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  1. Keith Hernandez said during the Mets open that he had reached out to Ojeda this morning via text, I gotta assume this opens up some really old wounds for Bobby O
  2. Yeah the presser this morning by the authorities said that speed appears to have played a factor, but no obvious signs of alcohol or drug use at the scene (but that autopsies would confirm that for sure). They said the boat was seen regularly in the area and Marlins players were known to have been on it with some regularity and that they would have assumed they knew the channel well enough. But yeah no lights around apparently.
  3. Mattingly talking about the joy and passion he played with, about how he could make him so mad with some of the things he did, but the childlike enthusiasm he brought to the game just made you love him...that was tough to watch
  4. I hear you, and there are certainly a lot of reasons for Marlins fans to hate Loria. And I wouldn't doubt that there are others who will have that knee-jerk reaction to find fault with Loria for this. And I get that everybody mourns things differently. Just don't see a whole lotta upside to do it that way in here. Thanks for understanding.
  5. Understanding this is a tough time for anyone in the baseball community, but we don't know if the Marlins or Loria have ever pushed back a start in the past or removed him from a game where the timing ended up SAVING his life. Maybe pushing his start back to Monday saved the lives of other Marlins players, and maybe a bunch of them would have been on a boat with him on Tuesday instead of last night. We'll just never know. I just don't think this is really the right time to start passing blame on people for what was an accident.
  6. Yeah it's just awful luck. I made a similarly silly comment after Adenhart died, that the reliever who blew the save that night would feel guilt for extending the game which then led to the timing of Adenhart's death. Obviously can't look at things that way. Sometimes awful things just happen, and it's nobody's fault.
  7. Do we know for sure Tyrell is alive? We already saw last season end with a Fight Club homage. The last scene of Fight Club had a very similar self-shooting scene in a building close to another building that was about to be blown up. Just saying maybe Elliott shot himself "as" Tyrell, then called Angela "as" Tyrell. And she goes along with it just like they played into his meetings with Mr Robot in Season 1
  8. They did give like a plastic sheet to the people in the very first few rows, but the dude was kicking water EVERYWHERE. Plus if you saw the guy, some of these people were getting drenched anyway. So no matter where you sit, your girlfriend will be no exception. Possibly not even you. He's an easy Offdee 10. :NTTAWWT:
  9. My reviews of a few places having been in LV from Thursday afternoon til yesterday morning... Thursday night Caesar's buffet was really good. Not sure I would rave about it, but it did the job. After dinner we went to Absinthe. Ended up getting the table in the back, and was really happy we did. The first row looked cool, but a lot of the action was overhead. Feel like it was a more comfortable viewing experience from the back. They tormented a few audience members, and only one of them was a Richard about it. There was one segment with a dude splashing around in a tub and getting everyone in the first few rows drenched, so that also made the back row a good call. After a mandatory breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi, we hit up downtown Friday night. Had pizza at Chicago Brewing Co, very good. Mostly walked around and watched the mayhem a bunch, and we ended up doing the high zip line. Really cool even though we hadda wait in line for almost an hour. Saturday night another mandatory meal at Craftsteak as we had to introduce the rest of our group. Wife and I did the domestic wagyu beef selection of ribeye and filet, and I actually liked the ribeye more. We also had SEVERAL of the Two Smoking Barrels. I'm no connoisseur, but it was off the charts great. Definitely livened up the mood for the show Fantasy over at Luxor. Ashton was both of our favorite... Everything you guys said about Yardbird is true. Now I've never been to Texas or Tennessee so take this with a pillar of salt. But for a Jersey guy, this was the best fried chicken I ever had. Bet on all the games Sunday BECAUSE I COULD, but ended up watching them on an ipad while poolside at The Mirage. Just too much scenery out there to spend a sunny afternoon in the book with a bunch of dudes...wandered the strip after dinner gambling and ended up doing the High Roller with open bar. Definitely recommend the open bar portion, and we caught a Bellaggio fountain show from the top of the ferris wheel which was pretty neat. All in all, Vegas...
  10. Not sure if anybody cares, but figured I'd bump this as my wife and I just got back from our second LA-area trip since this original post and figured maybe this could help somebody else looking for stuff to do. When we went two years ago, we were only there a couple of days. Andaz was trendy and cool, ended up going to a Dodger game the first night which we loved, then the next day went to Santa Monica during the day and Nobu at night. Our last day, we drove out to Point Dume in Malibu then came all the way back and hit up Venice, Manhattan, Redondo, Hermosa, Long Beach, Huntington, Newport, and Laguna Beach all in one afternoon (spent less than a half hour at each beach, just wanted to get a sense of them all) en route to Carlsbad and eventually San Diego. THIS time around, we picked the LA places we liked most from the prior trip and stayed there longer. Booked two nights at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington (highlight was walking along the beach at night while everyone had bonfires going...just a great scene and made me wish I had grown up there), one night at the Beach House in Hermosa (location is perfect, room was great, and Pier Plaza is one of the coolest spots in Cali), and two nights at The London in WeHo. Sick rooftop pool and great views of the city, plus Emily Ratajkowski was there for the premiere of some new show she's in on Netflix. She asked for my #, but cmon I can't be giving it out all willy-nilly. Maybe next time. We had earlier met Harry Hamlin on our flight and I told him Mad Men and Shameless are two of my all-time top 10 shows, which he seemed to genuinely appreciate hearing. Also met Laurie Hernandez and Val from Dancing With the Stars at the airport. He was cool and she was very generous with her time, taking pics and stuff with random old ladies walking up to her. The drive from LAX to Huntington was actually really cool, as we skipped the direct path and instead went way out onto the coast near Rancho Palos Verdes and took in some incredible cliffside views. After two nights in HB and a night in Hermosa, once back in LA we were total tourists. Went to The Getty (beautiful although we're not art people at all), Hollywood (kinda boring), SkySpace which is a glass slide off the side of the US Bank Tower (amazing views), spent an hour as the only white people eating fried chicken at Roscoe's on Pico, hiked up Runyon Canyon, ate dinner at Nobu again, and my personal highlight which was an unofficial OJ Simpson tour in Brentwood. Run by a native of Brentwood, just my wife and I in the car. For $80 over the course of an hour, the guy takes you to all the iconic spots: her old condo, Goldman's apartment, Mezzaluna, Ben and Jerry's, and then you get out and walk around the murder site and really get a sense of it all. Capped with a drive from there to OJ's house through some back roads that the natives believe OJ took that night. Very eerie all the way around. The next night, we drove to Kardashian's old house in Encino where the Ford Bronco chase started and did Mulholland Drive at night (my wife was a bit obsessed with OJ stuff this year after the show and documentary). The next morning we left for Vegas and stopped at the Walsh house from 90210 in Altadena. Only thing we missed that I really wish we could have done was Griffith Observatory. So yeah, I love LA.
  11. Gonna need you guys to fight, or race each other, or a spelling bee, just something to break the tie. TIA
  12. No worries. I saw you made a bunch of posts so I took a shot. Got any advice on the Mirage sports book? I know I read something earlier in the thread that there was sort of a minimum to bet to reserve seating in the book. I've never been there on an NFL weekend before, so I'm not sure how that works. Do I lay a bunch of money Saturday night to ensure a seat Sunday? And if so, is there another minimum on Sunday that I'll need to have in play?
  13. @Dentist @kutta @parasaurolophus any of you got suggestions on seating at Absinthe? Looking at tickets, it seems to be about $150/person for the VVIP seating (first row) and about $90/person for a 5-person table in the back. We have five people, cost isn't as big an issue as comfort and quality. Apparently first row is cushioned seating and you're *in* the action. Back section is further away, but everything I read said the views are just as good and some people say it's a better experience since you have a little more room and your own table and stuff. Thoughts?
  14. I have it on good authority that @Otis has purchased a 4% minority ownership in the New York Mets ***OFFICIAL*** thread in the baseball forum. Market value = $4.63
  15. I think everybody who has posted in this thread that has been to MGM will second this suggestion. A+ steak, and make sure you get the monkey bread