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  1. That was my thinking exactly. Can start up to 3 rb and/or up to 5 wr. Wanted to get out high on Henry and buy low on Juju. This year, I lost the trade, no question. I’m playing for domination next year and forward. Tired of this bad luck, top point scorer last place garbage. Gonna build a team so strong it simply doesn’t matter if every opponent had their top week against me💪
  2. Team A (first place, needs RB) gets Tevin Coleman Team B (same as above) gets Kerryon Johnson
  3. 12 team non-ppr. Team A (last place) gets Derrick Henry (RB8) Team B (most points, 3 games back) gets Juju and a 5th. Second straight year of (likely) being top in points and missing playoffs, so tried selling some of my Rb depth (Jacobs, Henry, Gurley, Fournette, Coleman) to get picks for next year or a WR upgrade (Evans, Julio, Fitz/McL). Henry got the most attention. Tried getting OBJ or even Kupp, no dice, this offer came out of left field today and accepted. Helps both teams on paper. Interesting how far Gurley has fallen....
  4. You could be right. I just like his upside over the guys that were there.
  5. 12 team ppr, idp. Both strong teams. Team A (2016-17 champ, missed playoffs in 2018) gave up: 1.05, 2020 2nd rounder Team B (2018 runner up) gave up: RB Marlin Mack, 2020 1st rounder Team B took DK Metcalf Team A now has Mack/Ingram filling the RB1 spot (only have to start 1 RB)
  6. Skins move up to GB's spot and take Haskins in front of MIA?
  7. BPA and fills a HUGE need. He needs to do something to break the Armstead/Thomas curse though So happy to be wrong about AZ
  8. I agree, I think the cards are going to take Bosa and that is what is going to cause us to trade down. Kind of sucks because Bosa would’ve been a perfect fit.
  9. @Kutta about using Globals. Heading out, I was #1 on the upgrade list 6 hours before the flight but somehow didn’t get upgraded even as a 1k. Moved my seat to aisle first row of premium with nobody next to me. Not bad. Coming home was upgraded into Polaris for 12 hour flight. Heard a Global grumbling about not being upgraded. Still no rhyme or reason I guess.
  10. 5 hour flight? Big guy needs to buy a first class seat. #problemsolved