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  1. Congrats to Foos! Also congrats to Thorn and ChemX. You should be proud of your accomplishments. It's never easy to finish second (or third) but you can hang your heads high as you did the best you could. @rockation
  2. Ya, Augusta is a good fit for him. he's also done well at the PB Pro Am in the past so I suspect this course suits him well too.
  3. Cant be that hard, Mike Weir is only +2. 😉
  4. Tons of guys under par. I'll predict it will take double-digits to win this year.
  5. I always put my left leg in my pants first. I'd probably fall over if I tried it the other way. As was mentioned above I also have my tongue out somewhat when I'm concentrating. I look like as I type this.
  6. I prefer to handle it this way, Goal 2 Goal 12 Goal 13 Goal 14 If you listen closely you can hear him saying "Sorry" after he scores.
  7. except that talks about them scoring all the goals and not letting up which I don't think many are complaining about. That's fine, score away, but don't act like a ##### when you are a vet scoring goal #9. Pretty simple.
  8. Finally dove into Outlander yesterday. 5 episodes in and am definitely enjoying it. Look forward to see where this leads.
  9. For some reason after seeing the today's "Signature role" poll I thought "I wonder if we had done one for Woody?". Kind of surprised that Cheers wins in such a runaway. He's done all right for himself. Zombieland 2 coming out later this year
  10. I think the difference might be the fact that Carl gunnersson is outscoring marchand/bergeron/pastrnak a lot.
  11. My top 5 from 82/83 Built For Speed - Stray Cats Synchronicity - The Police Rebel Yell - Billy Idol Pyromania - Def Leppard Eliminator - ZZ Top HM Headhunter - Krokus