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  1. A guy spends 50 years as a patriot and a public servant to America for all of it. Including in the Vietnam war where he receives a medal for Valor, and had the opportunity to leave and yet stayed an additional six month tour... and he drops his ethical standards to be a "prop" to be used and propped up? I call bull spit on any such notion.
  2. No matter who you are, Trump was working against American interests on the international security stage. ☠️☠️☠️
  3. No, as they will have nobody besides Devin and Yeldon, with Yeldon being gone after next year. They'll need to add usable talent at RB pretty bad.
  4. They have canon on film where its stated he stole the armor/isnt a mandalorian. I do believe, i saw some youtube break downs of it.
  5. I believe canon states that Jango Fett had stolen the armor. So him and Boba are wearing it illegally which would normally be punishable by death, but are so widely respected as killers that the Mandalorians don't think its worth the trouble to try and take it from him.
  6. Since Minkah has become their free safety, the Steelers have allowed a QB rating under 10.0 on deep passes. That's the lowest, by far, in the NFL since week 3. In the two games before his arrival it was 141.7. first reported by Aaron M. Sprecher AP
  7. There was a shift from the investigation and interviews. Went from a favor-for-a-favor, to extortion. Quid Pro Quo is the wrong inference.
  8. HORRENDOUS. we are still forgetting about the under-center formations. well until that crap-tastic call to have the QB turn his back to the rush while in the endzone. so dumb.
  9. Everyone under contract for next year. RTs Feiler and Banner are RFAs.
  10. DJ was worse than "didnt exactly tear it up" in direct comparison.
  11. He was well worth 2 first round picks.