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  1. 1 AL batter? Didn't they always have 4 from each?
  2. Oh lol. Didn't even know i stole your review. Sorry.
  3. I'm 3 episodes into The Forest and it seems like the exact same story as Broadchurch season 1. Only it's missing the talents of David Tennant. I'll keep watching as it's only a few more episodes - and I have no life - but there are so many similarities.
  4. I am usually pretty negative with all things HABS (well, all things Bergevin to be precise) and this is no exception. I don't like it. I don't see the real value in it unless they know they are losing Patches and need someone to score the empty netters . I'm also tired of a team with possibly the worst depth up the middle in the entre league moving yet another centreman (Eller an example from a couple years ago). Yes, AG didn't play center this year but he is a centreman. So, ya, I'm not impressed with the move. He'd be the worst GM in Canada if not for the GM's in Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver...maybe even Calgary. Looking at it that way, he may be the 3rd best GM for Canadian teams. There! That's a positive!
  5. Seemed high to me given the term but what do i know, we live in a world where ryan Reaves makes close to 3 million.
  6. Mcdonaugh re-ups with tb for 7 years and a boatload of $
  7. Anywhere but Toronto!
  8. I figure they likely have to buy out Mason, but if they can move him all the better. Most seem to think this is a good move for MB so maybe I'm just being a Negative Nelly like usual. I can see more of these moves to eat up all our space and get late round picks and 3rd/4th line players.
  9. Not sure I see the point in this trade for the HABS. Why not use the 4 mil on a Stastny offer (or O'Reilly)? Granted it's only 1 year @ 4m but I don't think we need another 3rd line winger as much as a competent Centerman.
  10. and the opposition didn't even want the title.
  11. Who the heck would want to go to Montreal? Team sucks. Crazy hockey market. High taxes. Toronto also is crazy and higher taxes than US but at least they're looking like they are on the right track. Plus TO is close to home for JT.
  12. Wings have to be pretty happy with their Friday.
  13. Hughes looks like he's 14