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  1. Bergevin got scandella for a 4th about 6 weeks ago and flipped him for a late second. Pretty nice asset management. Too bad he sucks at drafting. Does pretty well with trades for the most part.
  2. Hi Joe. This is Marc. How's things? Seriously, tho, that sucks for him and the team. Hopefully a quick healer and he will be fresh for the playoffs.
  3. I dont see the "yet out" thread so will just post this here. RIP to one of the slickest shortstops to ever play. It was a pleasure watching you tony Fernandez.
  4. Kicking is reckless and incredibly dangerous. Kassian is an idiot. Deserves a suspension. Regarding chara I think hes lucky that Gallagher wasn't hurt. it was pretty dangerous as well and 5k fine is a joke.
  7. Agreed. Wish he could have waited two years to bugger it up again. 😀 That said i think we - habs fans - may be getting far ahead of ourselves with the career ending stuff. Hopefully, anyway.
  8. Montreal has had lots of cap space. They need players. Good ones. They have precious few.