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  1. Didn't put it in the OP cause I didn't want it to seem like I was trying to unload them here, but it's GNR
  2. Looks like I need to have mailed them last week, but I saw that site. I'll see if they will allow a drop-off, and thanks Koya I'll make a few calls. Thanks guys
  3. Bought tickets to an upcoming rock concert but can no longer use them. I'm looking for a place I can donate them, but they are hard copy paper tickets that would need to either be dropped at will call (not a problem) or mailed overnight. If I can't sell them, I don't want them to go to waste. Anybody got a link that can be of help?
  4. I think Clinton would have beaten Carson for sure. He'd have nowhere to hide in a one on one debate, and there's no way anybody would be inspired to get out and vote for a guy who seems like he's perpetually waking up from a nap.
  5. I haven't posted in this thread, but I've followed almost all 300 pages. I'm usually late to the debates, but just out of curiosity....if the star WASN'T racist, why would Trump change it to a circle after people called him on it? Why wouldn't he just leave it as a star and tell everyone they were being "too P.C."? And if he DID realize it could be taken that way and he caved to the PC pressure, doesn't that make him a hypocrite? I mean, from where I sit he's either anti-Semetic or he's politically correct. And the crazy part is, he'd probably rather be known as the former.
  6. Maitan was mentioned a few times in this thread. He is the centerpiece of my 2025 offense
  7. Maybe I'm just ignorant to it, but when did this one become a thing? Always associated Bears with Packers
  8. Really like what I read about the kid Rutherford that the Yanks took, was going top-5 in a lotta mocks I read
  9. Took him in my rookie draft last week, so I'm hoping he doesn't need a whole lot of development. If the Schwarber comps are relatively close, Schwarber was up with the Cubs after basically one full minor league season
  10. Poop
  11. Also Limp, big fan of the Collins pick. Guy has the best bat in the draft based on everything I've read
  12. Four high school pitchers in the first nine picks, and none were Groome. Boston maybe gonna break the bank here?
  13. Pint's short-term dynasty value pretty much gone, I don't care how good his stuff is
  14. I was about to respond that I took him already last year too, but then I realized what you said. Maybe I'll draft Hannah Davis's eggs.