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  1. Big fan of the band - esp the Bon Scott era. RIP Malcolm Looks like I'm streaming AC/DC today
  2. Habs : Fallen for Dahlin He can be the next #1 D we trade for a winger who we then try to turn into a centerman. "we" should be "they"
  3. A few Canadian Tire commercials for charity. the Great One McJesus The Toews-ter
  4. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canadiens-claim-goaltender-antti-niemi-off-waivers/
  5. My son started Accutane today. He, his mom and I will obviously be monitoring for all the known side effects and he goes month by month with blood work tests to keep tabs on things. Here's hoping it works as well for him as it did for most of you who replied. I'll post updates if anyone cares to follow along.
  6. Crap. This is terrible news. Loved by all Jays fans.
  7. Just read that. Minor lower body injury. Suuuure! That's what we were told last time when he missed 1/2 a season. I don't believe anything the team says.
  8. The Habs forums are blowing up with all sorts of speculation. Good times. Luckily he's only locked into his contract until he's 40 at about 10mil per season.
  9. I'm still shocked there was no suspension on this one
  10. 1 minute between each pitch. For the love of God!
  11. Dodgers need at least 1 this inning. Top of the order. Let's make a game of it.
  12. This is far from over. Houston has no good pitchers. This could easily be a repeat of game 5