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  1. Exact reason I was willing to make the bet. Those kinda odds. Right or wrong, the odds are good today.
  2. McCoy and Short the DEs in Carolina.
  3. Mario Addison and Bruce Irvin are playing OLB in the Carolina 3-4. Happening in both the games and their depth chart. Hopefully these will be properly displayed at fasntasysharks and MFL. Quality control would be appreciated. *there is still some preseason time for the Panthers to switch things up, however.
  4. I don't think they have a slot, in reality. MVS forced his way into the second outside position and GA had to go to the slot. And while Kumerow has been flashing in both preseasons, MVS has been beating all challenges (which there were many) to earn his way to the 2 WR set thus far.
  5. Someone said it was absurd? He is staring down the #3 right now.
  6. If you are in a ppr, dont sleep on li'l Boston Scott. The Saints took him to be the Sproles type if it worked out eventually but the Eagles snagged him from their PS. A tiny Dynamo who can do returns also. After Sanders and Howard (1 yearr deal) they don't have anything worth a damn.
  7. Think Baker and Chubb are going to help one another into the end zone a boatload this year.
  8. I'll take that ppg friendly wager. And I like both, but MVS is going to get the lionshare of snaps on the season.