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  1. The finale and reunion show won't be live apparently. They're going to film it from 1-4pm PT and then broadcast it on TV at the usual time at night. Seems laughable to think they'll be able to keep the winner from being leaked prematurely
  2. The Yankees payroll has mostly stagnated over the last decade while revenues have essentially doubled. The contract might be pitched as an albatross 6-7 years from now, but they will certainly be able to afford it. Especially if they enhance the franchise value with more titles, and considering what $36 million will mean 6-7 years from now
  3. When they released the female movie a few years back, they re-released Ecto Cooler in all its glory. A buddy and I bought we'll call it SEVERAL cases of the stuff. Still have a bunch of it in the spare fridge and break them out from time to time. Goes great with a little vodka too
  4. Second trip was for a wedding, but we still had downtime to do our own thing for most of the week. Stayed at Encore. I had never even been on the property before since it's so outta the way. I gotta say, I really loved everything about it. The lobby bar at Encore makes one of the best old fashions I've ever had. And there is a combo bar called Parasol Up / Parasol Down with really good drinks there too. Ended up booking Top of the World at the Strat for dinner the first night. Really unique experience for sure. The food wasn't bad at all, but the experience is definitely the star of the show there. Hit up Velveteen Rabbit for post-dinner drinks and then took a driverless Lyft over to Peppermill. That was something else, definitely recommend it just for the coolness factor. There was a safety driver human in the driver's seat, but he literally did nothing the entire time. Second day was the wedding so we were kind of at their mercy. Dinner was at Carmine's in Caesars, nothing new but at least solid. Brought the gang back to Cosmo for verbenas, which were well-received by all. We did a big group dinner at Lakeside at Wynn the third night. The setting is great if you can get a table by the "lake". I called for the reservation and mentioned we had a group of 12 who were in town for a wedding for my cousin who is a marine. All the buzzwords guaranteed we were getting a great lakeside table, which was perfect. Again really laid back atmosphere, and they do shows every half hour on the lake. At one point, an animatronic frog comes out and sings "What a Wonderful World", then they had a show with these balloons hovering across the top of the water in sort of a light show display. All very cool, and food was good too. The bill wasn't even that bad now that I think about it. I think under $200 per couple, although some people didn't drink which kept it down a bit. We all went to see Le Reve after dinner. Thought it was a really good show, albeit a bit slow at times. Expected a bit more acrobatics, less water dancing. We got seats in the very top row of the theater which helped see things overhead. Those seats also come with a monitor so you can watch what's going on underwater. I could've done without that to be honest, didn't really add anything to see that people were wearing air masks underwater. Brought the gang to Frankie's on this night, and we all got stupid on Kahiki Kais and Fink Bombs. Last night we were on our own again, so we went to Sinatra. Food was outstanding, ambiance seemed like Sinatra himself was gonna show up any minute and request his usual corner booth. And the Sinatra Smash was one of the better drinks I had there. All in all, two very successful Vegas trips. Hope the reviews help, happy to answer any specifics about any of the spots we went to
  5. Some recent recommendations, since I was there with the wife for my 40th in September and then with a group for a wedding in November The September trip, we hit a lot of the regular spots that we mostly heard about in this thread (Frankie's, Peppermill, Yardbird, & Mon Ami have become the big 4 must-hits every time we go now). Also made it over to Hugo's Cellar. The ribeye was awesome from what I remember, but we were really banged up from pre-dinner cocktails at Frankie's. Three "5 skull" drinks and a Kahiki Kai for me was a biiiiit much after day drinking by the pool all afternoon. Other new dining spots were Rose.Rabbit.Lie. at Cosmo and Mott 32 at Venetian. I expected Rose to be more, I dunno, snooty or something. Not sure why, maybe because of the way they write it out. But after some drinks at the nextdoor speakeasy, we got inside the restaurant to find a guy tap dancing on top of a piano and a large woman in a bushy blonde wig singing show tunes. Fun night. Mott 32 was just incredible. You'll spend all your winnings there, but it's worth it. We let the waiter recommend a number of small plates, and each one was better than the one before it. Easily one of our best Vegas dining experiences overall, and really unique drinks too. First two nights at Cosmo, most of the days spent day drinking at the Boulevard pool. Very laid back, awesome views. We moved over to Venetian for the last two nights, and I don't love what they've done with the pool over there. They've added a lot more seats, but they chopped the pool up into like three sections to accommodate the additional seating. Anyway we went over to the Palazzo pool where there was more room. Side note - we actually stayed at the Linq the first night we got in. We're from NJ, so to beat the jetlag we fly out at nigh and stay up as late as we can the first night. Wake up the next morning at normal Vegas time and boom, good to go. But since we're only gonna use the hotel to sleep that first night, we just go with whoever offers a cheap deal. Got a nice discount at the Linq and I'll tell you, the room was pretty good for the price. Had our own private little patio with some couches that led directly out to the pool through a gate. Had brunch at Hash House. Big portions, but the food quality and atosphere weren't on the level of Mon Ami. Far as night time options, don't ever go to Little Darlings. It was horrific. Salvaged the night elsewhere thank goodness. Tried out some new bars (Downtown Cocktail Room on Fremont, and The Dorsey and Rosina at Venetian). Stuck with the Chandelier when we were at Cosmo, where my drunk wife asked an equally drunken bachelorette party if any of them wanted to come back to our room to help us celebrate my 40th. God I love that woman...
  6. Went to Oscar's a few years back. Not the best steak you'll ever have, but tough to beat the atmosphere right at the end of the Fremont St experience. Last month, went to Hugo's Cellar with the wife. We were both several "5-skull drinks at Frankie's deep" beforehand, so I don't remember TOO much about dinner. But I believe the steak was really good And of course, Pizza Rock is the best pizza in LV for a less formal dining experience. Went to Chicago Brewing Co on the recommendation of someone in here I think, but it was overrated to us. Sorry that's the extent of my downtown LV dining knowledge
  7. Probably going to check out Opium with the wife in a few weeks. Don't feel like getting up and waiting in line at the kiosks, but I feel like there's gotta be a better way to get tickets than buying them direct. Any tips for someplace online? Also if anyone has been, any suggestions on where to sit? Someone gave great advice to get one of the back tables for Absinthe, which was perfect.
  8. So I happened to be on the phone with them and mentioned this being a reason why I booked. The girl there was completely unhelpful. First she said it didn't help me get into any Caesars pools, then she said it did, then she said I could go because they were open to the public but that I had to pay a fee. So I hung up and called back. Twice. Because she answered. Twice. I'll try again next week...
  9. Staying one night at the Linq next month. I'm finding conflicting info online about whether that gets us access to the Caesars pool for the day since it's apparently a Caesars property. Anybody know anything about this?
  10. Not sure if you've been to Jersey City in the last 5 years or so, but it's considered cool now. The whole waterfront and downtown areas are always jumping. Good restaurants and bars, pricey real estate, etc. And btw, you didn't say anything positive about Elizabeth, but it has two of the best pizzerias in the state! Santillo's and Spirito's are money. Aaaand yeah everything else about it is crap
  11. 👍 Definitely some sleepy songs in the collection. It's so extensive that there's bound to be some stuff that isn't for everyone. The example you posted isn't for me either haha
  12. I'm a Jersey guy so obvious bias. But Badlands is better than anything Seger has ever done IMO (especially live). It's wild to think that people could hear this and think Springsteen is lacking in energy or oomph or whatever was mentioned earlier. But to each their own. I think if I was making a list of the best 20 songs by them combined, I think 15 would be Bruce and 5 would be Bob. But to be fair, if I was making a top 10 list then it might only be 6-4 Bruce. Seger's best stuff is really good, but there's not really a second tier for me that holds up with Bruce's.
  13. This show was so unbelievably good, that I think I'm gonna have to give Scary Movie 4 another shot
  14. I thought the pass was a little hot and not really in stride, but I know what you mean