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  1. Watched Anna last night. it was a decent spy movie. A few twists and turns. Not too many F-bombs and very little yelling :; The lead was pretty easy on the eyes too which didn't hurt.
  2. Yes it would. I'm trying to think of examples. I didnt love Goodfellas. Never watched scarface. Skipped the godfather. I probably just havent watched all that many.
  3. Neither J.K Simmons nor Miles Teller were likeable in Whiplash but I enjoyed that movie. I guess due to the story and how it was told. It is rare that I will enjoy a movie where the lead(s) have no redeeming qualities. In the case of Uncut Gems I thought the whole story was a mess . If it were in a theater we would have walked out and I've never done that before.
  4. I struggled getting thru s5. It started out fine then I found I had little interest in putting on episodes. I finished it, and will start season 6 when it comes out but it has a short leash.
  5. Was just joking with my son that the #1 and #3 from that draft year - who played together in jr - could be playing together again in the K. I'm actually not sure where Yakupov is playing. Side note.. what a brutal draft that was.
  6. Turned Uncut Gems off after about an hour. Both myself and gf thought wtf is this garbage? 75% of the time someone is yelling. 95% of the time they are dropping F-bombs. No likeable character at all. Sandler does a good job, I suppose, but we didn't give two hoots about anyone or anything. It was just annoying.
  7. What about Elvis? 5 shutouts, .930 SV% has to be in the mix, no? Sort of this year's Binnington.
  8. I wish I was a better writer and could compose a better story than this is sure to be. I'll give it the ole college try, however. My son's athletic story is one of total dedication and perseverance as some of yours that I've read. His talent lie mostly with hockey - although he was an excellent baseball player when he was younger. He stopped playing baseball when he was about 13 to concentrate on hockey. He had played AAA hockey since Major Atom (U13) and was never a bubble kid but he was never one of the go-to guys either. In his Minor Midget year (U16) the coach indicated to us that he was definitely on the bubble. This scared him (and us) but he managed to make the team. The coach was a #### to a number of players (some many more than my son) and had his favourites that he played way too much. My son was a defenseman so a team carried 6. Most anybody who looked at our team would say we had 6 quality D-men and not much separation between #1 and #6. However, this coach played 2 guys significantly more than anyone else. It was tough on a lot of kids, including my son. U16 is the OHL draft year. You need to play to be seen. Backing up a bit, when my son was about 13 he stopped eating any junk food - to this day he doesn't eat chips, candy bars, cookies, fried food, soda, etc. He started working out regularly and since his U15 year he was always the most fit on the team. OHL draft comes and goes and 9 players from our team got selected. 3 defensemen. Up to now he still had hoped deep down that someone would pick him - he was 6'1 at the time, a solid right shot defender and got overlooked. He could have given up at this point even though many people would tell you that doesn't have to be the end. It's tough - around here most kids only think of the OHL and not college hockey . The following year he played Major Midget (U16) which is decent level but not many OHL teams are watching. His coach here gave him lots of opportunities and he did get asked to a few Jr A (OHL) team camps for the following year but was cut quickly. he continued to work out and work on things over that summer and the following year got a chance to be the go-to guy on a Jr B team (one level lower than OHL). I think I'm rambling now. Teams were starting to notice as he finally got a chance to play a ton of minutes and show his upside. The Windsor Spitfires signed him but there was a crazy situation that gave the London Knights a chance to claim him so even though we knew London would be a bad place to end up he had no choice. Signed with London. Pretty exciting for us and him and all because he never quit. He got 2 years of university schooling paid, guaranteed. Only played minimally one season (I'll take the high road and not diss on the Knights and the opportunities he was/was not given) Last year they told him they didn't' have a place for him so he was offered a spot on a Tier 2 Jr A team near Toronto. He was named captain. The team had a great season and lost in the league final. That team also gave him a year of school paid. He could have played one more season as a 20 year old this year - had lots of offers, but decided on his own it was time to concentrate on school. Couldn't be more proud of him. He got #### on lots through this whole process and ended up doing something that a very, very small percentage of hockey players get to do. If you read this far, thanks! He just turned 21 and is taking Kinesiology at a local University. He had a great run!
  9. I don't follow US college all that much but with all their NHL drafted players and, what, 3 first rounders? I definitely would have expected them to be one of the top teams .
  10. I'm off to UofM Friday to watch M play the Badgers. As a Habs "fan" I'm looking forward to watch Caufield in person. Earlier speculation was that they may try to sign him after the college season ends - although that may be doubtful now. Montreal needs him to be the scorer he looks to be. Also want to see Dhooghe as my son used to play against him. I'm disappointed for him that he never grew. He has so much talent.
  11. Thanks. Was just curious. With Makar and Hughes getting so much press I started to wonder what's up with RD.
  12. How's Dahlin been? We dont hear much about him. Seems to be way more hype about Hughes but Dahlin was supposed to be a game changer. Just bad environment or players surrounding him? Or maybe he has been very good and only quiet because its buffalo?
  13. Won't disagree with you there. Niagara Falls is pretty good too although I havent been to either city in years so not sure if times have changed.
  14. The fact he seemed stunned and hurt after the first bump which appeared to be very slight would be a big concern to me. Obligatory link to vid
  15. For comparison, does anyone have the numbers from the female side? @Hov34 maybe?
  16. Finished episode 2 on Saturday. It was a struggle and was probably going to give up but after reading this thread I'l give it at least 2 more episodes.