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  1. Unrelated to current topics but I just saw @Andy Dufresne in here so thought I'd mention that I was in Akron on Saturday and they had warden Norton bobblehead day at the AA Rubberducks game . Bob Gunton was there signing autographs. He's old.
  2. I started wearing progressives a couple years ago and really like them. Takes a bit to get used to not moving your head, just adjust your eye direction but I like them. I dont pay much attention to my brand, whatever looks OK and not too expensive is my theory. Currently sporting some Costco frames and I don't even know the brand. I think the size of my gut distracts from my face anyway.
  3. He did not have saxual relations with that woman.
  4. 1 for me. Ive never heard of most of those things.
  5. So we're just going to run with this thread title all summer? Makes sense really or wait until he does something else just as stupid.
  6. You didnt even mention his best song Turn the Page.
  7. Going to be hard to pinpoint this on anyone unless they have CCTV footage like all the Netflix crime shows
  8. About an hour after the carjacking occurred, emergency services arrived on the scene - from the foxnews article. AN HOUR?
  9. My son says "blah,blah,blah" in almost every conversation. Drives me nuts but like, what am I going to do?
  10. Will be interesting to hear more about these bystanders that jumped in. Maybe its the dude from Disneyland
  11. I'm in the vast minority but this sounds like manslaughter to me
  12. Not sure why Horrible Bosses isn't on this list but my pick would still be Michael. Big fan of this guy regardless. His dry delivery much like Leslie Nielson cracks me up. (I see boilerdave beat me to it above.)