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  1. Shawshank for sure in 94. Interestingly, of those 6 I'd put Forrest Gump last. Went with Toy Story in 95 because it was a game changer for cinema and holds up well to this day.
  2. Buffalo is garbage tonight. They Look like an AHL team against the struggling Leafs. Hutton keeping it interesting tho.
  3. 4 points in last 16 games. All assists, all in the same game. Had a 3 game stretch prior to that (early Feb) where he had 9 points in 3 games. Problem is when he's bad, he's really bad. Like not invisible bad, but head scratching plays bad. I think this is all he will ever be too.
  4. From what I've seen lots turnovers. Nice flow though.
  5. I saw this on a Habs forum. Couldn't believe it. Re:Drouin "Last goal against a goalie on the road was almost 4 freaking months ago." That's not good! As the Habs settle into 9th place.
  6. Just finished S6. The Sept blowup scene is so well done. Arya crossing Walder off her list Starting to notice how quickly Varys gets around. he's like the Fiji Water Girl from the Golden Globes. I'll try to avoid S7 for a few weeks. "try to", anyway.
  7. Just saw this thread. "Welcome to the Nine Restaurant & Lounge". Yikes! That's one bad name.
  8. Just finished S5 (second time through the series). What a powerful couple of episodes 9 and 10 are. Jon mutiny "For the Watch", Walk of Atonement, Arya Blinded by the Light, Little Lannister poisoned and of course Princess Shireen. Unbelievable Television. No Bran=no problem. On to S6. 20 episodes in Approx 30 days. Math works out.
  9. I started a re-watch about a month ago and am on S5,E3. Really enjoying the 2nd time through. It's filling in a lot of gaps I had. I should be caught up right around the time the new season arrives. Then I'll probably watch each week to avoid hearing spoilers at the water cooler. Too many great moments to comment on them but Joffrey's death is so awesome. Superb acting by all but especially Dinklage, Headey, Dance, Gleeson. I also thoroughly enjoyed the "bonding" episodes of Brianne/Jamie and Arya/The Hound. Of course the obligatory shoutout for Nathalie Emmanuel As for openings I still watch before every single episode. Only other show I recall doing this was True Blood.