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  1. I think Thornton has potential. I like his stuff. Lacking consistency but he's looked pretty good recently bordering on dominant against Houston a couple starts ago. I could see him as a solid #3 guy.
  2. TV series Jessica Jones. Just now found out that Rebecca deMornay plays Trish's mom. eta, she's 60.
  3. Maybe if you made sure the other team knew he had bad vision they wouldn't have got so comfortable in the box.
  4. The Jays seem to have about 1 game out of 5 where they hit like a real MLB team then maybe 5 hits in the others. Scored a bunch last night so the rest of the series will be ugly. I want to go watch one game just trying to pick the night where they get more than 3 hits is a tough thing. I think Stroman goes soon - although not likely to Boston πŸ˜‰ . Depending on what they get I don't necessarily think they should trade him. He has a good chance to still be a #3 or 4 guy at the worst in 3-5 years when they may compete again. They better be holding out for good prospects. Sanchez otoh can go if they get any takers and I like Smoak but if he has any suitors he should be moved too. Giles too, of course. That said, need to have some vets around to mentor so don't just throw these guys away for nothing.
  5. Years ago my sons baseball team (Peewee, so 12 year olds) played a team where the coach sat on the bench, faced his catcher and gave him the sign before every pitch. Standard 1=Fastball, 2=Curve. Didn't take our team and coaches long to see what was happening so the players and coaches started saying it out loud to the batter. It was humorous as their coach lost his #### and our coaches just said "do a better job hiding it" and probably added "moron" to that. At one point he'd put down a 1 to his catcher then say out loud "curve". I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Coaches have multiple signs for baserunners and the batters (bunting, etc) to avoid the defending team knowing what's happening. I see no difference here.
  6. Eta. Apparently they had discussed earlier and Sinclair asked Beckie to take it so can't blame the coach as much. Not That any of you πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ care.
  7. That was a definite handball IMO. Not having Sinclair take the penalty was just wrong.
  8. I picked 3. I don't really care much for soccer but as long as Canada is alive I'll pay attention and even watch our matches.
  9. πŸ˜€ Some top tier talent in the o next year though. Byfield and Perfetti come to mind.
  10. Would like to see the habs trade their 2 seconds to move up for one of the kids thats slipped. Preferably someone 6' or taller.
  11. Apparently tampa likes the Foote's or would that be Feet? Would think that if there is a guy you want you'd better trade up to get him.
  12. Was hoping for more trades. Always adds to the fun when bettman comes in to get booed.
  13. My son played against dhooghe on minor midget and the kid was unreal. I feel bad that he hasnt grown with all that talent.
  14. Burke didnt like it. I appreciate that he isnt afraid to say it wheres sam consentino likes every pick regardless.