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  1. For absolutely no reason at all I'll just throw out the fact that these two are the only 2 I had not heard of
  2. S1 to s6 are on Netflix. S7 is on NBC right now I believe but i also see it on prime. 8 or 9 episodes. This is in Canada. Not sure if it's different down there. Ya, S3 and 4 were rough. 5 was good enough that I wanted to watch 6 and I'm glad I did. It's not award winning but I was entertained.
  3. I know there was a Blacklist thread somewhere but i'ts old news so I'm just going to post this here. I enjoyed the first couple of seasons immensely, then there were a sketchy seasons in the middle but I've stayed with it, mostly due to Spader. Just finished Season 6 and really enjoyed it. The main story line between Keen and Red was interesting, as always, but I also enjoyed the Aram/Samar story and felt the entire season was much better than the previous 2 or 3. I actually think it may be my favorite season in the entire series. Just me? Anyone else still watching? Season 7 is on the go on Prime but only about half way through so I'll hold off before starting S7.
  4. I hope someday. Would be nice to have the cup come here to St. Thomas. Fun fact: My mother dated Joe's father for a period of time when I was a little lad.
  5. Combine two thread titles to make one Disney vacation.
  6. Nice pick. Too bad he's on the half yard line and not in the endzone. We'll take it tho.
  7. Watched the trailers and they must not show any of the funny parts. I like the genre, tho, so may go this weekend.
  8. It's been strange. The rangers had a goofy start to the season. I think they had a week off after 1 or 2 games. The leafs seemingly play every 2 nights and have had tons of back to backs. Seems really unusual like the Olympic years.
  9. Pretty nice pitching staff. Given Donaldson's short stint as a Jay maybe put Jose at third and Barfield in right but that's just me. Maybe he doesn't qualify either, he played 48 games at 3B in 2010. Pretty sad batch of Catcher's over the years.
  10. Wasn't sure if I should start an ***OFFICIAL*** thread but the trailer for No Time To Die is out and it looks pretty awesome.
  11. I'm an idiot. Lol. Misunderstood your post. I got nuthin
  12. Switching over to my other crappy team playing tonight.
  13. I'm a lip reader... pretty sure Jones said "I'm firing him"
  14. Lmao at that personal foul call. Terrible.