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  1. Id go Ekeler/Montgomery/McKinnon...think Johnson has the toughest matchup vs Pit
  2. 10 Team/1 QB - 2 RB - 2 WR - 1 TE - 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE) - 1 Def/Full PPR WR: Full PPR/6 TD/ .1 rec-rush yds QB: 5 TD/ .04 pass yds/ .01 rush yds/ -1 Int Team "A" trades; DPrescott QB Dal, CDLamb WR Dal Team "B" trades; MRyan QB Atl, LShenault WR Jax (FYI: Team "A" has JJones WR ATL)
  3. After Jones carved up Det last week, it would be hard not to go Drake; but then again, any RB vs Mia is also appealing...think I'd still go Drake
  4. 10 Team/Full PPR/.1 per receive-rush yds Looking for WR 2 & Flex 2 advice...I think my choices are solid, but is there an argument for considering Lamb or McLaurin?...what say you??? QB: Prescott/Dal RB 1: Elliott/Dal RB 2: Taylor/IND WR 1: Thielen Min WR 2: (Diggs/Buf) TE: Kelce/KC Flex 1: Drake Arz Flex 2: (Evans/TB) BENCH: McLaurin WR/Was Lamb WR/Dal Jones WR/Det Gibson RB/Was Mattis RB/Min JSmith TE/Ten Stafford QB/Det
  5. 1/2 pt PPR start 2 of 3 JJones DMoore AJ Brown Julio’s not Julio this year, Ridley’s out I get it and a tough match up w/49ers but Brees just lit them up, but, we’ll, yeah...
  6. Vikes will more than likely run the ball late with a comfortable lead...GB/NE expected to be a shootout...I would want every piece of the GB/NE game I could get
  7. 12 Team Standard scoring...need to replace Diggs; Treadwell, Tyrell Williams, Valdez-Scantling? Leaning to TWill........thoughts?
  8. What's the bottom line on Morris??? Last year Hyde avg 15/att game 75/25 split with Breida; 11/att gm (3.5 ypc w/o Cowboys 4.8 w/Cowboys) @ 4ypc 6-8 TD = 115pts or RB23 in standard non-ppr Bell-Cow with Hydes 15/att gm 8-10 TD = 129pts or RB16 in standard non-ppr Am I missing something here...?
  9. 10 team standard redraft took Hill at 3.7, then Baldwin at 4.4 as WR1&2
  10. Redraft 10 team, got him at 6.4 and love everything I hear/see from him...