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  1. CY: "First off, How are you?" Vance Joseph: "I'M HAVING THE TIME. OF. MY. LIFE!!!!!"
  2. Such as
  3. On the plus side, all of us have new fantasy team names
  4. Looked like that ball was clearly going backwards. SHould have been 2nd and more than 10
  5. On the bright side, I've been wrong a bunch of times about lots of things in life!
  6. Think Henry owners are a year early for the big numbers. Gates is still going to be the "starter" but moreso will be the primary red zone option
  7. Believe it started on the 28th and went into the 29th, because the 29th was supposed to be the day we moved into our new house. Yeah that didn't happen!
  8. Sorry for being dumb. There are two storm systems in that model. One is heading for Tampa (I assumed that one was Irma) and one is heading for NY/NJ (I assumed that one was Jose). Are you saying the one heading for Tampa is Jose and the one heading for NYC is Lee???
  9. Ugh, such a pet peeve of mine when people misspell mind-bottling
  10. Thanks Vandy. Is there one that shows the more southern areas? This one doesn't show where her house is unfortunately
  11. Ok now the map is saying Zone A. How is she in Zone 1 if the Zones get lettered? Wtf Florida...
  12. Friend of mine lives in St Pete and said they started evacuations there, starting with mobile and A level homes. Looks like she's in Zone 1 and there are 5 total zones, so I don't think she's a part of this yet unless one of you guys can correct me. But what is an A level home?