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  1. 12 team ppr, idp. Both strong teams. Team A (2016-17 champ, missed playoffs in 2018) gave up: 1.05, 2020 2nd rounder Team B (2018 runner up) gave up: RB Marlin Mack, 2020 1st rounder Team B took DK Metcalf Team A now has Mack/Ingram filling the RB1 spot (only have to start 1 RB)
  2. Skins move up to GB's spot and take Haskins in front of MIA?
  3. BPA and fills a HUGE need. He needs to do something to break the Armstead/Thomas curse though So happy to be wrong about AZ
  4. I agree, I think the cards are going to take Bosa and that is what is going to cause us to trade down. Kind of sucks because Bosa would’ve been a perfect fit.
  5. @Kutta about using Globals. Heading out, I was #1 on the upgrade list 6 hours before the flight but somehow didn’t get upgraded even as a 1k. Moved my seat to aisle first row of premium with nobody next to me. Not bad. Coming home was upgraded into Polaris for 12 hour flight. Heard a Global grumbling about not being upgraded. Still no rhyme or reason I guess.
  6. 5 hour flight? Big guy needs to buy a first class seat. #problemsolved
  7. You can do the same thing via the United App. Just go into flight status and view the incoming plane and it lets you know exactly where it is and when its expected to land.
  8. 50/50. Last month, I hit going over to Zurich, but coming home I was #1 on the upgrade list and didn't make it. It was still fine, as I had an open seat next to me. Heading to Cologne in a few weeks and also used my globals. We'll see how that goes, no upgrade notification yet.
  9. I'm sure this was mentioned already. My three sons (15, 12, 9) and i love playing Settlers of Cataan. We just got the Pirates expansion pack and its awesome. Really opened up the gameplay and strategy.
  10. I guess I'm that guy you all love who chooses first class bulkhead every flight and leaves you all the good seats. I work on most of my flights, and I hate when the person in front of me reclines and my work space is limited. In the bulkhead, big deal, I have to pull my table out of my seat arm. Big deal, I have to plan an extra 20 seconds to pull out my power cord, headphones, laptop, and book before sitting down. But I have work space, which is all I need. And I get off the plane first, which seems to matter alot this winter the way United is running (and me running to my next flight).
  11. @ShamrockPride I am poking around the site, and its so weird to see a 10 point scale for values. I've never played an OOTP online league before, I honestly got it so I could play offline solo on my long airplane trips and now I play it way too much! How different is the online league vs a solo offline experience? One game per day simmed? Do you manage? How much time do you spend per day/week? Thanks, sorry for all the questions
  12. Yeah I play it and love it. Have two diamonds and one perfect team in Perfect Game. Would love to get a fbg leave going!
  13. Case of Pliny the Elder. Life is good. Have 3 left and wishing I didn’t have to work tomorrow