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  1. Actually thank you, this just reminded me that my wife's brakes need beating and her walls need soaking. It's gonna be a busy Friday in the Brown household!
  2. So happy they missed the censor of that giant "####" that was yelled by the Dodger dugout
  3. Not sure if it was mentioned earlier in the thread, but this obsessive need to cut the natural sound every time someone curses, is absolutely ruining the viewing experience. It's extremely jarring, it totally disrupts the flow of the action, and I feel like Joe Buck is in my living room. shudder:
  4. Otis prefers bikinimodelswhoareskinnierthanspaghetti.com
  5. Most of the wedding guests are already there. The wedding party rented two huge houses that are literally on the sand on the beach. There are about eight of us who were supposed to leave tomorrow morning. Got a text from the groom saying that everything is supposed to be fine there and the storm won't hit til Saturday or Sunday. The fact that they don't know what day it's hitting, plus the fact that the weather prediction for the area has shifted wildly over the last 24 hours, is concerning
  6. Hate to be asking selfish questions with some of you guys right in the path of this, but I have a wedding in the Outer Banks near Corolla on Friday night. I'm in NJ so I'd be driving halfway tonight, rest of the way tomorrow morning, then hang out for a couple days and go to the wedding Friday night, then driving back home Saturday. Am I a lunatic for thinking we can get in and get out before any sort of storms hit us, or is it just a stupid idea and I should tell them we're not coming? Stay safe everyone who is anywhere near the track that appears it'll be getting the brunt of this.
  7. Buck in the postgame presser: "nobody's been pitching better for us than Ubaldo" ummmm I think you may be mistaken, Buckeroo...
  8. Friend of mine just asked if Buck forgot what happened when he did this with Jack McDowell in 1995
  9. Torre did this in the 03 World Series when he left Jeff Weaver out there to give up a walkoff homer to Alex Gonzalez when he had Mariano Rivera sitting there in the pen just hangin out. Still makes me sick
  10. Damn Moo, so nothing ***official*** that I can pay for huh? Trying to avoid getting badware on my phone or ipad
  11. Pretty sure this is the first time in my life I won't be home during baseball playoffs, as a friend is getting married in Outer Banks this Friday. Is the MLB.TV app available to stream the postseason or is that just regular season? Does TBS have something? There's no way I'm missing everything for my dude's SECOND wedding...wifi better be good way the hell out there on the beach!
  12. It's already an asterisk batting title with the Coors effect, might as well go out and win it like a man instead of sitting on it. Beyond weak
  13. Yeah thought the Indians were the strongest AL team top to bottom before the injuries struck. Don't worry, Theo will become their GM in 5-7 years and lead them to a World Series next, before moving on to his ultimate challenge as GM of the Knicks
  14. Sure, but if that's the logic you're using then why penalize the teams who miss out on the wild card by 1 or 2 games? Shouldn't they get a chance to compete in October too, if the only reason they didn't make it was due to bad luck? You can play that game all day.
  15. They could always just win the division instead