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  1. Good point, bats are heavier than advertised, especially the beast X and the beast X hybrid that I got my 11-year-old. It says drop 10 but we weighed it and it’s more like a drop eight
  2. 8th year managing....news was announced last year about the new bat rule and I told all my parents to hold off on purchases. i bought my kids the BeastX and GhostX Ultralight. 2/3 of the kids on our teams have bats and they do take a good 10-30 feet off the ball. I now use the old Makos as my fungo bats ? we still have had a few Hrs, and some high scoring games on opening day last weekend, but nothing like the football scores and check swing HRs from last year
  3. Go back to picking a new favorite team each season. Eagle hat broken in yet?
  4. Hate the 4 seed for my Zags but love the prospect of playing 1 Xavier and then a rematch with 2 UNC. If, you know, we get lucky enough to get there...
  5. Real 32 team league, homer requirement, contracts, ppr. Start full D lineup. 3-4 or 4-3. A gets Matt Milano, pick 37 B gets Reuben Foster, pick 160 A is contender, B is rebuilding.
  6. Afreee not a fan of Sherman at all. Hoping Minkah or Nelson falls to 9, but still think it’s an Edmonds-Landry pick.
  7. Thank you, I was wondering why in the world the Rams would trade him. You answered that. For all the good they've done as a team, I still shake my head at the Ram's move to a 3-4 when their best 3 players (Donald, Quinn, Ogletree) were all 4-3 guys....
  8. It’s crazy looking back at the last six years of drafts and how much we’ve invested in the offensive line and how many of them have absolutely failed and are no longer with the team. All that Scotty draft stock went for absolutely nothing.
  9. Back in the day seems to me people said the same thing when GB originally extended Aaron Rodgers. Just sayin’
  10. You have to add back in the mortgage interest write off....or you did until 2018 ?
  11. I can’t like this enough. My favorite post in 678 pages. Still laughing. Good job Dad!!!
  12. Took a job in manufacturing around 97 in SF. Started at 32k/year while my friends at the dotcoms were all making 6 figures with stock options. Took me 10 years to get to 6 figures, but that was because the owner and I had a buyout plan where I earned a % of ownership per year. Company really grew and took off the last 5 years after I took over full ownership. Figured it was always a "tortoise/hare" story, but I just ground it out. Wife doesn't spend, I'm cheap, its expensive as hell to live on the beach in CA, but besides our home, we really don't have many expenses or live lavishly. Our social life is lots of bbqs, sports, beach, and friends. Worked hard and got lucky I guess. Oh, and I lift. Alot.
  13. I'm a Joe Bryant alias, of course. I'm uncomfortable with even posting this info, so just gonna leave it at that. Wish I had an alias... Sure wasn't the intention. Lots of bigger ballers on these boards.
  14. Been reading this thread for days. Debated posting, but hoping maybe what I'm doing can help somebody else. Do not look at me. This has been a great thread. I finally became involved with a financial advisor last year who helped us diversify, as my simple method was saving as much as we can (while living a mellow lifestyle) and weighing out interest earned vs paid. $2m in the market. 60% 401k, 20% Ira, 20% Roth Ira. $750 liquid. Our Advisor is working on suggestions, I was going to go back to Real Estate, see what he says. I'm leaning towards safe investments. $1m in long term care / whole life insurance, $4m me, $1m her in regular term. $750k in real estate, paid for. $285k in 529k $625k mortgage, i have no design in paying off early, 15 yr, 3.5%, about $1m value Income is too high for IRA contributions, so we are looking at REIT and other assets like that. I subscribe to the Beaulieu brothers, who predicted inflation and a market correction in 18/19, so the Whole Term was a way to hedge our bets. I asked our advisor about back door Roth's, but he said it wasn't worth the paperwork to move $6500 around. Great advice on setting up Roth IRAs for kids. I'm considering doing this, since kids can penalty free pull funds for education and first home purchases and gives more control than the 529k. Advisor also recommended considering Whole Term life for the kids, since the parents can stay in control (unlike Roth IRA) and determine when the funds become available. I guess this type of policy also assures the benefactor of always being able to get life insurance, even if a medical issue is later found. Interesting. I'm 45, wife doesn't work, plan on retiring between 55-60 with $10m in the bank and maintaining ownership of both companies.