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  1. Holy!. I stopped watching after 3 episodes. Nothing happened. maybe I should get back into it. I was a big fan of the earlier seasons too.
  2. Meh. I watched it. Pretty mediocre imo. Maybe I just don't get it.
  3. Who the hell coughs, in public, without covering their mouth? Mask, or no mask I"m having words (from afar) with any dork who just let's er rip. Also, the video showing the differences between coughing into your hand and coughing wearing a mask are quite similar. The main difference was the way she describes it. And, why didn't she stick her elbow in front of the cough after stating that's how most people do it? "Here's how we are told to cough. But, let's demonstrate how it looks a different way"
  4. Fishin' in Kwee-bec
  5. "WHO WAS THE KING OF LAST NIGHT TELEVISION? ". I didn't watch last night () and don't think either of these guys was on but I voted Carson. I liked Letterman too but he was a bit off the wall at times. Johnny was consistently great and can't think of a better interviewer. Personally I think Craig Ferguson was the best. GB Geoff!
  6. I take a different approach to things like stores and my car. I consider these areas as infected areas. I don't worry about sanitizer and assume i am infected when I leave. As long as I don't pick my nose, or rub my eyes, etc I don't care if I get "it" on my hands. I'll sanitize/wash/clean when I've left the infected area. Just saves me worrying about every little thing or place I come in contact with. Likewise, I treat my home like a virus free oasis. If what goes in is "clean", then my house is clean. I imagine the fact that I am single makes this possible at all and I'm sure there are flaws but I don't want to be worrying about every little thing in my car and wiping it down every day.
  7. Over 100 again today. Now eclipsed 1000. 51 of those in my province (Ontario). We're not trending in the right direction. And just for reference, our entire Country's population is comparable to that of California so they appear small in comparison to the USA numbers. I know most of you know that but just throwing it out there.
  8. Worst day for deaths up here in Canada as well. 123 when previous high was about 75.
  9. Here's hoping! 🤞 I read a lot of positive comments about the CERB application process and how easy they made it for everyone. 3 questions, or something and then a confirmation you'll have money in 3 days. Nice job by all involved if this is the case. it's on the honor system too. How Canadian is that!
  10. OK thanks. I have no idea which is the first receptacle. You both are saying the same thing so I'll just go with that. A new AFCI breaker it is.
  11. Thanks. NO, i can put an AFCI breaker in. Just figured it would be costly and maybe not required I thought about "just do it, nobody will know" but if I can do it properly, might as well. I believe I am "to code" technically since the house was built before the code came in and I am pretty sure I only have to follow it when I change things (like this)
  12. My task is rather simple and the last time I did any electrical work the Arc-Fault stuff was not part of the code. Here's what I want to do: In my living room I am going to wall mount my TV. I want to install a new wall receptacle at the height the TV will be at. There is a receptacle in the usual location 15 inches up from the floor directly below this one. Routing the wire will be simple. I want to branch up from the old receptacle to my new one. The current receptacle is somewhere in the middle of the run. AFCI code states: "AFCI protection is currently required for all 15 and 20 amp branch circuits providing power to outlets* in residential family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, parlors, libraries, dens, bedrooms, sunrooms, recreation rooms, closets, hallways, and similar rooms or areas." If I'm replacing a receptacle (which I'm not) I see these options: Replace the outlet with an AFCI outlet. AFCI outlets look almost identical to GFCI outlets. Install an AFCI outlet upstream from the new outlet. AFCI outlets can protect outlets wired downstream from them. Add AFCI protection to the entire circuit, using an AFCI circuit breaker. This is fairly easy to do in modern electric panels, but it’s not possible with fuse panels and many older circuit breaker panels. Since I'm adding, would I buy a new AFCI outlet for my TV location and wire as always? Or, should I replace the existing one with an AFCI outlet and put a "regular" one in the new location? From what I read by doing this all the other ones from the point of my new AFCI to the end of that run would be protected? Or, is there more I have to be concerned with? Possibly requiring an AFCI breaker for this circuit? Thanks
  13. I really enjoyed the first season of Money Heist. Second season was good enough and third season was not very good but I still decided to try S4 which came out last Friday. The first episode was bad. Very bad. Basically nothing happened in this episode. A few flashbacks and we saw people recovering from the events at the end of S3. It was a waste of time. I had pretty much decided to skip the rest but had a moment of weakness last night and fired up Episode 2. Fortunately I didn't waste another hour of my life and turned it off after about 20 minutes. This is not worth your time - even during the Pandemic there are 100000000s of better things to be doing.