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  1. Will be shocking if st. Louis can come back from this. Dare I say epic?
  2. Nice base running ozuna. Bonehead.
  3. The clips I saw of the pitch tipping showed pretty clearly what was happening. None that I saw talked about what he did in the 2nd and 2/3 of the third when he was pretty dominant. Did he correct it after the first? If so that's pretty impressive that they figured it out in between innings. Or even more impressive that he didn't fix it and they still couldn't touch him.
  4. Watched ep1 last night. So good. Cillian Murphy with a spectacular performance to start Season 5.
  5. Twinkies suck with RiSP. Otherwise this wouldn't be over.
  6. No wonder games take forever when managers are having guys pitch to one batter in the 5th.
  7. Lots of time left. Could get ball back with close to 2 minutes left. "Could"
  8. Funny. He acted like he didn't get it. That rarely happens. Great pick!