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  1. Yes! Damn that's a bad job by me mixing them up. Calderon totally did get murdered though, that part I got right at least...and I think Guerrero almost died recently which is probably why I merged the two stories in my head.
  2. I can see this, but unless it's a very specific shot (unique weather, seasonal weather change showing foliage, etc) why bother taking a picture of Mt Rushmore when there are already millions of pics of it online? If you can't pick out your own pic in a group of 1,000 it does seem pointless to me
  3. I find myself doing this on vacation sometimes. I'll take a bunch of pictures of some awesome scenery or landscape, then get home and be like duh why didn't I ask my wife to stand in it or at least selfie the thing with us in it. I have all these pics of stuff I can just Google. But I keep doing it, and literally have to remind myself to stop. No explanation why.
  4. If I remember correctly, former baseball player Ivan Calderon's lawyer used this defense when he was on trial for being a drug dealing kingpin. The lawyer successfully argued that Calderon was simply too stupid to run a drug cartel. I think he beat the rap, but was murdered a few years later.
  5. All true, and I should have included the word "enough" in my OP. They are factoring it in, just not enough. Seems obvious to most of us in here, but it blows my mind to hear some of the stories when people talk about retirement planning. And yes, there will be some more money if we're able to invest it but my own numbers still stand even with that cause I'm only assuming a 3% rate of return
  6. I'm seeing suggestions on how easy it will be to live on $200k in retirement. Depending on how far out you are from retirement, in 30 years that could be equivalent to $100k. The biggest retirement mistake I'm seeing from my peers is not factoring in inflation. An inflation-adjusted $200k is probably fine for almost everyone because you no longer need to save and mortgages are probably paid off or close to it. But drawing today's $200k in 30 years? No way will that be enough for most of us.
  7. I'm planning to retire around 55 or so. If I were to stop today, using my current retirement calculator, I'd need about $8 million. I'm 37, married, no kids. There's a possibility that we'd have a kid in the next couple years and all the cost that goes along with it though, plus there's one major factor that hasn't been mentioned yet. My current track assumes I'm going to be working every day. But if I suddenly had an extra 40 hours a week free and clear to do what I want for the next 20 years, I imagine I'd need a whole lot of money to fill that void with things to do. Not gonna just sit around my house all day watching TV til 4pm, so I'd need a lot of extra money to travel, eat well, etc. I don't think I'd do it for less than $10 mil.
  8. Thanks for the recommendations everyone. Friday game was obviously ridiculous. After the game, took an uber to North Ave Beach and got absolutely terrified walking along the wall while the water slapped up against it. Really awesome views from there though. Ended up doing Pequod's for dinner but there was still about a half hour wait even with the pseudo-reservation online, so no time for Second City afterwards. Architectural river tour Saturday morning was tremendous, burgers at the Billy Goat Tavern, hit up the OTB to place Derby bets, 360 Skydeck at the Hancock building, watched the derby at Harry Caray's where I highly recommend the Roaming Stone, and finally after realizing (duh) we're in Chicago, we hadda go for steak Saturday night. There was a place called Primehouse right in our hotel that ended up ranked first on some Chicago magazine steak list. What they lacked in atmosphere, they made up for in steak quality. I highly doubt it was anywhere near the actual best steak place in the city because there are a few spots you can't get a reservation on a weekend until July (!), but it was still pretty great.
  9. Going to be in Chicago Friday - Sunday. Is Second City the best comedy club there, or is it just the one everybody has heard of? Maybe a nice dinner spot near there since we could be in the area all day (Yanks/Cubs during the day, a stop at North Ave Beach to re-enact the Frank Gallagher scene, dinner, then Second CIty...solid day/night?). Then on Saturday we'll be doing the Chicago tourist thing. If there was one restaurant you Chicago guys would recommend (thinking high-end steak, Italian, or Asian) in the downtown area, what would it be? Also a recommendation on a cool rooftop bar with a sweet view, preferably one where we could watch the Yanks/Cubs game Saturday night, would be most appreciated. ETA - where do we go downtown to watch the Derby Saturday? Staying at The James in River North so we'll probably be in that general area if that helps
  10. "J-Johnny Chan?" "Sorry Ren...I don't remember"
  11. Keep meaning to see this again. Laughed my ### off the only time I ever watched it
  12. Yeah it was for me and my wife. We got multiple cuts of steak (maybe 4?), and then a crap load of sides and desserts and whatnot
  13. I actually did that when I was out last September. Also no such thing as too much food
  14. Been there. Beautiful spot, but a ##### to get to
  15. "Sell me this pen"