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  1. Somebody needs to photoshop this for the Caps and their banners
  2. Matthews going to score 50 in 50. Tavares maybe 50 in 54. So much offence. So little defence. They're fun to watch even for a hater
  3. Just turned it on. Nice looking lady behind home plate. Much better than marlin man. Hooe this is a trend like the ones behind nhl benches.
  4. At least they gave rose 60 seconds for his acceptance lol
  5. Very humble. Congratulating Rose. Well done!
  6. The USA chant?
  7. Let's not forget the mighty Habs
  8. I love this album. Child of Vision has one of my favorite intros. I also think Lord is It Mine is a great tune. One of the few albums I'll listen to almost every track.
  9. At the start of the vid the caption reads "The Weather Channel delivers severe weather coverage you trust"
  10. Spartacus. Altered carbon had some.
  11. Hahaha. Paging @Doctor Detroit