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  1. Tom Skerritt to the White Courtesy phone. Last we heard you were on Day 5 of this 8 day saga. We need updates or don't step foot in here again.
  2. I haven't see the Cogliano play but am certainly surprised no suspension for Giordano. I guess they figured the Match was enough? Not that I agree since it was in the 3rd. Looke dlike targetting to me
  3. Agreed. Just saw another replay and he was going to get there too early so he bailed to avoid the PI call. That's going to hurt for a long time
  4. NFL football is so awesome. Lol Fun to watch
  5. Looked like they were borh looking a different direction
  6. Right dan they might go for it here.
  7. You had 1 job! Lol at that 5 yard kick
  8. Ben using the old noodle their
  9. It ain't over. If they csn score before 2 minute warning they won't even have to onside kick it
  10. Entertaining game.
  11. He posted a few times earlier. Not exactly out of nowhere. I believe when it was 14-0 he predicted the comeback. Maybe when it was 21.
  12. Seems the Jagwires started looking forward to the pats. Game on!
  13. Officials get your head out of your ###. Fouts "smart play by Smith-Shuster" hahaha