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  1. Faneca, Hutchinson, Roger Craig, Urlacher next year
  2. Better than expected. Cool universe, but stil has Will Smith. Left room for a sequel or series. I didn’t expect much but enjoyed it. 3.5 /5
  3. Peebe was a black screen, but Cora shows the goods
  4. "Finished" Mass Effect Andromeda. I think. Says I'm only 48% completed, but I'm done with all the major quests (and the big one to end it all). I was pretty anal and had done all the side assignments, too. I did see more new planets pop-up, but wth is the 52% of content that I haven't done? Sure hope its not mindless tasks..... My 13 yo is playing it and just does the big assignments. Wonder if he finished +/- 30% completion. Kids got Battlefront Star Wars II (they like it so far), Lego Avengers II (looks very cool), Uncharted Lost Legacy, Dishonored Death of Outsider, and the Castelvania twin pack (for me). Should I play New Order or Old Blood first?
  5. Got my third pair of Cole Hahn Zeros. My Allen Edmonds are just collecting dust. I get compliments daily on my CHs and they are more comfortable than nikes.
  6. I can’t believe Dale Murphy isn’t getting any love. I hated the Braves but imo he was the second best player of the 80s (behind Schmidt). I guess the deadball era of 36 HRs leading the league really hurt him. overall, way too many pretty good players getting in. Never were either Tiger considered the best in the league or even at their position. merry Christmas
  7. House plan I'd lose $10,385 Senate Plan i'd lose $3664 Already paying ridiculous amounts of tax, this sucks.
  8. I know EA has been beat up pretty good, but I'm going to be a sucker and buy Battlefront Star Wars II for my kids for Christmas. They don't play online, really just beat the tar out of each other. Are there any BF deals? Also, about 20 hours into Mass Effect Andromeda. Forgot how monotonous the talking to everybody can be, but its a really fun game so far. B+
  9. Anybody played the Horizon add on yet? Wasn’t it releasing around now?
  10. Yeah, this happens all the time on the RJs and Embrasia planes. Not much you can do.
  11. Next thing you know some 5-5 guy will rock his seat back and insists it's his right, screw you.
  12. Awesome! Dump for Darnold while being super competitive in 4/5 games.
  13. Too long for Vinateri