost, health care cost/cost of medicine, payroll tax if all those FACTS don't work - lie -- he does like 80x a day -- lie like he does ....... lastly use another of his tricks against him - I'm sure Germany or some country have tapes/ info on him/ his kids - bring it on down
  3. Sherrod Brown/ Kamala Harris ticket would be hard to beat IMHO
  4. both won popular vote ..... what if we didn't have the electoral college ?? .... how diff. would America be ??
  5. as an Evans owner in my fav league I want Jameis back 100% ........
  6. as good a fantasy WR as any outside MT ...... underrated stud ..... get well
  7. any attorney worth a $1500 retainer gets Garrett off on all charges (except maybe disorderly conduct) IMHO 2 men fighting - debatable who starts it ..... 1 men retreats, then another third man engages him physically, the original second man from the encounter engages him physically - now 2 vs 1 with the 2 being the aggressors and a fourth man who is an associate of the other 2 is approaching ..... so 2 vs 1 with the likely hood of soon being 3 vs 1 ...... if this was a bar fight, or black Friday in a sporting goods store -- and it was 3 vs 1 i think a lot of people would see it very differently NFL does NOT want this to go to court because there is a fair chance that by Ohio assault laws this would be deemed self-defense ....the weapon was used while he was engaged with 2 individuals with a third approaching as he attempted to retreat - if Garrett felt afraid for his personal safety he is allowed to use the weapon to protect his well being from the aggressors (the kicking and punching by the third once close enough could be used to justify his claim of needing to protect himself from harm arguing that he was trying the free himself from the two so that he would not be victim of the third/ 3 vs 1 ) as an employee of the NFL Garrett is subject to the employers rules - but i think if this was outside a club in downtown CLE, you'd have 4 charges of disorderly conduct and nothing else after the dust settled. Rudolph needs suspended as well. He just Eddie Haskell'ed the NFL into believing he was an innocent victim with zero accountability for his actions
  8. I have played everyday (at least 5mins.) since 07-11-2016 (with my son) .... level 40 and 33,147,125 XP ........ 2,097 pokemon and 1,007,102 Dust ....... too many moving parts now - I think I am close to done i liked old 10 deep gyms .... using Discord to track hard to find Pokemon was fun while it was a thing ...... also, wish it had more solo play --- i don't want to use messenger to meet up with 10 others (half of which always show up 10mins. late) to get the premium Pokemon...... was fun - now seems like work
  9. Steelers admitted he was focus of their D and often doubled him ....... Cooks taking the top off & lack of running threat/ play action isn't helping (OL is kind of junky too) ..... bad weeks happen -- he will still get his more often than not though
  10. A. I think Kittle plays (dude is a monster) B. I feel I have a playoff spot locked up C. I am play the highest scoring team in the league this week (CMC & D Cook) - I need pts only Kittle can offer ..... Kittle or bust for me this week
  11. I am of the belief that DJ can't make it through a season without injury and that DJ's Wrist/Ankle/ Back will shelf him again before season's end ....come fantasy playoff time ARZ will be running out a 50/50 split of Drake & Edmonds IMHO
  12. I bought Woods yesterday in a package deal to be my WR4 ROS ..... he is injury insurance/ my Kupp hand-cuff (most targeted WR in the league without a TD I believe)