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  1. You've always been an open book on these boards and in general, and I know I speak for everyone when I say thank you for allowing us to get to know Riley in our own little way. The courage you've shown in the face of tragedy is inspirational, and you and your daughter certainly brought our community closer together than I think it has ever been. Please continue to lean on everyone here for support, and take some small comfort in knowing that none of us will ever forget Riley and the incredible fight she put up
  2. Well, since she's a girl I already assumed that...
  3. To add, it's just the fan that I want constantly running not the whole unit. I figure a fan running for 8 hours per night is equivalent energy usage to, well, a fan running for 8 hours per night. Doesn't seem all that crazy to me, but if you look at my topic history lately it's all home-related expenses that I know nothing about. So it's quite possible I'm just an idiot.
  4. Did it for years in my old apt and for the four years we lived here, didn't notice that my energy bill was all that higher in the summer than in the winter. Besides, we already had the central AC setup in the house when we moved in and I don't like the appearance of having a bunch of window units sticking out all over the place
  5. Cause the change in sound as it turns on and off during the night keeps waking me up. Anyway, thanks everybody I got my guy coming back this week and I'll definitely run some of these suggestions by him. You guys rock
  6. Yeah this is what's confusing me. We did put in a multi-zone setup and my HVAC guy is telling me that this is why it's cycling on and off all night. But I still don't see what one has to do with the other. When I stay in hotels, I keep the AC and fan on all night and it never kicks on and off and I'm SURE those are a lot more zones than my dumb little home unit
  7. At night, we have it set to On and the system set to Cool. During the day, we have it set to Auto and the system set to Cool. The heat runs on a totally separate unit/thermostat. The noise I'm hearing all night is I presume the fan kicking on and off. The outside unit is one floor down and towards the front of the house, so I'm not hearing that. But the in-house unit is in the crawlspace right over the bedroom (same place as the old in-house unit though, and we slept soundly all night with that one). This is our current thermostat
  8. Thanks Doug. I considered a faulty thermostat, for the reason that I had it on a schedule to get a few degrees cooler just before bed but instead the unit started making it cooler a few hours before bed. The clock or timing was all off, even though I did all the settings properly. I don't even care so much about the temperature, I just don't understand why the fan would go on and off when I have it set to on. Why even bother with having an auto setting, if the fan is going to automatically go on and off anyway? I miss the old unit already...
  9. Long story long, we live in a split level home that didn't have AC to the downstairs level. Needed to upgrade the system to accommodate all the extra air we'd need downstairs. Had a guy in to run the ducts, bring in the new unit, replace thermostats, whole deal. First night with the new thing, cold air everywhere. Problem was, the fan kept going on and off during the night and waking me up. In the morning I check and I had the fan set to auto. Ok my bad. I reset it to "On" so that the fan runs continuously all night. Next night, same thing happens where it goes on and off. Long story short, guy tells me that's how they're made now with safety precautions built in so that they don't overheat. I'm calling bs, because why would there be a "Fan on" setting if it's just gonna turn on and off automatically? Basically what he's telling me is that On means Auto, and Auto means Auto. Total crap. So anyway I haven't slept well in about two weeks, and I'm getting no answers on how to fix this. Anybody with experience with this or maybe a suggestion on how to disable this override feature? I'm losing my mind. ETA: Old unit was less than 10 years old, and the fan stayed on all night. It just wasn't enough AC to handle cooling an entire house. Thus, the "upgrade"
  10. That scene and the knuckle tattoo were both completely ridiculous, as is the amateur hour lawyer stuff. That being said, I'm still totally enjoying this
  11. It's a True Detective homage!
  12. I'll preface by saying that I hope I'm recognized as the guy who says it's best for the game if teams keep their own stars and that it's much more fun to win with homegrown players or an underdog team, rather than buying a roster of studs. So this isn't a "Yanks need to get everybody" post as much as an "I think they've been waiting for this moment" post. Agreed that everyone has money to burn, but over the last 10-20 years, team salary is still very correlated as a % of revenue generated regardless of who the team is. And the Yankees still generate an ungodly amount of revenue relative to other teams. They've also wildly outspent tons of teams over those years whose owners had pockets that dwarf the Steinbrenners (Glass, Ilitch, Pohlad to name a few). As far as the total money to spend on them, here's what I'm thinking... The Yanks signed Teixeira at 29, CC at 28, and Burnett at 32. So while it's true that all of those guys' contracts will be dwarfed by whatever these three get, it was also 7 years ago (back before Zack Greinke could get $34 million/year) and they were all at the tail end of their prime. In other words, the Yankees threw what was considered tons of money at them at a time when they knew they'd be eating bad money on the back end. Harper, Machado, and Fernandez will all be hitting free agency at 25 as franchise cornerstones. Even giving each of them a 10-year deal (unlikely for Fernandez, but go with it) means you are probably getting your money's worth for the vast majority of the contract. So I see no reason why they wouldn't throw a significant amount extra at those guys considering they will be earning it on the back end rather than eating it. And like I said, the only significant contract on the books is Ellsbury, so they will have even more money than they did in 08. They'll also likely be coming off almost a decade without a World Series win, and probably a 5-year period of missing the postseason. All of this will create enough demand to make a huge splash. Do I think it's likely to get all three? No, I don't. But I also put the % chance significantly higher than 2.7%. They're looking to build another 10-year dynasty - what better way to do that than what they're doing now, coupled with that? You can't say it wouldn't be the most Yankee thing ever to go out and spend about a billion dollars on three guys. ETA: Probably well over a billion, did the math wrong
  13. At the risk of sounding like a real d-bag Yankee fan, what part of this looks like trolling? Harper, Machado, and Fernandez are going to be 3 meal-ticket free agents who are smack in the middle of their prime when they hit free agency. If the Yanks were willing to toss crazy money around for Tex, CC, and Burnett a few years after ARod's extension and with lots of other big money tied up on the books, why wouldn't they do the same for guys who will actually earn their contracts? By the 2018 offseason, the only real money on the Yankee payroll will be Ellsbury. I don't think getting those three is out of the realm of possibility for them, as ludicrous as it sounds to say out loud.
  14. Posted on Twitter earlier: 2019 Yankees? Sanchez 2 Bird 3 Mateo 4 Machado 5 Torres 6 Ellsbury 7 Frazier 8 Harper 9 Judge DH SP: Fernandez, Tanaka, Sheff, Kap, Tate