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  1. Come on guys, it's so simple. Haaaayyyyy, it's all ball bearings these days!
  2. She looks like a morph of Sarah Huckabee and Dave Grohl, so I'm not getting the "hot" comments. But hey to each their own. As for her rock status, I never understood how she became known as the "angry rocker". Her debut song was like an angry revenge song, sure. Then every other song on the album was sugary pop stuff, not that it wasn't good but it certainly wasn't rock and FAR from "angry". And then she disappeared, so yeah I'm not putting her anywhere near a greatest list.
  3. In 2017, we bought a condo in Asbury Park like 2 blocks from the beach. It was intended to be a second home, not an investment. But we had a few extensive summer vacations planned the first year after buying and we weren't gonna use it much, so we rented it out to offset the mortgage. Then my company shot holes through my work comp plan, costing me ~$40k or so in annual income so we kept it as a rental the next year. Financial situation is back to where it was previously, so we can use it again now. Problem is, now that we've been renting it for a few years, it's tough to suddenly decide, yeah no problem let's spend $40k annually just to have a summer home. The issue with this is, the rent ($2300/month) doesn't even cover the mortgage + HOA ($3100/month). So I am essentially spending $10,000 per year to NOT have a place down the shore. So not only are we not making money on the place, we're not even getting to enjoy it! Fortunately, property values have continued to appreciate in town (condo value is up around $100k in the 3 years since we bought it) and it wasn't intended as an investment, because otherwise I woulda looked at this as an even worse "investment vehicle". Right now if we sold it, after realtor commissions and factoring in the money already put into it, we'd come away with a profit of around $53k in about three years' time. But without the Asbury real estate boom of the last few years, we'd be in a rough spot. I've been following a finance blog called Financial Samurai for a few years, and he harps on the phrase "buy utility, rent luxury". In other words, I agree with him that you'd be much better off buying investment properties in the midwest and then using those profits to rent out awesome beachfront places (or whatever your retirement dream home is) every year for the rest of your life.
  4. @ChiefD as luck would have it, I live one town away from Caldwell and I'm also in need of someone for AC. I'll give your buddy a look. Before I do, maybe you might have an idea of what my main issue is. Our old unit used to work relatively well but it was older and we needed something stronger since we were running ducts to the lower level of the house. So we got a new unit. Problem is, the fan doesn't stay on all the time. I like to have the AC on 67 at night and have the fan run continuously to provide that nice white noise so I sleep like a baby. Problem is, ever since we got the new unit, the fan goes on and off all night. If the temp drops to 67, it shuts off. If it gets back above 67, the fan kicks back on. Basically the unit is acting like I have it switched to "auto" but it's actually switched to "on". Any idea why that might be happening? Just a faulty thermostat? Something else? It's really messing with my sleep patterns these last few summers...
  5. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the nature of vaccines, but I was under the impression that decreased effectiveness had to do with “predicting the wrong flu” I read somewhere that the experts try to determine which flu vaccine will be the worst strain in a given year, and vaccinate accordingly (I don’t know why they don’t vaccinate for all strains every year, maybe cost-prohibitive or diminishing returns, I dunno). But I didn’t think the lack of effectiveness was due to it not working, just that people got the other ones. With this, if it turns out that Covid has a much higher mortality rate than the other strains, wouldn’t we always vaccinate for this strain even if it needs to be done annually? And wouldn’t that mean it’ll be effective for just about everyone who gets vaccinated, save for a tiny fraction of people who reject it or whatever (like with most vaccines)?
  6. And the fact that they never read the third vote on Sophie, makes me wonder if one of the 4 actually voted for Tyson too just to protect themselves. And like you said, doing it 4-2 made zero sense. I was almost yelling at my tv as the votes were read that it was so stupid
  7. Please take note, everyone. Regardless of whether it's accurate, this is an effective way of demonstrating your opinion that the fears from Covid are being overblown. Even if you are obviously not amused by people dying, constantly reminding everyone that you are amused by any aspect of the situation is not needed. Particularly when there are people on these very boards who have friends and family potentially at risk of infection. I haven't seen hysterics from anyone in this thread, simply concern and passing along info that pertains to it. We can sort out what is or isn't accurate or helpful without resorting to mocking. Thank you
  8. They might never have a show with mass appeal like GOT did, but Succession seems to be doing great. With them winning the Golden Globe and word of mouth starting to spread, ratings should pick up now in S3
  9. LA fire chief on TV just said it live during the official press conference. Won't be a link for a little while, but this is direct from the fire dept not from a reporter Edit: may not have been the fire chief, but it was whoever was the main speaker for the official press conference
  10. Nine people onboard, not five - press conference now on TV
  11. Jim Grey on Fox News right now talking about the deceased daughter. They got her name right and which one it was, but they also twice referred to her as his "eldest daughter". But she isn't the eldest daughter. Again, people who are only seeing that part of the story are still getting bad info one way or the other regardless of how this actually turns out. I would say the people on this board have been far more responsible than the ACTUAL news networks with our commentary to this point. Thank guys
  12. ABC News broke into the Pro Bowl and said it live on the air. People just reporting here what they said, can't blame anyone for that. But yeah that part being in limbo for so long is pretty bad
  13. The LA Times has the crash news, but hasn't reported the names yet. Starting to seem really real. Jesus