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  1. In fairness, many conservative friends of mine tried to reassure everyone that "Trump wouldn't be like this once he's in office". So saying that none of this should come as a surprise is a bit disingenuous. Many many republicans went to that well to demonstrate that the independents and liberals were losing their minds for no reason, and that Trump was only doing all that zany stuff to get elected. And once he was in office, he'd tone it way down and govern normally. Welp...
  2. On the bright side, the next video after that one is about 30 seconds of Nina Agdal in a shaving cream bikini, so it's not a total waste
  3. I'm still not convinced that this report wasn't just another typo by the White House to announce that Flynn has re-signed, like a new contract
  4. Everyone in that room knew precisely what was going on, and he was powerless to stop it. They must have asked him about the voter fraud thing a dozen times, and he had no way to wriggle out of it entirely. Good to see them finally press him a bit. Also, I like Dippin Dots
  5. Hah. I do my best to try NOT to sound like a Yankee fan whenever possible. I still have my slip-ups from time to time!
  6. I always knew there was SOME correlation, but I used to think that there was much less correlation than there is between a baseball team's payroll and its ability to win
  7. I'm cool with small bags of sand. Would prefer more of an ###, but the fappening showed it's pretty much perfect albeit tiny. Personality seems like it sucks, but I'm almost definitely not going to be dating her anytime soon. And the rest of her is absurdly awesome, including her vocal talent. She's a 10 all day to me, maybe a 9.5 if I'm picking nits.
  8. No you can adjust that too so that if you estimate needing less or more income than you currently make, you can enter that as a %. I estimate needing about 60-65% income replacement, because my mortgage will be paid off and we won't be saving 30% of our paychecks anymore. But we'll also probably do a bit more traveling than we do now
  9. Oh. You can adjust the calculations of the rate of return. I typically put a 5% pre-retirement return and 3% post.
  10. Not debating it since I'm an idiot about this stuff, but what do you mean by generous? I assumed the breakdown you get was all based on the math you put in. Is that not right?
  11. Not sure where I came across it (could've been on this board), but this has always been my go-to retirement calculator. It allows you to get extremely granular, including options for pension, social security income, anticipated rates of inflation / earnings % / increased savings, all of it. It then gives you a year-by-year breakdown of your annual savings and spending to provide a full snapshot of your planned finances for life. It's really a great tool.
  12. Can't think of any really terrible movies Denzel or DiCaprio have made, and they've been in a ton of awesome ones. I'll watch anything they're in. There are a bunch of actors who may not be can't miss, but if I hear they're in something I'll definitely give it a look (Clooney, Pitt, Hanks, Spacey, Damon come to mind as far as A-listers).
  13. I thought the same thing. My wife is all over things like Grease and Hairspray, and I'll pass every time. But outside of the opening scene, it's really not one of those typical song and dance type movies where they just break out in song completely out of nowhere. It's mostly in the early going, and then 2 scenes towards the end with a musical aspect. But while most musicals completely take you out of the movie (because duh nobody just breaks into song in real life), this film doesn't really do that somehow.
  14. Mandy Moore (the actress/singer, not the choreographer, which I just found out are two different people) looked outrageous.
  15. I think the fact that Gosling and Stone aren't great singers and dancers is kinda why I liked it even more. It's not a Broadway production, it's a movie. And the singing and dancing is a very small fraction of this film. If they had better singers who couldn't act and didn't have the on-screen charisma and chemistry of these two, the movie wouldn't be nearly as good IMO.