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  1. That was predictable. Wrong team scored tho. ####### niemii.
  2. They're not messing around.
  3. Big tilt tonight Rud. I predict 1 team will be shutout
  4. 2 of the 4 games today and tomorrow start after 9:30pm EDT!
  5. Video of the crash here. It's not gory but I suppose some won't want to watch the video. The woman and her bike just appear out of nowhere and the video stops before any contact. Based solely on the video hard to lay blame on anyone but the woman herself. Perhaps the video isn't as crisp as it would be if you were there but i can't imagine anyone reacting fast enough to avoid hitting her.
  6. Strong rotation. Obviously they need to stay healthy - Sanchez especially - as they have no depth. Bullpen looks good from what I've seen in spring training. This team could surprise.
  7. Habs making their way slowly down the standings Having Price back should help. Niemi has been too good. We can't have that garbage, he's trying to ruin all Bergevin's hard work.
  8. That's very sad news from ottawa. Karlsson seems like a good dude. No parent should have to go through this.
  9. Haven't even read it yet...
  10. I finished the season last night. It's somewhere in my top 5 Marvel series definitely behind JJ1, The Punisher and DD 1. Ritter is very good in this role and the main reason I enjoy it as much as I do. I like that Jessica has numerous flaws and yet we still root for her. Trish was in this season much more than the last but she was more annoying than anything else. Hoping for a season 3.
  11. Hope this game is better than the previous 2 snoozefests today.