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  1. Damn we miss Foster. Croyle is terrible. Missed 4 tackles this half and missed countless reads—make that 5 tackles ?
  2. I have an "antiquated plan" that was running me $163/mo. Our hardware was old. Wife called and got them to give us a free upgrade to Genie2 gear, a 24 month contract, and no discounts. I called today and got the bill down to $93/mo with a 12 mos contract and the same free gear. They would not give me NFL ticket, though. Bummer.
  3. I also forgot the story about the jerk (lives across the street from me) who brought a law suit and a 250 page affidavit to the Board because he was removed as a coach. 9 parents in the draft that year had said they wouldn’t play for him, but we gave him a team due to lack of coaches. 1 week into practice two kids quit. He has a heated argument with Board Mom (along with other little shot) and he is removed as coach. He goes to local TV station, sends out mass emails blasting all other coaches, and then files suit. short version is we let him back on the field as a helper only, all well. this year he gets a team again. Actually wins the league on the strength of two 12 yr old pitchers...who, unfortunately, can’t play all stars because both blew their rotator cuffs out due to the number of curve balls (he called pitches, had to be 40% of the time) thrown. A real jerk. Fwiw, I don’t allow any curveballs nor does my asst coach on all stars who pitched D1 until blowing out his arm. Oh the stories I have about this guy...
  4. Where to start....eighth year coaching Little League, and 5th on the board (opened my mouth too much a few years back and ended up joining to "change things"). I've only had two issues with parents over the years, and its always about playing time. I have a parents only meeting at the start of the year, explaining my philosophy, the importance of practice, and working at home with their sons. One Dad (his kid fell three extra rounds in the draft due to him being a dbag) thought his kid was the best (of course), was probably our 6th best player, and was just a tool. Other parents laughed and rolled their eyes at him. Worst was this year. Really good buddy of mine, his kid isn't that good. And was among the youngest on our team. I told Dad when I drafted kid that he would likely get minimum playing time as it stood, but he could definitely earn more as he improved. So Mom decided to have kid skip a good portion of our practices to go to swimming, and then Dad #####ed and moaned in the stands when the kid sat. He would try and rile up other families "Oh, look, your son is out again too, this is BS". And this is one of my best buddies. As it is, I played him more than the minimum 16/18 games, and it was agreed among other coaches that nobody else would have played him as much as we did. i had two talks with him in season, it got better (he just went down the LF line), and after the season we sat down over a few drinks and I told him that I'm perfectly fine with him putting his kid back in the draft (its a "keeper" league) next year. His kid and mine are best friends, so that aint happening....and he was apologetic, but man....what the hell dude. The worst thing about coaching and being on the board is that I hear all the political scheming. There are three of us coaching who played D1 ball, and everybody wants their kids on our teams, so its just ugly. "My kid will only play for X, Y, and Z". Sorry Mom, that won't work. Ironically, the three of us are coaching All Stars, and we played a team last weekend (lets call them Lompton) whose parents were drunk out in the OF riding our RF who dropped two balls. Poor kid was in tears and none of us knew what was wrong until long after the crowd had cleared. WTF is wrong with a parent to make them ride an 11 year old kid? My favorite time of the year is after the season is over. I send out a massive group text, it gets forwarded around,and we'll end up with 20-30 kids at the field. We take them through warmups, ins/outs, and then walk away and let them choose teams and just play ball without the adults. Adults mess up everything.
  5. Art Monk was never dominant in his 18 years and is the clear cut winner.
  6. The recent swing to the Daily contests and away from Dynasty/IDP is making me debate not subscribing. In the end, its not that much money and it supports the board....but we did have a long thread here last year about the lack of dynasty and idp content, and it went ignored. Wasn't a good sign. Been here since ol 'yeller and its a good place.
  7. Set a baited trap and then shoot them. Works for rabbits, skunks, coons, and possums.
  8. God of war was on our doorstep on the 20th, I was out of town, so my son got a couple hours in. I got a couple hours in last weekend, beat the stranger and didn’t go much farther. I’m excited by the changes and looking forward to this game
  9. God of war was on our doorstep on the 20th, I was out of town, so my son got a couple hours in. I got a couple hours in last weekend, beat the stranger and didn’t go much farther. I’m excited by the changes and looking forward to this game
  10. 49ers use one or their three thirds to move up for Landry?
  11. Ward Edmonds Landry Minkah